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					Mr Chen
   Yunnanbaiyao weekend announcement that the company's
second-largest shareholder of Hong Ta Group regarding the transfer of shares has
been basically decided - the capital market cattle Mr Chen will spend 220759.605022
million buyout Ta Group held 6,581 shares of the Company.
Notice display, Yunnan Hongta Group has identified a natural person Mr Chen-based
views of shares the transferee, and in September 10, 2009 with Mr Chen signed a
"Share Transfer Agreement", to its holdings of all companies
owned shares 65,813,912 shares transferred to Mr Chen, a share purchase price of
33.543 yuan, the total purchase price of RMB 220759.605022 million.
"Share Transfer Agreement" from the date of signing, subject to
the right of state-owned assets supervision and administration of the approved
agreement can be implemented.
As the capital market cattle, Mr Chen can be described as generous this absolutely.
According to public information, Mr Chen himself and his controlled Xinhua all
Group (Mr Chen has a Xinhua all groups 96% of the shares) in the past 30 years, has
invested in mining, retail, real estate, tourism and IT industries, the current Xinhua all
Group owns 53% of all shares of Xinhua, 11.89% of the shares of Zijin Mining, Mr
Chen himself has a 7.01% stake in Tsingtao Brewery and other non-publicly traded
   Mr Chen is listed Zijin Mining created the "Fujian richest
man." One person close to Mr Chen told the Die Zeit reporter, who
dropped out in the fourth grade Xinhua Industrial Group Co., Ltd., are not be content
sitting on Gold, 2008, the 48-year-old Mr Chen formal alliance with
"Chinese workers emperor, "said Tang Jun, the scaled
promotion" richest man in China, "the surprise of the road, and
a" Chinese Warren Buffett "Mr Chen is also interested in the
role of one.
   Tsingtao Brewery to become Mr Chen diversified equity investment in the first leg.
This year in May, Mr Chen interpretation "gold-for-bubble" in
the equation, reducing Zijin Mining 1.01%, nearly 1.3 billion cash, while an
individual from the world's largest beer company InBev Budweiser beer
hands to buy 7.01% stake in Qingdao, cost of 235 million U.S. dollars to become the
third largest shareholder of Tsingtao.
Gold selling high-profit industrial shares, into shares Tsingtao? Mr Chen to choose
two completely different industry? Insiders jokingly half cup of beer into a bubble,
just as the investment bubble in the level of the industry. Moreover, Mr Chen more
than one billion yuan of two document deals with such a high level of efficiency to
achieve seamless docking, no coincidence. In fact, the layout of Mr Chen started early,
Jun Tang to join, as well as the generous Tsingtao stake, may only invest in their
transition from home entrepreneurs start.
Jin Zhiguo, Tsingtao is the chairman of Mr Chen will be introduced to the negotiating
table, Mr Chen, and Jin Zhiguo, open exchanges started two years ago at least.
Located in Puxi, Shanghai, Pudong is the Cheung Kong Graduate School and
International Business School met Mr Chen and Jin Zhiguo, the starting point, while
Jin Zhiguo, and Mr Chen also are Chinese, "Harvard Business
Review" VIP circle members of the audience.
Central to the Times, a weekly internal management to reporters, said Mr Chen, and
Jin Zhiguo, China-EU high-level management training courses are courses students
CEO. Cheung Kong Graduate School alumni to the era of the information provided
weekly, Mr Chen is the CEO of Yangtze River the second class students, Jin Zhiguo,
CEO of Yangtze River is the fourth class students.
Pianju the southeast corner of Fujian richest companies in the business school this
club was entirely different in the communication loop. Mr Chen to participate in the
May 2007 on the Yangtze, "China Enterprises CEO Course" in
there buddy Ren Hongbin, president of China Machinery Industry Corporation,
Lanzhou China, chairman of Sichuan Airlines, Feng Dongming, chairman of the
United States grams Investment Group, Yunnan Baiyao Group shares Limited
chairman Ming-Hui Wang, Lake Properties Chairman Wu Yajun, Parkson Retail
Group CEO Zhou Fusheng, etc..
Mr Chen of Xiamen is a blessed land, from Anxi County, Fujian Province, the
hometown of tea Cheung Wah Township, Mr Chen, from the age of 22 his career in
1982 in Xiamen, through 20 years of business and eventually became richest man in
1987 Mr Chen grocery business in Xiamen. Such as the business said, department
stores are "the king of all trades", from the initial grocery
business, both in Fujian, Xinhua Shopping Mall, Inc. (Xinhua all 002 264) in 2008
landed the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Mr Chen started Sharu capital market from the
business community, Fortune began to pick up value.
And Zijin Mining was Mr Chen's wealth flying carpet. Mr Chen first
started in 1997 to the old revolutionary base in western Fujian Zijin Mining
Shanghang County to provide mining machinery leasing, maintenance and other
services, then the Purple Mountain or poor ore, a lot of debt owed to Chen.
"Dramatic" twist is that, as a breakthrough in the exploration
process, Zijin Mining jumped as China's largest gold mine, Mr Chen
claims the hands of arrears by the project evolved from the equity value will soar.
Xiamen Engineering Machinery Accessories Co., Xinhua is the controlling
shareholder of both projects of Fujian Xinhua Co., Ltd., which is the holding
company of Xinhua all groups. Xinhua all information provided to the Group said,
"are works of Fujian Xinhua Co., Ltd. was established in May 1997,
long-term commitment to the task Zijinshan gold mining." The company is
still the most related party transactions Zijin Mining parties, Zijin Mines Annual
Report 2008 Information Display, Fujian Xinhua Co., Ltd. to provide both mining and
transportation engineering services, the year turnover up to 199 million yuan.
