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									myforeverlove Wang Lee Hom
Music's king-class wit, healthy sunshine boy. Debut 15 years, Lee Hom has
been like a music boys like free playing music, defended their
"quality", said
No.. From the "Dragon" in the amazing fusion DJ electronic
music rhythm Chinese pop hip-hop rock style, to his open out chinked-out of musical
styles. He is Chinese music made a great contribution. Now he has a flush the
mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan's top overall performers.『Wang Lee Hom -
Archive』 Chinese Name: Wang Lee Hom

English name: Leehom Wang

Birthday: May 17, 1976

Zodiac Year: Dragon

Constellation: Taurus

Height: 180cm

Weight: 68Kg

Blood type: O type

Birthplace: Rochester, New York

Nationality: United States

Nationality: Chinese

Current Residence: China Taiwan

Descent: China Zhejiang Yiwu temple town

Nickname: ABC Kids, ABC handsome, music gypsy

Education: Berklee College of Music MA (Berklee College of Music, specializing in:
Music, Minor: Asian Management)

Had read the School: Pittsford Elementary School, Pittsford Sutherland Middle
School, Pittsford Sutherland High School, United States Williams University
(Williams college)

Hobbies: basketball, baseball, music, painting, film, theater, writing, production, film
scriptwriter, MV director

Mantra: "It's all good!"

Languages: Mandarin, English, French, Japanese, Cantonese

Good instruments: more than 10 kinds, in Lee Hom's music album and
concert, he can perform some or all of the instruments: piano, violin, drums, guitar,
bass (Bass), Vibraphone (Vibraphone), erhu, cello, etc. . Won the Hong Kong
Philharmonic Orchestra invited (Asia's premier orchestras), as a conductor

Favorite sport: basketball, baseball

Favorite clothing: retro fashion, graffiti T-shirt, basketball shoes, baseball caps, jeans,
casual pants, hip-hop pants, camouflage in the pants

Best at the genre: Chinese retro, classical, Hip-Hop, rock, punk, CO electronic rock,
RAP-METAL (rap metal), JAZZ, R & B

Favourite Subject: Jazz Piano

Favorite singer: Stevie Wonder

Favorite artists: Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Prince, George Michael, Sting, Jackie
Chan, Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee

Favorite Movie: "Saving Private Ryan" "Interview
with the Vampire," "stimulating 1995" (also
translated "The Shawshank Redemption") "Little

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Japanese cuisine, Club Sandwich, grapefruit juice, Pizza, Beijing roast

Favorite female types: seat of your pants, but it must not be clingy, have their own

Favorite Country / Region: China China Taiwan

Greatest wish: to Chinese music to the world
Music ideal: through my music and young people to communicate, to make my music
to young people's lives brought about moving and inspiring

Career goals: to be a true musician (A true musician) to make a creative, thinking,
meaning, personal characteristics, work. International development into a full range of
artists, in the music field have long-term contribution

Future Direction: Asia pop star + film

Circle of friends: Jackie Chan, Chen states, Jay Chou, Linkin Park, Westlife, Hyde,
Tony Leung, Ang Lee, a small S, large S, Jolin Tsai, Fan Fan, Luo, Hsin-Hung Chen
(Mayday vocals), Wang Hongen, David Tao, Lang Lang, Fish Leong, Tang Wei, SHE,
Stefanie Sun, Elva, Chen, Kenny.G, Pan, Eason Chan, Coco Lee, Mei, JJ, Alan Ko and
Vanness Wu, Gackt, Junko, Xu Ruoxuan, Harlem Yu, Tata Young ... ...

