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									Nan Huai-chin (collection)
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   Master Nan Huai-chin, born in 1918, born in southern China, Yueqing, Wenzhou,
Zhejiang village house bring up the rear. The most famous masters of contemporary
Chinese culture, a master of traditional Chinese culture. Active dissemination of
cultural life of this master of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, thought has profound
learning, and unique influence to widely. In recent years, living in the motherland,
Hong Kong, Shanghai and other places in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Master the essence of
traditional culture of life get to the bottom, and without reservation to realize their
own research center devoted known to the world, help people find a short cut into the
traditional culture, for people who can not directly understand the books make an
important introduction, and his conversation interesting and attractive , the popularity
of traditional Chinese culture has no doubt a tremendous role. People dubbed him
master in Chinese studies, as outsiders, big Buddhist philosopher, in Hong Kong and
Taiwan, mainland China, most people are thinking and then through his understanding
of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism. Master of traditional Chinese culture has great
respect, sir, that China is able to enumerate the DPRK foreign rule not even death,
death is not caused by Chinese culture, Chinese children's reading his
pushing movement, hoping the basis of ancient Chinese texts to put down roots
restore the current people know almost nothing about their culture, the great fault.
Especially the "classics" section, aiming to nurture the Chinese
people by the world and helping people.
   ?Master how to create such a remarkable life, thoughts? Let us first understand how
in the end, Mr. Master Nan Huai-chin, a legend bar.
Emei Road, Long Yi rope bed on Sky
  ?In 1918, a generation born in Washington, Mr. Huai Yueqing County, Wenzhou,
Zhejiang home of a literary world, (his family for generations have charity, and there
are people who leave home every generation in history has produced several monks.)
From childhood from the time that the traditional private school education to accept
strict. To 17 years of age, in addition to lapping classics, the read materials have over
the philosophers, and kendo and other martial arts and Chinese martial arts,
calligraphy, while painstaking study of literature, classical Chinese poetry, medicine
Busuan, astronomical calendar of various studies, obtaining the essence of the music
that each of Yan.
  ?The sought-after young people eager to learn, to further explore the mysteries of the
universe and life, through thick and thin, hell and high water and find a hidden people
in the high number of caves, humbly ask for advice, learned a lot and do not pass the
key to secret school.
  ?Japanese military Hing, Mr. Young resolutely address the pro-South Travel, Sichuan,
taught at the Central Military Academy, to serve the country. Hua Xi Chuan Shi You
enter the University of Nanking Institute, specializes in social welfare in order to
serve the public. According to newspaper reports at that time: "There is a
young Southern name to just the age of twenties, Top Gun, lofty, does not avoid the
smoke miasma of rain very hard, Horses Southwest border, the Department of Le
Rong Death, endeavor Ken planting, and training areas to consolidate national
defense. As of tasks to achieve, then quietly returned Riding Alone for Shu, taught at
Central Central Military Academy. are provided only intrinsic detachment, not
custodial property, holidays, leisure shoes, Zhu Zhang Zhe to Mountain, traversing
mountains and rivers, visits do Eccentric high-broker. Fu resigned from his London
post, abandoned hidden Qingcheng Lingyan, then Dunji Emei Mountain in the
Daping peak extremely Temple, and so cultivating immortality. "
  ?Not far from Chengdu Guanxian Qingcheng Mountain, there was a famous temple
Lingyan, intimate friend, Mr. South West Master Chuan temple abbot. Was less
well-known scholars, such as the next lan, Qian Deng Jun retreats retreats to live in
the temple, lay a large old Mr. Yuan Huanxian Yanting also temple retreats. Mr. Yuan
Lao northern Sichuan is the name of heavy short-Zen monks, he cleared wealthy,
traveling feet all over the world, seeking an unforgettable truck and Taichetaiwu,
concentrated within the membership, habitat Chi heart cases, also witnessed the stars
to enlightenment, see Nian Hua and Yan breaking who carry on. Avenue of the sink,
Mr. sad, all living Dianpei, are stated as coming to the family business, Konglao
passing, legislation and the State has Liren the world, and a large Master Hsu Yun and
the world preaching, French mirror hung, were wind Yao Shuo, 1:00 Film scholars did
not hesitate a thousand miles from the celebrity journey that is its star pupil, Mr.
