FRIENDS OF MOUNT HOPE                              .I' to~~ihstonc.     golf hiills aho\.e each
                                                   of their names: his golf ball is inscribed          Earlier in 1988, on Mother's Day, May 8, the
CEMETERY CELEBRATE                                 "Uppie." and hers. "Gacie:' The epitaph reads:      Friends joined the Landmark Society of
25TH ANNIVERSARY                                   "Enjoy! When You're Dead. You're Dead a             Western New York and the Rochester Garden
                                                   Long Time." Such is the nature of societal          Center in a joint fundraiser, charging $2 to
by Richard 0. Reise~n
                                                   changes.                                            visit the Rose Mansion (a bed-and-breakfast at
                                                                                                       625 Mt. Hope), the 1867 Ellwanger perennial
(Editor's Note: In the four issues of the
                                                   Anyway. at that sesquicentennial on a particu-      garden. Mt. Hope Cemetery, and the Garden
Epitaph in this 25th anniversary year of 2005.
                                                   larly gray Octoher 2. 1988. Thomas R. Argust,       Center's gardens and headquarters at Warner
I am writing articles in roughly chronological
                                                   city conirnissioner of the Department of Parks,     Castle.
order about the history of the Friends of Mount
                                                   Recreation. and Human Services, was master
Hope Cemetery from its beginning in 1980 to
                                                   of ceremonies. Rochester Mayor Thomas P.            In the spring of 1987. Rochester received a
the present time. Part Three begins with the
                                                   Ryan gave a welcome address and I presented         $55,000 matching grant from New York State
sesquicentennial of Mount Hope Cemetery in
                                                   the keynote speech about the history of Mount       to restore the gatehouse. The city provided the
1988, but covers a period from 1985 through
                                                   Hope Cemetery. W. Stephen Thomas. director          matching funds to make a total of $1 10,000
1994, with a few digressions outside of that
                                                   emeritus of the Rochester Museum and                available to repair the slate roof and renovate
time frame.)
                                                   Science Center. talked about the work and           walls, the bell tower, and more. So, the Friends
                                                   restomtion efforts of the Friends of Mount          were proud to show off their new headquarters
PART THREE: THE FRIENDS                            Hope Cemetery. Richard G. Brown, Friends            at the 1988 Mother's Day tour.
ORGANIZATION                                       president, unveiled a bench and plaque dedi-
GROWS IN SOPHISTICATION                            cated to the late supervisor of cemeteries.         Before the first decade of the Friends' exis-
                                                                                                                                tence had ended, our
Heritage Day, held on                                                                                                           lively organization had
October 2, 1988, cele-                                                                                                          established an "Adopt-
brated the                                                                                                                      a-Plot" program.
Sesquicentennial of                                                                                                             Dozens of volunteers
Mount Hope Cemetery,                                                                                                            soon participated in
the oldest municipal                                                                                      The Yc~ky plot with this effort to beautify
Victorian cemetery in                                                                                                           historic gravesites in
                                                                                                          its attmctive plant-
America. It was 150                                                                                                             Mount Hope. The
                                                                                                          ing beds was
years ago that the first                                                                                                         effort included spring
burial occurred on                                                                                        adopted by Letitia cleanup and planting,
August 18, 1838 of                                                                                        McKinnev               summer maintenance,
William Carter. He                                                                                        and Robert and         and fall cleanup. Many
was a grocer who died                                                                                     Sally Tor~zpkiizs.     volunteers mentioned
of a fever on August                                                                                      Photo b.y Frank A. that much of the enjoy-
17 at the age of 65                                                                                       Gille.spie.            ment of their adopt-a-
years, more than six                                                                                                             plot projects came
weeks before the                                                                                                                 from learning more
cemetery was dedicat-                                                                                                            about the permanent
ed on October 3, 1838.                                                                                                           resident(s) they were
His epitaph, now                                                                                                                 caring for. In 1990,25
almost indecipherable,                                                                                                           graves were adopted
reads: "He was for                                                                                                               by individuals, fami-
more than 32 years an esteemed member of the       David Galli. A new drinking fountain in the         lies, and organizations. Today, over 60 historic
Baptist Church and with great consistency of       gazebo was also dedicated to him. At the con-       gravesites are tended by volunteers in this
deportment and integrity of character fulfilled    clusion of the ceremonies, the Lakeside             highly successful program that significantly
the duties of this relation. He died in hopes of   Concert Band gave a program of appropriate          improves the appearance of the cemetery.
a glorious immortality. He was the first person    music and there were tours of the cemetery
borne to Mt. Hope for interment."                  with costumed actors at the gravesites of Susan     There are several flower beds, mostly in the
                                                   B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass. Betty            north gatehouse area, that are planted and
It is interesting to contrast that epitaph from    Miller was Susan B., and Ronald Guedone was         maintained by volunteers. In 1987, these vol-
167 years ago to one dating to 1984 and 2001       Frederick Douglass. But, by then, rain began to     unteers included John Pearsall, Jack and
for Robert L. (Bob) McGowan (1920-1984)            fall, and umbrellas sprouted                        Letitia McKinney, Bob and Sally Tompkins,
and Grace L. Waste McGowan (1922-2001).            over the crowded landscape.                         Ed and Mary Olinger, Susan Maney, Gert
Orwen, David Galli, Ed
Rosenberg, and the University                                                                              Section G. Papotti's St. John sits writing the
Garden Club. Many of them                                                                           es     book of Revelation while an eagle is posi-
are still doing it today. It was

