QUAKERTOWN SOCCER CLUB
                               General Meeting Minutes
                                    April 17, 2007

       Attendees: , Paul Owens, Jr. (Registrar, U9F-1), Tim Shelly (Treasurer, U10M), Tom Kramme
       (President), Fran Tizol (Vice President, U11F1, U14F, U15F), Jeff Geiser (Travel Coordinator), ,
       Brent McCleland (U13M, U15M), Mike Baskin (U13F), Scott Brandis (U11M), Dan McDermott
       (U11M, U10F, U11M), , Tim Bibighaus (U12F), Luther McLoughlin (U10M), W Keisel (U12 M),
       Kevin Woulfe (U11M), Jack Lamb (U17 M), Cliff Annis (U12M), Chris Thompson (U12 F, U11F,
       U9 F), Peter Haas (U9F2)

       Teams Not Represented: U9M, U16F, U17F

Meeting began at 7:45 PM at the Quakertown Soccer Clubhouse.
The minutes from the March 20, 2007 meeting were approved.
Executive Board met at the clubhouse on April 10, 2007

Communications: Secretary was away. She will forward any communications through email for this

President: Sign is complete and picked up – still waiting on football club. It may not be in by the Spring
Tournament. Kevin Woulfe volunteered to create a temporary sign to display until the official one is
 Player and tournament registration databases are complete and ready for sign-ups. Website is up and
running. Team pages will be reviewed tonight.
Clean Up Day was a huge success. The exec committee wishes to thank the volunteers. The facility looks
wonderful and is ready for the tournament.
The David Petzold Tourney raised 4,872.31. We received a thank you from those who ran the benefit for
out donations of goals and for helping to spread the word among our players.

Vice President:
      Outdoor Update: Registration will be online and database will be available. The program is 50%
complete, but more advertisements and patrons are needed. The tourney is looking to be as large as last
year. We have almost 100 teams. We need U14M, U15M, U16M as well as U16 girls. We need one U19
boys team. We do not need the satellite field this year. We have more younger teams coming this year.
Julia Mayer will run a moon bounce as part of her senior project during the first weekend. Please remind
your parents of their snack stand times. We could always use more help from people with a medical
background. We are in need a golf cart.

Secretary: not in attendance
Treasurer: No significant changes. Team financial sheets will only be handed out if there is a change.

Travel Coordinator: 2007 Travel Team tryouts will be May 12, 19, 22 and 23. A one page flyer has
been prepared for distribution to schools, as well as 50 signs to be posted around the community. All
registration will be online, there will be no paper registration this year. The same rating process will be
used for all candidates. Raters are needed. Please let Jeff know if you are available.

The travel policy committee continues to meet and discuss revisions and changes to recommend to the
exec committee. We hope to have the new policy in place prior to tryouts for the upcoming season.

Brendt brought up the new ICSL policy stating that ICSL will not allow a player to secondary unless they
play primary Inter County as well. This will have a major impact on our club as many players secondary
for older Inter County teams but do not necessarily primary there. More discussion is needed by the
coaches to discuss how to handle this.

EPYSA now allows rosters of 22 players for U11 and up. Only 18 are allowed on game day.

Intramural Coordinator: Website is up. Session I will start on May 14th and Session II on July 9th. 100
signs will be placed in the community advertising sign-ups. Walk-in registration was held on 3/14, 3/17
and 3/24. We have 602 registered so far. Nadine is organizing referees. Glen High has volunteered to
teach the class. All travel players U12 and up will be notified they are eligible. They will be paid 10.00

Registrar: No report.

Committee Reports:

       DOC: Ideas will be presented to the Board and then to General Members for comment and

       Concessions: Robin Haff not present.

       Public Relations: Yard signs and advertisements in the Free Press and Penny Power for Intramural
and Travel registration are planned.

       Fundraising and Sponsorship: No report.

       Facility: Pete will have a busy month preparing the fields for the Spring Tourney and quickly
changing them to accomadate IM and spring league games. Volunteers are needed to help.

Old Business:

       Internet Access: is working and will be available for walk in registration.
       Website: New website is up and running. Approximately 30% functionality has been turned on.
Team pages were reviewed. Coaches were given access codes and a demo to set up there team pages.
Look at North Meck Soccer Club for sample of functionality we can expect. The registration database is
up and registrations are being received for intramural. Tournament database will include 3 tournament
applications (Indoor, Outdoor and non-EPYSA sanctioned). Currently there is one non EPYSA
sanctioned event – the Sarah Parvin Memorial which is being coordinated for June or July by Ed Scholl
and Kevin Wolfe.

New Business: The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM
General Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month.
Submitted by: Fran Tizol, Vice President Quakertown Soccer Club

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