LH     behalf   track:    "The   Harmony      of    hearty,"
"Heartbeat" "spring rain washed the Sun",
"Rock       how      the"     "Change,"
"Falling      Leaves"     "Our     Song"
"You are my heart a song" " In the plum side,
""       Ya    Birthday    ""       Heroes
"" Kiss Goodbye "" big city small love
"and" love because in the mind "" a
simple song "" Forever Love "" heart of
the sun and the moon, "" open your heart
""      You    and    I    ""     I   like
"" you do not, "" At this moment your
heart think of who "," two people does not mean we
"" Haoxinfenshou "" Rangwoqunuan
"" In Love With You, "" only
"" Do not be afraid "" Dragon
"," always the first day of "" julia
"" Descendent of the Dragon, "" can not
miss you "" love is equal to love themselves,
"" revolution around the "" dream again
"" the front page of Rock, "" rival
Bedouin Fen "

Course: 6-year-old started learning the violin

8-year-old started to learn piano

12-year-old began to learn French / a Rochester                 Pilhaumonica    Youth
Orchestra's youngest violinist and member
15-year-old composer / writing songs

17-year-old started to learn English          /   Papers   Competition    /   painting
"Eagle" Award

18 years old MONROE COUNTY high school model student representatives / won
NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLAR (U.S. high school graduates the highest honor) / by
EASTMAN MUSIC SCHOOL violin audition

19-year-old publishing personal first album "rival Beethoven"

Leehom's family:

Great-grandfather: XU Feng-Zao (1891-1953), Wuxi, for the Republic of famous
naval commanders have credited with the Wuchang Uprising, and by Sun Yat-sen met
with inscription: "sky and sea."

Grandma: Professor of History

Grandma: Hui Lau Fen Economics Lecturer

Father: Wang Dazhong surgeon

Mother: Li Shu (shu) Political teachers

Brother: Wang Lide (LEO WANG) orthopedic surgeon

Sister: with Wang Lide Big Brother is the students

Nephew: Jia-Shu

Niece: Wang Jiawen

Brother: Wang Likai (LEE-KAI WANG) walks Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(now the Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate) is now Wall Street serve

Cousin: New York, there Forbes Vice President

Cousins: artists and designers

Jiu Gong: Hsu Cho-yun, University of Chicago Humanities Professor of Philosophy

Uncle:     Li      Fu      "Dragon"         of    the       original
singers ,70-80's singer, network Red 『Wang Lee Hom - glory』 1998

★ play Williams College musical "The Bite That Burns" the
director, playwright and composer

★ Massachusetts Williams College graduate. Won the "Honor
Graduate" award


★ 23-year-old Taiwan's Golden Melody Award for Best Mandarin Male
Vocalist and the best producers in the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards history, the
youngest champion

★ in Malaysia World Trade Center held personal concert, invited to the Kuala
Lumpur Symphony Orchestra, This is the second international star Luciano Pavarotti
and Julio Iglesias, after the only invited international artists

★ by Japan's King of the producer of small rooms Tetsuya appreciation
for the small room Tetsuya songs arranged, produced, sang the Chinese version of
"Happiness × 3, Loneliness × 3"

★ invited to Japan as a leaf Kase Taro concert guests, Leehom for the first time a
stage extending to Japan


★ Japanese authority of the media, "Yomiuri Shimbun,"
organized by voting for "Asia 10 popular handsome guy"
activities, Leehom Wang crowned top

★ creation and production of the film "Spider-Man" Asian
theme song "Like a Gunshot" one, as to enter the international
music scene of the first step, the songs included in "Spider-Man movie
soundtrack" in

★ for the 13th Golden Melody Awards making the Golden Melody Awards theme
song "Passion", by the scale Devices singer.

