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                                                                                       AUGUST 2004


Fighting Back with Food

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Prince Charles visits London’s
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Getting it Right for Patients
      with Dementia                                               22

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Well the role of National Chairman is certainly proving to be a busy one!

Since my last column I attended ‘The Health of the            Durham and Darlington Acute Hospitals NHS Trust and       came to visit Darlington Memorial Hospital and Ron
Nation in our Hands’ National Study Day, which was            concluded with an overview of the NHS Plan – Better       McKenzie and I gave her a tour of the CPU. Then we
hosted by the NACC, HCA and LACA. The event offered           Hospital Food Programme in England. There was a very      visited the wards to observe the food being served to
delegates the chance to discuss and debate a range            interesting presentation from Marcus Seidl, who           patients and the reporter got the opportunity to ask the
of issues relevant to all three Associations. Prior to the    previously worked in hospital catering and is now         patients what they thought of it – all good comments
event delegates were requested to submit the three            a catering consultant who gave a very informative
                                                                                                                        I’m pleased to say. We also got a really good write up
key issues facing them and the public sector in the           overview of hospital catering in Germany - we are
                                                                                                                        in the Radio Times magazine (see below).
year ahead. From their responses five key areas               now swapping lots of information. The visit to Poland
were debated:                                                 has certainly given me the opportunity to do a lot        On June 23rd I got the opportunity to attend my own

➨ Do you feel that public sector catering is essential        more networking.                                          Branch Meeting, which was kindly hosted by Howell-
    to the health of the nation?                              It was then on to London to undertake some media          Cumming’s and we had a very interesting presentation
                                                                                                                        on Controls Assurance (see next page stop press).
➨ Given the Government’s agenda on health, are                training, which was an experience! It was soon put to
    contracted services still the best option considering     good use with an interview with Healthcare Equipment      The Northern Branch presented me with a beautiful
    the mandatory requirements and need for                   and Supplies Magazine, followed by an interview with      bouquet of flowers and a gift which was a lovely surprise
    monitoring?                                               Radio 4 for the Food Programme. Their reporter actually   and very much appreciated.
➨ Would the delegates urge the Government to
    mandate on policies regarding the health of the
    nation agenda in the public sector?
➨ Do the delegates agree that the Government
    should have a more ‘joined up’ approach to the
    sustainability programme in light of conflicting
    EU directives and local procurement?
➨ Given the range of Government-led initiatives within
    the health of the nation agenda, is it not time the
    Government was asked to facilitate long term
    education and training to ensure a skilled workforce?
The remainder of the day saw speakers relevant to
all Associations talk on a series of matters including
obesity, salt, employing disabled staff and staff retention
and recruitment.
My next official duty was to attend an event, which
had been organised by PaSA, which outlined the
opportunities within the supply market that PaSA are
intending to pursue. To ensure that Members are kept
up to date with what PaSA are developing I have asked
Nigel Watson to provide an article in our Journal, which
you will find on page 20.
Next it was my visit to Warsaw, Poland to attend the
Food Business Forum. The first day considered trends
in the development of the food service market and the
second day considered catering - model business
solutions. My presentation outlined the dimensions
of hospital catering in England, an overview of the
production methods used to provide food to patients,
a more in-depth view of catering services at County

                                                                                                                                                    HOSPITAL CATERER          5
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On the 25th June I was then on my way to the North          and that NHS Estates is to be abolished. It has been           workforce and then looks at how we recruit, train,
West Branch Charity Summer Ball, - congratulations          stated that a small core of the estates team will be taken     manage and develop staff within one section or
to the Branch for organising such a splendid event!         back into the Department and that work on hospital             discipline. The pathfinder sites will be looking at
The Council Meeting took place on 30th June and I’m         food, cleanliness and safe hospital design will transfer       recruitment processes, skills gaps analysis and
pleased to say that a decision was made to go for a         to the National Patient’s Safety Agency. I’m sure lots of      training provision. The aim is to improve the delivery of
three-year contract with the option of an extra two years   Members will have felt the benefit of NHS Estates over         patient’s services through a skilled, motivated workforce.
with a 3rd party organiser for our National Conference.     the past few years and recognise their role in assisting       The 7 pathfinder sites are meeting on a six-weekly basis
Other business discussed included the Business Plan for     to raise the profile of catering in hospitals via the Better   to share their learning throughout the 12-month period,
2004/05, Administration Services, the work programme        Hospital Food Programme – let’s hope we don’t lose the         which will be concluded with a 3-month period of
                                                            momentum that has been gained. NHS Estates is of               evaluation by the NHS University. I will provide
for 2004/05 General Purposes Committee and VAT.
                                                            course far bigger than food and cleanliness and I              Members with more information on Developing
Council Representatives were requested to discuss with
                                                            personally recognise the expertise that exists within the      Capacity/National Occupational Standards in the
Branches the possibility of appointing an additional Vice
                                                            department. I for one have always felt reassured that I        next edition of the Journal.
President and to report back their views to the next
                                                            have been able to pick up the phone to discuss patient
Council Meeting.                                                                                                           On the 17th July I am visiting Reno, Nevada along with
                                                            environment issues with people such as Graham Jacob,
On July 2nd I was kindly invited by John Howells of                                                                        Neil Watson-Jones and Roger Kellow to attend the
                                                            Liz Jones, Ray Stephenson, Beverley Denton and Tim
Nestle to attend the Toque d’Or, which took place at the                                                                   Dietary Managers Association National Conference and
                                                            Litherland. Let’s hope that the service doesn’t lose all
Dorchester Hotel, London. It was good to see the                                                                           I will share our experience of that visit with you in our
                                                            that knowledge and expertise. The Association will be
excellent standards that the students had produced with                                                                    next Journal.
                                                            writing to the National Patient Safety Agency to seek
Carlisle College, winning fist prize. We had a lovely       clarification re the future of the BHF Programme and           That concludes my column and I hope you enjoy the rest
lunch, with some good company around the table.             PEAT etc. The National Officers will still be going ahead      of the Journal. If you have had or about to have your
It was back to London on 6th July to attend the 21st        with their quarterly meeting with NHS Estates for the          summer holidays I hope they were/are enjoyable - I know
Catey Awards, which was held at Grosvenor House and I       foreseeable future.                                            I am certainly ready for two-weeks in Tenerife, though
have to say that Caterer & Hotelkeeper certainly know       In my own Trust we have recently been named as one             when this Journal is published I’m sure it will be over
how to organise a very slick and impressive event.          of 7 pathfinder sites for Developing Capacity/National         and very much a distant memory!
I’m sure that most of you will have now heard that the      Occupational Standards. The one-year project starts            Alison McCree
review of the Arms’s Length Bodies has been concluded       with an audit of the whole of the estates and facilities       National Chairman

Stop Press
Controls Assurance on the Scrap Heap
The Hospital Caterer wanted its readers to be informed      ➨ NHS Management must ensure that food production              This announcement follows the new Standards for Better
that the existing NHS Controls Assurance regime was             and service complies with the requirements of              Health published at the end of July by the Secretary of
scrapped as of 1st August 2004. Some Members seem               current food safety legislation.                           State for Health and adds to the confusion being caused
not to have been directly informed of this development      ➨ Health Authorities must ensure that contracts with           by the disbanding of NHS Estates. Members are very
and HCA Chairman Alison McCree on hearing the news              provider units lay down the required standards of          keen to hear what will take over from Controls
told Hospital Caterer that, “Work associated with               food provision including hygiene.                          Assurance and seek reassurance that all the hard work
Controls Assurance was certainly time consuming but         ➨ Providers must ensure they adopt standards of good           over the years has not been in vain.
we could all see the benefits of it in our daily working        hygiene practice to conform to current food safety
                                                                                                                           The Health Care Standards Unit (HCSU) is developing
lives. We hope that the fact that the regime is no longer       legislation and that such standards are monitored.
                                                                                                                           what they have termed “Assurance Markers” which are
mandatory will not weaken the impact of the standards.      Sir Nigel Crisp, NHS Chief Executive, announced the
                                                                                                                           based upon the theoretical principles that underpinned
We do not want to lose ownership of this very important     demise of Controls Assurance saying, “The decision to
                                                                                                                           controls assurance and provide the same level of
work.”                                                      end the Controls Assurance Standards follows a
                                                                                                                           explanatory guidance but without the central reporting
                                                            Department of Health and Cabinet Office review. We
Contols Assurance covers 22 standards from Purchasing                                                                      requirements from the controls assurance standards.
                                                            listened to complaints from the NHS that the standards
and Supply to Fleet and Transport Management. The                                                                          HCSU will be seeking to develop “assurance markers”
                                                            had become too prescriptive and burdensome”
standards whilst creating a lot of work for Members                                                                        for all the standards for better health in conjunction with
                                                            “The bureaucratic tick box approach we currently have,
have certainly helped the NHS successfully embed good                                                                      advisory groups of NHS and other experts.
                                                            where managing the process can be disproportionately
risk management practice into its everyday work. As we                                                                     One of their primary aims will be to evaluate the impact
                                                            more important than managing risk, needs to end.”
all know good hygiene and food safety practices and                                                                        of the standards and are keen to establish expert user
                                                            “Rigorous checks and controls will remain in place but
informed staff are vital in the preparation, storage,                                                                      groups to ensure that the standards are useful and
                                                            the process will now be managed locally, by using the
distribution and service of food and the fact that the                                                                     relevant to improving quality in the NHS.
                                                            existing Assurance Framework. These changes will
requirements contained in the Controls Assurance            reduce the burden on frontline staff, continue the drive       For further information see their website
Standard were mandatory gave no room for                    to cut NHS bureaucracy whilst at the same time
complacency. The three fundamental requirements             strengthening good risk management practice across
captured in the standard were as follows:-                  the NHS”.                                                      Watch this space.

