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   Breeze moon, Gaoshanyangzhi, waved watched, Swordsman.
   Already passed a test, but also the next 20 days will come, this gap, but also with a
slight touch of moisture in the spring, is clearly a good view Xitang season, just one
person, some of it alone, in vain Amidst the climate of southern wasted. Think 4,5
years ago, a group of two balls children, visit the senseless Tsinghua garden, I heard
shouting, then ran the Tianjin Wei, the picture copied to this day, three to five
confidante, Landlords on the brick and green tiles of the window canopies Next, walk
with the crystal Raining rain, will be how fun.
   I like daydreaming, always done well, very good, very good matter to perfect, then
practice or neglect of the limited capacity of the time of birth or dying in a few days
or bust. To 1994, and recommended high school, but only to leave there in January,
blend into the school day, even with a number of discovery. One is about to leave
school when found in a nook corner of the junior high schools have amazing library,
determinedly         borrow       "Mother,"             "Anna.
Karenina," the books, reading, and thus to master the traditional grammar;
Second, Do not let me go to substitute instructor, familiar coax my brother in the
audience, rebuked me, Yuna bench hit me, I walk out, and to muddle through the
grounds to learn violin teacher, and even bought a violin really even found Arts cells
lack, let the matter rest, to a winter vacation to visit universities in the violin, the
strings had snapped, the bow hair is also like the general drift of the
grandfather's beard ... ...
   Babe brothers and sisters of the signature file to "If your husband is
willing, I will leave Shenzhen Qupei you", I also felt a big Lei An Answer
on the shoulders of the pressure. Now, be a man so easy, like brothers, one by one
before an 25, 6, looks very much like the 23, four people, and only a few years ago,
the university, Ge Jige also when for junior high school students do. Pressure!
Pressure! Everywhere is the pressure, not pressure in the die, the pressure in the
   Today, China and the EU taking the time to visit the home page of CEIBS and
found it had jumped to the world's 11th business school, and it is incredible!
This year a total of 126 graduating MBA students, there are 235 enterprises to provide
730 jobs, get an average of 6 jobs, the average annual salary of 300,000, it is
incredible! Academic one and a half years, tuition fees 169,000 yuan, it is incredible!
Admission requirements GMAT, last year the average GMAT score of 680 enrolled,
incredible! If it were not carelessly spending money, school fees, was almost surely
also exist, in fact, only slightly after the deposit of the three. Fills to see in English is
far behind and open up the way it talent ... ...
Pu in the earth there is said to learn the guitar, really more talented. Total disregard for
the survival of capitalist society hard, excited and worked hard to learn talent, man!
Gentlemen child! I just do not like "Titanic" after the painting
impulse Well ... ...
   Like the Pig, the students were married Desktop Wallpaper, did not object to find
pig wife, you delicious drink, good live ah!
  Since October 2003 a major depressing effect, has been 3 years and 6 months
without depressing the ... ...
  What a wonderful thing!

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