fountain soon
                                                                                       creative contri-

The attention given to the
cemetery grounds by the            ~
Friends definitely enhanced        :

of 1986, it was reported that
over 2,000 people attended the
Sunday and special tours.

In 1985, Carol Riesenberger                 Bob Hoepjl and Ed Ollnger in
and I spearheaded an interest-             foreground prepare the soil for              butions by Ann
ing publication project. It was    a'       the fountain garden
                                                                                        Baker, Fran               The ~'ood-and-glass cover over the
                                                                                                                    Ellwanger monument kept the
an 8 112 by 11, spiral-bound,                                                           Coleman, Laurel
20-page book called                                                                   , Gabel, Richard          sculpture inside obscured.for decades.
                                                                                      ' Reisem. Carol
                                                        Riesenberger, and Shirley Stephens. Together       tioned at his left side. St. John is the patron
                                                        we contrived an inventive, entertaining, and       saint of writers. The inscription on the base
                                                        educational way for children to learn about        reads, "I heard a voice from heaven ..."
                                                        Mount Hope and quite a few other things as
                                                        well. It was a particularly popular book, and at   Practically since the founding of the Friends,
                                                        $1 each, it quickly sold                           there have been, in addition to regular Sunday
                                                        out. (A sample page is reproduced here.)           tours, special tours addressing a variety of sub-
                                                                                                           jects. Two of them from earlier years stand out.
                                                        On a hot July 1987 afternoon, the wood-and-        W. Stephen Thomas, director emeritus of the
                                                        glass cover over the George Ellwanger monu-        Rochester Museum and Science Center and
                                                        ment was permanently removed unveiling a           Friends trustee, led a special two-hour tour for
                                                        marvelous 1874 marble sculpture of St. John.        approximately 50 people on April 29, 1990.
                                                        For more years than anyone can remember,
                                                        this wooden structure largely obscured the fine
                                                        marble sculpture underneath. The cover had
                                                        deteriorated to the point of being hazardous.
                                                        Since there were no relatives in this area to          rrtn~ruzeuqunr.rc,rly by 1he Friends c7fMolir11
                                                        repair it, the cover was dismantled. The cost of               Hope Cemeten:Rochestec
                                                        the removal was paid for by the Friends of                 New York 14620, a n               nrher
                                                        Mount Hope Cemetery. Originally, the cover                     orgcmi,-ationfourlded rn                 IYN
                                                        was used for winter protection. Every spring,             B 2005 Thls Friends of Mount Hope Ce!
                                                        Ellwanger-Bany nursery staff, who had the                        Ric hnrd 0. Rei sern, Editor
                                                        appropriate equipment to handle it, removed                       I.
                                                                                                                               "   P:ll-,..;..        DL,.*,~-%--     '11-1