                                                                                                                                                          HOSPITAL CATERER         7
Branch News
   Central Branch
   From Michelle Clements

   Central Branch held their first meeting       there followed a lively debate including
   after Conference 2004 at Archery              matters such as the increase in
   House in Dartford Kent. The Branch            subscriptions, what would the new
   was still on a high after the success         National Chair bring to the HCA,
   of Conference in Brighton. The event          recruitment concerns within the HCA
   was sponsored by Falcon Catering              and how to highlight this. What sort of
   Equipment who gave a presentation             Conferences should occur and should
   of their new high tech deep fat fryer.        they be standardised ie venue, costs
   (If anyone is interested in finding out       etc. Should the HCA be represented
   more about this feel free to contact          and be holding sessions at other
   John Kennett at Falcon.)                      professional Conferences like the RCN
   The Branch was pleased to invite the          conference.
   new National Chair Alison McCree to           The Branch felt that it was very useful
   her first Branch visit since being in         to hear from the Chair and would
                                                                                            Alison at recent Central Branch Meeting
   post. The Branch had prepared a               welcome all National Officers to
   number of questions for Alison and            Central Branch Events.

   14th Sept 2004        Venue to be confirmed
                                                                                            Northern Branch
   12th Oct 2004         Brighton General
                                                                                            From Ron McKenzie
   9th Nov 2004          Carshalton College Dawsons Catering Equipment                      In June the Northern Branch were guests of Tom Cummings of Howell Cummings
   7th Dec 2004          AGM & Christmas extravaganza Eastbourne General Hospital           Commercial Catering Ltd. The venue was their showroom in Spennymoor near Durham.
   7th Jan 2005          Branch Ball                                                        The topic of the Branch Meeting was Controls Assurance which was presented by
                                                                                            Malcolm Aiston who is Head of Estates for Newcastle, North Tyneside and
   If any one needs any more details or contact please contact the branch committee:
                                                                                            Northumberland Mental Health NHS Trust. Following the meeting Susan Scroggins,
   Andrew Christodoulou - Branch Chair                 Branch Chairman, presented Alison McCree with a bouquet of flowers and a gift from
   Michelle Clements - Branch Secretary                       the Branch in recognition of her appointment as National Chairman. We were then
   Raymond Walsh - Branch Treasurer                               treated to an excellent lunch provided by our hosts followed by a demonstration of the
                                                                                            lastest Combi Oven from Rational. Thanks go to Tom Cummings for his kind hospitality.

Merseyside and North Wales Branch
From Carol Delves

The Branch have been busy lately and         a superb meal at the Three Streams             The meeting was chaired by Joy Ingram        without a HACCP system in place as well
have held two very successful social         Bistro located at the Village Inn in           - Branch Chairman. There were two            as the Thai enforcement agency.
events over the last couple of months.       Llanfairfechen where the chef/patron,          guest speakers - Julie Havery and Lyn        Julie has promised to attend next year’s
In June we spent a day walking in North      John Harrison, is an ex Member of the          Gee. MBC gave us an update on their          barbecue and report back on her visit.
Wales. The Members had a great day           Association. The day was sponsored by          work as Environmental Health Officers in
                                                                                                                                         So make a note in your diary - our
and yes believe it or not the sun did        Hobart.                                        Stockport. Julie Havery will be attending    provisional date is Thursday 7th July
shine! Following the walk we all enjoyed                                                    the World Health Organisation                2005.
                                             In July we had our annual joint Branch
                                                                                            Conference in Bangkok as part of her
                                             barbecue with the North West Branch
                                                                                            thesis - ‘Benchmarking in NHS Catering
                                             held again at Kitchequip’s offices in
                                                                                            with regard to HACCP’. She also works
                                             Southport, they also kindly sponsored the      with the Communicable Disease
                                             event. Friends from the Yorkshire Branch       Taskforce (Greater Manchester Zonal
                                             joined us and the total number in              Group) which has been formulating
                                             attendance was 60 people. The ‘hog             benchmarks with regards to Quality
                                             roast’ was well received by everyone and       Assurance documentation. As part of her
                                             was happily washed down with some              time in Bangkok Julie will be visiting
                                             liquid refreshment.                            hospitals in the city both with and

                                                                                                         Branch News
West Midlands Branch                                                                                                                   and his team did us proud by rigging up
                                                                                                                                       a big screen and some of the die-hards
From Carolyn Robinson                                                                                                                  stayed till the end - yes 10.45pm to be
                                                                                                                                       exact after watching the penalty shoot
Following a short Branch Meeting at          Despite not coming away millionaires, we                                                  out. Although England didn’t win, we had
Solihull Hospital in April about 16 of       all had a great time and thanks go to                                                     an excellent evening and the food
the Members gathered at Hall Green           Burlodge for sponsoring the evening and                                                   cooked by the Hobart team was
Greyhound Track for an entertaining and      joining in the fun.                                                                       fabulous. Many thanks to Hilary for being
what everyone hoped to be, a lucrative       At the end of April, the Branch were                                                      the hostess which included dishwashing
night out. Sitting at track-side seats and                                               Sarah and Johnson Diversey for
                                             fortunate to have a good contingent at                                                    of course. So be aware we’ve put the
whilst tucking into a very nice meal, the                                                sponsoring the meeting.
                                             the Brighton Conference and would like                                                    event in the diary for next year – make a
West Midlands Members gambled the            to thank the Central Branch for             In June Branch Members met at Hobart          note of that please David!!
night away                                   organising another successful event.        UK in Birmingham for a Branch Meeting
                                                                                                                                       Last but certainly not least the West
By the end of the night as we should                                                     followed by a Summer Barbecue. The
                                             Our Branch meeting in May was held at                                                     Midlands Branch will be holding its
have expected most of us were out of                                                     meeting was well attended and in
                                             the Alexandra Hospital, Redditch hosted                                                   Annual Dinner Dance on Saturday 9th
pocket although Shirley Payne one of                                                     addition to the business part of the
                                             by our past National Chairman, Neil                                                       October, 2004 at the Hanover
our retired members had a lucky win a                                                    meeting discussion again included
                                             Watson-Jones – no rest for the wicked                                                     International Hotel, Hinckley,
few races from the end which enabled                                                     Agenda for Change (a very popular topic
                                             or so they say. Again it was great to see                                                 Leicestershire. Invitations are open to all
her to recoup her losses plus some.          such a good turnout. The meeting            at the moment), Standards for Better
                                                                                                                                       Members and guests. The Dinner is very
So at least someone went home on a                                                       Health and the Paul Schwartz Award.
                                             included a discussion on Agenda for                                                       reasonable at £15 and excellent rates
winning streak. Happily we were able to                                                  Following the meeting David Grundy
                                             Change and progress within the West                                                       have been negotiated with the hotel for
catch the winning moment for posterity!                                                  provided an excellent presentation on
                                             Midlands Region. Not surprisingly                                                         overnight stays. Any Member interested
                                             progress appears to vary from Trust to      behalf of Hobart UK to bring Members up       should contact Lee Nash, Branch
                                             Trust with different Members having         to date on all of the company’s new and       Secretary on 0121 507 4077 or
                                             different levels of involvement in          exciting times ahead.                or visit the HCA
                                             the process.                                What a night to pick for the meeting          website, (West
                                             The meeting was followed by a short         though, the night of the quarter-final of     Midlands Branch) for a booking form for
                                             presentation from Sarah Harman of           Euro 2004, ie THE match between               the dinner. Bookings for overnight stay
                                             Johnson Diversey who showed us some         England and Portugal. However, not            should be made direct with the Hotel
                                             interesting new products. Thanks to         wishing Members to miss out Mr Grundy         quoting the event.

