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No. 8


									<<Pok Man Top 5>> No. 8
?Weiying VS He Zhiyi: Who's site who call the shots?
   Beijing is often the focus of the media, through official law and the triangle of
Beijing University moist and nurtured for many years often seemed more independent,
and democratic ideas, a battle of ideas are relatively strong, which is also very
attractive to argue with the eye, this time also is no exception. Or Weiying, Guanghua
School of Management is just the other side replaced by the Heng-Fu Zou He Zhiyi,
blew a storm of concern dismissal and personnel shock ......
   We do not intend to intervene, rendering the so-called disputes Weiying and He
Zhiyi, but do not intend to throw sub-language, asserted that one of the merits, but
rather choose the details presented, informative, look on the side try to restore the
language of a prudent approach in the event the facts, the extension started to open to
the germinal to effectively view, and in-depth speculation Road Business School
governance and management of the road. It is time, business schools behave properly
reflect the collective self. Hope that both parties can discuss issues calmly and hope
the storm will soon calm down, I also hope that such incidents will not recur since
   But the incident is continuing, we may try to be objective ......
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Weiying said: "A professor of basic professional ethics that? ... ... Professor
Dean bullying."
He Zhiyi said: "I have done worthy of the Guanghua."
While the school of Beijing University hung "war free" card,
but two of the media elite are still words when hot, Buyiburao.
We asked to preach responsibility Tuition FAQ famous business school, why expose
management oversight and short board?
A magazine and its battle for sovereignty caused
Since then, He Zhiyi Management Case Center of Peking University is no longer (the
"Case Center") director.
The name of a collective resolution of their dismissal, He Zhiyi doggedly self-defense.
He Zhiyi Why was dismissed, we must first insight into the "central
case" model and the structure of the organization, in the "Case
Center" official website of the "organization" chart,
in the center of the circle remains the "central honorary director Li Yining,
Cao Fengqi", then only He Zhiyi is Director of the Centre.
Interestingly, such an organization chart, just out from one side of the map,
"Zhang He disputes" in their respective positions. Shown by the
imaginary body institutions "case centers" should be Peking
University Guanghua School of Management (hereinafter referred to as
"Guanghua") under the jurisdiction of organization. After all,
not "case centers" in the Guanghua Li Yining, when the
President is vested in Guanghua School of Management, to become superintendent in
Weiying not be further constrained.
"Like CCER (China Center for Economic Research) is a national
commission on behalf of management, Peking University, as commissioned by
Beijing University Guanghua Case Center is hosting." The other knows the
inside story of Zhang (not his real name) said that "Over the years, has
been simply the professors, Guanghua No matter Centre, Weiying never asked He
Zhiyi case center operations will report to him the situation, but on November 13 to
accept requests He Zhiyi Guanghua office will question the President, and issued a
removal decision 14, which makes He Zhiyi unacceptable. "
In 2003, He Zhiyi called on Li Yining, bluntly: "I want to do a magazine,
would like a good name, and called" Peking University Business Review
Li Yining said frankly: "journal too hard to do, and I did early on
magazines. In Guanghua do these things, thankless, difficult to do a good
A prophecy.
It is worth mentioning that year, Weiying has objected He Zhiyi make arrangements
for "Peking University Business Review."
"Case Center" and "Peking University Business
Review" (hereinafter referred to as "North BIA")
was originally a vine on the two results can not be separated.
He Zhiyi, a former assistant has to leave Jeong (a pseudonym) said: "What
the teachers have indicated that it wants to dry in the case of centers to 70 years old,
the case centers built up the best case base. Can be said that the President moved
Weiying the lifeblood of any teacher. "
Now look, "Peking University Business Assessment Change Banner
Event" is He Zhiyi crushed the last one "straw."
As Guanghua as unincorporated body, with no legal qualifications to become
magazine organizers, nor has advocated "Peking University Business
Review," the legal basis for intellectual property. Therefore, Beijing
University Press, has become truly representative of the Peking University, the
exercise of "Peking University Business Comment on" the right
to host the representatives of intellectual property.
But let He Zhiyi hinder that Beijing is not idle-owned magazine publishing, so in
2003, "Peking University Business Assessment," was founded,
with writing on behalf of the Journal, tortuous work, caught in "illegal
publication" of the strong shadow, embarrassing to walk in the sensitive
area of law and policy.
By the end of 2005, "North BIA" Management Conference held
in Shenzhen, Henan, "sales and marketing" magazine, Li
Yingsheng invited to attend. He Zhiyi and Li Yingsheng With the first handshake, and
the "Peking University Business Assessment" and conducted a
secret about Issues. Li Yingsheng to this reporter recalls the early second half of 2005,
He Zhiyi approached over, presentations or discussions to help search for Issues.
June 2007, the State Press and Publication Administration approved a new document
out of the press (2007), No. 583, agreed that "Peking University Business
Review" magazine publishing group in charge in units of Henan, the
organizer for the sales and marketing magazine, Peking University Press, national
unified publication number CN41-1391 / F, from the date of approval from the
Department, "Peking University Business Review," a legal
journal. But according to the National Issues localization of management principles,
"Peking University Business Review" magazine, a
corresponding change to the competent units of Henan Publishing Group, the legal
representative of the Li Yingsheng. "Guanghua" from the
original        "organizer"            reduced       to       a       4
"organizers" one.
