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Netherlands Foundation


									Netherlands Foundation
CHEER Netherlands University Foundation Programme in China
- Attending a shortcut to the world's elite

Netherlands as the world's most advanced high-welfare countries, with like
Philips, Heineken, Shell, Unilever and other world famous enterprises, the Dutch
government is very concerned for the education, with 12 in the top 500 public
universities, low tuition, high standard of educational quality to attract a large number
of Chinese students, as the first in China to promote education in the Netherlands
non-official educational institutions, Europe Education & Research
Foundation (CHEER) has been looking for a more economical, convenient The way
to go to study in the Netherlands. In the majority of students and parents a strong
request, CHEER in 2000, China opened the first Dutch university preparatory courses,
designed to provide students with an economic, suitable, safe and secure means of an
ideal study.
Since 2000, CHEER University of the Netherlands set up the first since China
Foundation, CHEER has been to the Netherlands are more than 20 famous
universities and sent more than 1,500 successfully completed the preparatory course
of Chinese students, 100% acceptance rate, 100% of the rate of visa issuance to
CHEER won a good reputation. In 2004, the Dutch immigration visa to study in the
Netherlands changed the policy, Chinese students apply to study in the Netherlands
has increased the difficulty. Undergraduate required IELTS score of 6.0 for the
majority of high school graduates in China in terms of difficult.
CHEER through continuous consultations with the Dutch universities, decided on the
basis of the original Foundation to improve the establishment of new China, the
Netherlands University Foundation courses, new courses jointly by the European
Central Education Foundation, Amsterdam, Netherlands, famous business schools,
The Hague University, the common development, specifically in preparation for the
EU member of the University of Central Education Foundation, affiliated
undergraduate school-age students in China, "tailored" to help
Chinese students go abroad before, in the academic, psychological establish long-term
life goals and future career planning is fully prepared so that they become successful,
internationally competitive professional talent. After successful completion of
matriculation students, not only 100% of the Dutch universities will be admitted, but
also a year of credit relief, you can get just 3 years undergraduate degree, saving a lot
of time and study expenses.
Into 2006, CHEER CHEER set up specifically for students full scholarships to
outstanding students in each of 10 Chinese students in preparatory classes, the
Academic Committee of the examination by CHEER, will be provided by a full
tuition scholarship CHEER!
Enrollment object
Aged 16 to 25 years old, high school or equivalent, completion of high school
examination of Middle School students in reading and high school graduates,
vocational high school, secondary school, technical school, college and graduate in

Entry Requirements
Registration of students required to participate in school testing, test students in
English major integrated use of capacity to different levels according to the students
were organizing teaching.

September 4, 2006 school, academic year, graduated in July 2007.
Admission Test Time: August 27, 2006
IELTS time:
The first was on Nov. 18, 2006
The second was April 7, 2007

Cost: 48,000 yuan, including 3,000 entry fee.
Tuition: 36,000 yuan,
Fees: 12,000 yuan (tuition, textbooks, insurance, accommodation)
Self-care expenses: meals, IELTS examination fees, matriculation courses other than
non-teaching costs.
The overall cost for admission under the Transfer conditions.
Admission Procedure:
1. Fill out application form (download: Netherlands Foundation Student Registry)
Foreign students can download the "Dutch Foundation Student
Registry" fill out and fax :010-65156285 responsible person to the
Netherlands Foundation
Or email:
2. RMB 3,000 registration fee.
3. To provide a passport or ID card original and copy; certificate original and copy, to
provide two 1-inch photos.
Have IELTS results provide original transcripts, copies.
4. To pay tuition and miscellaneous fees or he finished overall.
5. For entrance exams, grading, placement.
6. Go through the relevant school matters (including accommodations, to receive
materials, etc.).
Registration Phone: Beijing :010-65156886 transfer 816/817/819/835
Shanghai :021-52985826

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