                                                        the cover for the summer months. Finally, one                  Don                            Art Directc)r
                                                        spring long ago, the cover's summer removal               Lucille M                                      :isrunt
                                                                                                                                                     ?d;torial ASA
                                                        was overlooked, and so it had remained over             - .                                  . . , "all 1.585)
                                                                                                                                                          -5- ,
                                                                                                                                                                     ,   ,
                                                        the sculpture ever since. Removal of the cover
                                                                                                                461-34945hr n p e e pol zker guide rr) Morrnr
                                                        unveiled an enormous, handsome, marble stat-
                                                                                                                Hope Cernetery arid n n'ternbership ul~plica-
I                                                   I
                                                        ue of St. John the Divine with the sculptor's
                                                        inscription: "N. Cantalamessa Papotti, Roma,            .:-..c,,
                                                                                                                      ,,  ,\.",,l,.rF,I ,n,l ;..Tamrm ive tveh

    The Florentine fountain garden in full bloom.       1874." Papotti was a highly respected Italian
            Photo by Frank A. Gillespie.                sculptor, and his works are represented in such
                                                        distinguished places as the Vatican. Mt. Hope
The tour. "Famous Families of' Rochester."               t

took the group from the old section into the                                            THE PIGPEN CIPHER (SECRET CODE)
new section of the cemetery. Some of the
graves included in thetour were those of
                                                         I   This secret code, called the Pigpen Cipher, was used to pass along secret
                                                             Information during the Civil War. The key to understanding the code is shown below.

                                                             I t isn't a s difficult as it looks. Try it.   k   4   ,k
                                                             Now, write your name using this secret code.

                                                             You can use the secret code to discover the name of a famous inventor who Is
                                                             buried In Mount Hope Cemetery. The tombstone of this man says that he invented
                                                             the automobile. His stone has an imaae of his first "
                                                                                                                 aasoiine automobile.                     I
           dismantle the deteriorating cover
        over the Ellwanger monument.


k       .,
1      C

                                                        I Here is his name in the secret code:

                                                        I Write his name:

                                                        Lillian Wald (1867-                                                      empire; Alexander
                                                        1940), founder of the                                                    Millener (1 762-1865),
                                                        U.S. Visiting Nurse                                                      General George
                                                        Service; Clara Louise                                                    Washington's drum-
                                                        (Clayla) Ward (1889-                                                     mer boy who led
                                                        1973), Rochester's                                                       American troops into
                                                        grande dame and love                                                     Revolutionary War
                                                        interest of George                  -                                    battles; and the
                                                        Eastman; Jacob Myers                                                     Reverend Rob Roy
                                                                                                      - --
                                                        (1 841-1920). inventor of ,                                              Converse (1 844-
                                                        ;he first voting machine;                                                1915), who, with five
                                                        Rufus Sibley (1841-                                                      university degrees,
                                                        1928), partner in one of                                                 became professor of
                                                        the great department                                                     psychology at Hobart
    Afier the d~smantllng, heaut$~llsculpture
                           the                          stores of America, Sibley,                                               College and rector of
     of St. John by the famous sculptor, Nicola         Lindsay & Cum                                                            St. Luke's Episcopal
        Cantalarnessa Papotti, was revealed.            Company (Sibley's);                                                      Church from 1897
             Photo by Frank A. Gillespie.               ~~~~kGannett (1876-         Ale-xander Mlllener's cemetery monument 1s   until his death.
                                                        1957), founder of the          made of zlnc, called "White Bronze."
                                                        Gannett publishing                 Photo by FrankA. Gillespie.           The second special
          rred on April 28, 1991 and was pre-        by the Confederates; and Hiram Sibley (1807-         suggested, "Well, we could publish a book."
sented by Dick Brown, president of the               1888). who founded Western Union Telegaph            That book became the large-format, hardbound
Friends. About 70 people attended a new Civil        Company that played a critical role in Civil         volume. Molrnr Hope: Altrc~ricnSFirst
War tour created by Dick Brown. Among many           War communications.                                  M~micipal   Victorian Certrc>tery.It is now in its
interesting discoveries, he verified that at least                                                        third printing. having sold out its first printing
nine Civil War generals are buried in Mount          In the spring of 199 1, Frank A. Gillespie.          in less than a year.
Hope Cemetery. and he led the group to all of        whom I knew from business relations when we
                                                              were fellow employees at Eastman           In 1993, the Friends of Mount Hope Cemetery
                                                              Kodak. approached me with a ques-          received a unique donation: a beautiful stalned-
                                                              tion. "I just bought a new lens for my     glass window that had been part of the William

