Washington Athletic Club Meeting Minutes

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					                     Washington Athletic Club Meeting Minutes
                        Approved by WWC March 9, 2006

January 12, 2006

President: Dina Widtmann – In attendance
Vice President: Kenan Block – In attendance
Treasurer: Todd Yerkes – In attendance
Secretary: Jeff Foster – Not in attendance

Members attending:

There were 37 attendees: 31 members and six guests.

Officers’ reports:

President Dina Widtmann opened the meeting introduced the WWC new members and
evening’s guests.
New Members:
    John Myer
    Elise Myer
    Jennifer Vogt

    Irene Ness – WAC member
    Vera Koch – Non WAC
    Christine Gogh – Non WAC
    Tim Blue – WAC member
    Rebecca Haas – WAC member
    Michael – Non WAC

Treasurer, Jeff Foster was not in attendance. President Dina Widtmann reviewed the
minutes from the November 10, 2005 meeting and they were accepted by the

Treasurer Todd Yerkes read the financial report, noting that the club has $6410 in its
account, and we are awaiting our $3500 allocation from the WAC. $3000 has been set
aside for the WWC Cellar and $1000 is slated for events.

Cellar Committee:

Chair Richard Adatto reviewed the Cellar Club concept. The Cellar Committee’s strategy
is to look for the best bargains working with local distributors. The Committee is
currently working on the cellar inventory plan. In the meantime, the Committee has
agreed to add Bordeaux Wines as part of the inventory plan. The Committee also agrees
that the cellar should center around classic old world wines, with an emphasis on France,
Italy and Spain. The committee will present their inventory library at a future meeting.

Events Committee:

Chair Don Vogt thanked all of the members for filling out the Event Committee survey.
He discussed the next Event’s Committee Club celebration gathering for Feb 11th, to be
hosted by Dan & Marilyn Boss. Details for the event will follow in a separate email. Also
discussed was the March 4th Woodinville Activity with the Betz Winery and lunch at the
Barking Frog. Again, details on the event would follow in a separate email to the club.
Future events proposed were the following: April Taste Woodinville Event; Club
Summer Picnic and Willamette Wine Trip.

Other Business:
No other business was discussed.

Meeting Theme

Bruce Zelazoski and Diane Tierney conducted a comparative Zinfandel tasting. The
tasting was a blind tasting using a formal tasting format tracking the following attributes
of the wine: Sight (Appearance of the Wine); Aroma (Smell or Bouquet); Flavor and
Overall Impression with a Total score for each wine tasted. The presentation has been
posted on the WWC website). The wines presented to the membership were:
     Steele Pacini Vineyard 2003
     Edmeades 2003
     Dashe Dry Creek Valley 2003
     Biale Monte Rosso 2003

Respectfully submitted,
Dina Widtmann, substituting for
Jeff Foster, Secretary