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                                                                        & Wealth
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                                                                              ou might be thinking, “Who will help
                                                                        Y     me or my family if the time comes
                                                                        when I cannot fully handle my affairs;”
                                                                        “who will make sure that my heirs
                                                                        receive the gifts I want them to have;”
                                                                        and who will properly settle my estate?”
                                                                        As your corporate trustee, experienced
                                                                        Oregon Pacific Bank trust professionals
                                                                        will manage your affairs, freeing your
                                                                        family from the burden of difficult
                                                                        decisions and ensuring that your wishes
                                                                        will be followed exactly.

                                                                        Oregon Pacific Bank’s Trust & Wealth
                                                                        Management Department has provided
                                                                        investment management and trust
                                                                        services to our communities since 1996.
                                                                        Our team of professionals addresses
                                                                        your trust needs with regards to
                                                                        investment management, trust and estate
                                                                        administration, wealth transfer, charitable
                                                                        giving and estate planning. We use a
                                                                        highly personal and individualized
                                                                        approach and manage relationships with
                                                                        integrity and confidentiality. As our client,
                                                                        you and your family have the benefit of
                                                                        objective, neutral advice on important
                                                                        financial issues as well as on sensitive
                                                                        family matters.
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                                                                Your                                     Lisa Tine, Assistant Vice President
                                                                                                         and Trust Officer
                                                                Team                                     Coos Bay and Roseburg
                                                                                                                          Lisa has over 15 years of
      Portfolios are designed to achieve your                   Patricia Riley                                            banking experience and
      investment objectives while being sensitive to            Senior Vice President                                     is knowledgeable in all
      risk tolerance and life issues. Our ultimate goal         and Trust Manager                                         aspects of financial
      is to assist you in building, managing, protecting                        Pat has over                              services and trust
      and preserving your wealth for you and for your                           20 years of trust        administration. Lisa has held positions in
      family. When you choose us, we will:                                      administrative and       trust administration, portfolio
                                                                                investment               management and private banking
                                                                                experience, first        services with Northern Trust Company
      ◗ Understand —
                                                                with Bank of America, then with          of Chicago, worked as a business
        your needs and financial objectives.
                                                                Union Bank of California, and            development officer for U.S. Bank and as
                                                                most recently with Oregon Pacific        branch manager for Umpqua Bank. Lisa
      ◗ Work with you —                                                                                  received her B.A. degree from University
                                                                Bank. Pat received a B.A. and a
        to assure you have a financial plan in                  Masters of Social Work (MSW)             of California, Los Angeles.
        place to meet your needs now and in                     from Portland State University and
        the future. You may exercise as much                    her law degree from Northwestern         Tina Meyers
        or as little control over investment                    School of Law at Lewis and Clark         Trust Operations Specialist
        decisions as you choose.                                College in Portland. She is a                            Tina has over 20 years
                                                                member of the Oregon State Bar                           experience as an
                                                                and holds the designation of Certified                   administrative assistant
      ◗ Be part of your team —
                                                                Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA).                      with an emphasis in
        of advisors implementing your estate
                                                                                                                         billing and bookkeeping
        plan. You can pass on to us as much                     Judy Matheny                             procedures. Tina holds a B.A. degree
        of the day-to-day detail work and                       Assistant Vice President                 from California State University Sonoma.
        decision making as you wish. You can                    and Trust Officer
        feel confident that any decision we                                     Judy has over 20         Carol Au Court
        make on your behalf will be based on                                    years of experience      Trust Operations Assistant
        your goals and circumstances.                                           in bank operations                       Carol joined Oregon
                                                                                and trust and                            Pacific Bank in 2006.
      ◗ Make your life easier.                                                  investment                               She has over 20 years
        We can relieve you of the burden of                     management. She was employed                             of experience in
                                                                with Bank of America, U.S. National                      administrative and
        investment selection in a confusing
                                                                Bank and Wells Fargo Bank before         executive assistant positions.
        financial world. We can do your
                                                                coming to Oregon Pacific Bank. She
        record keeping, tax reporting and tax                   holds a Series Seven (7) securities      Bobbi Wilson
        filing. We can pay your bills and make                  license and a Certified Trust and        Trust Administrative Assistant
        sure that your residence and other                      Financial Advisor designation (CTFA).
        real properties are well maintained.                                                                            Bobbi joined Oregon
                                                                                                                        Pacific Bank in April
                                                                                                                        2008. She has had
                                                                                                                        experience working as
                                                                                                                        an insurance agent
                                                                                                         and in sales and administrative positions.
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          Living Trusts:
          A living trust with Oregon Pacific Bank
          allows you to preserve and protect your
          assets during your life time and to
          secure your family’s financial future.