  Drck B~onw Cr\trl War-tour inclzrded the
   grn\.esrte of Frederrck Dorr~loss,I . I , / I ~
 advised President Abmhorn Lirrcoln otr the
    nzan~tnrissiorlof ~ln,vr;y Anlericc.~.
        Photo I?)] Frank A. Gillespie.

                                                                        camera," he said. "and I am      G. Stuhcr rn:~usoleurn.It was damaged by van-
                                                                        looking for some suitahlc        d:tlism. with almost half of its stained glass
                                                                        sites of still object5 where I   hroken. The window was ol'fered to our organi-
                                                                        can tcst it. Do you have any     zation by Mr. and Mrs. Merritt A. Cleveland.
                                                                        suggestions'?' l introduced      Mrs. Clcvcland was a descendant of Stuber.
                                                                        Frank to Mount Hope              Thc Fricncls comlnissioned Pike Stained Glass
                                                                        Cemetery, a place where I        to restore the window and Ron Kniffen of
                                                                        could attest to the fact that    I.lniSet Corporation to construct a lightbox to
                                                                        most of the objects there        display it. The completed window was mount-
                                                                        were imnlobile. He proceed-      ed on a wall in the gatehouse, and an unveiling
                                                                        ed to take a few photographs,    reception was held to thank the Clevelands for
                                                                        which, as he enthusiastically    graciously funding the cost of repair and the
   Eric Logan, Friends president, and Anne           continued, became more than 80 outstanding          lightbox. William G. Stuber (1864-1959) was
 Kingston, Friends secretary, review the book        black-and-white images. He arranged to dis-         Gcoge Eastman's great c~nulsion      maker and
            that was created from                    play 52 of these cemetery photographs in I h-       third president of Kodak.
 Frank Gillespie's photo show at Link Gallery.       by-20-inch format at the Link Gallery in City
         Photo by Frank A. Gillespie.                Hall, and the Friends of Mount Hope                 I cannot resist telling a great story about
                                                     Cemetery staged a champagne reception for           Stuber. In the early days of photography, film
                                                     the opening of the show on July 12, 199 1.          emulsion-making was more of an art than a
them. The tour also visited the gravesites of        Over 200 people attended the reception, and,        science, and many emulsion batches failed for
other Civil War officers, enlisted men, and          in the excitement of the stimulating photo-         no apparent reason. Stuber encountered such a
civilians, such as Frederick Douglass (1 818-        graphic display, they devoured the delicious        situation when for more than a month none of
 1895), founder of the civil rights movement in      hors d'oeuvres and drank an enormous quanti-        this efforts produced a satisfactory emulsion.
America; Freeman Clarke (1809-1887). the             ty of champagne. The show became a huge             Late one night. Stuber, in deep frustration and
U.S. Comptroller of the Currency during the          Link Gallery success, and when it closed on         desperation or perhaps for luck, peed into his
Civil War; Alfred Ely (18 15-1892), U.S. con-        August 12, Frank said to me, "Well, now             latest emulsion batch. When he tested it, he
gressman from Rochester who was captured at          what? It seems very sad to take these photos        was shocked to find it alive. that is, particular-
the Battle of Bull Run in 1861and imprisoned         down and just put them away in storage." I          ly sensitive to light. He noted that he had eaten
 haps the cahhage provided a secret ingrc~iient       one of the largest house and garden tours ever
 for lively film emulsions. Later. science            offered in Rochester.
 revealed that Stuher's secret ingredient. present
 in cabbage. ivas sulfur and. thereafter. its                             ~              G. Brown
                                                      0 1 1 D e c e ~ n h 6.r 1991. Richard
 source did not require corned beef and cabbage       (  1978-19W )--a trustee of the Friends of            FRIENDS OF MT. HOPE
 for dinner.                                           Moi~ntHope Cemetery. former president for            TRAVEL TO BUFFALO
                                                       tijur years. tour guide. and Civil War
 On October 17. 1997. W. Stephen Thomas                cspcrt-died after a year-long illness. Dick          by Don Holl
 conducted another of his special tours. This          joined the Friends shortly after its inception       photos by David Hoffend
 one was ahout inventors buried in Mount Hope and made countless contributions to the organi-
 Cemetery. The tour                                                               zation and its goals.     Many of the trustees of the Friends of Mt.
 visited the gravesites                                                           He established an         Hope, their spouses, and a few invited guests
 of ten inventors and                                                             especially productive     took their first-ever group field trip to visit the
 their inventions.                                                                cooperative working       Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo. The trip to
 Some of their inven-                                                             relationship with the     one of America's most beautiful cemeteries
 tions include the                                                                City of Rochester,        was inspired by trustee (and Epitaph editor)
 streetcar transfer tick-                                                         which supplied staff      Richard Reisem's latest book (his tenth) on
 et (J. Hany                                                                      expertise and finan-      Frank Lloyd Wright's "Blue Sky Mausoleum"
 Stedman), the fuzzy                                                              cia1 help for various     in Forest Lawn, which was completed in
 pipe cleaner (J. Harry                                                           restoration projects.     September, 2004.
 Stedman). the first                                                              Dick was a catalyst in
  voting machine                                                                  achieving the 1992        Wright designed the mausoleum in 1928 for
  (Jacob H. Myers). the                                                           repair of the gazebo,     Buffalo businessman Darwin Martin and his
  mail chute (James                                                               the exterior restora-     family, but by the time of Martin's death in
  Goold Cutler), the                                                              tion of the gatehouse,    1935, the family was out of money and the
  first gasoline automo-                                                          and later, its interior   mausoleum was never built. Earlier, Martin
 bile (George B.                                                                  renovation, even          had Wright design him a fine home, and in
  Selden), the steam-                                                             though he was by          1905 Martin and his family moved into one of
  engine governor used                                                            then battling his         the best examples of Wright's prairie style
  in ships, railroad                                                              debilitating illness.     homes.
  locomotives, and                                                                Besides being a regu-
  industrial operations                                                           lar Sunday tour guide,    The trustees showed interest in what Reisem
-,~uniusJudson), rub-                                                             he designed a popular     told them about Wright, Martin, the house and
  ber eyeglass frames                                                             Civil War tour and        the mausoleum, and so the idea for a chance to
