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									Ninja Blade pc version of configuration! A Ninja Blade pc Download - Ninja Blade
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Ninja Blade pc version of configuration! A Ninja Blade pc Download - Ninja Blade
【Chinese Version
Forget the Chinese company "sweatshop" notoriety it!
These are practical Taoist "Doing Nothing" philosophy,
emerging companies, employees and now appears to have first-class customer
experience, performance level, the problem is that this philosophy to support their
expansion in it?
If Chinese enterprises must Pingchu a best employers list, this is not a few large
companies should top the popular list: 7 Days Inn, Harbour fishing pot, tidal Acer
More than employees, their customers also get the best experience. Their performance
for all to see: 7 Days Inn, hotels in the later ones, only 4 years and the boss
"like home" as hot, cold and warm regardless of the market, the
average occupancy rate remained at 90% (including new stores), an economic model
the hotel's "double engines"; 40-degree heat of the
Beijing summer, the sweat of the people do not care about the long line outside,
waiting for a meal even more spicy hot pot fishing the seabed; tide Acer took the gold
and other precious stones materials, a worker can check the free access without any
factory, the management did not allow theft loose trip, but the industry has the lowest
material loss.
Inconceivable that a few companies that their managers than peers idle. Zhang Yong,
submarine fishing for work only two or three days a week, occasionally went to the
forests of Sichuan Aba "outing"; tide Acer's Liu
Chong Bin as long as no travel is always leisurely to the cafeteria to eat, and then
leisurely back to the office drinking tea Kung Fu; 7 Zheng Nanyan busy day that 6:00
to get up to read, but he read books and hotel management did nothing to do, all the
historical, political and other "light readings", in particular,
liked to read Lao.
And the conversation interesting and enjoyable few managers. They do not describe
how great the company vision, mission, and will not stick to boring details of
financial figures and cumbersome process. Gossip sometimes interesting, sometimes
meditation on the Road, opened up, and their management as the maverick, seems
far-fetched, but united in a more massive system, people occasionally think of a few
days later, praise its subtlety.
7 days hotel CEO Zheng Nanyan most representative. See Zheng Nanyan, he has not
investigated from the Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong turn Channel:
"to see a very beautiful Nordic beauty; also met a foreigner, dressed as
MIB (the film" Men in Black "), took my old discussion village
for several hours. "Let him feel better in the Nordic tolerant social
environment," from the heart of tolerance, equality for all. is not a
Confucian 'water vessel can carry a boat', that is a strong group
of vulnerable group tolerance, provided that the water in the boat or to the following.
"Everyone is equal, sometimes we make mistakes because they thought he
had been too important." Cheng said. Like sheep, sheep than the shepherd
knows where lush, and occasionally fine-tune the direction of sheep, a shepherd to put
1,000 sheep.
Zheng He's "sheep theory" Some Taoist
"inaction" flavor. Manager has considerable autonomy, do not
have everything waiting for the command headquarters, headquarters of income, sales,
personnel and service support for four lines. Happy employees want to work, as long
as the employees and the company goal is the same, only need to be adjusted based,
management costs can be significantly reduced.
2009, 7-day size of nearly 300 branches, sheep theory under the operational
management of the number of people involved in the headquarters remains in the 350
or so, "and 100 as the number of stores in need." "On
the 'twisted towel' ability, we may not other people
do." Cheng said, as a service industry CEO, "I think what
should be behind the system, so employees do not concern but the concern about
higher or company leader Guests for 7 days as guests of friends. "
Staff talk to the guests how to quantify the exchange can not rely on to provide. Even
to make "every smile showing 6-8 teeth" Such a provision can
not supervise their implementation. Zhengnan Yan and the staff very straightforward,
to you getting on should their efforts, no one is a savior, are their own thing. He tried
to give seven days of front-line staff to understand, treat guests happy, the guests will
be able to give him pleasure.
Harbour fishing is no different. Haidilao get good service sometimes stunning,
Sanzhao guests will be Elastic hair, and was good to remind, "Beware of
hair spilled oil"; guests will be wearing glasses glasses cloth; some stores
and even the waiting area to provide free nail service.
These detailed ideas clearly not able to Zhang Yong, founder of sloppy out. His
character straightforward, occasionally strong, the company has absolute authority. It
was fishing on the seabed in an innovative service amazed, he will open his mouth,
"ah, I hear you say know."
