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					                               2008-2009 Athletic Training Club
                               January 21, 2009 Meeting Minutes

I. Call to Order
   - Members present: Shaun Barnhouse, Adam Stewart, Megan McNutt, Katy Damschroder,
      Allison Karhoff, Mallory Sell, Kari Stammen, Stephen Taylor, Allie Geise, Kate
      Benedict, Jess Stephens, Katie Kneisel, Jon Miller, Michael Nelson, Rachelle Tabat, Dani
      Flege, Dorian Pittmon, Caitlin Parks, Masa Mizutani, Michael Krill, Nathan Pickel,
      Molly McNeil, Kirsten von Zychlin, Jimmy Spengler, Becca Mustard, Rachel Caruso,
      Brittany Farnsworth, Caroline Lewis

II. New Business & Announcements
    A. Social Events
       1. Megan reported that going to Mad River Mountain will be our social event this
          quarter. The possible dates are Sundays Feb 1st, Feb 15th, or Feb 22nd. Check your
          email for updates.
       2. If you do attend, a lift ticket and ski rental is $36. A lift ticket and snowboard rental
          is $39.
   B. Fundraising
      1. Erin reported the current club budget is $2,540.93, and the money raised from Clean
         Sweep will be added to this total.
      2. Jon Miller asked about the possibility of having a golf outing as a fundraiser. Jon,
         Adam, and Stephen volunteered to be the co-chairs for the committee. More
         information will be presented at the next meeting.
      3. For additional fundraising opportunities, Erin requested committee members to
         contact her with ideas. The committee members are the following: Erin Scheper,
         Kirsten von Zychlin, Michael Agyemang, Allie Geise, Jess Stephens, Caroline Lewis,
         Kate Benedict, Kari Stammen
   C. Community Service
      1. Caroline thanked everyone for attending the Christmas Caroling at the James Cancer
      2. BuckeyeThon was discussed, and due to time constraints, the club voted against
         participating this year. If you are still interested in participating apart from the club,
         see Caroline for information.
      3. The Easter Egg Hunt will take place sometime during Spring Quarter since Easter is
         April 13th this year. This will be discussed more at the meeting.
      4. The club voted to make care packages for the troops. The possibility of a bake sale in
         Atwell lobby was discussed to cover shipping costs.
      5. The Relay for Life event will take place on May 9-10 from noon to noon. The event
         raises money for the American Cancer Society. There is a $10 registration fee per
   D. Quiz Bowl
      - The Quiz Bowl team did not qualify for the GLATA Quiz Bowl. Wilmington
         College won the final round and will move onto the GLATA competition.
   E. Charity Function
      1. Kristen reported on donating gently used dresses for a prom dress drive for
         underprivileged girls as a community service opportunity for the club.
      2. The Fairy Good Mothers organization in Worthington will create a prom dress
         boutique at Worthington Square Mall on Saturdays April 4th and 11th this year.
      3. Club members can volunteer to work in the boutique and act as personal shoppers for
         the girls.
      4. The website for the organization is www.fairygoodmothers.com.
   F. Senior BOC Prep
      1. Stacy reported that this year, the prep will be similar to the trivia/Jeopardy method as
         used for Quiz Bowl practice.
      2. Molly volunteered to help organize these practices for the seniors.
   G. Edward S. “Beanie” Drake Scholarship
      - The club voted against participating in this.
   H. Website Update
      - Michael asked club members for pictures from Christmas Caroling to post on the club
        website. You can email them or put them on a CD or flash drive to give to him.
   I. NATA Club Spotlight
      - Stacy reported that the OSU AT Club will be featured on the NATA website soon.
   J. NATA Convention
      1. The convention will be held in San Antonio, Texas this year. The dates are June
      2. We need to determine how many students will attend in order to reserve enough hotel
         rooms. Email Megan McNutt ASAP if you are interested in attending as the hotel
         will fill up quickly.
   K. Speaker Event
      - Mallory Sell, Katy Damschroder, and Allison Karhoff volunteered to be the co-chairs
         for this event. More information will come at the next meeting.

IV. Next meeting: date TBD.

V. Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm.