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					                                                 Blue Ridge Mountains Rotary Club,
                                                  Albemarle County, Virginia, USA

     Volume 7             Farmington Country Club             Wednesdays 7:15 a.m.         Charlottesville, VA           August1 18, 2004

                                      David Wyant
                         NFL Referee’s role beyond the play
         The August 5, 2004 Hook asked this of today’s speaker: What would people
  be surprised to know about you? I do not like to speak in public; so kudos to
  Speaker Chair John for getting him up in front of us today.

            “An NFL referee for 13 years, he just missed getting to officiate the most recent
  Super Bowl, but he did attend the championship game in Boston; and he doesn't limit
  his reffing to the NFL.

          While he no longer umpires baseball games, he still does lacrosse and basketball matches. He says basketball is
  the hardest game to officiate.”

           Officially retired after a 30-year career as an engineer with VDOT, Wyant is a busy retired person; between his
  refereeing jobs, his position as an Albemarle County Supervisor, operating a consulting business and operating Wyant’s
  Store in Whitehall.

  “Most embarrassing moment? In my first officiating assignment at a high school football game, my backside became
  exposed because the only knickers I could find in Charlottesville were 10 sizes bigger than I wore and did not have belt
  loops in the back. “ Can’t wait to hear his tales on Bryan & Larry!!

                         SPEAKERS’ BUREAU                                                        We also welcome today
                                                                                       Virginia’s Attorney General Jerry
  8/25     Jim Haden, CEO, Martha Jefferson Hospital
           The move to Pantops & what MJH must address in the
                                                                                                 “The Office of the Attorney
           future                                                                      General is one of Virginia’s largest law
                                                                                       firms. It has only one client – Virginia’s
  09/01 Holly Maillet, Botanical Artist                                                state government and the citizens who
        Freelance Botanical Illustration and Greeting Card Design                      empower that government
                                                                                                 The office of Attorney General
  09/09 Chief Tim Longo, Chief of Police, City of                                      provides legal advice and
      Charlottesville                                                                  representation to the Governor and
        Focus, Roles and Expectations                                                  executive agencies, state boards and
                                                                                       institutions of higher education. The
  09/14   Tim Rose, CEO, UVA Foundation                                                advice commonly includes help with
        The operations, mission and vision for the Foundation and                      personnel issues, contracts,
       its relationship with the local community                                       purchasing, regulatory and real estate
  09/22 Al Weed, 5th Congressional District Candidate                                  matters and the review of proposed
        Speaker Chair: John Frizzell 245-0321 or

         We grew in numbers, in fellowship, in the spirit of helpfulness to each other and to our city. The banker and the baker,
the parson and the plumber, the lawyer and the laundryman discovered the similarity of each other's ambitions, problems,
successes and failures. We learned how much we had in common. We found joy in being of service to one another.”
                                             THE FIRST ROTARY CLUB
                 Old Friends came a’ calling last week when
             Eugene Williams, a former BRM Rotarian joined us
             for breakfast as well as Michael Fordham, one of our
             former (1987) Ambassadorial Scholars visiting
             bringing with him, what else, a copy of the Morning
                                                                                     I am a three digit number.
             Sun!                                                                   My tens digit is five more than
                       Dan Thornton won the 5 Raffle tickets                               my ones digit.
             courtesy of the 8/4 Puzzler, but Henry Weinschenk                      My hundreds digit is eight less
             won the small $51 pot and Mike Fitzgerald won the                           than my tens digit.
                                                                                         What number am I?
             chance to draw for the $1,006 pot BUT the Queen
             still lives.                                                               194
                       Generosity abounded as Bob Kahn won a
             putter and turned around and donated it to the
             Junior Achievement Golf Tournament and John
             Sanborn won the 2nd putter & donated it to our
             2005 Monte Carlo!!

    Jim Camblos, Commonwealth’s Attorney brought us up to date on the most
significant change in the law enacted in the most recent legislature being the automatic “gotta go” 10
days in jail for drivers caught driving drunk (.15) with a child in a car; 5 days with no minor in the car.
        Talking of our area’s fortunate nature with crime being predominantly in property and the low
incidence if murder Jim did address the issue of the crowed court system. While the city’s growth has
stayed right around 39,000 the county is now upwards of 90,000 people and Albemarle County will
ultimately have to address the need for additional court facilities.
        Jim spoke of one of the downsides of his job being “having” to accept some hard-to-swallow
plea agreements and to reassure the public “if you found it hard to swallow so did he!”
        Questions from the members to Jim elicited that those are not video cameras on tops of some
of the traffic light bars, but signal change electronics for emergency vehicles, and that “wiretap” is
where neither party knows they’re being recorded.
        As a repeat speaker and fellow Rotarian Jim was interesting and engaging as always.

                 Polar explorer Admiral Richard E. Byrd was a Rotarian; so too,
                 Neal Armstrong, Astronaut & 1 man to walk on the moon.
                 Check out 100 prominent Rotarians as well as reviewing the                     You are walking
                 Rotary Timeline leading up to February 23, 2005, Rotary’s 100
                                                                                             through a field, and
                                                                                            you find something to
         Explore some of Rotary International's most important milestones as it                        eat.
  grew from a four-man Chicago service club into a worldwide network of                     It doesn't have bones,
  volunteers working to promote peace and goodwill.                                           and it doesn't have
           Is the following statement true or false?                                        You pick it up and put
  "The first Rotary service project was a comfort station (public washroom) in                it into your pocket.
  Chicago."        Answer: True.                                                             You take it home and
   "While a public washroom may not seem very glamorous, it did fulfill a need,"
                                                                                            put it on a shelf, but 3
                                                                                              day's later it walks
                                                                                                   What is it?

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