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					                     Minutes of Barracuda Diamond Club, Inc.
                        Meeting Held on October 5, 2005

Attendance: Dave McDonald, Carol Maggiore, Eileen Parsons, Joe Garcia, Maria
Garcia, Ellen Papaianni, Pat Papaianni, Wes Parsons, Sandy Anzelmo, Dan Gill,
Chris Gill, Carlos Pandolfo, Rosemary Thiele, Albert Alonso, Mari Alonso, Aleida
C. Blanco, Vilma Lopez, Andy Lopez, Tom Prongay, Andy Hesser, Greg Fisk, Dave
Bisceglia, Marinka Bisceglia (softball), Mary Petros (softball).

   I.     Dave McDonald called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm by welcoming
          everyone to the meeting. Mr. McDonald began the meeting with a
          discussion of membership. To date, the Club has twenty (20) families
          that have joined as members at a cost of $35 per family (with a
          complimentary t-shirt). Membership in the Club is not mandatory
          however it is an important fundraising tool. The Club hopes to achieve
          its goal of fifty (50) member families.

   II.    The Minutes from the August 30, 2005 meeting passed without objection.

   III.   Finances/Budget: Treasurer Chris Gill reported that currently the
          operating account has $4832.00. The Reserve account has $19,093 after
          the capital expenditures. The concession account has approximately
          $500. All three accounts are now serviced by Sofisa.

   IV.    The Club is about to launch its main fundraising for the year. The Club
          would like to renew existing banners/ads as soon as possible to help start-
          up this year’s baseball program. Coach Bisceglia asked that parents try
          to ensure that he receive the ad or banner payment directly so that he can
          ensure each sponsor’s ad or banner is completed timely and accurately.
          Payment is then sent to Chris Gill as treasurer. The Club is adding a
          new fundraiser- the Art Auction on Oct. 21. The Club hopes to take
          advantage of the art auction to provide incentive to sponsors by offering
          an ad in the art auction book to any sponsor who signs up early. Each
          family will receive eight (8) tickets to the auction. Al Alonso is in charge
          of JV tickets; Eileen Parsons is in charge of varsity tickets.

   V.     Several additional fundraisers were discussed, including a potential
          collaboration with the Marlins/MLB. The golf tournament is coming
          back again. The date has not been set as Tom Prongay is negotiating with
          several courses to obtain the best date and location. Last year, the
          tournament raised $5000 and we hope to equal or better that number.

   VI.    Mr. McDonald provided an update on the electrical project. Pat
          Papaianni donated his time and expertise to make revisions to the plans.
          Evelyn Greer has offered to help steer the project through the final stages
          of approval. Through the project, the Club hopes to provide electricity
       and automated sprinkler system, an updated concession stand and locker

VII.   Coach Bisceglia discussed the baseball program and budget. The
       purpose of the program is to create a venue in which student/athletes can
       achieve their goals. Coach Bisceglia wants to promote CRHS and the
       program as the Harvard of the South, to teach the student/players
       integrity and character and to create a model of excellence as an example
       for the school and the district. This year’s budget is very tight and is
       projected to be $25,000. Last year, we were able to raise $20,000 less
       expenses. In addition to the on-going electrical project, the Athletic
       Director hopes to purchase a $9500 tractor for the fields. The Club also
       is looking into a sun shade for the bleachers.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45.

                                             Eileen Parsons, Secretary
II.    Finances – Where we are going. Anticipated Fundraisers.

       a. Marlins Game. Sept. 19th versus the Braves. We have made a $100
          deposit for tickets to be sold primarily by Varsity players. 50 tickets
          in the Club section for $25; 50 tickets in the infield sections for $15.
          Approx. $8 profit per ticket. Coach Bisceglia has additional available
          tickets for anyone wishing to purchase them. The Club is planning a
          tailgate beforehand.
       b. The Club is holding its first Annual Golf Tournament at the
          Miccosukee Golf & Country Club, 6401 Kendale Lakes Drive on
          November 13, 2004 starting at 12:30 pm. Best Ball-Shotgun format.
          Tom Prongay is in charge of the golf tournament and can be reached
          at 305-253-5482. Golf Packages vary and sponsorships are available.
          The cost is $85 per person to register. The Club’s cost is $35. per
       c. Ads/yearbooks/coaches committee sponsorship and forms now
          available. Coach Bisceglia plans to send out players to renew and/or
          sell new ads for the yearbook. He is preparing a spreadsheet with
          sponsor information.
       d. The Club will participate once again in the Parking concession for the
          Homestead Races. Additional information to follow.
       e. The Club will hold its annual Garage Sale on the campus of CRHS in
          December (perhaps Dec 4). Joe Garcia has volunteered to chair this
          event. Parents with donations will be able to drop off items on any
          weekend during which the teams are playing.
       f. The Car Wash is tentatively scheduled for Dec. 18. Tickets will be $5.
          pre-sale. Each player will receive 9 tickets. Pre-sales are essential to
          a successful fundraiser. Once again, Mo Blanco and Tom Petersen are
          in charge of this event.
       g. Concessions will be sold again this year. Marion Dees is the Chair.
          The Club depends on donations from its members to keep down the
          overhead and increase profits from sales. Each family is therefore
          asked to contribute items such as water or Gatorade or make a cash
          donation that Mrs. Dees will use to purchase items.
       h. The Club plans on continuing its concession participation with Mark
          Light Field for the UM baseball games.

III.   Projects: The Club needs to purchase a new lawn mower for essential
       field upkeep. A Dixie Chopper costs between $6,000 and $8,000. We
       have the opportunity to purchase a $10,000 Toro for $6,000, partially on
       credit as well. 52” blade with 3 months maintenance included. Kevin
       Maggiore made a motion to purchase. Motion seconded. Lori Tyson
       suggested concession opportunities this year with the Miami Heat at the
       AAA. She has agreed to provide additional information on commitment
       and requirements and the Club will consider this project.
   IV.    Coach Bisceglia Report – Baseball tryouts for the Fall. Coach anticipates
          18 varsity players who will participate in the CABA league under a 30
          game schedule for a $2000 fee. Saturday doubleheaders. He anticipates a
          cost of $100 per player. Coach anticipates that he will also field two JV
          teams. One will participate in the CABA league and play 14-16 games at
          J.D. Redd Field in Homestead at a cost of $1200 or $75 per player. One
          will participate in the So.Fla. Travel League/USAAA and play on
          Sundays at CR. 14-16 games at a cost of $1000 or $75 per player.

          Coach Bisceglia anticipates that Tommy Duenas, Mo Blanco, and
          perhaps Leon Holladay might coach these teams. Coach Bisceglia further
          indicated that the fall league is a performance based league. The baseball
          program also intends to offer a conditioning program on Tues and
          Fridays. Coach Bisceglia stressed loyalty to the program. Each player
          must follow the rules and commit no violations.

          Finally, Coach Bisceglia offered that the baseball program is finally
          coming into its own and he is excited for its future. He now receives calls
          from other schools to be placed on their schedule.

          The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm.

                                                       Eileen Parsons, Secretary

Cc: Adrianne Leal, Principal
    Maria Siegfriedt, Athletic Director