★ went to New York interview with the film "The Bourne
confrontation," Leehom is the only Asian journalists on behalf of. Access
to director Steven ? Steven Spielberg, actor Leonardo ? DiCaprio, Tom ? Hanks

★ Lee Hom and David Tao with creative SARS, the song "Hand in
hand", convened 86 singers recorded

★ Discovery Channel for "Taroko secret" as the Chinese and
English Moderator


★ invited to the UK MTV television show, with guitar and violin to sing
"Julia" and "LoveLoveLove", won the
applause. LH said: "It was ready to choose two familiar English songs, but
then I thought if we can sing Chinese songs and allow the foreigners an insight into
the Chinese singer's strength, so special to sing Chinese songs. Chinese
songs can still overseas are Welcome, I think promoting Chinese song is also our
Chinese singer's a responsibility. "

★ Madame Tussauds wanted to Taiwan singer to wax, and pick out the Lee Hom,
Jay Chou, etc. by fans favorite list, as Lee Hom music popular in the whole of China,
Japan and Malaysia and so on, eventually to Lee Hom's invitation letter
would like to become the youngest wax singer. Leehom pleasantly surprised, but
eventually declined the offer. Her mother said, feel very honored, but Lee Hom was
29 years old, to learn, to strive for space are still many willing to put the opportunities
to more success seniors

★ invited to Las Vegas Caesar's Palace held personal concert, Celine Dion,
and Steve Wang Da, internationally renowned singer had here Kai Chang


★ invited to participate in the Turin Winter Games Olympic celebration of the
General Assembly, as the opening guest performers, the LH to chinked-out style of a
strong "Heroes," an amazed audience, and Western fusion of
musical styles and Leehom's rap to the scene guests amazed, applauded,
this time performing the only Chinese singer

★ Lee Hom with album "Chick-Out" (that is, "the
hearts of Sun and Moon"), nominated as the 48th annual Grammy Awards

★ "heart of the Sun and the Moon" album, creating a
CHINKED-OUT (Chinese hip-hop) of a new genre, the Chinese music further into
the world.
★ and Kelly Rowland (Kelly Rowland) common throughout the English chair
2006MTV Asia Awards, the opening concert of "Heroes"

★ "heart of the sun and the moon" was re-lyrics, Central
Kosuke concert for the Japanese version of "Heart Yang",
included in Kosuke album "touched heartstrings"

★ With "Heroes" became the 17th Golden Melody Award for
Best Mandarin Male Vocalist of the first in Taiwan's Golden Melody
Awards history, second time champion of the artist


★ selected leading U.S. website "GOLD SEA" selected
"80 of America's most influential American Asians,"
Bruce Lee, Yo-Yo Ma, Lee par . To Leehom evaluation: Many American Asian
families want their kids to become doctors, accountants, or entrepreneurs, and Wang
Lee Hom Although born medical family (his father and brother are doctors), and is a
top student , but through the music of love and an innate superior musical talent, to
become a full-Asia's most famous and most influential singer-songwriter.

★ California Congressman BobHuff on behalf of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger,
to his award, "Outstanding Asian Artist" award, certainly the
United States grew up in Asia, light music wit, on the Sino-US cultural exchanges,
contributions and achievements. Xia Lebo that he represents the state of California
and California all residents, a warm welcome to Lee Hom come to concert, Leehom
Wang in music and film for outstanding achievements have also allowed the US-born
Chinese are proud of.


★ went to Greece, the Olympic torch relay on the first day of the first 17 bars torch.
First day of the torch relay has nine Chinese participation, Lee Hom is the only artist
representatives. Leehom specifically to long hair cut short, and the daily running 5

★ involved sang four Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee of Olympic Games
official song for the China Taiwan and overseas male artist of the most: Beijing 2008
Olympic Games cum Paralympic torch relay theme song "Light the
Passion Share the Dream", Olympic film "a person Olympic
"theme song to" stand up ", the Beijing 2008
Olympic Games good song" One World One Dream ", the
Beijing 2008 Olympic Games 100-day countdown theme song" Beijing
Welcomes You "

★ by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra invited the Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Concert Hall featuring the annual grand finale, "Hong Kong music ? Lee
Hom" concert conductor, Lee Hom was the first music people have taken
command of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. Known as
"Asia's premier orchestra," the Hong Kong
Philharmonic Orchestra (Hong Kong music) for the first time with the pop music of
the combination, by the internationally renowned conductor Edo de Waart presented
Leehom exclusive baton. Hong Lok said: "I never thought Lee Hom such
popular musicians, as can be understanding of classical music, through the
cooperation of the Lee Hom new eyes."

