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									                                Willmar Rotary Club
                              Board of Directors Meeting
                                  September 8, 2009

Don Spilseth called the meeting to order at 12:01 p.m. at Persepolis Café. Members in
attendance were: Don Spilseth, Dana Rucker, Mike Geister, Jim Ruff, Warren Hagen,
Keith Pattison, Tom Gilbertson and Smitty Luschen. Absent: Walt Gislason, Bruce
Schoeman, Eric Weiberg and Pablo Obregon.

Rotary Exchange Student-Eric Weiberg by Don Spilseth
    Still in need of a host family for the Exchange Student. The interim family has
      indicated they may be willing to keep her for the entire school year
    Club needs to find a replacement for Eric who wishes to step down from position
      at year end.
Membership – Walt Gislason
    Prospects
          o Kendra Bengtson’s name has been read twice with no objections. She has
              visited the club and expressed an interest in joining.
Treasurer – Jim Ruff
    Discussion re member that has dues in arrears
          o Received payment from the employer for dues that were in arrears
          o Member is responsible for “Rose Sales” for the past two years. Jim has
              left a message for the Rotarian re this item and will follow up on it.
    Finances
          o A check for $1,500 was written to Ridgewater College for STRIVE
              Scholarship recipients
          o Discussion re automatic debits – members can pay RI directly for their
              Paul Harris donations.
                    Jim is securing the necessary documents for this.
                    May need to set up a PayPal Account to facilitate this process. Jim
                      will review further and set up account if need be.
          o Summer Social – attendees need to be billed for the social – will be $25.00
              per member and guest.
    Donation Requests –
          o Warren brought back tabled item re a child with a speech problem that is
              in need of a computer speaking machine. The family is short a significant
              dollar amount and would not be able to purchase the machine for two
              years. No further action was taken.
Finemaster – Don Spilseth – no report
Foundation – Dana Rucker
    Sending out monthly Foundation Facts
    Discussion re the amount being collected from each Rotarian for quarterly dues.
      Because of the District’s new goal, we may need to increase this amount .
    Dana will work with Jim Ruff re electronic capability for RI donations.
Vocation – Pablo Obregon – no report
Club Service – Warren Hagen

      Socials
          o December 3rd is available at the Spicer Castle for a Holiday Party
                    Dinner w/cash bar – approx $25.00 per attendee
                    Maximum of 80 people could attend
                    Mystery Dinner – approx $50.00 per attendee
                    Will survey the club members via e-mail to see if they are
                        interested in Dinner or Mystery Dinner at the stated costs.
          o Electronic Voting – discussion re the importance and ease of being able to
               do this.
                    Tom will check if it is available via Club Runner…it is not.
                    Warren will do a test e-mail re a vote for the Holiday Party. If it
                        works appropriately, the e-mail will be sent to the entire
                        membership soliciting their votes.
International – Bruce Schoeman - No report
Public Relations – Tom Gilbertson
    Will check with Paula re information for drivers for the Rotary Exchange Student
       and High School Student.
Rose Sale – Mike Geister
    Begin selling roses now – turn in orders by October 7th.
    Delivery date is October 21 – pick up at Crown Floral between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00
    No regular meeting on this date
    Quota – number of roses to be sold

STRIVE – Don Spilseth
   At the present time, we do not have a chairperson for the program.
   Discussion re having a non-Rotarian chair the program. Discussion of a YMCA
     employee who has served as a mentor.

    M/S/P Rucker – To use 100 club points towards a Paul Harris as a
       Congratulation/Service award for a club member.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1:19 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Smitty Luschen, Secretary

Dates to Remember
September 25, 2009 Training meeting, Golden Valley Country Club, 8:00 am–1:00 pm
                   Emphasis on Membership and Foundation
January 16, 2010   Radisson, St Cloud – all aspects of Club Leadership
May 13 – 15, 2010 District Meeting, Weston Galleria in Edina
                   May 14th is focus day, 15th will be training for new officers


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