          If you are incapacitated during your
          lifetime, your trust may prevent a public,
          court-supervised administration of your
          estate. After your death, if properly
          administered, your trust assures that your
          assets will not be subject to probate and
          that your heirs will be protected by the
          professional administration of your estate.
          Charitable Remainder Trust:
          Establishing this type of trust allows you
          to make a substantial gift to your favorite
          charity, receive income from that gift, and
          also receive significant tax benefits. With           Our Investment
          a charitable remainder trust, you reserve
          the right to receive income from your                 Philosophy
          trust during your lifetime and the charity
                                                                So often, investment decisions are made in isolation, not in the
          receives the residue after your death.
                                                                context of the effect on the overall portfolio and investment
          Estate Settlement:                                    objectives. Our philosophy of knowing our clients well, taking
          Oregon Pacific Bank can serve as the
                                                                care in establishing the correct investment objective, creating
          personal representative under your will
          or be of help in the event that you are
                                                                a personalized portfolio and using discipline and consistency
          asked to fulfill this responsibility for              in implementation and review will bring a high degree of
          someone else. We handle all aspects of                success in achieving our clients’ investment goals. Our
          estate administration. We gather assets,              planning includes three key elements:
          pay debts, file all necessary tax returns
          and pay taxes when due. We are able to                Policy:
          administer unique assets, including real              Provides the guiding principles for the       allocation guidelines, targets and
          estate, personal property and collectibles.           entire portfolio. It encompasses setting an   frequency of rebalancing. Appropriate
                                                                investment objective that will incorporate    benchmarks are identified against which to
          Asset Management Agency:
                                                                needs for income, growth, risk tolerance,     measure results. Discipline and
          An agency account with Oregon Pacific
                                                                taxes, legal constraints and return           consistency are the key elements.
          Bank provides you with professional
                                                                expectations. Gathering information and
          asset management and allows you to                                                                  Implementation and Review:
                                                                knowing the client are the key steps.
          maintain as much control and direction of                                                           Each individual investment must be
          your investments as you would like. It is a           Process:                                      selected not only for its performance
          completely revocable arrangement.                     Creates a framework for making changes        history and expected results but also on
                                                                in the portfolio that includes asset          the basis of how it fits into the overall
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                                                             Corporate Trustee
                                                             Services Q&A
                                                             What is a Corporate Trustee?
                                                                A corporate trustee is a bank trust department or trust company. The bank can
                                                                help you build, manage and protect your wealth when it acts as your corporate
                                                                trustee. A trust is simply a legal document that allows you to plan your estate and
                                                                to control your assets while you are living, should you become physically or
                                                                mentally incapacitated and after you die.
                                                                When you set up a trust, you will need to name someone, called a trustee, to
                                                                manage the assets your trust controls. While you may choose yourself or just
                                                                about any other adult, there are some very good reasons why you should
                                                                consider a corporate trustee.

                                                             Why Would I Use a Corporate Trustee?
                                                                You will gain the advantage of years of experience. Because the bank
                                                                manages trusts on a daily basis, it is familiar with proper trust administration, tax
                                                                and estate planning strategies and the legal responsibilities of a trustee.The bank
                                                                can manage the assets in your trust now and/or after you die, as your trust
                                                                directs. The bank can buy and sell assets, pay bills, file tax returns, maintain
                                                                accurate records and distribute income. The bank has experience managing a
                                                                variety of assets, including stocks and bonds, real estate, closely held businesses,
                                                                mineral properties and collectibles.
        portfolio, asset allocation targets and                 You will receive professional investment advice.
        achievement of the investment objective.                A corporate trustee gives its full attention to managing trust assets. After
        Once in place, the portfolio must be                    discussing your financial goals, risk tolerance and long-term objectives, the bank
        reviewed regularly to ensure each                       will recommend the best investment strategy for you. Then, depending on how
        investment continues to be appropriate,                 involved you want the bank to be, it can provide ongoing advice, or even make
        and that necessary changes are made.                    decisions for you, ensuring your investments stay on track and enabling you to
        Investment Strategy:                                    meet your financial goals.
        Unlike most managers, our trust                         You will protect your wealth because corporate trustees are
        department does not have in-house                       regulated by internal auditors and both state and federal agencies.
        proprietary mutual funds. We seek out
                                                                Courts also consider the bank an “expert” and expect it to meet higher standards
        and retain nationally recognized managers
                                                                than a nonprofessional.
        from across the country who specialize
        in specific styles or classes and have                  You will receive reliable, professional service. A corporate trustee will
        proven track records. We are not                        not become ill, die, get divorced, go on vacation or retire.
        commission-based, so our selection                      You will value their objectivity. The bank will follow your trust instructions
        process is unbiased. We are free to                     objectively and faithfully, something that may be hard for family members to do.
        choose the best managers who will do
                                                                You will tap into the rich sources of advice and referrals. The bank
        the best job for our clients. Our in-house
                                                                can provide advice on investment, tax, retirement and estate-planning issues and
        staff also provides oversight for a variety
                                                                can refer you to attorneys and other qualified professionals as needed.
        of unique assets including real estate,
        timber and agricultural holdings.                       You will enjoy peace of mind.
