Chapter 4 Data and Knowledge Management at Club IT

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					Chapter 4. Data and Knowledge Management – Chapter Exercises

Data, Information, and Knowledge at Club IT

To learn more about Club IT’s operations, you stayed until the 2:00 a.m. closing
this morning to see how everything was tallied and accounted at the end of a
business day. It was a little hard to get going this morning, but you now have a
better picture of the daily business cycle at Club IT. You’re energized though
when Lisa asks you for suggestions to use club and public resources to help
keep Club IT’s edge as the high-energy, hi-impact club it strives to be.

1. Review the sales summary stored in Ch01_SalesSummary.xls and organize it
   in terms of the data hierarchy described in the chapter. In particular, identify
   what comprises a field, a record, and a table. Can you think of other data
   tables that would be useful in constituting a database for reporting waitstaff

2. You’d like to know how active the clubs Members are, and who the members
are that visit Club IT. Create a ClubIT database in Access, convert the sales
summary spreadsheet (Ch01_SalesSummary.xls) and the members spreadsheet
(Ch03_Members.xls) into database tables, then do a join to get a list of the
members and how much they spent on a particular night at the club. Prepare an
Access report for Lisa that shows which members were buying.

3. Describe some examples of explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge that you
   think Lisa and Ruben use in making business decisions at Club IT.