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									        OCS Junior-Senior High School Booster Club News
Parents who are already involved, or who want to become involved, in raising funds for
extra-curricular activities at the OCS Junior-Senior High School—both athletic and non-
athletic activities—are urged to attend the next meeting of the OCS Junior-Senior High
School Booster Club on Sunday, July 20 at 7 p.m. in the High School Library. The
agenda will include acceptance of nominations and elections for the offices of president,
vice president, treasurer and secretary and an overview of the Booster Club’s goals and
how the club can be effective at supporting extra-curricular and other fund-raising
activities at the high school.

Beginning July 1, 2008, all extra-curricular fundraising activities—both athletic and non-
athletic—must be compliant with the criteria outlined in the January 2008 District Policy
for Extra Classroom Funds. This policy was established so that the district would be
compliant with New York State regulations. Until now, the district has not been in
compliance with these regulations. Highlights of the new policy include:
     The Board of Education must recognize all student clubs
     Student clubs must have an advisor
     Student clubs must have student officers, including a student treasurer
     Student clubs must keep minutes and financial records
     Students must vote on how funds are to be raised and spent
     Student club financial records are subject to audit by the district’s certified public
     Raffles or other games of chance are prohibited by New York State law

Many of the fund-raising events—both athletic and non-athletic—that have occurred at
OCS in the past to support extra-curricular activities would not have met the criteria
outlined in the Policy for Extra Classroom Funds. These fund-raising activities will no
longer be allowed unless sponsors meet the criteria for a student club OR the fund-raising
activity is held under the umbrella of a volunteer parent organization such as the
proposed OCS Junior-Senior High School Booster Club. That is why it is critically
important for all parents to join together to make the Booster Club a reality. So far,
there has not been enough parental interest to support the formation of the Booster Club.

Once established as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, the Booster Club would become
an umbrella organization under which parents can continue to raise funds for extra-
curricular activities in much the same way as has been done in the past. Each group
would have its own account in which its funds would be deposited. Groups would request
draws from their accounts as needed. The Booster Club would also have a general fund
that would be used to deposit earnings from collective fund-raising events. All of the
proceeds from the Booster Club’s general fund would be used to benefit activities at the
high school.

The Booster Club offers a way in which all parents can continue to raise money to
support the students and extra-curricular activities at the Junior-Senior High School.
Participation in the Booster Club is not mandatory for student clubs that have met the
new policy guidelines and are recognized by the OCS Board of Education. However, by
working together, we can find new and creative ways to support all of these activities and
ensure that extra-curricular activities continue to thrive at our school now and in the

We hope to see as many parents, coaches, and class and club advisors as possible at the
July 20 meeting. Please come and find out how you can be part of this great concept.
Booster Club information is available on the OCS Web site at http://www.ocs.cnyric.org.
Those with further questions are urged to contact Bill Guptil, acting chair of the OCS
Booster Club, at 469-4596 or Tim Decker, assistant superintendent for Business
and Administrative Services, at

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