Oxford Branch
From Craig Smith

As we reported in the last issue of          Being our June meeting, we had              Smith and Dave Grundy could have been         Whittingham, one of our bevy of
Hospital Caterer the Branch visited St       expected the sun to be blasting through     washed away and never seen again!             dietitians has moved from the Luton and
Edmunds College, Oxford for our June         the stained glass and had planned to        Perhaps we’ll have better luck next year.     Dunstable to Bart’s. We wish them all
meeting. The mediaeval hall was an ideal     spend a pleasant evening punting down                                                     well in their new roles.
                                                                                         Instead we spent the evening in a local
setting for the meeting with the Branch      the river. However, the British summer
                                                                                         hostelry, where Ian Phillip entertained (!)   Congratulations also go to Tony Butler,
Committee sitting at the High Table and      fooled us and there was such a high
the Jester – the Branch’s Vice Chair,        wind blowing that we feared for the         everyone with his reminisces of life as a     one of our Associate Members, who is
sitting in the corner.                       safety of some of the Members. Jackie       Caterer in Oxford.                            celebrating the arrival of a new baby

                                                                                         Since Conference we have seen a               daughter, Ava.

                                                                                         number of our Branch change                   Although we are still awaiting the real
                                                                                         employers. Sandra Robinson, our Past          onset of summer, we have been busy
                                                                                         Chair has left her role in Catering and is    putting our plans together for next year;
                                                                                         looking forward to returning to college.      the calendar will go to all our Members
                                                                                         Our erstwhile Council Representative, Ian     for approval when we descend on
                                                                                         Robinson, will be leaving NHS Estates to      Kettering later this month.
                                                                                         take up a post in Salisbury (although we      We wish all our colleagues in the
                                                                                         hope to retain his membership within our      Association an enjoyable summer, and if
                                                                                         Branch - so hands off Wessex). Sarah          you are going away, safe journeys.

                                                                                                                                                    HOSPITAL CATERER           9
Branch News
North West Branch
From Pam Stansfield

Following on from the golf competition, a    The evening was arranged to raise              children and her vocation now to help        managed to embarrass one or two
Charity Summer Ball was held at Park         money for the Rainbow Trust - a North          other such children.                         people (ask Sarah Sharpe from Burlodge
Hall, Charnock Richard. The evening was                                                     A grand total of £1,400 was raised           about it when you next see her) and then
                                             West Charity set up to raise money to
fully subscribed with 130 people                                                            during the evening for the charity.          straight into a Dutch Auction, well run
                                             support children with learning difficulties.
attending. A drinks reception was held at                                                   During the meal a raffle was held. This      incidentally by Paul Riley (organiser of
7pm prior to a prompt start for the five     Joanne Mawdsley, founder of the Trust,         was followed by a comedian, Lenny            the event), caused us to dig even deeper
course dinner which was excellent.           spoke movingly of her two disabled             Anderson, who was excellent and              into our pockets.
                                                                                                                                         A presentation was also made by the
                                                                                                                                         Branch to Ahmed Jama as he retired
                                                                                                                                         from his post as Assistant Director of
                                                                                                                                         Facilities at Preston, this month.
                                                                                                                                         This was followed by dancing and the
                                                                                                                                         odd drink or two in the bar for the
                                                                                                                                         stragglers who wouldn’t go to bed.
                                                                                                                                         Thanks must go to all the companies
                                                                                                                                         who sponsored the event, either by
                                                                                                                                         buying tickets or providing prizes for
                                                                                                                                         the raffle. Judging by the success, the
                                                                                                                                         event will have to be an annual one
                                                                                                                                         from now on.
                                                                                                                                         Sorry Paul, but I think you are a victim of
                                                                                                                                         your own success and will have to
                                                                                            Ahmed Jama who retired recently              organise it again next year!

West of England Branch
From Stuart Kermack

Anne Shore Made Honorary Member
The West of England would like to            and catering experience Anne was               She became a Council Officer for the first
congratulate HCA Vice President Anne         appointed Assistant Catering Officer at        time in 1974 and was National Chair in
Shore on being made an Honorary              Scunthorpe War Memorial Hospital. From         1978, the first female to hold the post.
Member of the Association at the 2004        there she went to Luton and Dunstable          She also held the post of National
AGM at Conference in Brighton.               as Catering Officer and then on to             Treasurer from 1990-1994 and again
Anne was born Anne Elliot in Yorkshire       Plymouth Hospital also as Catering             from 1997-1999. In 1982 Anne was
and the profession and Association alike     Officer. Anne then moved to Ham Green          Chair of the Conference Committee when
are lucky to have Anne as a member           Hospital in Bristol in 1962 and stayed         Conference was held in Bristol and in
because as a young girl her original                                                                                                     Anne with other Branch Members at Conference
                                             there until her retirement and the closure     1997 was Treasurer for Conference
career choice was nursing. Fortunately
                                             of the hospital in 1993, having devoted        when it was back in Bristol. Anne has
for NHS Catering she was dissuaded                                                                                                       international organisation for women of
                                             44 years to the NHS.                           held the post of Vice President since
from this course by her mother who                                                                                                       which Anne is an ex President.
                                             Anne met Gerry, her husband of many            1994.
encouraged her to train as a dietitian                                                                                                   The Branch along with the Association
instead. It was from this start that she     years, at a Branch Meeting in Bodmin           This is only a potted history of what Anne
                                                                                                                                         would like to thank her for all her
entered the world of hospital catering.      and they were married in 1963.                 has achieved over the years and does         leadership, guidance and hard work over
Anne began her catering training at          She joined the HCA in 1960 and                 not even touch on the wonderful work         the years. Anne you are a very honorable
Barnsley Technical college and was           attended her first Conference at               she has done for charity. Anne regular       Honorary Member. It has been a privilege
employed as a catering student as St         Dunblane Hydro in Scotland and has             volunteers for Abbeyfield Homes and is       to work with you and here’s to many
Lukes Hospital in Bradford. After training   not missed one since.                          an active member of the Soroptomists an      more years associating!

                                                                                                         Branch News
Wessex Branch
From Chris Lay

Friday May 21st found us gathered at        The meeting closed with some great           for a time of general networking (it’s          return to the Swanick/Burridge area
Andover War Memorial Hospital for what      networking and the opportunity to            good to talk to likeminded professionals        when we will have a tour by tractor of
we had hoped would be a Study Day on        discuss where we all were with               on issues of mutual concern) and a tour         Axton’s orchards and a chance to
the subject of writing business plans.      ‘Agenda For Change’. Thanks go to            of the facilities - isn’t it amazing how        talk/debate the issue of sustainability
“Events” appear to have dogged my           Marc for his hospitality.                    many quarts hospital caterers can fit into      with Mike Tiddy of PASA.
tenure as Chairman and initial              June 9th gave us the opportunity to visit    a pint pot?                                     Further ahead (but it’ll be here before we
disappointment soon evaporated as a         Hobart’s manufaturing plant at               And what does the future                        know it) our Salon Culinaire will be on
rearranged schedule saw us have             Barnstaple. An early morning start was       have in store?                                  October 20th, hosted once again by
informative presentations from:-            well rewarded with a presentation on                                                         Southampton City College.
                                                                                         August 21st will see great merriment at
                                            how the Company is now structured and
                                                                                         Axton’s Barbecue - watch out for the            Please continue to support us - more
   1. Rod Goodyear of GVS                   the ability to see exactly where and how
                                                                                         photos. September 21st will see us              details below and also on the website.
      on their national                     any equipment we may purchase is
      vending contract.                     made. We were made to feel extremely
   2. Brian Crowther of                     welcome by everyone at the plant and           S                                          Hospital Caterers
      Oldfields (who provided               the ability to see all areas and stages of
      samples from                          the manufacturing process was a
                                                                                           A                                            Association
      themselves and                        valuable insight. Our thanks go to Nick        L                                           Wessex Branch
      Brambles to munch                     Kay for organising and Dave Collins for
      through as our meeting                all his facilitating on the day.
                                                                                                                                    Wednesday 20th October 2004
      continued).                           A dull and drizzly (somewhat of an             N
   3. Jane Oliver of Kraft                  understatement for those of you who
                                            were there) Thursday 8th July saw us
                                                                                                                            Entries are invited for this
      Foods who gave us a
                                            break new ground in Wessex with a              C                               prestigeous yearly competition
      fantastic insight into
                                                                                                                           held by the Wessex Branch of
      the complexities of                   Branch Meeting held at Salisbury District
                                            Hospital. The main purpose of our
                                                                                           U                              the HCA to promote the talent
      coffee tasting. Plenty of                                                                                          within hospital catering today
      spoons were used but                  afternoon meeting was a seminar from           L                             and indeed the talent of
                                            Steve Brooks of Accountants KPMG on
      no buckets or
                                            the subject of VAT recovery. Despite
                                                                                           I                            tomorrow. Show off your skills!
      spittoons. (If you want
      an interesting time at                relatively few of us from Wessex, we           N                                  If you are a past entrant,
                                            were delighted to welcome visiting HCA                                            then please enter again!
      one of your future
                                            colleagues from Surrey, London and
      Branch Meetings I’m                                                                                               If you have not entered before,
      sure they’d love to hear              Taunton who joined with us for a most          I                                then why not have a go?
      from you).                            informative time. After Steve’s seminar
                                            we decanted to the catering department
                                                                                           R                    ● Competition to be held at Southampton
                                                                                                                  City College of Further Education on
                                                                                           E                      Wednesday 20th October 2004
                                                                                                                ● Trade Exhibition
East of Scotland Branch                                                                    2
                                                                                                                ● Food demonstrations and talks
From Gary Adamson                                                                                                 throughout the afternoon
                                                                                           0                      GET YOUR ENTRY IN TODAY!
The East of Scotland Branch had its         members offered their services). As you
family fun day out at Perth Races on        can see from the attached photograph
                                                                                           0                         Please note the closing date:
Sunday 6th June. The weather was            a fun day was had by all.                      4                           Friday 1st October 2004
superb and a record crowd passed
                                                                                                          Entry forms can be downloaded from the
through the gates to study the form and                                                                  HCA website -
hopefully bag a few winners. Prior to the
                                                                                                                      or by contacting
race meeting starting, camel racing and
                                                                                                            Chris Lay, Hotel Services Manager,
ferret racing took place with camel
                                                                                                       St Anns Hospital, Haven Road, Canford Cliffs,
jockeys being chosen from the crowd! (I                                                                          Poole, Dorset BH13 7LN
don’t know whether any of the HCA