  (John Jacob Bausch),                                                            conducted it twice to     see for ourselves was born. The trip was such a
  a fishing reel (Seth                                                            some of our largest       success that it will be repeated on Saturday,
  Green), the first curve                                                         tour attendance num-      October 8, 2005.
  ball in baseball                                                                hers up to that time.
  (Richard Willis), and                                                        I  Dick also acted as a       We will leave from the south gate of Mt. Hope
  the first machine gun                                                           liaison with other         Cemetery, 1133 Mount Hope Avenue opposite
  (Dr. Josephus Requa). .    :      .                                             community oganiza-         the Distillery Restaurant at 8 2 0 a.m. in our
  In his book, Notable                                                            tions in planning joint    own video-equipped, motor coach. Our first
  Men of Rochestel;          This monument memorializes Seth Green, who activities concerning                stop will be at the Darwin Martin House,
  published in 1902,           invented the$sh hatchery as well as the$sh-        the cemetery. He was       where we will have a tour of the home, as well
  George Bragdon lists             ing reel. Photo by Frank A. Gillespie.         an inspiring president     as a chance to see the adjacent Wright-
   127 names of inven-                                                            of our organization        designed George Barton house. The Martin
  tors and notes that                                                             for four years,            House is in the midst of major restoration and
  "Rochester furnished                                                            enlivening board           reconstruction. After our tour, we will drive by
  a larger number of valuable inventions in pro-        meetings with his humor and wit. When volun-         two other Wright-designed homes in the neigh-
  portion to its population than any other city in      teers were needed, he was the first to pitch in,     borhood, then go to Cole's Restaurant on
  the world."                                           whether it was sweeping the floor, cleaning the      Elmwood Avenue for lunch. Cole's opened in
                                                        storage room, or planning a new project.              1934, and the original part of the restaurant has
  On Saturday, June 12 and Sunday, June 13,             Several years before his death, he purchased a       changed little since that time. In the afternoon,
   1993, the Friends of Mount Hope Cemetery             cemetery lot in Section C right along Indian         we will go to Forest Lawn Cemetery where
   and the Landmark Society joined to stage a           Trail Avenue where Sunday cemetery tours             Reisem will conduct a buslwalking tour, end-
  major house and garden tour on Mount Hope             pass. He announced, "You will all see my             ing with the Blue Sky Mausoleum. We will
  Avenue. The Friends opened the gatehouse at           gravesite on every Sunday tour."                     return to Rochester at 5:30 p.m.
   the north entrance and conducted short, 30-
   minute cemetery tours. It was an opportunity         (The final chapter of this four-part series, "The    The cost for all of this, plus several (pleasant)
   for the more than 2,500 tourgoers to visit the       1995-2005 Decade," will appear in the next           surprises, is only $49 per person. If you wish
   gravesites of Susan B. Anthony, Hiram Sibley,        issue [Fall] of the Epitaph.)                        to join us for this fall field trip please send:
   Margaret Woodbury Strong, George B. Selden,
   and some of the more spectacular funerary                                                                 1. payment of $49 per person, with checks
   sculptures. There were 13 mansions and mid-                                                               made out to Friends of Mt. Hope Cemetery,
  us to buffalo'^ 100-yeor-old Dnnc3lrl
   Marf~n  House, one of the hest and
largest of Frank Lloyd Wrighr's Prairie