★ participate in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games closing ceremony, and the Rain,
Kelly Chen, Han Xue chorus song "Beijing, Beijing, I Love

★ In the 2006 to 2008, just two years time, Leehom Wang continuous acceptance of
three CNN's visit, a Chinese pop music of the first. In the third visit, two of
which are accepted "TALK ASIA" visit, "TALK
ASIA" is CNN Asia-point access to the world of influential people a talk
talk show

★ Google Web site to the highest on the proprietary name, Lee-Hom Wang to
become the first man. Google Taiwan singer Wang Lee Hom co-create a launch of
iGoogle "Lee Hom topic page"

★ Lee Hom concert in Shanghai, four years, three degrees Challenge Stadium, ticket
sales 60 002 1000, better than Jay last November with the venue's 50,006
thousand, broken country singer Shanghai Kai Chang records, the same day sounds of
There are Japanese Ayumi Hamasaki, Aaron Kwok

★ International King of Pop Michael Jackson is located in the private brokerage firm
has SONYBMG companies have reached a decision, Jackson has a classic pop track
"Mirror Kings" by the Asian superstar Leehom Wang in 2009,
Beijing concert to re-make music and brilliant deduction and issued EP mini album.
This is Jackson's death the first time since the Asian artists perform another
arranged version of "Mirror in the King." 『Wang Lee Hom -
Award』 1988

◎ on behalf of Jefferson Elementary School to participate in the New York School
Mathematics Competition and was awarded Excellence Award
◎ on behalf of Jefferson Elementary School to participate in Olympic of the Mind
by Excellence Award


◎ from the schools took part Johns Hopkins University organized Young Talent
Search Program exam with distinction through.

◎ was a model student Award High Honors Awards (results Excellence Award)


◎ was a model student Award High Honors Awards (results Excellence Award)

1991 ~ 1994

◎ high school, every year the results Excellence Award, and representatives of high
school debating competition and international learning community United Nations
Conference (Model United Nations) every year for the school won the award for
personal gain "Best Delegate" (Best representatives)


◎ get Phenomenal Freshman Award, Most Musical StudentAward, Character
Development Award


◎ 4 months, Cornell University for the U.S. high school students sponsored essay
competition, Leehom's paper, "Religion and Life"
was second.

◎ work "eagle" in the Art Festival was elected second

◎ become "National Honor Society" members


◎ 3 months, were National Merit Scholar / American high school graduates of the
highest honors

◎ 5 months by Monroe County Council Award / leadership skills and academic
model student
◎ 6 months, the Eastman School of Music cum laude awards, honors Violin Recital

◎ 6 月, Sutherland High School Excellence Graduate Award

◎ Pittsford Musical Inc. Scholarship Award


◎ 11 months, the Min Sheng Daily News Top Ten Idol Best Newcomer Award


◎ 4 months, nominated Golden Melody Awards "Overseas Best Male

◎ 10 months, selected the ten biggest star


◎ 8 month in Taiwan, Sony Music debut Mandarin album, "Crying
Palm", a half albums of songs by the LH themselves as creators and
producers, album release week sales that exceed 10 million.


◎ 1 month, "revolution around the" Channel V annual Top20

◎ 3 months, the "revolution around the" 98 Top Ten Album of
the Year

◎ 3 months, the "revolution around the" 98 Top Ten Song

◎ 4 months, nominated Golden Melody Awards "Best Male
Vocalist" and "Best Producer Award"

◎ 4 months, won the tenth Golden Melody Award for "Best Male
Vocalist" and "Best Producer Award"

◎ 10 months, Singapore's Golden Melody Awards "Best
Producer Award"

◎ 1 month, "can not miss you" Channel V annual Top20 Song

◎ 3 months, "can not miss you" 99 Top Ten Album of the Year

◎ 3 months, "Descendent of the Dragon" 99 Top Ten Song

◎ 4 months, nominated Golden Melody Awards "Best Male
Vocalist" and "Best Composer Award"

◎ 9 months, the selection of 104 friends Music Awards, "Hong
Kong's most popular Taiwanese singer."

