A History of St Barts and the Royal London

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					A History of St Barts and the Royal London
                Rugby Club

        Year 2 SSM: Teaching and Learning
                By Alexander Jones
•What do you know?
•Why would you want to know
about it anyway?
•How are you going to learn it?
Aims and Learning Outcomes
 •To obtain some knowledge of the history of
 St Barts and the Royal London Rugby Club.
 •To appreciate the success the club has
 enjoyed previously and is starting to enjoy
 •To understand that BLRFC is both a sporting
 and social entity.
 A Brief BLRFC History
•How Old do you think this club is?
•The London Rugby Club was set up in 1865 and Barts quickly followed in

•What colours do BLRFC play in?
                                   •The current colours are an
                                   amalgamation of the two clubs.
                                   Barts used to play in black and
                                   white chequers whereas the
                                   London used to play in blue and
                                   •The club is one of a few in the
                                   country to play in chequered
                                   shirts. It is written in a royal

 •How many internationals, if any, have played for BLRFC?
 •Over the years, 7 players have been simultaneously combining
 their studies, playing for one of the clubs and playing for their
 country-no mean feat!
A Brief History (cont…)
•How Successful were the clubs before the merger?
•Competed in UH cup-oldest rugby competition in the world
•Won it 20 times between them
•Very big spectacle

•What happened when the medical schools merged in 1996?
•The clubs joined to become BLRFC
•Hale End and Chiselhurst (1938)
•Play in BUSA leagues

•How are BLRFC faring now?
•Won the plate at the National Medics Sevens tournament last year
•Top of their BUSA league
•About to start playing UH games, hoping for success!
•2 teams- a dramatic reduction from the “old days”
BLRFC: A sporting and social side
•Exercise-well being
•Peer group- know older years-notes and past papers!
•Common Interests
•Tour- new places!
•AGM-leadership skills
•Wine tasting-fun!
Formative Assessment on BLRFC
 •What colours do BLRFC play in?

 •Who is the current president of BLRFC?

 •When the clubs merged, where did they
 initially play?

 •Where did BLRFC go on tour last year?
• BLRFC is a club with a long history and is closely
  linked with the founding era of rugby

• It is a social as well as sporting club

• It was highly successful in the past and is starting to
  achieve success again

• Come along! Our next UH game is at Chiselhurst on
  the 28th of Feb against St Georges -A big game!
Question Time

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