ELIZABETHTOWN CHILD CARE CENTER
                         2008 UPDATE TO THE COMMUNITY

During 2008 ECCC:

     Maintained NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children)
      accreditation. Classroom observations were conducted to ensure compliance
      with NAEYC program standards.

     Became re-designated as a Keystone STARS 4-STAR center. STARS improves,
      supports, and recognizes the quality improvement efforts of early learning

     Received a Merit Award from Keystone STARS that enabled us to provide
      additional classroom equipment and provided bonuses to all staff based on their
      longevity with the center.

     Conducted center-wide assessments using Environmental Rating Scales (ERS) to
      improve classroom environments. An initial self-study was conducted in each
      classroom. Assessors hired by Keystone STARS then completed ERS in three
      classrooms and showed areas of strength as well as areas for continued

     Had two teachers complete their Masters in Early Childhood Education. Three
      other staff worked toward their Associates in Early Childhood Education.
      ECCC supports all staff with release time and/or tuition reimbursement.

     Encouraged teachers to receive training in the Pennsylvania Learning Standards
      for Early Childhood and the Work Sampling Assessment system to enhance the
      learning experiences of children in the program.

     Participated on a Kindergarten transition team with the Elizabethtown School

     Partnered with an Elizabethtown College freshman orientation service project.

     Offered field experiences for 12 Elizabethtown College students and work study
      experiences for 11 students.

     Participated in the Elizabethtown Holiday Parade.

     Provided a monthly child development article for the Elizabethtown Chronicle.

     Updated the website on a consistent basis. The monthly newsletter, request for
      admissions, and job openings are available online at www.etownchildcare.org.
ECCC is a
United Way
Member Agency
2007 Financial Report                                                                                         2008 Board of
(summarized from the Audit Report completed by                                                                  Directors
  White, Rudy & Company LLP)                                                                               Chair, Kim Wolgemuth
Income                              Expenses                                                                Vice Chair, Lynn Garloff
                                                                                                           Secretary, Bonnie Rudi
Tuition                              $720,565      Payroll & Benefits                      $816,666        Treasurer, Dick Keesey
Government Grants                     167,835      Food                                      52,141              Glenn Book
                                                                                                             Romaine Campbell
United Way                             86,221      Insurance                                 41,609
                                                                                                               Catherine Myers
Contributions/Fundraisers              25,222      Professional Fees                         14,910              Mary Quarry
Interest & Other                        2,338      Repairs and                               14,941              Ed Thomas
                                                   Maintenance                                                  Doreen Wallen
Total Income                      $1,002,181       Supplies and Office Exp.                21,973                Pat Williams
                                                   Rent                                    12,540              Chrissy Witters
                                                   Field Trips and Bus Exp.                 7,200
                                                   Cont. Ed, Licenses, Dues                 3,693        Administrative Personnel
                                                   Telephone                                1,703       Amy Hoffman, Exec Director
                                                   Change in Net Assets                    14,805        Kristi Long, Assistant Director
                                                   (increase)                          _________         Frances Myers, Development
Income                            $1,002,181       Total Expenses                     $1,002,181         Marianne Fye, Admin. Assist.