                                                                                                                                                     HOSPITAL CATERER          11
Branch News
Yorkshire Branch
From Catherine Hunter

I was all set for Conference 2004 and I     This was my first encounter with Dale
left home on Thursday morning on time       Ibbotson- later I heard him referred to as
(at 4.30am!) to catch the 5.00am train      James Bond.
from Leeds. I arrived in London to find,    So a good start to Conference then.
like many others, that the Thameslink
                                            Next up was Kate Harmond, an ex-nurse
trains had all been cancelled due to
                                            now manager who gave a very
flooding! So the train for Brighton would   entertaining presentation on the
now depart from London Bridge –             changing cultures of the NHS.
inconvenient but no real worries as the
                                            Lunchtime – chance to try and check
fare would be covered by my ticket.
                                            into my room which turned out to be
Finally I arrived in Brighton, hailed a     more of a suite. Had a whiz around the
taxi and arrived at the hotel at about      exhibition halls to find lunch was a
10.40am! Unfortunately later than           balancing act to eat standing up.
expected therefore missing the opening      Difficult to mingle with arms full of
of Conference and Lord Warner’s             bags, plates of food and a glass!
presentation.                               Andrew Isaac from Sodexho gave us
I entered the Conference room to see        an interesting presentation on Hospital
this rather dishy man with photos of        Catering in Europe. The presentation
mountaineering in the background            highlighted there were a number of
talking about 3D performance. It was        similar issues in Europe regarding the
revealed that he used to work with the      delivery of a quality service.
SAS and was used to interrogating           Day one was rounded up by the,
people. The message being delivered         ‘Your chance to ask session’.
was, “understand your objective – define    Questions were put to a panel
the path - achieve the goal”. All sounded   consisting of Kate Harmond, Paul Cryer,
very inspiring. God help the team when      Andrew Isaac, Jane Collins,
I get back – I thought!                     Forbes Mutch and Simon Williams.                      Yorkshire Branch Members - at Conference

                                                                                                                                                So after another fruitful trip round the

Northern Ireland Branch                                                                                                                         exhibition stands, it was back to my
                                                                                                                                                room for a mug of tea, feet up and a
From Ian McNally                                                                                                                                doze. It had been a long full day so far
                                                                                                                                                and the night was still ahead.
Daisy Hill Hospital, Newry, Northern
                                                                                                                                                I was all dressed up and it was time for
Ireland recently received the Eat Safe
                                                                                                                                                the President’s Dinner. However, as
Award for its Restaurant. The Eat Safe
                                                                                                                                                usual, I missed the pre-dinner drinks
Awards are an important project not only
for Northern Ireland, but also for the                                                                                                          because I dozed too long. I found my
Food Standards Agency across the UK.                                                                                                            table where I was pleased to see I was
                                                                                                                                                seated with Andrea from Yorkshire
Local District Councils present the
                                                                                                                                                Branch and a couple of other familiar
Award, and the scheme is run in
                                                                                                                                                faces. The company was pleasant and
conjunction with the Food Standards
                                                                                                                                                the food good, although the service to
Agency, Northern Ireland. The Eat Safe
                                                                                                                                                our table was a little erratic and a few
Certificate indicates premises where food
                                                                                                                                                people – including Andrea, appeared to
has been prepared in conditions that are
                                                                                                                                                be forgotten through most of the
above those required by current
Not all restaurants will achieve the Eat                                                                                                        The after dinner speeches, especially
Safe Award, but then again not all                                                                                                              Giles Brandreth, were entertaining and
                                            Ian McNally, Catering Manager/Advisor, Daisy Hill Hospital receives the Eat Safe Award for the
restaurants meet the stringent conditions                                                                                                       not too long. The formal proceedings
                                            Hospital’s Restaurant from Angela Smith, Minister with responsibility for Health, Social Services
required to achieve the Eat Safe Award.     and Public Safety and Councillor Henry Reilly, Newry and Mourne District Council Mayor.             went on until after midnight and after

                                                                                                        Branch News
                                                                                             West of Scotland Branch
                                                                                             From Janice Gillan

such an early start I sadly didn’t have       who use prepared meals and have                Members have been busy lately and in June we held a Presentation on Protected
the energy to carry on into the wee           smaller bed numbers.                           Mealtimes. This was done in conjunction with the RCN and NHS Estates. The
small hours. So rather than boogy on                                                         event was held on 16th June at Falkirk Royal Infirmary and was attended by
                                              I am pretty sure that patient satisfaction
down, I headed up to bed.                                                                    many different disciplines - Dietetics, Nursing, Support Services Managers,
                                              would increase but surely so would             Nutritional Care Assistants, Domestic Services, Catering and many more.
Friday started with a good breakfast and      costs. This is obviously a consideration       The presentation was undertaken by Ian Robinson and Caroline Lecko and
another fruitful trip around the exhibition   as Trusts have implemented all the BHF         was very thought provoking and resulted in 55 minutes of questions!
stands. There appeared to be general
                                              targets so far without additional funding.     Branch Members (together with some from the East of Scotland Branch) have
consensus around the hotel of how good
                                              Essence of Care and a presentation from        also got involved with the NHS Scotland Property & Environment Forum Executive.
the bacon sarnies were that were served                                                      It has three sub-groups one of which is called The Facilities Management
at 2.00am.                                    Jill Down led to the final presentation of
                                                                                             Advisory Board. This has formed 2 sub-groups one of which is centred on
                                              the Conference delivered by Tim Browne
Dale Ibbotson (aka James Bond) started                                                       catering. The group are looking at various topics including food waste,
                                              from Learnpurple.                              benchmarking, trading accounts, key performance indicators, etc. Any catering
off Day Two with his entertaining gusto
and got us all going. Dale introduced Tim     So Conference came to a close. The AGM         issues that come from the Health Department to the Forum Executive will be
                                              was shorter than I had expected which          directed to the Catering Sub-group.
Browne, Director of Coaching for
Learnpurple.                                  helped with my concentration levels.           Since the Study Day on Agenda For Change (held in March) the Unison Regional
                                                                                             Officer has met with Members to discuss concerns regarding the Job Profiles
Tim was a definite inspiration. He            The Branch Dinner lay ahead. A Branch
                                                                                             for some of the Catering Positions. Some Members have met with the Unison
introduced us to all different concepts       photo was organised – but guess who
                                                                                             representatives to discuss the Catering Manager profiles and if successful a
around recruitment and retention.             slept through that one!!
                                                                                             new grading will benefit Catering Managers profiles all over the UK.
Next presentation was from Mark Lever,        Another enjoyable meal was followed by         And don’t forget our annual Burns Supper/Study Day 2005, being held on Friday
Chief Executive for the WRVS. Mark            a disco and gambling.                          25th February 2005 back at The Marine Hotel in Troon, the host hotel for the
talked about the perception of his            So to the end of another exhausting day.       Open 2004.
organisation and highlighted all the
                                              It was up early for the journey home.
changes that have occurred within the
                                              During which I had time to reflect on
WRVS recently. His talk certainly showed
us the bigger picture as well as the size
                                              Conference as a whole and I felt it had
                                              been a really good experience –
                                                                                             Trent Branch
of the organisation.                                                                         From Ann Owen
                                              especially affording me the chance of
By this time I was dying of thirst but no     meeting colleagues both familiar and
                                                                                             In June Trent Branch held their          Bakery in Barnsley with a factory tour
break for coffee as yet!                      new. I gained introductions to companies
                                                                                             Branch Meeting at the Boston Pilgrim     and presentation in the offing.
A quick tour around healthcare facilities     whom I have since contacted and done           Hospital, the meeting was hosted by      We also were able to confirm details
and catering within France from a rather      business with as well as catching up with      Allan Gimson the Catering Manager        of the Trent Study Day being held on
nervous French lady took us into lunch,       known associates.                              and it started with a very interesting   the 15th September 2004. The
again another balancing act.                  I felt the presentations made for an           presentation by Gary Thompson from       Theme is “A Menu For Change” and
The after lunch session gave us Loyd                                                         Hot Bite who kindly sponsored the        the event is being Chaired by National
                                              interesting package. There was good
                                                                                             event. Hot Bite vending machines         Vice Chairman Graham Walker in the
Grossman and the BHF update.                  motivational stuff that is applicable to all
                                                                                             offer fresh, non-microwaved hot food,    morning and National Chairman Alison
I couldn’t help wondering what angle          areas – not just Hospital Catering. This
                                                                                             ie toasted sandwiches, paninis and       McCree in the afternoon. Alison is
was needed to keep the BHF initiative in      enabled the sharing of information to a        pizzas.                                  also giving a presentation on Basic
the limelight now that we had all             wider audience within my department
                                                                                             Two new Members were welcomed to         Care Networks. Other sessions
accommodated the majority of the              therefore making the Conference not only       the Branch, Hilary Garrison, Catering    include one on Agenda for Change
targets.                                      useful to myself and the catering              Manager at Scunthorpe General            and one on Sustainability. There is
Simon Williams from the Patient               department but to the facilities department    Hospital and Andrew Thompson,            also going to be a busy trade
Association delivered a presentation on       as a whole. So money well spent.               Catering Manager at the Royal            exhibition.
                                              I would like to take this opportunity to       Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield.       Please contact Ann Owen for further
patient satisfaction, and again made
mention of the hospitals who had piloted      thank the Yorkshire Branch for the half        We are all looking forward to a Branch   details of any of the above on
a la carte menus. It had been found by        sponsored place which I am sure                Social Evening in July when we are or
                                                                                             going bowling and out for dinner         by telephone on 0114 271 7090, also
these hospitals that waste is less as the     enabled me to attend, and I apologise
                                                                                             afterwards and our Meeting in            all information is on the Trent page of
choice increases. I can’t help wondering      that there were no juicy or scandalous
                                                                                             October when we are visiting Manor       the website –
about the practicalities for those of us      stories to report.