  ?Mr. South spare time between vacation in Qingcheng Mountain, a short stay in the
temple, and by chance met Mr. Yuan Huan Xian, interviews under deep with
enlightenment, therefore abandoned Wangnianzhijiao. Yuen Retreat expires, down to
Chengdu to set up a Vimalakirti temple, follow the left and right, Mr. South, then
thanks to doors and walls, mountains become Vimalakirti Abode's first
disciples, cultivate Tao Zen, there is understanding between each, actually quit her job
as the central the post of military instructors, and students have very deep feelings,
like his son Yan. Mr. South China for the time being 20 years old, has won the Mr.
Yuan Lao true biography, and went to Chongqing to visit with Mr. Yuan Lao Master
Hsu Yun Tai, being present London Hui, with the teacher to spend the winter Tongnan
Yuxi mouth, but in the end the teacher Qin Zhi: experience with more non-normal.
Subsequently, Mr. South-depth study of Buddhism for the sake, then quietly left the
Chengdu, went to Emei mountain of self-cultivation Daping Temple Retreat.
  ?Emei Mountain is one of the Buddha London five famous mountains, as
Samantabhadra Bodhisattva. In the peak of the temple from the Ming and
misanthropic Daping enlightenment skilled are loose on the Master mountains, steep
cliffs Gufeng located above the slope only monkeys, snakes back to the two rugged
mountain pass, mountain water, the use of rainwater and rely on winter snow and ice,
so inaccessible, indeed a good place for retreat retreats. As the possession of all
Daping Tripitaka Temple, another friend of China and India Master's
proposal, and Puchin Magus approval, Mr. South will be selected here a closed door.
  ?Three closed-door access to pool, put Seng Yi Nan, the lamp in Buddha next to the
fast vegetarian, day and night, studying hard, economic, legal, five of baskets 12,
6000 volume Buddhist sutra, by the law, proved Personal Development hold income,
Suizhi endless benefits for life. In the meantime, Mr. Yuan Huanxian specially
affiliated mountains to visit the disciples, and the temple-town visitors for the broker
congregation held a meditation session, they readily made a title document to a Zen
temple Daping Meaningful couplet - "here is Samantabhadra temple, to the
end of goose days to see outside the cloud ridge, several color-color dust dust
everywhere, are a clear sky and interactive; Where to find the first monk show,
Zhaozhou drink tea, read Tsi Ming list, calendar painting mountains and rivers, still
half-moon round . "
 ?For this period of life, Mr. Nam left a deep memory, "Long recalled
Emei Golden Summit Road, Wan Fei mountain snow and ice on the Pro."
On the proposed him to India and China Master retreat here, Mr. Southern hearts are
always filled with gratitude. India and China Master was the leader at that time the
congregation Chuanxi Ni, Nan retreats, she is a pious vow to support one of the outer
protection. Mr. Southern recalled in a poem printed Chinese Master wrote:
            ?Indian Heart knee to knee in mind then, given month from the rope bed
           ?For a few flowers bloom core, two relatively silent through the window.
   Life of self-cultivation was made on the fine description of his closest friends also
revealed a deep and sincere fellow friendship.
   Later, Mr. South has come from Emei Mountain Wutongqiao Treasure Temple
Retreat Qian Xiu, as reflected on hearing the news over the visitors, then moved to
disciple Huai-shu letter F above the homes, meditation meditation, the bundle will be
buried Transcription among Piyue a complete set of "Yongle
Dadian", "Si Ku Quan prepared to" and other
classics, history books, very fruitful.
