Club Permission Form by bzs14448


									                    Club Permission Form
Clubs are forming at Spencer County Elementary so don’t miss your
chance to participate.

To join a before or after school club please follow these directions:

   1. Read the attached club descriptions.
   2. Decide on your 1st and 2nd choice club.
   3. Write your choice on the lines below along with your name and
      homeroom teacher.
   4. Parents must sign permission for your child to participate.
   5. Return form to the office by Friday, September 4.*
      (*Remember club membership is on a first come, first
        serve basis or performance ability so turn your form in as
        soon as possible.)

1st Choice: _______________________________________

Student Name: ____________________________________

Homeroom Teacher:________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: __________________________


2nd Choice: ______________________________________

Student Name: ___________________________________

Homeroom Teacher: _______________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: _________________________

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