Misunderstanding of small and medium enterprise management

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					Misunderstanding of small and medium enterprise management
First, build brand Mistakes

Some small and medium enterprises, is to brand sacred complex, that the brand is big
business to do before considering the matter, who stress that enhance sales, product
sales as the sole and overriding goal of companies that do brand marketing is done
When the foreign domestic well-known brands swept the world, many small and
medium enterprises and building brand awareness but appear to be slow and falling
behind: "do something after the brand is imperative is to boost
sales." Indeed, the survival of small and medium enterprises is a major
problem, but it is also necessary to strengthen the brand's creation and
operation! China's many struggling small and medium enterprises in the
market lower, and both are experienced in business development, brand development
of the road before the bottleneck is the feeling: "So small and medium
enterprises to do the brand!" SMEs need to overcome, so do sales of the
brand is myths. In fact the establishment of a strong brand, one needs to maintain
sales, market share, healthy growth, and second, focus on brand image, promotion and
brand asset accumulation. Branding is critical to small and medium enterprises. It is
always with the healthy growth of business. For example: There is a small enterprise
in Fujian, launched a kind of snack food, chocolate wafer, the product of a listed
company desperately shop city, snatching the terminal, display out, grab a large
market share, but they are no longer marketable goods, consumers do not accepted,
because there is no brand, consumers can not buy, doing market survey, some people
have actually said: never heard of the product, who would dare eat them! A quality
guarantee? This shows the important brand.

Second, building sales channels Mistakes

Some small and medium enterprises that channel in China is fragmented distribution
system behind the special market environment, "channel is
king", the enterprise has a huge channel to have it all. These companies
exaggerated the Chinese market and not a sound distribution system behind the facts
and distributors of short-sighted and short-term behavior, particularly in large
supermarkets, hypermarkets and other retail rapid rise of the new circumstances, think
that the number of large, short-sighted, The dealer is not easy to integrate
management, it is better to skip distributors, companies set up their own offices and
subsidiaries, to shorten the channel, direct operating the terminal. This resulted in
sales of network operating costs and marketing costs greatly increased, difficult to
manage branch offices, distribution inefficiency and corruption in the breeding
division. A large sales force transformed into a huge drag on business. The eagle is
carrying a huge burden never flew high. A multinational, just enter the Chinese
market to foreign direct copy mode of operation of the market, built thousands of
people's sales force, put hundreds of transport vehicles, direct operating
terminal, the last regional managers have to do all the other agents of products, be
described as: Gongsijiangu. A few short years, tens of millions paid tuition market
with Chinese characteristics.

An efficient distribution system is critical enterprise assets, from strategic showy,
distribution channel development, can not disregard the actual capacity of blindly
greedy big businesses, tailoring itself must be set, according to company's
own strength, size, funding and market characteristics, the whole and its superior
resources and social distribution system, the dealer distribution system, the
establishment of appropriate, high-sales distribution channels, such as road
development and growth of SMEs will not be too long. Traveling light can run fast.

Third, promotion of Misunderstanding

Some small and medium enterprises that: sales or rebate promotion is the sale of
prizes; exaggerated promotional role that marketing can cure the
"panacea." Sales are poor, the decrease in sales promotion
immediately; promotions no overall planning, budgeting and supervision. Do not
make solid sales management in every aspect, to bet money betting promotions,
through the funds in Kara ok, with a cargo security television advertising models,
relying solely on promotions to boost sales, is the effect of declining sales,
promotions the cost of great loss, the product significantly reduced profits or even
losses, on the product, brand image great harm. Anhui, hundreds of people a few years
ago there was a roasted seeds and nuts factory, the development of a new taste of
melon products, a market on the buy one get, employees raise funds, bank loans,
mortgages with goods, invested heavily in television advertising, the last return was
creditors have sued flash in the pan quickly went bankrupt.

On the promotion should have a correct and comprehensive understanding. Promotion
is an important part of marketing and content, promotion is not a panacea, it is
essentially a temporary, short-term boost sales activities, methods and patterns also
innovative. The product itself need to continue to meet consumer needs, ability and
insight the only way to survival and development.

Fourth, price war Mistakes

Individual small and medium enterprises that in the current market environment in
China, enterprises are difficult to avoid price war, one of its sales strategy. So when
the competitors pulled off a price war, the number of manufacturers only have to
fiercely than anyone else down in order to kill to open a way to survive, risking a loss,
the risk of failure to meet the challenge. In most cases show that the price war is the
lowest level of the battles, there are no winners continue to cut prices, and all
enterprises debilitating. The quality and effectiveness of the product placed in the
back, have put on "death is not the fish net" break desperate
last-Bo. End we are all scarred and losses. The law of value far beyond the enterprise
is not viable. Failure to write the word will always be the history of this enterprise.
While the competition is a standard condition, the blind chaos dry will pay a bitter
price. Examples abound all times, "Final Fantasy" is that all
companies are not willing to see. The vicious price war is also the state laws allowed.
Northern drink a small factory, in the last Paohuo when it sold for a dime a bottle of
drink, not even a bottle of money, early to close.