 ?In 1945, Mr. South supernatural powers are right, accompanied by the wind a monk
and went to Xikang, Tibet, visiting esoteric list of these factions. Custodian of the
monks and the wind and arranged for his trip, full of air as a Tibetan translation of his
Master, the High Court's chief prosecutor Xie, Sichuan sub Huge Buddhist
teaching is to support his red, white and religion, shamanism, flowers and other cache
of law to teach this. Perhaps because Mr. South has Major General Services Office at
Sai Hong Xing Yuan title, so he can be successful in the area between Tibet and the
arrangements, and have to fathom the mysteries of Tibetan Buddhism to facilitate the
parties. In short, Mr. South to visit the Kunga Lama, Buddha, etc. mulberry root, as
clearly demonstrated by several masters, recognized Mr. Nam qualified Tantric Master.
Later, Kunga Lama temple in Chengdu is also Dacisi, Mr. specifically for the South to
teach the commandments were close and personally write the Tibetan preach initiation
of the certificate handed over to Mr. South.
 ?Nine years in Sichuan, while passing through numerous twists and turns, Mr. South,
however last repair was the culmination of past life cause it not? South President a
poem: "Gone with the Wind things be occasional cloud Shui, nine in every
corner of Nishikawa. Pipe in his temples to the fall edge of white, end up on earth like
smoke. bowel idling, all things difficult, but also into the Yanfuyujie days. tarumae
sober absurd dream, Jun to Tongnan me to Yunnan. "is forthcoming from
the Sichuan Bewildered, or sadness as much as the difficulties the people's
livelihood , or Ruomingruoan of Chan Yu, it may be a combination thereof.
Life seems to know how when Jing Photobucket
   Mr. Southern way of Chongqing from Sichuan to go to Yunnan, lectures in Spring
City, Yunnan University, it has also been short-term return of Chengdu, lecture at
Sichuan University. In 1947, his return to the hometown of Zhejiang Yueqing, soon
return home to Hangzhou, Tianzhu, thin Piyue Municipal Library Collection of
Zhejiang Province Wen Yuan Ge "Si Ku Quan Shu" and
"Ancient Book integration," and then to avoid chaos copy of
Jiangxi Lushan Heavenly Lake Temple next to the junction thatched Kiyonaga. The
spring of 1949, President pull out to young women, through wave adventure,
beginning to Taiwan.
  ?Mr. Southern Taiwan first-hand, encouraged by friends, on a whim, and his friends
in business, Mr. Ran scholar of the body, Buddha heart, hearty treat, broad economic
poor and weak, and not a merchant of shrewd, fitness friends business mistakes, so
long divine, the profit and no return, a difficult position. However, not add to blame
President, but multi-comfort and hospitality equipment Jiu Yao, Wen operators have
admiration for me. Sri Lanka, the President Keelung Beach an alley in the shelter, the
family of six squeeze in a hut, the tile can be missed on the door does not close the
wind, still Tiaojishan age or infant children, life is very impoverished. President
himself described the circumstances at the time was: "Yang Yun Eritrea
nine, channeling V territory, Aiwu eaves, dust Health kettle steamer." Yin
has always been aloof, magnanimous free and easy, so poor and need not worry,
Liaohe and not down, still beaming , and in this distress among completed his first
monumental work in Taiwan, "Zen Sea Argued", the essence of
Zen, koan, Eloquent, enlightenment, supernatural powers and with Dan Road,
Esoteric, Pure Land dharmas relationship between Fishing mysterious tick to the
refined set for confirmation wisdoms Boulevard who laid a sexually explicit ladder.
  ?Soon, Mr. South moved to Taipei Longquan Street, resides in a vegetable market,
the environment noisy, dirty packing, occupying Wuzhuo shabby homes, hand write
the book disease, left hand holding son, your feet should keep Dengzhe cradle, to
prevent One of the children crying, they completed a "shocked Yantai Yi
this release" and "the righteous cause of this release
Lankavatara" two masterpieces of our times. "Since first
reading Shurangama, the book does not look human dregs." Universe, the
former search for the truth of primitive life, is into Buddhism, Tao Miao some
evidence of a Remarkable Book vacuum, it is adopt this practice, retreats
enlightenment, until results were even for a moment under a license from the
body's self-cultivation guide. The latter analysis idealism, materialism of
the conflict, there are 108 individuals listed Ideological and philosophical issues,
called the Insight readers. "Lankavatara Indian heart", the Fifth

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