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					 Gopher Dairy Club                    Minutes                      March 27, 2008

*No Internship reports were given.

President Jamie Seitzer called the March 27, 2008 meeting of the Gopher Dairy
Club to order at 7:04 p.m. Roll Call was taken and the Secretary’s report was
moved and approved as emailed. Treasurer’s report was approved subject to audit.
We currently have $34,769.52 in checking. Correspondences were from the
Southeast Minnesota Youth All-Breeds Dairy Show for the interest of our
sponsorship for the event.

Standing Committees:

ADSA 2008 Regional: Thanks to all who helped with ADSA and for making it a big
success. A press release was sent out by Amanda Eberle to help build awareness
and support for ADSA. They also included next year’s dates. Committee is looking
to sponsor an event to take out the committee chairs. ADSA fundraising paid for
all the events, however we were 3,000 dollars short which will be taken care of by
the club.

Student Board: College fun day will be held April 12th at 10 a.m. They will need
people to help with 4-20 minute workshops at this event. If interested contact
Brett B0yum. Senior sendoff will be May 4th.

Alumni: no report

Banquet: The banquet was a huge success. The total cost of this event was
$1993.30. There were 209 people in attendance.

Clothing: You can pick up a polo if you didn’t get one or if yours doesn’t fit. If so
contact Jenna Pomerenke or Amanda Rassmussen.

Clubroom/Publicity: Every year the club has a photo shoot for GDC for our next
yearbook cover and we are looking to do that again this year. The date will be May
6th. We are looking for ideas of where to take the picture this year. Please start
thinking of ideas.

Judging Contests: Hoards Judging contest was due today. The State FFA Judging
Contest is April 28th; let Jessica if you want to help. Sign-up was passed around in

Membership: no report
Social: The club will be looking to go to a Twins game, next week April 2nd or April
16th. It was also suggested to have a Kickball Game/Cook-out with the Forestry
Club on May 1st.

Sr. Trip: Juniors met after meeting to pick co-chairs for next year’s senior trip. Co-
chairs will be Janelle Kuechle and Virginia Westlie.

Web Page: Photos were updated on the website.

Yearbook: Yearbooks will be sent out to our alumni. Voting will be taking place for
the yearbook editor’s bonus later in the meeting.

Dairy Camp: Amanda Rassmussen and Jen Becker met with Brad Heins about the
upcoming Dairy Camp. Heins is getting everything in order, 12-15 members of the
club are need to be camp counselors and will be needed the Wednesday night
before until Saturday. The club will be needing volunteers. The club is looking for
interested, quality volunteers this year. It will be discussed to have workers receive
a reduction in Dairy Bar hours, with a restriction of only being able to do this two
summers. The camp will be looking to go to Grand Rios for the Twins Game
during the camp. Kids start arriving at 10 a.m. on Thursday morning.

Old Business:

Hoards Judging Contest: Jacob Hemmesch has checks for the people that won
Hoards Judging Contest last year. Please pick those up.

Yearbook Editors and Dairy Bar Managers: Erica Seitzer was named as our new
junior yearbook editor. Junior Dairy Bar Managers for this year will be Brett Boyum
and Staci Sexton. Congrats!

New Business:

Yearbook Editor Bonus: Discussion on the yearbook editors took place. It was
moved to give the senior yearbook editor a $1000 bonus, and the junior yearbook
editor a $500 bonus. Seconded. Moved to amend the made motion by striking out
$1000 and inserting $500. Seconded. Motion was withdrawn. Motion was amended
to strike out $1000 and insert $500 and striking out $500 and insert $250. Seconded.
Amendment passed. The main motion stated to give the Senior Yearbook Editor a
bonus of $500 and the Junior Editor a bonus of $250. Main motion was passed.

MN Royal: The club is in charge of the Milk Maid contest this year. Erica is
looking for volunteers to write a song for Milk Maid and someone to write up a
skit for Monday night. Start working with your animals! Make sure that a
committee member or barn personnel is present when you do so.
Spring FFA Judging Contest: Make sure to show up for times that you
volunteered to work. If you have a conflict please contact Jessica Achen.

National ADSA: Tony will be taking the group down to Indianapolis this year. A
motion was made to have the club pay for the transportation, lodging and one
meal at National ADSA with a $50 deposit from each member planning to attend.
Seconded. Motion passed. Sign up was placed in the front of the room.

Regional ADSA: Moved to have an appreciation dinner for all of the ADSA
committee chairs and have the club sponsor it. Seconded. Motion passed.
Moved to give ADSA co-chairs a $75 dollar gift card to target. Seconded. Motion

It was moved that GDC attends a Twins game on April 16th and the club will pay
for the tickets. Seconded. Motion passed.

Moved to sponsor $250 dollars to the Southeast Minnesota Youth All-Breeds Dairy
Show. Seconded. Motion passed.

A new sink will need to be installed in the Dairy Bar, so the club will be paying for
the cost of that.

A motion was made to send a floral arrangement of maroon and gold to the
funeral of Tony Sekora’s father. Seconded. Motion passed.

It was moved to give all members $50 for there mileage to come to help with Dairy
Camp and six of there dairy bar hours fulfilled. Seconded. It was moved to amend
made motion by striking 50 dollar and inserting the federal rate of 50 and ½ cents
per mile traveled. Seconded. Amendment passed. Discussion commenced.
Amendment was made to the main motion to strike out 6 dairy bar hours.
Seconded. Discussion continued. Amendment passes. The main motion stated to
give all members helping with Dairy Camp the federal rate of 50 and ½ cents per
mile traveled to come to camp. Main motion passes.

A motion was made to have the club pay for t-shirts for the kids attending Gopher
Dairy Camp. Seconded. Motion passed.

Announcements and Upcoming Events:
1. Meeting dates for Spring: May 1, 2008
2. National ADSA, July 7-10, 2008
3. MN Royal, April 7-12, 2008
4. Dairy Camp, June 12-14, 2008
5. Freshman registration starts April 4th, so contact Les if you are interested in
being in the Fall Dairy Judging class.

Motion was made to adjourn. Seconded. Motion passed. The meeting was
adjourned at 8:12 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Missy Dohrn