5, human airborne Mistakes

When the rapid development of SMEs at the right time will be clearly felt as a leader
within the administration can not keep up, immediately recruit a large cost to dig good
senior talent, hope that one or two people to change the status quo. But it ignores the
growth of those companies with internal personnel to work in silence, so the most
likely to cause disunity within the so chaotic management, human resources
integration is a problem faced by SMEs. How do management and development
simultaneously, leaders must take it as a focus. Human resource management in
modern business management is one of the important courses. Southern Company
spent a million home sales director salary, please, this restructuring is not over yet,
director of adults, their first by others to change, and allowed no way to intervene in
corporate affairs, less than three months, the director has another mo another job.

As small and medium enterprises should establish their own enterprises for the growth
of talent ladder, give employees a long-term goals in life, to see a better future for
staff training. To employees and a growing business. Promote a more progressive
enterprise, the ability of employees, so the loyalty of employees companies will more
and more, this is the corporate cohesion. Strong cohesion is the hope of enterprises,
enterprise does not depend on one or two people to be able to do a good job pointing
by the mystery, it need is a good team, a group has the responsibility, ability,
knowledge and initiatives of the enterprise loyal talent.

6, ad errors

When the small and medium enterprises encounter difficulties during the sales
process, some enterprises to advertising as a life-saving straw, often want to save the
sales through advertising. Advertising on short sales does have pulling power, but the
steady development of enterprises is a long-term, frequent small and medium
enterprises are not capable of advertising. Headache doctors first, feet hurt foot
doctors can not fundamentally solve the problem, the deification of the story in
modern business it is difficult to encounter in war, illusion will burst in reality. Too
many martyrs, and love more, Qin pool, cerebral gold.

SMEs should play to their strengths, make a down regional market, maintaining the
terminal network, the limited resources available sales channels up, and customers the
true feelings, to spend wisely. Only in this way, input is effective and feasible.
7, the error of profits

Small and medium enterprises attach great importance to the current profits, some
companies into the market immediately when the product just wanted to make big
money, in the formulation of the price system at the right time regardless of market
orientation, consumers can not accept, blindly pricing, would like to receive profits
This absolutely does not work. In today's market economy, most people are
rational consumer will shop around, ridiculous price of only accelerate death. Xiamen
has a health food company, its product ex-factory price of 300% of the profits, look
for two years did not find a partner, the company soon to die of no return.

Puerile, every small and medium enterprises must always keep in mind, the product
sales increase is the company most needed, that the only way a virtuous circle, so that
healthy development of enterprises. Pursuit of corporate profits must be short-lived.

8, blind expansion of Error

The development of small and medium enterprises in the rise time, some leaders were
carried away in front of the phenomenon, blossoming, the blind expansion of
investment, blind expansion of production, no organization has no plans to further
expand the expansion, and some even set foot in many industries, a very promising
business often at a critical time for rapid expansion, like a balloon, fast winds and
quickly dashed. Stable and quickly, festina lente must not forget this is the truth.
Northern has a frozen food factory, a loss for several years for a new director soon
turn around. At this time, the director of investment and more production lines now,
they bought land plant cover, and finally talk about liquidity, and even the workers
wages, raw materials shall also Dongnuexijie, soon due to poor cash flow, collapse of
the .

The steady development of corporate goal, the development of small and medium
enterprises should pay special attention to and predict the risk of a scientific analysis
of business growth cycle, developing business development for all stages of product.
Targeted to meet the requirements of the development.

9, the error policy

Sales policy in the development of small and medium enterprises, some enterprises
there is no scientific basis, there is no real market information, and some rely on one
or two people sitting in the office, by virtue of imagination to, so on paper, will cause
problems for future work heavy, difficult to solve. 1:00 a policy, plan did not change
fast, so difficult to work with our customers. That being the case, then short-term
co-operation would benefit neither side. I remember hearing a few years ago a friend
said a dealer, please eat a 1000 CEOs of rice, 10,000 in exchange for preferential
policies can be more cost-effective ah.

Policy-making premise is to effectively market information analysis and research to
develop a set of policies for business, companies have different policies will not be
the same.

10, dealer management errors

Some small and medium enterprises to sell products to distributors on the view that
everything is all right, the sale of products no longer cared to know the dealers have
lost confidence in the enterprise and products, then the final is the biggest corporate
loss, not dealers, tens of thousands of pieces the dealer not too great, while businesses
are losing market and brand, which is very scary. Business is to sell goods to
customers in Cyprus taboo, explosive library of products is no one did not dare to do.
Hanzhengjie a year in Wuhan, one company boss in order to complete sales, Cypriot
goods to the customer, end market FALSIFYING, bad price, product expiration, and
soon had a good product on the way out of the market.

Enterprises, distributors, staff, market, consumers in the middle, there is a invisible
rope, has long been tightly associated with, they are complementary, are indispensable.
Good dealer service, good service market, service is good consumer, small and
medium enterprises treat their employees will never be forgotten. On the contrary,
even the best products and will also withdraw from the competitive market.

Small and medium enterprises under the market economy should be recognized that
only meet consumer demand, to the current situation, take a good next step after step.
To do as little as possible to make mistakes, no mistakes, the errors and failures to
find a suitable for their own development success.

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