                                                                                                                                                  HOSPITAL CATERER         13
                                                                                             A Day in
                                                                                             the Life of
                                                                                             Graham Walker

Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Hospital Trust was
formed in April 1993 when it brought together
two of the country’s oldest and most famous
teaching hospitals.

The hospitals are situated 2 miles apart. Guy’s Hospital located in St Thomas Street         My Role is as General Manager Catering and Recreational Services I have responsibility
near London Bridge and St Thomas’ Hospital is located directly opposite the House of         for the three divisions within catering ie:-
Parliament on the South Bank of the Thames. On site we also have the Guy’s, Kings            1. Hospitality
and St Thomas Medical and Dental Schools which is one of the largest medical and
                                                                                             2. Patients, Staff and Visitor Catering
dental training establishments in the country.
                                                                                             3. Recreational Services
It is a three star Foundation Trust with 1,250 beds across two sites and 72 wards.
                                                                                             Recreational Services encompasses the management of two bars, two fitness studios
From the 1st July 2004 it was granted Foundation status. We also service the South
                                                                                             and a 25 metre swimming pool, plus various outdoor activities. I hold the enviable
London and Maudsley Mental Health Trust on each site.
                                                                                             positions of Club Secretary and Licensee of this Private Members Club!
As one of the largest Trusts in the NHS it has approximately 8,500 staff and income of
                                                                                             Not busy at all!
£580 million. Both hospitals are important to their local communities with over 70% of
                                                                                             I should start off by saying that my home is on the Cambridgeshire border and I drive
the patients coming from its immediate locality, it also provides very specialist care for
                                                                                             down to the Guy’s site where I reside Sunday to Thursday (the only advantage being
a wide range of clinical services to the wider UK population.
                                                                                             that I qualify for residency status for the London Congestion Charge). I have been a
As is the common story with most Trusts we are also presently undergoing some                part-time partner and husband to Jane for the last 12 years, I suppose it would be true
re-organisation both at directorate level eg Capital, Facilities and Estates and also        to say that I am married to my work!
within the Facilities department itself, however, at this stage Catering remains
unaffected by these changes.
We have a Quality Assurance Award know as Hospitality Assured which is industry
                                                                                                          Catch the bus from Guy’s to St Thomas’, arrive in the office 7.15 am,
specific and internationally recognised. It is externally audited annually and I am                       switch on computer, start to process e-mails whilst drinking a cup of tea.
pleased to say we have held this Award since 2001 with a very high score, all down                        Produce a quick agenda for the Thomas Guy Club Management Team
to good team work.                                                                                        Meeting to be held at 10.30 am in my office.

08.00                                                                          14.30
Meeting with Director of Nutrition and Dietetics discussing a whole range      Catch the staff bus to Guy’s for a meeting with my boss regarding Catering
of items from Nutrition Steering Group, Council of Europe Report, Puree        Services Financial Performance Review, as we are currently underspent
                                                                               the need for a thick book down the back of the trousers is not necessary!
Food Project, African Food Project, Dietetic Student Placements, Children’s
                                                                               We also use this opportunity to discuss service developments and current
Food Service Audits, Promotion Project, Evelina Children’s Hospital, Ward
                                                                               issues being discussed within the Better Hospital Food Panel.
Housekeeping Programme, Food Tasting Panel, Radio 4 Food Programme,
Dietetic Manual and finally Retail Bid for the Children’s Hospital.            16.30
We normally meet fortnightly and enjoy a very good working                     Meet with Corrinne Habbershaw, Catering Manager on Guy’s site, to catch
relationship with our dietetic colleagues.                                     up with some production issues and a pending disciplinary appeal. Don a
                                                                               white coat and hat and have a quick wander around the facility talking to
09.35                                                                          the staff. Sit down with Corrinne to review the new vending service
Return to PC and produce a draft project plan for the revision of the Puree    arrangements and to discuss feedback from customers.

Meal Service for patients to include provision for patient involvement.
                                                                               Give Amanda a quick ring to pick up messages and check to see if there
                                                                               are any alterations in tomorrow’s diary as one meeting has only been
Continue with e-mail - general responses to issues regarding bids for retail
                                                                               provisionally booked.
outlets in the new children’s hospital and the costs associated with
outfitting per square metre. We have come up with some novel design            17.00
concepts, the Surf Shack on Beach Level and The Blue Lagoon on Ocean           Meet with Terry Strange, Hospitality Manager, regarding minor works bid
Level both of which have straw thatched roofs. The rest of e-mails are all     for some refurbishment work in the Robens Suite and also to review
                                                                               budget income and costs. We are also planning a bid for a new retail
extremely important but of a general business routine nature.
                                                                               outlet for dental students on 24th Floor of Guy’s tower.

Meeting with Recreational Management Team; Fred, Sandra and Pat.
                                                                               Meet with Fred Lewis (Assistant Recreation Services Manager) at the
Items for discussion are promotional activities cross-site specifically a      Fitness Centre to do a walkabout inspection, also review the new
bar promotion which we are running in conjunction with Coors Brewery.          equipment sited in the gym, talk to a few club members and listen to
Progress update on the various refurbishment project eg the £60,000            their comments.
grant from the Flora Marathon, £20,000 for the redecoration of the
swimming pool environment, £20,000 on new gym equipment,
                                                                               Great Maze Restaurant – Coffee Lounge, attending a meeting of the
£10,000 on new therapy rooms provision. Also general discussion
                                                                               Thomas Guy Club General Purposes Committee to discuss finance,
regarding access arrangements and cash control procedures associated
                                                                               refurbishment, catering facilities, opening hours, membership etc.
with the newly installed computerised recreation management system             We also talk about the manager’s report and an unfortunate incident
know as Club Runner. Discuss the agenda for tonight’s General Purpose          where somebody had to be rescued from the pool by one of the life
Committee Meeting.                                                             guards. Thankfully the person was OK. Then move on to social events
                                                                               and the promotions calendar.
Catch up with Amanda regarding yesterday’s messages and review various         19.30
                                                                               Met with Terry Hope Head of Catering Services from Kings College, have
pieces of work which she has completed (Amanda is my long suffering PA,
                                                                               a quick beer and discuss items of mutual interest regards Hospitality
I think she likes me).
                                                                               Catering and Hygiene Inspections.