◎ 10 months, was Malaysia's first Asian Golden Melody Award for
"Best Male Vocalist Award", "Best Composer
Award" (always the first day).

◎ 11 months, the first Asian Chinese Gold Songs Award "Best
Hits",   "Best   Performance Male  Artist",
"Best Composer."

◎ 12 months, "Do not be afraid" by Metro Station awarded the
"New City Best Mandarin song" was nominated for Radio
Television Hong Kong, "the country's most popular singer
award," the final five

◎ 6 months, get MTV "Taiwan's most popular male singer


◎ 3 months, the second Hong Kong Film Awards - "Best
Newcomer" nomination.

◎ 3 months, was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards "Best New


◎ 9 months, was "Asia Ten popular handsome guy" first.

◎ 11 months, Malaysia's second Golden Red - "Best Writing
Male Artist", "best lyricist award (WHY)"
"Ten Golden Melody Awards (WHY)".

◎ 1 月 , HITO Pop Music Awards - "HITO Most Popular Male
Singer", "Annual HITO Chanlian champion the longest
single", "HITO Chinese Music Awards (WHY)".

◎ 1 月, Channel V Ninth Global Chinese Bangzhong Bang - "Media
Choice Award" "Best Music Video Award - two people is not
equal to us."

◎ 1 月, COSMO "Fashion Male Singer Award."

◎ 8 months, the 14th Golden Melody Awards - Finalist "Best
Arranger", "MV Awards (WHY)".

◎ 9 months, the Third Global Chinese song list, won the "most popular
singer," "two people does not mean we -20 hits one."

◎ 10 months, jasmine beauty magazines second gold clothes Award,
"Best dressed male runner-up."

◎ 11 months, Singapore, 3rd Golden Melody Red Award nominated "the
most popular Red Male Artist," "Outstanding Asian Singer

◎     11 months, the British brand Boots market                    research   letters,
"Taiwan's non-toxic King."

◎ 12 months, the Chinese pop music Media Award in 2003 Q4, nominated
"Best Male Artist," "Top Ten album -
incredible," "Top Ten singles - you do not."

◎ 12 months, the China Times Top Ten Mandarin album.


◎ 1 month, the 10th Chinese Bangzhong Bang Awards - "Hong Kong and
Taiwan pop singer."

◎ 1 month, 1 month, China's Sina Excellence 2003 Cultural Billboard -
"2003 album."

◎      1   month,   short-listed   Malaysia   "of   the   1st   Asian   Idol

◎ 1 month, Chinese Music Media Awards in the fourth quarter, "Top Ten
album - incredible."

◎ 2 months, the second session of HIT FM2003 in popular music annual awards
ceremony - "DJ annual favorite album - incredible,"
"Top Ten Chinese Music Awards - you do not" "Year
Hit Fm special award - hand in hand / Tao, Leehom Wang. "

◎ 2 months, the Chinese Musicians Association - "2003 recommendation
of the Top Ten album - incredible," "Top Ten singles - Love
Love Love".

◎ 2 months, the 9999 Pan Asia Job Bank and 33Beauty market research -
white-collar workers dating of dreams.

◎ 2 months, the staff line ( Survey - "white-collar workers
Ideal Lover" first.

◎ 2 months, the 2003 Global Chinese star popularity chart 21.