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            Q&A, cont’d
            When Would I Use a Corporate Trustee?                                       Couldn’t I Name a Relative or Friend Instead?
              Irrevocable Trusts. If you set up an irrevocable trust (like a              You could, but keep in mind that family and friends are not
              charitable or life insurance trust) or you plan to make gifts in trust,     always a good choice to be involved in your trust. They may be
              you may want to name someone other than yourself as trustee.                too busy with their own affairs, may reside in a distant area, may
               A corporate trustee is a natural choice to make sure your                  not get along with other family members or may not be
              irrevocable trust is administered properly.                                 responsible or experienced enough to manage the trust assets.
                                                                                          An innocent error by a well-meaning, but inexperienced, relative
              Revocable Living Trusts. If you set up a revocable living
                                                                                          or friend could negate your careful planning. One option is
              trust you will avoid a probate when you die and prevent court
                                                                                          having a relative and a corporate trustee work together. This
              involvement should you become incapacitated. There are many
                                                                                          would give you the professional experience and objectivity of a
              benefits to naming a corporate trustee in your trust document:
                                                                                          corporate trustee and the personal involvement of someone who
              ◗ As Trustee: As trustee, a corporate trustee has full                      knows you.
                responsibility for managing your trust assets according to your
                instructions. This would be an excellent choice if you are elderly      Do I Lose Control If I Use a Corporate Trustee?
                and have no one you can trust to take care of your financial              No, with most trusts you can change your trustee at any time if
                affairs. You may be widowed, have no children or other trusted            you are not satisfied. Even with an irrevocable trust, you or your
                relatives living nearby (or do not want to burden them), or you           beneficiaries may have the right to change the corporate trustee.
                and your spouse may be in declining health. Even if you are               Also, the trustee you select must follow the instructions you put
                capable of managing your own trust, a corporate trustee can be            in your trust, while you are living, if you become incapacitated
                a wise choice. You may not have the time, desire or investment            and after you die. The reason is that a trust is a binding legal
                experience to manage your assets. Or perhaps you just feel                contract and your trustee can be held liable if your instructions
                that someone with more time and experience could do a better              are not followed.
                job than you.
                                                                                        How Safe Are Trust Assets?
              ◗ As Co-Trustee: If you want to take advantage of a                         Trust assets are safe even if the bank should fail. By law, trust
                corporate trustee’s investment experience but still be involved,          assets must be kept separate from all other bank assets. For
                you could have the bank work with you as a co-trustee.                    example, they cannot be loaned out, mixed with the bank’s
                Developing a working relationship with a corporate trustee now            own assets or used to satisfy its creditors. You are protected
                lets the bank become familiar with your objectives and your               against fraud, theft or any error made in the administration of
                beneficiaries’ needs and personalities, while you are still around        your trust by regulatory oversight provided by internal, state and
                to provide guidance and input.                                            federal examiners.
              ◗ As Investment Agent: You could name a corporate
                                                                                        Should Everyone Use a Corporate Trustee?
                trustee as your agent. While a co-trustee has equal
                                                                                          No; however, many more people should consider one. Most
                responsibility with you, an agent can have as much
                                                                                          people are just not aware of the many benefits a corporate
                responsibility as you wish. You can have your agent manage
                                                                                          trustee can offer them and their families. You need to look
                only a portion of your trust’s assets (your stocks and bonds, for
                                                                                          objectively at your situation and the type of trust you set up. If you
                example) or just provide you with investment advice, with you
                                                                                          have a modest estate and your trust is fairly simple, you may be
                making all final decisions.
                                                                                          fine being your own trustee and having a capable family member
              ◗ As Successor Trustee: If you decide to be your own                        step in for you when you can no longer manage your assets. If
                trustee, consider naming a corporate trustee as your successor            your estate is larger, has a variety of assets, includes tax planning,
                trustee. In this capacity, the bank will step in and manage your          or if you doubt your relatives’ capabilities or intentions, definitely
                trust for you when you can no longer act due to incapacity or             consider a corporate trustee.
                death. Many people like the idea of having a professional take
                care of the paperwork, tax filings and other final details.