In early 2007, a fortuitous opportunity, Weiying heard of "Peking
University Business Assessment" is to change the organizer,
"how that line? Magazine is Sinorama." This is the clear
position Weiying.
Related to "sovereignty" curtain since the battle Although there
is no smoke, but also "Rain Comes from Wind."
"Subdivision"           Peking      University    Business      Review
"of intangible assets, namely intellectual property rights, the trademark
first, and second, copyright. To trademark the term" North "as
the exclusive trademark, Peking University is the trademark owners."
North BIA, "the publication of the functions implemented by the Beijing
University Publishing House, Beijing University Press, therefore, as a wholly owned
unit of Beijing University and independent legal entity, held in the
publication" North "mark the reasonable and legitimate, of
course, to its independent legal entity on behalf of Beijing University of the exercise
of its trademark rights in the publications, and has a "Peking University
Business Review," the title right. "He Zhiyi vindicated Road.
Weiying: reform, we are passing mark
On the surface, "Peking University Business Comment on"
changing of the guard, ignited the "Chang Ho dispute," the fuse.
The interpretation of those from within the core is that Weiying first year as the
"New Deal" is the "Guanghua", made
trouble, the root causes of frequent changes.
Ren Guanghua School of Management Dean on after the second half of 2006,
Weiying opened the first major personnel changes. Weiying first to EMBA, EDP, etc.
can bring benefits of the return of "commercial items" and
"power"                   completely             reverted            to
"Guanghua" President's office. Re-formed cabinet,
"Guanghua" Dean's office of four groups, Weiying is
president of Wuchang Qi, Lu Zhengfei, Xu Xinzhong as vice president; where the
latter two of whom Weiying appointment. Analysts believe that Weiying This is a very
correct rights on the collection, centralization, and enhance the training college of the
various types of high-end control.
Let Weiying unexpected is dismissed Professor Zou Hengfu uproar. Abolished when
He Zhiyi, He chose the same and Heng-Fu Zou, "revenge"
mode - network exposure, vent outlet, which will cover the
"Guanghua" behind the Institute of Political and complicated
interests, completely made public.
Deep "Guanghua" Students love the Professor Li Qi chose to
leave active. On one occasion, "Guanghua" class, Lee boasted
of its generosity: "Professor Guanghua Management is the place, but I tell
you, where management is a mess."
Weiying will come out after he took office, "Guanghua" of
Zhao (a pseudonym), expressed support for the reform of the Weiying. In his view,
Chang is a reformer and educator, but not a good management scholars. A person
familiar with the case commented: "The Guanghua School of Management
did not," Chen Sheng, Wu Guang ", most are relevant
stakeholders, the network closely woven, deep-rooted."
He Zhiyi Zhang Weiying questioned in profit through the magazine to change the
issue, He Zhiyi, said: "a high-end business journals, the investment is huge,
slow release, in early stage of loss, contrary to insinuate I have a basic knowledge of
economic issues . "Although Li Yingsheng also said that sales and
marketing magazine, and not to eat" Peking University Business Comment
"attempt,"          Peking     University     Business    Assessment,
"the operation of the team is a not-for proof. But had to face squarely the
reality is that after nearly four years in foster development, "North
BIA" has begun to harvest quite optimistic about the earnings outlook.
By the Sales and Marketing Magazine and Peking University jointly established by
Peking University Press, Business Review magazine, the magazine is responsible for
overall operations; but opaque is that the magazine granted the same right to operate
the Beijing North Commercial stalwart Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (hereinafter
referred to as "North Business Communication"), and sign the
agreement can not be informed of the length of time. "North Business
Communication" on September 6, 2006 approved the registration, the
company's two shareholders are the "Beijing University
Business Review," working staff, one of whom was assistant editor (60%
stake), he is the Chief Executive Officer (40% stake). In other words, over time,
Beijing University business first-hand assessment of the profit and loss still its
founder - He Zhiyi responsible.
He Zhiyi case of central management control of the existence of accounts, the
phenomenon? He Zhiyi whether the abuse of power against the
"Guanghua" interests? He Zhiyi himself admitted:
"Despite the case of center and the" Peking University Business
Assessment, "Journal of Finance separately, but sometimes not very
Soon the time of writing this article, the reporter had received a text message Weiying
Re: "Sorry, I no longer accept interviews proximal."
News playback
November 14, Beijing University Guanghua School of Management said in a
statement, He Zhiyi in the act as "Peking University Business
Review," executive editor of abusing their authority undermined the
interests of Guanghua School of Management. Case centered leadership and make
adjustments, He Zhiyi no longer serve as director of office case.
November 16, He Zhiyi's "To Weiying's open
letter" posted online. Open letter words fierce struggle alleged Weiying
vigorously personnel.
November 21, Guanghua School of Management at the University home page
announced the "Beijing University Guanghua School of Management on
He Zhiyi description of the problem";
November 22, He Zhiyi has issued a "letter of thanks written on
Thanksgiving," responded.

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