◎ 2 months, Taiwan's Yahoo Mail "Valentine's Day
opinion survey" - "only" Confessions preferred song
one of the

◎ 3 months, Thailand's "Channel V" Presentation
Ceremony - "China, Taiwan and the best Chinese Singer

◎ 3 months, the 15th Golden Melody Awards Finalist - "Best Male
Vocalist" and "Best Producer - incredible,"
"Best Composer - Love Love Love".

◎ 4 months, the social work students poll "best social image of the

◎ 5 months the 15th Golden Melody Awards - "Best Producer

◎ 5 months of the third Japan MTV Music Video Awards - the "Taiwan
Best Buzz Asia Taiwan Artist Award."

◎ 6 月, 2003Music in China's Top Ranking - "The Sound of
Music DJ Recommended album - incredible."

◎ 7 months, "the 1st Volunteer Association" - the first
"on the 1st Volunteer Awards."


◎ 1 月, ELLE magazine: in 2005 female pop attitude of a large survey: the best
hope of another with wearing a taste of imitation first.

◎ 1 month, Canada to Hit Chinese Songs: Canadian National Male Singer Award

◎ 2 月, "KKBOX Online Music Billboard" Awards: (1) Top
Ten singles: "Your Simple Song" (2) Top Ten Album: 【Shangri
la】 (3) the annual burst large reward (4) Top Ten Artists.

◎ 2 months, the Hong Kong Metro Radio voted most want to date male singer; and
Gigi selected as the best choral singers.

◎     3 months, Hong Kong, "IFPI album sales               presentation
ceremony" in the top ten selling Mandarin album one.

◎ 3 月 sixteenth Golden Melody Awards - Finalist Best Mandarin Male Vocalist of
the best songwriters, the best album

◎ 3 months, the Voice of Taipei "Rounded Artist Award."

◎ 4 months, (the Chinese Musicians Association ﹞ 2004 年 Recommended Top
Ten singles of Your: 『Shangri la』.

◎ 4 月, "MusicRadio China TOP List" Award Presentation
Ceremony, Hong Kong and Taiwan the best male singer, Best Producer, ─
"Hanada wrong", Hong Kong and Taiwan Year arranger ─
"Hanada wrong!"

◎ 5 月, "Forever Love" Hong Kong's Jade Solid
Gold quarter of the election of the most popular song.

◎ 5 month, users who provide the best U.S. teeth male star runner

◎ 7 months, the seventh 【CCTV-MTV Music Awards】: Taiwan the best male

◎ 7 月 CCTV - MTV Music Awards - Best Male Singer Award
◎ 7 月, ﹝ 2004-2005 Asian Billboard ﹞ Asia's Best Male Artist and
Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs ─ "heart of the sun and the

◎ 8 月, TVBS-G ﹝ 2005 Chinese Golden Song ﹞ 10 major Chinese-language
songs for Your.

◎ 9 months, the fifth 『Global Chinese Music Billboard Award: Favorite Male
Singer, Best Composer ─ ﹝ Forever Love ﹞, 25 great songs ─ ﹝ Shangri
la ﹞, the most popular male singer top 5.

◎ 9 月 Sixth Global Chinese Pop Chart - Favorite Male Singer, Best Composer of
the Year Concert

◎ TVB8 Channel Fame Best Producer Award

"ForeverLove" - Wang Lee Hom

◎ 10 months, the 3rd "South East Best Music List":
Taiwan's top ten songs ─ 『Shangri la』.

◎ 11 months, 『Singapore Hit Award 2005』 Asia-Pacific region ─ (Taiwan) Most
Popular Male Singer Award.

◎ 12 months, 2005 TVB8 Fame: Best song producer ─ 『Forever Love』.

◎ 12 months, UFO Network "2005UFO Top 100 UFO fresh dish
year-end list" ─ 『Forever Love』 wins

May Mandarin broadcast songs, sales and voted a total score of the highest.


