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									Chagrin Valley Rotary Club

       2009 – 2010

       Roger W. Kallock, President
             July 14, 2009
        Future of Rotary is in Your Hands
        “Future of CVRC is in Our Hands”

   Rotary International Theme & Citation Requirements

   CVRC 2009 – 2010 Organization and Priorities

   Discussion and Ongoing Member Feedback
2009 – 2010 Theme
     Presidential Citation Requirements

   Achieve growth of at least one member

   Complete 3 of 6 RI activity categories

   Implement strategic planning process to
    ensure leadership continuity
                    Menu of Activities

   Eradicating polio is our first and main priority.

   Advancing the recognition and public image of Rotary

   Increasing Rotary’s capacity to provide service

   Expanding membership .. in both numbers and quality

   Emphasizing Rotary’s .. vocational service commitment

   Optimizing leadership talents within Rotary International
        The Chagrin Valley Rotary Club
                                                                                       Roger Kallock*

                                                                                                                                                               Fund Raising
     Past President     Resources               Secretary              Treasurer                            Service              Board Member                  Gary Pinkerton
      Ron Jurcak*     President-Elect          Linda Hein*           Brian Kastner*                      Vice President            At Large                     Mark Brown
                      Gary Pinkerton*          Dale Arvay            Chris Thoburn                         KC Henry*             Bob Reschke*                   Frank Lanza
                                                                                                                                                               Chris Thoburn
                                                                                                                                                                Tom Morrow
           CVRC Foundation             Membership               Club Service                  Community                   International
              President                  Martine                 Dale Arvay                     Service                      Service
              Bob Lee*                Scheuermann*               Don Matz*                     Jeff Griff                 Rich Hansen
                                                                                                                                                Bo Beaven*
                                        Jack Zilly                                            Ed Scolnick*              Ashok Shendure*
                                                                                                                                                Mark Besand
                                                  Programs                       Bulletin                Meal Delivery               Group Study            Scholarships
   Chairman              KC Henry
                                                 Dave Simko                    Ken Douthit               Sam Desiderio                Exchange             Lydia Champlin
  John Skala           Chris Thoburn
                                                 Lori O’Neill                  Pam Hulton                Bill Houghton               Mark Brown           Howard Humphrey
                       Chris Robinson

                        Classification          Public Relations
                                                                             Web Site                Holiday Baskets/Cards         Youth Exchange          Student of Month
   Secretary             Ken Fogle                Lori O’Neill
                                                                           Bruce Corson                   John Thome                Rich Hansen                Bob Lee
  Ron Jurcak           Rogers Kossler            Howard Miller
                                                                           Brian Kastner                   Jim Maier                 Ulrich Koch           Steve Thompson
                                                 Jill Lutheran

                                                RI/Paul Harris                                               Holiday Cards
                        Orientation                                            Sgt. At Arms                                           Medwish             Interact/Career Day
   Treasurer                                    Chet Woodman                                                  Art Horner
                       Tom Aquaviva                                            Jim Brosius                                            Ken Fogle            Howard Humphrey
 Brian Kastner                                   Dave Fulton                                                  Wes Baker
                         Al Krause                                             John Patton                                          John Hamilton             Ulrich Koch
                                                 Ron Schmidt
                                                                                                                                                              Dick Pitcher
                                                   Greeters                 Reflections                  Salvation Army             Ambassadorial             4 Way Speech
   Trustees             Integration
                                                 John Makley               Don Grauer                     Gerry Hartley              Scholarship               Mark Besand
Ashok Shendure           Jack Zilly
                                                 Joyce Piteo             Howard Humphrey                 Dave Lavallette             Don Grauer                 Joe Talty
 Frank Lanza           George Pogan
                                                                                                                                     Ralph Tuthill
  Bo Beaven
Chet Woodman                                                                                                  Installation/             CAP
                          Member                   Socials                      Historian                      Clambake                                       Teacher of Year
                                                                                                                                     Scott Henry
                         Retention                Bo Beaven                    Bo Beaven                       Jim Kamer                                        John Skala
                                                                                                                                     David Levy
                         Ralph Burr               Dave Toole                   John Goss                     Angelo Cirino                                      Wes Baker

                                                                                                                                    Date: July 14, 2009   * Board Members
               CVRC Organization
   Leadership team: Roger Kallock, Gary Pinkerton, KC Henry,
       Brian Kastner and Linda Hein

   Club resources: Gary Pinkerton
      CVRC Foundation: Bob Lee & Ron Jurcak

      Membership: Martine Scheuermann & Jack Zilly

   Club activities: KC Henry
      Club Service: Don Matz and Dale Arvay

      Community Service: Ed Skolnick and Jeff Griff

      International Service: Ashok Shendure and Rich Hansen

      Vocational Service: Bo Beaven and Marc Besand
      CVRC Regular Service Activities

   Meals on Wheels           Youth Exchange
   Holiday Food Baskets      Interact
   Salvation Army            Scholarships
   Gift of Life              Career Day
   Medwish                   4 Way Speech
   Community                 Teacher of the Year
    Appreciation Award        Group Study Exchange
                              Dictionary Distribution
CVRC Special Activities by Quarter
   July, August & September
      District: RI Polio Program and Indians Game
      Membership Process and Progress
      Service Area Updates
      Fund Raiser Organization

   October, November & December
     Salvation Army Bell Ringing
     Christmas Meeting – Chagrin Falls High School
     CVRC Holiday Fund Raiser – Lowes Greenhouse
CVRC Special Activities by Quarter Cont.
    January, February & March
       CVRC Community Celebration – South Franklin

    April, May & June
      District Conference - Sandusky

      International Convention – Montreal
              CVRC Priority Summary

   Continue tradition of excellent meetings with outstanding
       speakers and membership fun
   Increased sharing of leadership responsibilities
   Evaluate all CVRC activities to ensure value
   Increase commitment of every member to more of the
       many club community service projects
   Improved membership recruiting processes/focus
        New SFC members & Hamlet residents

        Younger community leaders
         CVRC Priority Summary Cont.

   Increase financial support for polio eradication
   Evaluate local organizations worthy of long term
   Conduct two or more successful fund raisers
   Explore new ways for community service
        Business advisory resource availability

        Community preparedness for the unexpected
         CVRC Leadership Meetings

   CVRC Board
     Leadership Team
     Service Chairs and Co Chairs
     Others as Interested
     Monthly – July 28, Sept 1, Sept 29, Oct. 27

   CV Foundation Board
     Past Presidents Leadership
     Four Meetings Annually
     Stewards of Club Foundation Funds
Discussion and Feedback
Chagrin Valley Rotary Club’s
Future is in Our Good Hands

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