At present, Xinhua is Group 6 major companies, including Xinhua all (listed), Xinhua
all Engineering Co., Ltd., Hua Fu Hotel (Real Estate) Limited, Hong Kong and Macau
Information Industry Co., Ltd. and other four holding companies, and has been listed
Zijin Mining and preparation of Wuyi Mountain Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
listed on the two shareholding enterprises.
May 26, Zijin Mining reduction notice issued Mr Chen, medium and small investors
had to worry about major shareholders after the lift in Zijin Mining sell-off behavior,
Mr Chen negotiation Tsingtao's story has added spice to this concern.
June 2, Zijin Mining Executive Assistant Liu Wenhong with Die Zeit journalist
exchanges and simply said: "Mr Chen reduction by personal
behavior." Zijin Securities general manager Zhao just-right Die Zeit, told
reporters that understand this is Chen as strategic investors, the normal behavior, if
more signals linked to Tang Jun, Chen holdings in future, there is the possibility of
Zijin Mining.
Jun Tang joined a year ago, the official Xinhua outside when all of that success to
Microsoft's Bill Gates as the year in the world's richest man, as
to help Mr Chen of China's richest man, create the
"China's Warren Buffett."
Media in the eyes of Mr Chen
   "Investor Report": For the investment period, Mr Chen has
also assumed a Buffett-type attitude, "I will hold shares of Tsingtao beer at
least 5 to 10 years," but all to the Tsingtao Brewery Xinhua what? In
addition to the money that the pressure to make more money.
   "Huaxi Dushi Bao": Mr Chen had bought the shares of Zijin
Mining, the total investment, but 48 million yuan. But by last Friday's
closing price of Zijin Mining 10.64 yuan per share, total, Mr Chen Zijin
Mining's net worth in the more than 20 billion yuan. He is of
Fujian's richest man, is suddenly rich in Fujian.
   "China Economic Times": China's stock market
made by the Government to support the hand, and the Wall Street parasol
tree's natural form very different. If Buffett is hard to rely on their own,
Pao Duantui spirit revolve giant capital market, Mr Chen is riding a helicopter,
directly into the biggest names in China's capital market.
   "Die Zeit": Mr Chen more than one billion yuan of two
document dealing with such a high level of efficiency to achieve seamless docking, no
coincidence. In fact, the layout of Mr Chen started early, Jun Tang to join, as well as
the generous Tsingtao stake, may only invest in their transition from home
entrepreneurs start.
   ?Peninsula network: information entered Hong Kong and Macao, to buy stake in
Tsingtao      Brewery,     just   to    help   Mr      Chen     Jun    Tang     China,
"Buffett," the first step. Jun Tang to Mr Chen has created three
investment conditions: The first and livelihood-related industries, and second, where
the industry for the top three, three is a country background information.
 ?Ye Tan: Mr Chen triple jump fully benefit from the wealth of capital markets,
capital markets and the industrial capital of combining beauty, embodied in Mr Chen
thoroughly. If Mr Chen is limited to commercial retail industry, and now I am afraid
only a medium-sized entrepreneurs.
 "Competitiveness": Buffett on China, but Mr Chen not to do,
but Mr Chen on the United States, certainly do, but Buffett, this is the most
fundamental difference between the two.

?Mr Chen Chronology
?1982, from Anxi boarded a truck loaded with wood to Xiamen, home business
started operating timber.
?In 1986, a large timber traders in Quanzhou, Xiamen, bought in the first set of real
?In 1987, secured by its real estate, purchase a three-wheeled motorcycle, and two
brothers working together to pull a 8 square meters of grocery goods, after the disk
operating under the store itself.
?1995 Fuzhou, run Xinhua all merchandise.
?In 1997, restructuring and reorganizing some of its high quality assets, Xinhua all
groups born. In the same year, more than 6000 million spent to purchase a number of
station equipment, set up a construction company, and met Chairman of the Triple
Zijin Mining.
?In 1999, Wuyishan Tourism Development Company Limited was established Xinhua
Group shares are 35%, as vice chairman; the end of the first to introduce
"one-stop large scale storage supermarket," the retail of new
?September 2000, shares of Zijin Mining, holding 20.19%, to become the second
largest shareholder.
?October 2001, Fuzhou closure of a number of shopping malls, department stores, but
all survived, Xinhua.
?May 2003, acquisition of "China City International," real
estate projects, construction in Fuzhou CBD within 10 million square meters of the
flagship hotel complex; in November, set up in Fujian Wuyishan Tourism
Development Corporation, the net assets of 81 million yuan, the preparation
Wuyishan Travel listed.
?2007      to     19.93     billion   yuan    personal    wealth,     the     column
"Forbes" Rich List No. 16 Mainland.
?April 2008 to 1 billion yuan Tang Jun salary invited to join, as both president and
chief Xinhua CEO; 7 months, information acquired 51.7% stake in Hong Kong and
Macau, Xinhua signs have access to financial information services and IT fields.
?May 2009, to 235 million U.S. dollars to buy 7.01% stake in Tsingtao Brewery to
become the third largest shareholder.
?September 2009, to 2.2 billion billion to buy shares Yunnanbaiyao 6581, becoming
its second largest shareholder.