Math Club A Success Story

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					  Math Club:
A Success Story
If you build it, they will come!
 J. Sriskandarajah - MATC
 AMATYC, 31st Annual Conference
 San Diego, CA
 Friday, November 11, 2005
Ingredients for Success

        Club Activities

 Ingredients For Success
Mathematically Motivated Students
Cooperative Faculty
Support from the Administration
Funding from Student
Network of Speakers from 4-Year
Publicity within and outside campus
 Mathematically Motivated Students

• Need not be in higher level (e.g., Calculus)
• Officers must have leadership skills
         Cooperative Faculty
• Promotion of Math Club events
• “Extra-Credit” for student attendance
  and writing papers
• Proctoring and grading math
• Web and other support: Mathematically
  Correct, a weekly column
  Support from the Administration
• Video taping, Poster making
• Attendance at presentations by
• Presentation of gifts to speakers
• Official welcoming, award ceremony and
  closing of math events
• Secretarial support for math competitions
       Funding from Student
• Speaker travel expenses
• Meals/gifts for invited speakers (no
• Door prizes and receptions following
• Prizes and lunch for students, coaches
  and volunteers at math competitions
• Scholarships for high school math
  competition winners
      Network of Speakers
      from 4-Year Colleges
• Connections with American
  Mathematics Competitions - State
• Chair-Elect, MAA (WI)
• Other Professional Associations such
 Publicity Within and Outside Campus

• Inside Publicity:
   –   Groupwise e-mail to faculty, staff and students
   –   MATC Matters
   –   Student Bulletin
   –   Clarion
   –   Math Club display case and billboards
• Outside Publicity:
   –   Wisconsin State Journal
   –   Capital Times
   –   Madison Times
   –   Isthmus
   –   Core Weekly
               Club Activities
•   Student Math League: recruiting and training
•   A problems page: Mathematically Correct
•   HS and MS Math Competitions
•   Math and Music Festival
•   Student Math Presentations
•   Pi Day celebrations
•   “Who Wants To Be A Mathematician,”
    presented by the AMS
     Outstanding Club of the Year 2004

      Outstanding Student Organization
        Academic Achievement 2005
• Forty-seven monthly math presentations as of
  November 2005
• Four HS math competitions with 10-12 teams
• Four MS math competitions with 25-40 teams
• Student presentation at the Spring 2001 MAA
  Accomplishments (continued)
• A highly successful Pi Day 2003 for Two-Year
• “Who Wants To Be A Mathematician”,
  presented by the AMS in 2004, for the FIRST
  time in WI.
• Consistent ranking at the top among two-
  year colleges in the Student Math League
• What’s new? Math and Music Festival, a
  combination of Musical, WWTBASM and Pie
  Eating Contest
   Personal Accomplishments
• Outstanding Employee Award 2004
• Distinguished Teacher Award 2005