12.50                                                                          21.00
Meet Steve Dempsey - Site Production Manager to taste today’s                  I return to my little room at Guy’s and make myself something to eat.
production of patient’s meals. We test for presentation, flavour, seasoning,   Connect up my laptop to the network point and continue with the rest of
consistency, meat content and texture. This is carried out weekly by the       the day’s e-mails. Start to prepare the annual programme for the Greater
Production Manager, the Kitchen Manager and myself. Take this                  London Branch Meeting Schedule 2005 and other issues associated
opportunity to walk the job, wander around and talk to some of the team        with the London Conference of the HCIMA to be held in the Robens Suite.
                                                                               Still pulling in business even at this time of night.
including Gary my pastry chef who has over 40 years service.

                                                                               Stop work, watch a bit of telly, iron a few shirts, wash up, then go to bed
Return to the office with a sandwich to eat on the hoof, continue with
                                                                               around midnight. Need to be up early in the morning to catch a train from
e-mails and return telephone messages, check my to-do list, type second        Euston with Rick Wilson to attend a joint meeting of the HCA/BDA.
letter to Kate Hoey MP for Vauxhall regarding the arrangements for the
Greater London Branch Dinner to be held at the Houses of Parliament.           No rest for the wicked!

                                                                                                                                HOSPITAL CATERER       15
Fighting Back
with Food
Promoting Eating for
Health at Birmingham
Heartlands and Solihull
Martin Cantor, HCA Hospital Caterer of the Year (West         streptococci and saccharomyces, which will colonise          possible to take an active role in choosing food to aid
Midlands Branch), as part of a multi-disciplinary team        and improve the properties of the gut microflora.            their recovery.
has just launched a six months trial of Pro Biotic Drinks     Numerous studies have shown that oral administration         There are laminated posters on the walls and the
on four care of the elderly wards at Birmingham               of probiotics may have beneficial properties, including      front page of the Patient’s Menu Booklet is a step
Heartlands and Solihull Hospitals.                            the prevention of antibiotic-associated diarrhoea,           by step guide of how important it is to eat well when
Dr Kathy Nye, a Consultant Microbiologist at Birmingham       acceleration of recovery from infectious diarrhoea,          recovering from an illness or an operation. It also
Heartlands, got the ball rolling with her interest in the     enhancement of the immune response and the                   explains those, “friendly bacteria” advertised so heavily
positive effects of pro-biotic drinks/yoghurts. She and       prevention of urinary tract infections, candidal vaginitis   on the television.
many Doctors at the Trust firmly believe in their use and     and constipation.
                                                                                                                           In addition to the usual selection of desserts, probiotic
the catering department were being increasingly called        Similarly, the juices of Vaccinia berries, ie cranberry      drinks and yoghurts will be available at every mealtiime.
upon to provide them for individual patients. (Martin         or blueberry juices, have also been shown to contain         (Martin is hoping that the cost will be covered by the
would arrange for them to be bought in on an ad hoc           chemicals which protect against infections by preventing     consequential fall in demand for hot puddings).
basis from the local supermarket).                            bacteria binding to the bladder wall.                        Probiotic drinks, cranberry juice cartons and fresh fruit
Kathy wanted to undertake a full clinical trial at the        While these benefits are now proven in clinical trials,      will also be available from the snack trolley.
Trust employing a postgraduate medical student but            probiotics and vaccinia juices are used infrequently         The following data will be collected before and during
the funding for this (in the region of £40,000)               in hospitals and when used at all only for individual        the trial period via a patient questionnaire:-
was unavailable.                                              patients where a particular problem already exists.           1. Usage of probiotics, cranberry juice and fresh fruit
Hospital Caterer heard from Helen Reilly, Senior Dietitian    It has not yet been established how the potential
                                                                                                                            2. Number of admissions/week
at the Trust so that she could explain the science bit.       benefits of these foods might be exploited in the
“The normal microbial flora of the gut is of vital                                                                          3. Average length of stay
                                                              routine clinical setting.
importance in maintaining health and resistance to                                                                          4. Patient profile
                                                              The team at Heartlands wanted to investigate further
disease. The gut mucosa covers an area of                     the effects of a programme of active promotion of eating      5. Complaints relating to nutrition
approximately 200 square metres and represents a              for health, including the provision of probiotics and         6. Antibiotic usage
finely balanced microbial ecosystem. These organisms          cranberry juice, in an elderly hospital population.           7. Number of faecal samples sent to laboratory
protect against colonisation by potentially harmful           A cost/benefit assessment of this approach is also
microorganisms, keep the gut mucosa healthy and                                                                             8. Number of. C.difficile toxin positives by ward
                                                              being undertaken so that the feasibility of extending
enable the local immune system to function properly”,                                                                       9. Number of new MRSA patients
                                                              the project to other hospital areas can be assessed.
she said.                                                                                                                  10. Number of patients with ESBL isolates
“Poor diet, medicines (particularly antibiotics) and
                                                              The team consists:-
                                                                                                                           11. Number of candida isolates
exposure to hospital microorganisms can all cause             ➨ Helen Reilly       – Dietetics
                                                                                                                           12. Number of urines sent to the laboratory with
major disruption to the normal flora, leading to bowel        ➨ Jo Richmond – Essence of Care
                                                                                                                                evidence of UTI
disturbances, colonisation with antibiotic-resistant
                                                              ➨ Martin Cantor – Catering
bacteria and diminished resistance to infection. All this                                                                  Martin is keen to stress that this is a multidisciplinary
                                                              ➨ Dr Kathy Nye – Microbiology                                project and that feedback from all staff groups involved
may impede the patient’s recovery and delay their
discharge from hospital”, she said.                           ➨ Housekeeping and Nursing Staff on Wards 22 and             is also an important part of the project assessment.
                                                                  29 (Birmingham Heartlands Hospital) and 18 and 19        Data will be assessed at three and six months to monitor
Martin told us that many initiatives are already underway
                                                                  (Solihull Hospital)                                      the effects of the project and will be compared with
at the Trust designed to improve the general nutrition
of patients in hospital, (eg Essence of Care, NSFs,           The six months project is being undertaken in four           similar data collected for the 6-month period prior to
Protected Mealtimes, Red Tray Programme etc) but that         health-care-of-the-elderly wards at Birmingham               July 2004.
he was keen to do more. He told us that as it has now         Heartlands and Solihull hospitals. All patients are being    A full report will be produced, with recommendations for
been shown conclusively that probiotic food items can         encouraged to participate (certain patients will be unable   the future development of ‘eating for health’ in hospital.
not only improve general nutrition but can play an active     to receive cranberry juice, ie those on warfarin due to      The Hospital Caterer will come back to this as soon as
role in the prevention and treatment of infection and in      possible potentiation of its effects and those with          the data is completed.
the maintenance of the normal microbial flora he was          diabetes or potassium-restricted diets).                     If anyone is interested in learning any more about this
keen to get the trial underway as soon as possible.           Dietitians, housekeeping and nursing staff of the project    project Martin will be pleased to hear from you, contact
Probiotics are cultures of living microorganisms, usually     wards are all actively promoting the ideology of eating      him on email - or
those found in live yoghurts, such as lactobacilli, certain   for health. Patients are being encouraged in every way       call him on 0121 424 5439.

                                                                                                                                                        HOSPITAL CATERER          17
Prince Charles visits
London’s Hospital Food Project
                                                                                                                            At the beginning of July
                                                                                                                            King’s Fund President
                                                                                                                            HRH The Prince of Wales
                                                                                                                            visited St George’s Healthcare
                                                                                                                            NHS Trust in Tooting South
                                                                                                                            London to meet hospital staff,
                                                                                                                            farmers and organisers of the
                                                                                                                            London Hospital Food Project.