2. a self-addressed, stamped envelope,
3. your name, address, telephone num-
ber and e-mail mail address (if any) on
a separate piece of paper.

Mail to:                                                            The Mtrrtir~Holtse i4.o~built it1 190.5 cmd 1.s now. in the process
Friends of Mt. Hope Cemetery                                                                      and
                                                                               of 17iajorreno~v~rio~i recoizsmtction.
1133 Mount Hope Avenue
Rochester. New York 14620-2752.

In order to enjoy the trip fully, you will need
to be able to walk over uneven terrain in
Forest Lawn Cemetery, and be able to walk a
half block on sidewalks, to our lunch at Cole's.

If needed, complete refunds will be available
through September 24. After that, refunds will
be made only if the space can be filled by
those on a waiting list. If you do not receive a
refund, your fee can be considered a tax-free
contribution to the Friends of Mt. Hope

If you have questions about this trip, please
contact tour manager and trustee, Don Hall,
585-461-3799, or by e-mail:

More information on the Internet at:

http://www.fomh. era/

Forest Lawn Cemetery began in 1849 and has
152,000 permanent residents buried on 269
                                                    The composite photograph shows two styles of art-glass windows created by Frank Lloyd Wright
acres. Mt. Hope, America's first municipal
                                                   for the Darwin Martin House in Buffalo. On the lefr is the "Wisteria" design. The "Tree of Life"
cemetery, was founded in 1838, covers 196
                                                     design on the right contains more than 700 individual pieces of glass. All of Wright's art-glass
acres, and contains over 350,000 graves. Both
                                                     windows for the Martin House were manufactured by the Linden Glass Company in Chicago.
cemeteries have 14 miles of roads.
      BOX LUNCH ORDER FORM                                                  I
 I                                                                          I            10:OO a.m.:
 I                                                                          I
      Name:                                                                 I              Short tours of the cemetery's historic highlights every half hour.
                                                                            I              Costumed actors talk about the historic figures they represent.
 I                                                                          I
      All lunches are $7.50 and include sandwich, salad, dessert, and                      Demonstrations of raising fallen tombstones with the Egyptian tri-
      soda or bottled water.                                                               pod method.
                                                                                           Participate in a fascinating scavenger hunt with a prize for every
          Baked Ham & Swiss on Rye-                                                        winner.
      * Shaved Turkey Breast on Natural Wheat-                                             Tour the gatehouse and see a new exhibit of cemetery photos by
                                                                                           Frank Gillespie.

      * Stacked Roast Beef on Kaiser Roll-
          Double Decker Cheese on Natural Wheat w/Alfalfa Sprouts-
                                                                                           Staff members, using new computerized records, will locate the
                                                                                           gravesites of your friends and relatives.
I    Make checks payable to Friends ofMr. Hope.                             I             Visit tent displays and merchandise by Friends of Mount Hope
I    Cut out form and mail with your check by September 9 to:               I             Cemetery, Rochester Cemeteries Heritage Foundation. Historic
I                                                                           I             Brighton, Landmark Society, Rochester Historical Society, and
I    Friends of Mt. Hope Cemetery                                           I
1    1133 Mt. Hope Avenue                                                   I             Susan B. Anthony House.
     Rochester, NY 14620                                                    I             Take a carriage ride on the winding roads of the cemetery.
                                                                            I             Watch a parade of historic, horse-drawn carriages.
                                                                                          Study a photo display of adopted plots in Mt. Hope and guess the

                                                                                         11:30 a.m.:
JOIN US FOR A GALA VICTORIAN PICNIC                                                       Lunch on the great lawn by the 1875 Florentine fountain. Bring
                                                                                          your own picnic basket or order a delicious box lunch provided by
 On Saturday, September 17, 2005, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the Friends                     Classy Cookie & Deli. (See order form.)
of Mount Hope Cemetery, in collaboration with Rochester Cemeteries
Heritage Foundation, Historic Brighton, Landmark Society. Rochester                      1:00 p.m.:
Historical Society, and Susan B. Anthony House, will stage a grand                        Ringing of the great bell in the gatehouse tower announcing the
Victorian picnic in the north entrance area of Mount Hope Cemetery.                       program and entertainment.
You are invited to join the picnic and help us celebrate 25 years afoul.                  Program of distinguished speakers, Famous historic figures,
organization, the Friends of Mount Hope Cemetery (1980-2005). The                         singers. and musicians.
event is free and open to the public, just bring a picnic lunch or buy ;I                 Adopt-a-Plot awards.
box lunch (see order form).

                                                          M I S S I OIN STA
                           The pulrpose of the Friends of Mlount I.                         nize th
                                                             - - -                                ,
                           merery's potential as a cultural resource rnrougn eaucarron, preservarron,
                                                                        .       --   .

                                 md prc              lount I       :emeteryts unique heritag

            0s 1 'ON ?"ad
                                                                  OZ9PI AN 'XBLSEIH30tI
                                                                    'BAV BdOH L T EE I 1
                                              htIBLBKB3 BdOH 'LK 60 SCIN3IXd BHL

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