                                             2008 HONOR ROLL OF DONORS
                                                     Thank you to all who supported ECCC
PLATINUM (gifts over $5,000)       Cris & Ann Dinsmore                  Daniel & Karen Raffensperger       Greg & Judy Gobrecht
                                   Kevin & Mary Dolan                   Frank & Kay Rhodes                 Jeffery Greenly
Elizabethtown Church of
                                   Joan & John Donahue                  Irwin & M. Susan Richman           Evelyn Haldeman
     the Brethren                                                                                          Steven & Heather Heisey
                                   Steven Drescher                      Lindy Rodgers
                                   Barbara B. Eberly                    Mariko Sato                        Mr. J. Hershey
GOLD (gifts of $1,000 - $4,999)    The Elizabeth Hughes Society         Songvit & Niran Setthachayanon     Joanne & Herbert High
Anonymous                                                                                                  The Hitz Family
                                   Elizabethtown Area Animal            Kathy Shaffer
                                                                                                           Barbara & David Hoehne
Armstrong World Industries-           Hospital                          Christy Shelly & WellPoint         Henry & Virginia Hukill, Jr.
  Marietta Ceiling Plant           Elizabethtown Business &                Foundation                      Robert & Joanne Idzik
Christ Lutheran Church                Professional Women                Elaine Shutt                       John Knoll
St. Paul's United Methodist        Merchandiser published by            James Sides                        Robert N. & Ann K. Kratz
                                      Engle Printing & Publishing Co    Craig & Becky Siebler              Jessica Kroesen
                                   Pastor & Mrs. R. Fetter              Pam Smith                          Durla & Shoba Lathia
Christ Church United Church        Holly Ford                           St. Paul’s United Methodist        Dawn & Ryan Little
  of Christ                        A Friend                                Women                           Charla Lorenzen
U.S. Marine Corps                  Marianne Fye                         St. Peter Council of Catholic      Jennifer Martin
                                   E. Margaret Gabel                       Woman                           Carol & Tom Mulleavy
                                   Gene & Karen Garber                  Susan Traverso & Kent Taylor       Linda Mummert
SILVER (gifts of $500 - $999)
                                   Lindsay Garber                       Jill Weissinger                    Cindy Niesley
Joseph P. Beck                                                                                             Zoe G. Proctor
Jessie Bixler                      Patricia Gimmi                       The T-Shirt Printer
                                                                                                           Ashleigh Raudenbush
                                   Gingrich, Smith, Klingensmith        Ruth & Lowell West
Benjamin Boenzil                      & Dolan                           Don & Alethia White
                                                                                                           Mike & Colleen Reiner
Johnson & Johnson/Merck                                                                                    Anita Reiser
                                   Lavonne I. Grubb                     Deanna Wilson                      Gloria & Paul Rice
Maryann & Dick Keesey              Charlie Hain                         Dawn Wolgemuth                     Carl & Dorothy Shull
Fran & Gina Strouse                In memory of Doris Hedrick                                              Mrs. Ruth Smith
Ms. Lynn Thomas                    Lisa Hitz                            FRIENDS (gifts of $1 - $99)
                                                                                                           P. Allen & Carolyn T. Sollenberger
                                   Shaun Hoffer                         Melissa Anderson
Scott & Kimberly                                                        Dr. & Mrs. Fayez R. Awad, DVM
                                                                                                           Marty Stauffer
  Wolgemuth                        Amy Hoffman                                                             Susquehanna Bank PA
                                                                        Hope Barnes
                                   Hollinger Services Inc,                                                 Clair Dale & Jean L. Treese
                                                                        Ed & Mary Barr
                                   Charles & Elaine Jackson                                                Louis & Mary Ann Waleff
BRONZE (gifts of $100 - $499)                                           Marla Bathurst
                                                                                                           Mary P. Whitacre
Dr.& Mrs. Richard H. Albright,     Jeremy Murry Carpentry &             Kenneth & Jean Brandt
                                      Remodeling                                                           Joe & Lois Whitmore
  Jr.                                                                   Vincent & Jill Bresch
                                   Johnson & Johnson Consumer                                              Patrice Williams
Ryan Alleman                                                            Brothers Pizza
                                                                                                           Woodrow P. & Doris M. Ziegler
Anonymous                             Companies                         Gordon & Lillian Campbell
Asuncion Dental                    Kiwanis Club of Elizabethtown        Eugene & Vada Clemens              If we have omitted a name or made an
Harry G. Barnes                    Joanne & Robert Klippel              Companion Animal Hospital          error in the above listing, please contact
                                   Kerry & Suzette Kreider              Terry Cover                        Brad Peterson, 361-9824 or
Mark & Doris Berrier                                                                                       bpeterson@etownchildcare.org
                                   Allen & Susan Kunselman              Cindy Cover
Terry Blue
                                   Kristina Long                        Mrs. Diane DeArment
Mike & Sherry Braafhart                                                 Nancy Duquette
                                                                                                           Contact Information
Charlotte Brown                    Richard Mabus                                                           Elizabethtown Child
                                   Nancy & Ron Noll                     Alma Espenshade
Tom & Romaine Campbell                                                  Chris & Sue Eurich                 Care Center
Mr. Jaye Crist                     Mike & Carol Nolt
                                                                        Martha A. Farver-Apgar             777 South Mount Joy Street
George & Susan Darling             Northwest Savings Bank
                                                                        Margaret Garber                    Elizabethtown, PA 17022
Shawn Degroft                      Rana L. Mathias DDS/Parkside         Nancy Garber
                                      Dentistry PC                                                         (717)361-9824
Barbara Diener                                                          Jerald L. Garland
                                   Elizabeth D. Pfautz                                                     www.etownchildcare.org
                                                                        Nancy H. Gerber

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