Panama 2010 Flyer by fxj14137


									COLLEGE OF BUSINESS        PANAMA 2010
                                                July 24—August 14 2010

                                                                     THE ACCOMPANYING STAFF
                                                                     Dr. Charles Michaels received a Ph.D. in Indus-
   THE COUNTRY                                                       trial and Organizational Psychology from the
                                                                     University of South Florida. He has provided
     Panama is the southernmost country of both Central Amer-        consulting services in the areas of survey re-
     ica and, in turn, North America .Panama is an international     search, management assessment, organizational
     business center, and has the largest economy in Central                                                                   experience,
                                                                     development, and training. He is the author of a           adventure,
     America, followed by Guatemala, Costa Rica and El Sal-          book and numerous articles.
     vador. It is also the fastest growing economy and the larg-                                                                education,
     est per capita consumer in Central America. The culture of                                                                    for life.
     Panama derived from European music, art and traditions
     that were brought over by the Spanish to Panama. The            THE COURSES
     Panamanian currency is officially the balboa, set in 1903.      The program features two (3) credit hour
   THE EXPERIENCE                                                       MAN 4930 / 6930 (Conducting Business
     Students will be provided with opportunities to understand                   Across Cultures
     how to overcome cultural barriers to better navigate and                                                               Rene Sanchez
     understand this dynamic country and its business environ-             GEB 4935/ 6930 (Panama Culture)                Education Abroad
     ment.                                                                                                                    CPR 468
     Weekend trips to areas of historic and cultural interest will                                                         (813) 974-4043
     supplement business and government visits to expand the
     student’s understanding of Panama.
                                                                     PROGRAM INCLUDES
                                                                                                                         Advising Contact
                                                                          Accommodations in Panama
   THE COST                                                          Transportation on arrival from/to airport              Pavla Ozkul
                                                                       Business visits, cultural excursions             College of Business
         Estimated Costs [ $TBD ]                                         Two (3) credit hour courses                        BSN 2206
     (Does not include airfare and meals)                            Pre-Departure Orientation (Summer C)                 (813) 974-4794

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