During the visit HRH met the suppliers of the project’s       King’s Fund Chief Executive Niall Dickson said, “The NHS      vegetable gum, an environmentally friendly thickening
first delivery, 300 punnets of organic strawberries from      spends £500 million on food to serve over 300 million         agent, which is producing excellent results. These he
Cambridgeshire, coinciding with the second week of            meals each year in approximately 1,200 hospitals.             hopes to trial to patients via speech therapists.
Wimbledon. He also toured a mini farmer’s market with         This project is an excellent example of how the NHS           Pam Wastell at Lambeth Hospital is also very pleased to
stalls showing all types of produce that the project will     can use its corporate spending power to boost the local
                                                                                                                            be associated with the project and is glad that it has
make available to the NHS. The stalls were staffed by         economy at the same time as improving direct services
                                                                                                                            helped promote the importance of better quality
food producers, suppliers and catering staff.                 to patients.”
                                                                                                                            ingredients. She also is looking at buying in locally
As previously reported in the Hospital Caterer                Hospital Caterer spoke to both Pam and Mike after the         produced salad stuff. Pam is currently working with a
(April 2004) HCA Greater London Branch Members                visit to see how things were progressing. Mike is very        local provider of Afro Caribbean meals. The Company
Mike Duckett (Catering Manager at Royal Brompton              enthusiastic and has already taken delivery of locally        (Scotch Bonnet) is based in Brixton and is a cook-freeze
and Harefield) and Pam Wastell (Facilities Business           grown strawberries. These were sold to the staff and          operation. Pam hopes to be able to buy meals in on a
                                                              given to very sick patients. They came from a farm in         weekly basis and has been delighted with the quality of
Manager at Lambeth Hospital) are heading up pilots
                                                              Kent which was sourced through the project. He also           the authentic food produced
at their respective hospitals. They were both at the
                                                              buys in locally produced mushrooms and apple juice and
royal visit and met Prince Charles.                                                                                         With the help of London Food Link, Pam and Mike are
                                                              has just found a local cheese supplier (in Clapham
The two-year project is run by London Food Link                                                                             both planning from September to buy locally produced
                                                              Common) who is STS approved.
(part of Sustain) in partnership with the Soil Association.                                                                 organic milk. They have been to meet the farmers and
                                                              He is also currently talking to local suppliers Abel and
It is funded by the King’s Fund, the Department for                                                                         have even visited the cows in their green fields! Due
                                                              Cole who can supply locally and organically grown
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the European                                                                        diligence of the operation has been undertaken and a
                                                              vegetables. He hopes to buy their potatoes but in time is
Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund.                                                                                   system of transporting the milk is currently being
                                                              keen to purchase their organic boxes which contain a
                                                                                                                            finalised. Results suggest that the level of Omega 3 is
The project hopes to offer patients, staff and visitors       selection of seasonal and locally grown vegetables.
                                                                                                                            higher in organic milk than non-organic milk and this
the opportunity to benefit from seasonal fruit and
                                                              In the light of his involvement with the project Mike is      can positively affect patients with depression. The use of
vegetables, which don’t spend much time in storage and        also pushing a healthy eating initiative at the Hospital.     vending machines to sell the milk should help offset the
are better for nutrition. Vitamin C content, for example,     He has produced publicity material to promote the             increased cost of the organic milk and staff will be
declines immediately after harvest. The project also aims     Trust’s nutritional policy and is working closely with the
                                                                                                                            charged more for it.
to build and strengthen supply chains for local farmers       dietitians to improve the diet of patients and staff alike.
in London and the South East, boosting local economies                                                                      Hospital Caterer hopes to report back to you as to
                                                              There is a patient’s meeting every Thursday where they
and creating links within communities. According to the                                                                     whether the organic milk project is up and running.
                                                              discuss healthy eating and fresh fruit (such as kiwi and
New Economics Foundation, every £10 spent on local            mango) are served on the ward every week. All soups           For further details please contact the hospital food
organic food generates £25 for the local economy,             are now home made (they not only taste nicer but they         project co-ordinator Emma Hockridge at London Food
but the same £10 generates only £14 if spent in a             are cheaper) and Mike has introduced fruit teas to the        Link, c/o Sustain: the alliance for better food and
conventional retailer, which acts as middleman                beverage selection. Chris Gill from Mrs Gills Kitchen is      farming, 94 White Lion Street, London N1 9PF,
between farmer and customer.                                  developing pureed meals using fresh food together with        020 7837 1228,

                                                                                                                                                         HOSPITAL CATERER           19
National Contracts
Sourcing Project
In March 2004 the Department of Health Commercial Directorate launched the Supply Chain
Excellence Programme which addresses procurement activities in the NHS, and seeks to improve
the way the NHS operates with suppliers at both a national and regional level. There are three
strands of work within the Programme: National Contracts Sourcing; development of NHS
collaborative hubs; and a review of the work of NHS Logistics.

The National Contracts Sourcing Project is addressing           Wave 1 Commodities                                             The Approach
approximately £4 billion of the £13 billion non-pay NHS
                                                                Wave 1 addresses over £100 million of NHS food                 The team follows a rigorous strategic sourcing process,
annual expenditure. Wave 1 of the Project kicked off
                                                                purchases. The commodities included in Wave 1 are:
work for foodstuffs at the start of May 2004. A food                                                                           working at all stages with key stakeholders including
sector project team was established, led by Nigel                           National Contracts Sourcing                        caterers, trusts, NHS procurement confederations and
Watson of NHS PASA, and supported by the                                   Wave 1 Food Commodities Group                       the NHS Logistics Authority.
programme’s consultants, A.T. Kearney.
                                                                                    Ambient Food
                                                                                                                               Commenting on the project Nigel Watson said: “The
Special Interest Groups (SIGs) have also been
                                                                                     Canned Food                               Supply Chain Excellence Programme provides the
established with caterers. These supplement the
quarterly Customer Advisory Groups (CAGs) and will                                    Beverages                                opportunity to work closely with our customer base and
provide a mechanism to ensure that the needs of                                      Chilled Food                              the wider supplier community to identify and then initiate
caterers are properly reflected as the work moves
                                                                                     Frozen Food                               policies to remove any excess costs within the NHS
forward. Special Interest Groups have been established
for each core product area, with an overall strategic                                    Milk                                  Supply Chain”.
group to look across the product areas. (Names of                                       Bread
                                                                                                                               A key element of the team’s approach will be to
catering managers involved are provided at the end of                                    Meat
                                                                                                                               structure agreements in a way that reflects the needs of
this article).
                                                                                                                               both caterers and suppliers, whilst leveraging the NHS’s
We plan to hold a conference in the Autumn, to which all
                                                                                     Sandwiches                                overall purchasing expenditure.
caterers will be invited.

                                                                     Typical Strategic Sourcing Methodology                                                    Source: A.T. Kearney

                                                                         Change & User Adoption Management

          Profile                Generate                      Select                   Select                    Negotiate
                                                                                                                                              Onboard              Benchmarking &
         Sourcing                Supplier                     Sourcing              Implementation                and Select
1                         2                         3                           4                        5                           6        Suppliers          7 Int. Performance
          Group                  Portfolio                    Strategy                   Path                      Suppliers

    Understand internal       Create sourcing             Open supply base           Decide most                                                                    Monitor market,
                                                                                                             Conduct negotiations           Operationalise
    spend and external     strategy based supply           and identify all      appropriate execution                                                            supplier and internal
                                                                                                             and select suppliers        supplier agreements
         market                market options              viable suppliers            strategy                                                                      performance

Progress and Timelines                                                                            The team also held a supplier conference attended by over 150 suppliers on 10
                                                                                                  June. The key purpose was to explain to suppliers what is happening and to provide
During May and June the team focused on analysing the supply market and
                                                                                                  an opportunity to answer questions in open forum. The presentation and meeting
understanding existing NHS purchasing behaviour.
                                                                                                  minutes are available on the PASA website.
   This has been facilitated by:
                                                                                                  The Next Stage
   ➨ A detailed Trust Questionnaire;
                                                                                                  The team plans to award contracts during September. However, recognising that the
   ➨ A Supplier Questionnaire;
                                                                                                  busy Christmas period will be fast approaching, we expect that full take up won’t
   ➨ Attendance at CAG meetings;                                                                  happen until the end of the year.
   ➨ Visits to specific Trusts to understand caterers’ needs;                                     In the meantime, if you wish to be involved in one of the Special Interest Groups, or
   ➨ Visits to specific suppliers to understand their capabilities and needs                      have any, questions, please contact Nigel Watson on 01924 328842 or
All of this information ishas been integral to developing the strategy.

   Group                                    Caterer Members

   Strategic                                Joan Best, Martin Cantor, Jeremy Croxford, Nick Dean, Allan Gimson, Scott Jones, William McCartney, Richard Pratt, Paul Riley,
                                            Sue Short, Andrew Slade, Justine Summers, Graham Walker.
   Ambient, Beverages and                   Martin Cantor, Allan Gimson, Andrew Slade, Joan Best, Tom Elliott, Michael Graville, Fabio Baldan, Jeff Swallow, Marion Gerrish
   Canned Food
   Multitemp Foods                          Jeremy Croxford, Paul Riley, Sue Short, Diana Wain, Craig Hough, Pam Stansfield, Richard Pratt, Marion Gerrish, Peter Gregory
   Direct Delivery Foods –                  Allan Gimson, Scott Jones, Justine Summers, Andrew Donegan, Andrew Gamon, David Hammond, David MacMaster, David Powell,
   Meat, Poultry, Milk, Cream, Bread        Ian Stafford, Lawrence Peri, Lin White, Liz Sartin, M. Masters, Marion Gerrish, Michael Tite, Mike Duckett, Paul Fitzpatrick, Perry Lewis,
                                            Peter Reeson, Ralph Cottrell, Roger Gowen, Stuart Maskell, Terry Wilson, Tom Shorthouse, Tony Roulinson
   Sandwiches                               Richard Pratt, Graham Walker, Nick Dean, William McCartney, T Schofield, John Hughes, Mike Pearson, Peter Gregory,
                                            Andrew Donegan, Craig Hough, Amanda Montgomery, Owen Sidaway, Julie Stilwell, Paul Quinn, Rob Harrison, Barry Traher