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      Are There Any Disadvantages to Using                                                 Bank
      a Corporate Trustee?                                                                 History
         Because a bank must objectively follow the instructions for the trusts they
         manage, some beneficiaries (especially those who want the money now               Oregon Pacific Bank was
         instead of when the trust states) have found them to be uncooperative. But        established on December 17, 1979
         that may be exactly what you want. One reason why many trusts are set up,         as a state-chartered Bank and
         and a corporate trustee chosen, is to keep a beneficiary from getting the         Member of the Federal Reserve
         money until Mom and Dad (or whoever set up the trust) intended. However, if       System. Oregon Pacific Bank is
         you are concerned about a corporate trustee being too “impersonal,” you can       headquartered in Florence, Oregon,
         always name a family member or close friend to act with them as a co-trustee.     and operates full service branches
                                                                                           in Coos Bay and Roseburg. For
      Is a Corporate Trustee Expensive?
                                                                                           more than 29 years, the bank has
         Most are very reasonable, especially when you compare their fee to those of       been dedicated to serving its
         other investment managers or brokers. A corporate trustee will provide            communities by providing a full
         personal asset management and individualized services such as; bill paying,       array of financial products and
         tax planning, help in gifting, help in finding housekeeping or personal care      services emphasizing quality
         services, planning for pets, etc. A corporate trustee typically provides all of
                                                                                           customer service. Brokerage
         these services and more for only a small percentage of the value of the assets
                                                                                           services were introduced in 1993
         they manage for you. Fees are charged according to a published fee schedule.
                                                                                           and the Trust and Wealth
         There are no hidden charges. You know exactly what you are paying and a
                                                                                           Management Department was
         portion of the trustee fee may be tax-deductible. Because a corporate trustee’s
                                                                                           established in 1996. In 2002,
         fee is based on the value of the assets under management, instead of the
                                                                                           Oregon Pacific Bank became the
         number of trades made, the trustee is motivated to help your assets grow.
                                                                                           successor to the Security Bank
       How Can I Evaluate a Corporate Trustee?                                             Trust Department in Coos Bay and
         Interview several. Visit them if you can. Ask how long the trust department has   incorporated their fiduciary
         been in business and what is the average size of the trusts they manage.          accounts into the Trust Department.
         Compare investment returns, fees and services. Ask to see a sample                As we move forward in this exciting
         statement and determine how easy it is to understand. Facts and numbers are       time of growth and expansion,
         important, but so are people. Does the trust department staff seem to care        we remain focused on our
         about you and your family? Do they listen and understand your concerns? Can       commitment to customers and to
         you understand them? How comfortable are you that they will be there for you      the communities we serve.
         and your family when you need them?
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                                                                                                                            Trust Operating Investment
                                                                                                                            Committee Members
                                                                                                                            James P. Clark
                                                                                                                            Committee Chair,
                                                                                                                            President and CEO of Oregon Pacific Bank
                                                                                                                            Patricia Riley
                                                                                                                            Committee Vice Chair,
                                                                                                                            Senior Vice President and
                                                                                                                            Manager of Oregon Pacific Bank’s
                Our clients are protected in several key areas:                                                             Trust & Wealth Management Team
                ◗ Trust assets are protected by frequent audits and examinations                                            Joanne A. Forsberg, CPA
                  that monitor all trust activities.                                                                        Committee Member,
                                                                                                                            Executive Vice President
                ◗ The bank as trustee/agent is examined by federal and state                                                and Chief Financial Officer
                  regulatory authorities.                                                                                   of Oregon Pacific Bank
                ◗ The bank as trustee/agent is audited internally by an independent                                         Thomas K. Grove
                  accounting firm to assure no loss of funds occur through                                                  Committee Member,
                  improper handling.                                                                                        Board of Directors and Past President
                                                                                                                            and CEO of Oregon Pacific Bank
                ◗ In certain circumstances, a trust beneficiary may have recourse
                                                                                                                            Don Mabry, CPA
                  against the bank’s assets.
                                                                                                                            Committee Member,
                ◗ A bank trustee is required to pledge bank assets to regulatory                                            Executive Vice President and Chief Operating
                  authorities for the faithful performance of trust duties.                                                 Officer of Oregon Pacific Bank

                                                                                                                            How Can I Find Out More?
                                                                                                                            We welcome the opportunity to explain
                                                                                                                            the many ways Oregon Pacific Bank can
                                                                                                                            meet your individual trust and investment
                                                                                                                            management requirements. For more
                                                                                                                            information, or to arrange a meeting,
                                                                                                                            contact us at:

                                                                                                                            Oregon Pacific Bank
                                                                                                                            Trust & Wealth Management
                                                                                                                            1365 Highway 101
                                                                                                                            PO Box 22000
                                                                                                                            Florence, Oregon 97439
                                                                                                                            915 S. First Street
                                                                                                                            Coos Bay, Oregon 97420
                                                                                                                            2555 N.W. Edenbower Blvd.
                                                                                                                            Roseburg, Oregon 97471
          Many of the products are NOT FDIC insured, are NOT guaranteed by the Bank and are subject to loss of principal.

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