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									                                            Haltom Spirit Booster Club
                                                 Meeting Minutes
                                               September 18, 2006

Meeting called to order at 7:07

Copies of last meeting were passed around and read by Donna Roberts (Secretary not present).
Revision of written minutes for “Sonic” fundraiser, typo; the date showed 12/18; should read 11/18.
A motion to accept minutes with changes was made by Amy, seconded by Brooke.

Coach Williams
  1.   Buffalo Suit – Coach stated she has found a new buffalo costume from Creative Schools promotion for $628.00.
       Mickie states that Modern Woodman will match our fundraisers for Oct.21st and Oct. 28th. Mickie thinks that the
       money earned from the Sonic Fundraiser and matching money from Modern Woodman should go toward new mats
       and the Buffalo suit.
  2.   Mats – Coach Williams states that our mats got switched or something happened because our mats are at Richland
       High School. Coach needs someone with a pickup to help transport the mats back to Haltom. Lynn volunteered
       transportation for the mats.
  3.   Parent Concern over JV late games – JV parents were concerned over a late game as it ended at 10:30 on a Thursday
       night and that placed the cheerleaders getting home late. Coach Dennie had put it up to a vote for the cheerleaders on
       whether to continue cheering, half chose to continue to cheer and the other half chose to go home. This should have
       been a one time occurrence so no action to be taken.
  4.   Parent Concern over Freshman Cheerleaders not cheering at A and B games – Coach Williams will visit with Coach
       Rey to ensure games are rotated. Also, per UIL cheerleaders are only allowed to cheer one game a week. So
       freshman will rotate A an B games.
  5.   First Aid Kit – A Freshman Cheerleader cut herself at the game and there was no first aid kit. Coach states that she
       will make sure Coach Rey has the first aid kit and brings it to the games.
  6.   Freshman Uniform Unity – A couple of Freshman cheerleaders have violated the uniform unity. Coach will speak
       one on one to the girls in question.
  7.   ETC – Coach wanted to remind the cheerleaders that due to picture day, and this being a bye week, that the
       Freshman and JV don't have after school practice on Wed, Thurs, and Friday. Varsity cheerleaders have pictures on
       Thursday, so no after school practice Thursday or Friday. Parent helpers are needed for the pictures just to make
       sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. They are as follows Freshman-Brooke and Donna R, JV-Monica,
       and Varsity-Mickie, Lynn and Connie.
  8.   Locker Decorations – Coach wants the parents to know that on Locker Decoration nights that the girls that stay at the
       school are unsupervised. Concerns have arisen over the ability to get in and decorate the lockers. Connie will check
       with QB Club and find out what is going on. Apparently, varsity was stood up. Coach George will not allow anyone
       in the locker rooms unless a coach is present, and Thursday’s all coaching staff is at the FR & JV games.

Presidents Report
Picture Day – Connie wants to remind everyone about Picture Day this week. Reminded of time and place.
Also we need to make sure that all items are marked so that we will avoid mass chaos.
Group pictures need to be the same for each league, FR, JV, and VR.

Cheer Clinic – Volunteers are needed for the cheer clinic for Sept. 23rd. Registration volunteers will be whoever happens to
be there at time as needed. Volunteers are as follows. Connie and Coach Williams will make sure squads are equally
distributed. Mickie – administration and audit. Amy – In charge of $$$. The clinic girls need to have their cheer shirts on
and name tags on the back of their shirts. Clinic girls will be on the field at the Sept 29th game. Each FR, JV, and VR
cheerleader needs to bring 2 dozen bakery cookies. Four officers will bring water. Teresa will bring 3 hospitality trays.

Also congrats and a pat on the back for Connie and Mickie they have received pins for their 300 hour volunteer time from

Treasurers Report
Report filed.
First VP
Volunteer Hours – Debbie states that it is really important for anyone volunteering to turn in their volunteer hours.
Benefits of hours are notoriety, publicity, and possibly grants. Debbie will check on the grant (?)

UIL – The UIL gives a lot of booster club guidelines. In order to be a tax exempt status it is necessary to pay a $500.00 fee
to file for a 501c3 status. An example of the benefits would be that Albertson's has a program to donate approx 6% of
purchases toward our club. The UIL also states that we cannot give individual gifts of any kind and any other gifts must be
out of pocket, i.e., Dallas Cowboys games. Basically you cannot single out any girl and give special privilege.

Inventory – An inventory of items owned by the booster club needs to be taken. The first VP will keep the inventory
counts and pass them on to the next board.

Craft Fair – Some discussion over having a craft table but the craft fair is in conflict with one of the Sonic fundraising days,
so that would be negated.

Homecoming – Monica will send out requests for volunteers as needed for the float. We will be using Debbie’s trailer.
Items needed are Plywood, chicken wire, paint-white, gold and silver. Spirit club may request all cheerleaders to bring
candy to throw from float. Also, Teresa has a whole lot of Mardi-Gras beads to donate that can be used during the parade
or at the games. The girls are all scheduling times to work on the float. Budget is $250.00

Taste Test – Taste test was a huge success. Next year we need to have volunteers time spread out. Also need to look at
requesting later times so that more people can attend.

Mickie received a commitment from Modern Woodman for a matching grant. They will match up to $2500.00. They will
include our Sonic Fundraiser and our sale of merchandise combined to match the donation.

Raffle Tickets – Starting on the game on the 29th. The tickets will sell for $2.00 each; the raffle will be for a 27" TV.
Reminder, we are unable to carhop the raffle tickets. We can sell them but the person would have to get out of the car and
come to the table to buy them.

Shirts found – Mickie has found t-shirts imprinted for $15.00 Booster could sell those for $25.00 more information is
needed on the T-Shirts; discussion was tabled and the officers will vote via e-mail.

Megaphones – Mickie found 7"- 8” megaphones for $1.49. We can sale them for $3.00. The only drawback is that 250 will
need to be purchased. Lynn made a motion to purchase the 250 megaphones, seconded by Donna. Motion carries.

Brooke has no information to present about the Newsletter. However, kudos to her for the great job.

Not present

Not present, however a lot of information & changes has been completed and the website looks great.

Next meeting is scheduled for Oct.18th.

Meeting adjourned at 9:08.

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