NEW MEMBERS - The HCA would like to welcome the following new Members
FulL Members                                                    Christine Pope – General Manager, ISS Mediclean,               North West

East Anglia                                                     Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich                             Stephen Sutcliffe – Ewood Foods

Samantha Angela Girling – Chef Manager,                         Wales                                                          South West Thames
Newmarket Hospital                                              Alison Howells – Acting General Manager, CPU, Treorchy         G McIntosh – E & R Moffat Ltd
Sara Claire Hewett – Ward Housekeeper Project                   West Of England                                                Trent
Facilitator, The Red House                                      Lynsey Hitchings – Deputy Catering Manager,                    Daniel Clayton – Electrolux Foodservice
Simon David Lewis – Operational Manager,                        Gloucester Royal Hospital                                      Joanna Dawson – RHM Food Service
Addenbrookes NHS Trust                                          Hazel Knight – Hotel Services Manager, Royal Devon &           Christopher Hambridge – Nestle UK Ltd
East Of Scotland                                                Exeter Healthcare NHS Trust
                                                                                                                               Bob Woods – Kraft Foods
Lorraine Hartley – Senior Supplies Administrator,               Ian Murray McDonald Leitch – Site Catering Manager,            West Of England
Scottish Healthcare Supplies                                    Gloucester Royal Hospital
                                                                                                                               Richard Flynn – Electrolux Foodservice
Peter King – Catering Manager, Monklands Hospital               Timothy David Schofield – Site Catering Manager,
                                                                                                                               West Of Scotland
Northern Ireland                                                Cheltenham General Hospital
                                                                                                                               Marco Jaconelli – Espresso Adesso Ltd
Julia Anne Lambe – Food Safety & Domestic Manager,              West Midlands
                                                                                                                               Laurent Vernet – Quality Meat Scotland
Craigavon & Bonbridge Community Trust                           Janet Greener – Deputy Head of Support Services,
North West                                                      Bucknall Hospital                                              Associate Members
Ann Woodward – Deputy Catering Operations Manager,              West Of Scotland                                               East Anglia
Royal Albert Edward Infirmary                                                                                                  Mark Brecknock – Key Account Manager,
                                                                Sharon Hutchison – Hotel Services Co-ordinator,
Jane Young – Assistant Catering Manager,                                                                                       Intracat Limited
                                                                Southern General Hospital, Glasgow
Wrightington Hospital                                                                                                          Benny Esler – Regional Business Manager,
                                                                Janette Ann Wilson – Catering Manager,
                                                                                                                               Foster Refrigeration
South West Thames                                               Southern General Hospital, Glasgow
                                                                                                                               East Of Scotland
Angela Hogan – Deputy Catering Manager, The Royal
                                                                Patron Members
Marsden Hospital                                                                                                               John Jack – Director of Operations and Performance,
                                                                East Of Scotland                                               St John’s Hospital, Livingston
Gareth Grant Ferguson – Trust Catering Manager,
The Royal Marsden Hospital                                      Stephen Cox – Rotowash UK Ltd                                  Trent

Trent                                                           Laurent Vernet – Quality Meat Scotland                         Emma Shaw – Customer Service Manager, Anglia Crown

Arlene Barton – Senior Dietitian, Queens Medical                Northern Ireland                                               West Of Scotland
Centre, Nottingham                                              Ian Davidson – Fagor Industrial UK Ltd                         David Fearnside – Key Account Manager, Kraft Foods

                                                                                                                                                            HOSPITAL CATERER         21
                                                                                              Getting it Right
                                                                                              for Patients
                                                                                              with Dementia
                                                                                              Eating well is vital to maintain the health and
                                                                                              independence of people with dementia.
                                                                                              However, enjoyment of food often diminishes as
                                                                                              dementia progresses.

                                                                                                  By Gwen Coleman, Food for Thought Manager
                                                                                                                     The Alzheimer’s Society
Providing nutritious food for people with dementia that is   To cater effectively for this vulnerable client group,
actually eaten does not have to be a complex or              working together as a team is vital. Caterers and care           Food for thought courses, training
expensive task. Often a few simple, inexpensive              staff must be informed about the person’s capabilities,          dates and venues:
measures, combined with knowledge of a person and an         needs and preferences. Good food is only beneficial if it
understanding of how dementia affects them, are all that     is eaten, but with a little time and effort the challenge of
is needed. To cater effectively for people with dementia,
                                                             catering for people with dementia can be successful and
                                                                                                                              8 September 2004       London
it is important to appreciate the impact dementia can        rewarding.
have upon a person’s ability to eat and drink and to                                                                          14 October 2004        Cardiff
                                                             The Alzheimer’s Society ‘Food for Thought’ Practice
understand the person’s relationship to food.                                                                                 21 October 2004        Manchester
                                                             guides provide information and practical suggestions to
The eating experience can be challenging for people          help support the knowledge and experience of all staff,          10 November 2004       Newcastle
with dementia as well as caterers. Dementia can affect a     from nursing staff at ward level to caterers, concerned
person’s ability to co-ordinate and they can start to        with helping people with dementia eat well. The guides           2005
forget and lose the skills required to eat. For example      aim to raise awareness of the challenges experienced by          26 January 2005        Belfast
they may forget how to use a knife and fork or have          people with dementia concerning food, eating and                 9 February 2005        Nottingham
difficulty holding or eating with standard cutlery.          drinking.
                                                                                                                              21 February 2005       York
They may need frequent prompting and encouragement
                                                             There are four guides each focusing on                           3 March 2005           London
at mealtimes to eat, to put food into their mouths or to
                                                             a different area of dementia care
drink. They may not be aware that pre packed food such
                                                             ®Acute Care ®Care Homes
as sandwiches need to be unwrapped and eaten or
simply unable to do this unaided, hence the food is left
                                                             ® Domiciliary Care ® Day Care.
untouched.                                                   To support these publications the Alzheimer’s Society is       For further information about the
                                                             running a series of training events ‘Diet, Nutrition and       ‘Food for Thought’ courses or practice
Choosing from a menu can be difficult, as they may not
                                                             Care of People with Dementia’, which will appeal to a          guides, please contact:-
recognise what foods are from words alone unless they
are shown pictures of the food or shown the meals on         wide range of care professionals including Caterers.
                                                                                                                            Gwen Coleman
offer. Changes in eating habits, food preferences,           These training events will provide practical advice and        Food for Thought Manager
swallowing difficulties, a poor appetite or weight loss      information to help manage some of the difficulties            The Alzheimer’s Society
can further compromise food intake and nutritional           commonly encountered whilst supporting the person              Tel: 01904 633640
health.                                                      with dementia to eat and drink.                                Email:

Dear Member                                                    July 2004
Food is a vital part of the care provided for both patients and staff.
The choice agenda will re-enforce the importance of improving the
patient’s experience and the role of good catering in this must not be
underestimated. Excellent quality and organisational efficiency will
only be achieved when those directly responsible for the service are
appropriately trained and developed. They play a crucial role in
ensuring high and safe standards and I believe it is essential that they
receive the support of their employers to develop their professional
skills and expertise. The Agenda for Change initiative has provided the
Hospital Caterers Association with the stimulus needed to identify
these training and continuing development needs.
Many organisations and individuals, including patients, nurses, Trusts
and the NHSE, judge and express views about the quality of the
catering service and the competence of its managers. They each do so
from slightly differing perspectives. The measures generally applied in
the Hotel and Catering Industry also form part of the context in which
the management challenge of Healthcare Catering should be
evaluated. Each of these perspectives and the implications of the
judgements that they support, will be explored during the early
sessions of the Conference. Sessions that question whether the scope
of the catering manager’s control should be extended and why some
of the known service failures have not been resolved, will help clarify
the skills required.
Members’ own assessments of the knowledge and skills they need and
have, will be examined against the background of the earlier sessions
and the Agenda for Change profiles into which members have been
fitted. The final session of the Conference will explore how the training
requirements and the knowledge gaps of members and their staff
may be addressed.

The conference is a very high quality occasion which will
enable managers responsible for catering to share good
practice, update themselves on new developments and
generally help them prepare themselves for the major
challenges ahead in the NHS. I would therefore encourage
employing authorities to do all they can to facilitate their
attendance at this conference.

                                                                            Registration forms can now be downloaded
                                                                            or are available from the conference organisers:
                                                                            Sovereign Conference
The Lord Hunt of Kings Heath, OBE                                           Secure Hold Business Centre, Studley Road
                                                                            Redditch, Worcestershire B98 7LG
The House of Lords,
                                                                            Tel: +44 (0)1527 451122
President of the Hospital                                                   Fax: +44 (0)1527 518718
Caterers Association                                                        email:

Organised by the South West Thames Branch
on behalf of the Hospital Caterers Association.                                          HOSPITAL CATERERS ASSOCIATION

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