He is more concerned about the lives of their employees. Staff quarters from the
workplace will not exceed 20 minutes, all the official residential quarters, and will be
equipped with air conditioning; have the person responsible cleaning and laundry;
apartment even with the Internet computer; if employees are husband and wife,
consider a single room ... ... just is an accommodation, a store to spend 500,000 yuan
a year on this.
"As long as the staff to focus on clients, employees on more than we know
what customers want to." Yong said, "Haidilao no special
incentives - but a 18-year-old worker, from the doorman to do Since 10 years, bought
a house in Beijing, is this not the best incentive to do? "refers to the Yuan
Huaqiang Zhang Yong, now 28-year-old head of the Beijing Shanghai region. Every
level employees can see their superiors to do so out of step by step, the environment is
relatively fair, naturally good service.
Bill Gates to understand the needs of the programmer, the programmer returns to give
him a Microsoft. Visiting Professor of Peking University's Guanghua
School of Management Huang Tieying to use this analogy, Zhang Yong, migrant
workers need to know how just and fair, the staff returns to his catering company
relative to other translation units three times the rate of twice the profits.
"7 days of development today is a legend, is actually the success of sheep
theory 'Zhuangzi's inaction as' thinking in modern
business management practices in the success." Human resources
management expert, instructor Dan Mingquan ordered the case evaluation system.
Dan Mingquan analysis, inaction does not mean not to, restraint does not mean giving
up. Phenomenology advocates: look at the phenomenon of complex systems, need
with no subjective thinking, without any attempt to exercise restraint in order to have
the opportunity to see the truth of the evolution of things and laws. This is similar to
Zen Buddhism and Taoism in China's inaction.
These innovative companies in common is, first of all have established a sound
platform, everyone has a corresponding position; Second, CEO acknowledged the role
of each person is irreplaceable, not minding. Company decentralization in each
location, will be free to play, but the decentralization and income scale need to set out
the principles of the right.
"Zheng Nanyan fully respect everyone's position, but behind a
strong IT platform and control mechanism is doing nothing to guarantee."
Shiming Quan said.
Traditional management philosophy, always need to strengthen the power of the
headquarters staff used to act according to instructions. Regardless of seven days,
fishing or undersea wave Acer, headquarters functions are weakened, the company
structure is more flat than similar companies. This means that each department
manager must assume more responsibility, of course, they also have greater authority.
Zhang Yong, said: "The best thing related to a person responsible, in fact,
executives are happy, the same thing the more people who control the
Zhengnan Yan said: "If too seriously their own child, what do everything
myself, the result is what get it working. I and 7 days each and every employee is
equal, in addition to my desk larger."
His office did not lock the doors all year round, each department can be free to use
inside a large conference table. Some departments at noon with his conference table to
discuss the issue, in full swing, occupying the whole office. Zheng saw, turned out to
be smiling.
Zheng Nanyan not avoid their weaknesses, the company issued at the temper
occasionally, even angrily, "fire you forget." "I have
to see through things," he emphasized "has many things I do not
like doing, how can I? Or my own time away, if I have no time, the parties consider it
is appropriate that, we can only allowing them to exist, there is no good solution.
However, Zheng Nanyan sure even if not at fault in 7 days to go too far in the wrong
way. Just like, seven days any level employees can send messages according to their
own wishes to all staff, freedom, equality of culture has been formed, right or wrong
decision-making can be quick feedback. The right will be quick to promote a policy
mistake and you quickly reflected.
Freedom did not lead to confusion. A few days ago, a grass-roots workers in the
internal mail in the burst of a very hot topic, and distributed to all staff, lead to lively
discussion. Cause Zhengnan Yan-mail ringing off the hook, an open are more than
100 messages. Zheng Nanyan giggle, "I endured did not say, other people
certainly can not stand so many messages." Sure enough, make another
level employees, such mail to affect our work, repeated free big debate, we
automatically find the balance point, unless absolutely necessary, do not send mail to
all employees at random. In seven days, a lot of things rely on similar to
"natural law" settled public relations director Lai Yun Zhu Qi
said, management costs low because Kaifangyoujian group The System of a larger
audit team are helping each employee 7 days supervision and management.
In addition, three companies of the performance evaluation requirements are not
simply financial figures, as far as possible in the assessment personnel with consistent
demand and the company demands.
7-day performance appraisal is not staring at a single shop open room rates and profit
margins, but four lines share the management, taking into consideration each store
will give seven days how much contribution to the whole network. For example, the
guests went to live in other branches, the management of store manager must ensure
an unimpeded channel for this transfer, not only in their stores if the ultimate goal of
revenue, such membership to 7 days before marketing bring practical help.
Haidilao not even a single shop in the financial statements, "too much
emphasis on staff numbers will hurt the work of enthusiasm and customer
satisfaction." This summer, Zhang Yong, a Beijing branch was found free
watermelon is not sweet, the relevant person in charge explained, watermelon
expensive, require more than 20,000 yuan a month. "If 20,000 yuan are
spent, why not spend 30,000 to buy a sweeter watermelon it. So loose assessment of
profits for grassroots workers have been very nervous. Assessment examination must
be content to what I want." Yong said.
Huang Tieying evaluation, too much emphasis on digital assessment management
usually has two weaknesses: first, the lazy, or not confident, can only be quantified by
digital means; Second, attempting to create artificial "fair", with
the number of words, and too much of stress within a small area within the fair
instead of an even greater injustice.
With the opening of the company's platform for innovation and inspiration
to become a natural and frequent rushes.
7 days in 2007 the number reached 100 branches, when management of the most
cumbersome. Zheng Nanyan do not know, "sheep theory"
marginal where he did not dare to join the development of business, fear of
destruction of the management system, or even considered, "If the sheep
theory of scale implementation in the 300 does not go on, 7 days using traditional
management . " Less than two years, Zheng Nanyan already great strides in
the development of stores, stores. The solution is extremely simple to set up
"regional consuls", the franchisee open internal mail.
Regional Archon concurrently by the manager to coordinate the region's
stores, uniform deployment of resources. However, they are not assigned by the
company, but elected by the regional staff, a change every six months.
Can imagine, franchisees receive free participation in the headquarters of official mail
and discuss different feeling. If you keep to the franchisee under the instruction,
supervision and management, will inevitably be touched when the uproar. When the
seven days franchisees exist in the same system, each franchisee is equivalent to 7
days of a shareholder. Zhengnan Yan said: "Open the mail system, we only
need to do their own. Franchisee will soon come to judge, not suitable for joining the
Chamber of Commerce to leave as soon as possible."
"Too much to understand!" Dan Mingquan endless praise this
approach. Open 7 days is equal to the franchisee's rights, please join the
business management and supervision of each other; staff can be opened to send the
company e-mail, virtually required in line stores and direct sales stores.
Stone said, "permission to let the franchisee a message into the 7-day
system, the system also has automatic cleaning function. When the franchisees Cheng
Wei 7 days as part of a whole, appeals to consensus, not only now, the future cost of
more communication low. "
Zheng Nanyan not remember the company's two big problems to solve is
how to make the decision, only barely recall, the opening Youjian permission before
he read a book, "manage the future." Before, he wanted to do a
good company, but does not know what is good company, one day he will understand
that a good company that allows more people to benefit from the company. Similarly,
good decisions are not managers trying to think of a few months Bie out, but to
minimize subjective judgments, to comply with the system gave him
Maybe Soon after, 7 days a policy would put more bizarre. A new meeting room will
be established, which is not the best light, even without air conditioning, once a
decision of a dispute, put the relevant managers are "close in" is
to discuss the solutions that come out, Zhengnan Yan is only responsible for the final
signature on the line . "Everyone from his point of view that the best
proposals, as if laws of the market, they weigh the results, is the result of natural
adjustment. They do not speculate on the leadership, but also because my personal
preference to avoid the impact of the company." Zhengnan Yan said.
7 days, submarine fishing, tidal Acer, they are walking in the industry because of
maverick front. Now they face a common problem is that people in this type of
"rule by man" how to copy a large scale? When these
companies try to become a big company, or long-established, the sheep-like loose
management still work? Today's error or loss is amplified in the future will
be unlimited?
Zhang Yong in the capital before cautiously, "first address the issue of
cultural heritage talk about financing"; Zheng Nanyan trying out new ways
to address the company's expanded new problems; Liu Chong Bin greater
emphasis on slowly, and many plans, one on After a few years would.
Shiming Quan said, the system is always dynamic balance, at the helm who will
determine the pattern and character of business the next. Like a car is a car mechanic,
chairman, not a car person. When a company is just a car mechanic cater to drivers of
course, but the company as a team, can be converted into repair workshops depends
on management of cultural heritage. They use an updated understanding of the
company point of view, still have to respect each element, so that each element of
fully functioning. In addition, respect for the ordinal system, do not chop and change,
if we must change, it is necessary to every element within the system to find the time
to reach equilibrium.
"If you worried about the rapid expansion of culture will disappear, to be a
private company is also a good choice. Like many of the world-renowned company,
to now not go to the public market." Shiming Quan said.
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