◎ 1 month Shanghai seventh Chinese Bangzhong Bang was the best singer (Hong
Kong and Taiwan)

◎ most popular male singer (Hong Kong and Taiwan)

◎ most popular songs - big city small love

◎ 1 month, 『the 13th Global Chinese Music list』: 1. Hong Kong and Taiwan the
most popular male singer award 2. Hong Kong and Taiwan the best singer award 3.
Year Popular Song ─ "big city small love."
◎ 2 months, was awarded 『second KKBOX Digital Music Billboard』: 1. Year 10
Album: 【Heroes】 2. Top 20 Singles: "Kiss Goodbye" 3.
Saucer KKBOX Media on Demand Choice Award: " Kiss Goodbye

◎ 2 months, were 『2007Hito Popular Music Award in: 1.Hito male singer 2.Hito
Chanlian title the oldest album ─ 【Heroes】 3.Hito Top Ten hits ─"
Kiss Goodbye ".

◎ 3 月, IFPI Hong Kong Record Sales Awards 2006: 【Heroes】 album and
【Heroes of Earth concert DVD】 by Best Selling Mandarin albums.

◎ 4 months, the seventh Music Billboard Best Video Award: Wang Lee Hom
"Hanada wrong."

◎ 8 months, the 2007 Metro Mandarin force producers Award and the Metro
Mandarin Asian creators Awards!!

◎ 10 months, "the seventh Global Chinese Music Chart":
"Year's most popular songs" ─ roots and
"the most popular singer-songwriter."

◎ 11 months, Taiwan's pearl white teeth smile celebrity fifth


◎ 1 月 23 日 2007 annual Beijing Pop ceremony of the year's most
popular male singer (RTHK) Annual Concert - "Change Me"
Best Producer "Change Me" (RTHK)

◎ 1 月 26 日 2007 annual Sprite's List "of Hong Kong and
Taiwan Golden Melody Awards -" Change Me ","
"National DJ vote Excellence Award" "Best Album
Award (Taiwan)" "Best Choral Song - Wang Lee Hom. Selina
"You are my heart's a song" (Taiwan)
"," global Chinese best creators Award ","
Global Chinese Most Popular Male Singer "

◎ 1 月 , 2007 SINA MUSIC music popular index of the ceremony:
<country> my favorite male singer.

◎ 1 month, 『China Pop Chart Awards, (1) Hong Kong and Taiwan Year Favorite
Male Artist (2) Hong Kong and Taiwan Best Producer: Lee Hom" Change
Me "(3) Annual Songs: Wang Lee Hom" roots " .

◎ 3 月 1 日 "Hito Pop Music Awards" "Hito
Male Singer", "Hito singer", "Hito
network broadcasting popular", "Year 10 song" 4

◎ 3 月, IFPI2007 Hong Kong Record Sales Award: Top Ten best-selling Mandarin
album: Wang Lee Hom "Change."

◎ 4 月, 2007 Music Radio China TOP Top Music Composition Prize: Best Producer,
Leehom ─ "change themselves."

◎ 4 months, 2007 star fashion power list: Annual Fashion Breakthrough male stars.

◎ 7 months of the Sixth China gold sing

◎ 4 months, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Outstanding Song: One World One

◎ Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Outstanding Song: stand up

◎ Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Outstanding Song: Light the Passion, Share the

◎ wireless music's best-selling duet hits: Lee-Hom Wang, Selina
"You are my heart a song"

◎ wireless music's best-selling pop-rock songs: Wang Lee Hom
"Change Me"

◎ wireless music full song download best-selling singer: Wang Lee Hom,
downloaded 563,181 times


◎ 4 月, MusicRadio China TOP rating, the best songs: Heartbeat MusicRadio; Best
Male Singer: Wang Lee Hom; MusicRadio Best Producer: Lee Hom; The Sound of
Music on-demand titles

◎ 5 months finalists of the twentieth Taiwan's Golden Melody Award for
Best Mandarin Male Vocalist, Best Arranger Award

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