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Milk is cow to eat_ not eating


									Milk is cow to eat, not eating
Milk is cow to eat, not eating
I edit this post is not to persuade you not drink milk, but to let you know the nutrition
of milk industry means that the powerful milk lobby is to convince government to
create common nutritional drink that milk is a myth. Milk in the know the truth, you
can choose because of its delicious drink it, but never since been provided. (Some
people may laugh: drink milk have been provided? Yes, milk does have to be
specified, the current student's mother provided more affection for their
children to eat their breakfast eggs to drink milk, what are the results? Some students
say : I feel like vomiting after eating breakfast. This is the point?)
  ?As we all know the conditions are slightly better for the family would order milk
for their children, and now also the case in rural areas, I often see children around the
high surprised me. Yes, the three-year-old milk allows you to reach peak bone mineral
density, the price is porous bone later in the risk of old age! Drink milk as an
accelerator for cell installed, it allows you to grow tall and strong, but also to
accelerate the growth of tumors! (Some people may ask: how could I did not
accelerate tumor growth of tumors? In fact, as everyone has cancer cells in vivo, only
the body immune system and let it show too!) Who kidnapped your health You can
also pretended not to know?
Thierry. Suka (Thierry Souccar) France's leading scientific lines,
"Nouvel Observateur" (Le Nouvel Observateur) Weekly
"Health Information" column editor, long-term for the
"Science and the Future" (Sciences et Avenir) monthly to pose
health and nutrition issues related paper, is "American College of
Nutrition," a member of. He's "Milk, lies and
insider" for the last also drawn from the latest scientific literature,
proposed an alternative nutritional supplements, so that we do not Mengguan milk can
prevent osteoporosis and other diseases of civilization. On the dairy industry for the
writing of history fascinating, and the whole story of the milk caused illness
description, exciting good read, pay attention to healthy eating you and I must not
   ?"Milk, lies and insider" Recommended Sequence 2:
"It is time to break the myth of milk!" Text / Hua (The author is
a natural medical doctor) has long been a combination of Western medicine, milk
vendors and the media, creating a myth of milk. They hired the stars and celebrities
for endorsement, and everyone's lips have long Bailiang Liang milk
mustache. Fear that the world does not know that milk is a panacea, to remind you to
drink a can cure all diseases.
Leaving aside the milk business purse full of stars and celebrities all because of high
endorsement fees to laugh the mouth; Western medicine, but also because it causes
the body to the patient drink milk even worse, to see the doctor to prescribe more of
their income jumped . But in the end the truth behind who knew it? Who the real
agony the public to understand the root of the problem out? Milk is for cows to drink.
This natural medicine is already a national life within a Know-like solid, such as the
hard iron rule. In short, the milk protein with the nutrients which are specifically
designed to make calves grow, nothing to do with human beings. The immune system
and therefore these will not fit the body protein allergic phenomena, such as: nasal
congestion, diarrhea, rashes and so on.
   Milk which also contains a large number of bacteria and viruses, hormones,
antibiotics, infection and chemical agents and so on, drink the easier to increase
incidence of gynecological problems, will increase the accumulation of toxins in the
body. Milk production of acid in the food because it is also so and in the body from
the proteins of the acid, loss of calcium inside the body must eventually lead to
osteoporosis problems. Excessive intake of dairy products make the body becomes
acidic, the formation of acidic body is the basis of all diseases and problems, it will
cause physical detoxification problems. Will be relatively minor allergy symptoms, is
serious, then a heart coronary artery disease, nervous system diseases, infectious
diseases, diabetes, as well as tumor formation.
   ?Asians because of physical differences in the proportion of lactose intolerance is
much higher than in Caucasians, about 90 percent of people have this problem. (There
is no way of human decomposition of lactose after weaning is irrefutable evidence
that the human body does not require intake of milk!) Basically, there are lactose
intolerant person would be a milk allergy and diarrhea, milk it though there is again
rich in calcium are also put water was, how it will add to the body?
    If drinking milk can be added to the calcium, then ask why the United States,
Britain, Sweden, Finland, the consumption of milk in the world than any other country,
but also is the most severe osteoporosis country? The body absorb calcium in the
process is very complicated, so far still no strong evidence that drinking milk can
really add to the calcium. But the real to add to calcium there are many ways: such as
eating more fruits and vegetables, particularly dark green leafy vegetables, fish, beans,
appropriate exercise can prevent osteoporosis problems.
    This world has too many lies on the milk, yet the truth has been by those with
vested interests to pull wool over only to their own bank to deposit a few more zero.
Worse still, known as gatekeepers for the health of the people of Western medicine
were never really thought about the origin of milk, just blindly worship the ancestors
to erroneous results.
    Very pleased to have journalist Thierry. Mr. Su Ka the bloody truth in writing, but
also thanks Shangzhouchuban to such a precious book translated into Chinese, Let the
world have access to the correct knowledge. When most doctors are blind, when, from
an objective point of view, through the final analysis, written out of the spirit of the
book, which the alarm would have in the conservative medical profession a shocker.
Perhaps next time, see a doctor, you can send a "milk, lies with the
insider" to him / her. Even more loudly on the milk mustache can say!
If you read a book, you still do not believe that dairy products harm the human body,
try natural medicine "on the 7th of milk detoxification method."
Is simple: as long as seven days in short, do not intake of dairy milk can (including
custard, ice cream, chocolate, yogurt, etc.). Once you do, about four liters (that is,
8000ml ah!) Of the mucous membrane will be from your kidneys, spleen, pancreas,
there are other parts of exhaust. You will find inside the body just like doing a spring
cleaning! Most people only seven days of milk detoxification program, and soon
found that significant difference, either physical or psychological state, such as sleep a
relatively stable compared with mental, emotional stability, sexual enhancements.
   Challenge yourself, as long as seven days allowed yourself to look, why not? You
can record carefully disadvantages of the process and changes do more. If you suspect
that seven days after the change in feel, or think that this is just a coincidence, as long
as you are brave enough, they can detox program in the seven days after the intake of
milk and milk products. To open a party, points more pizza, enjoy ice cream. In the 15
hours period to ensure that comfortable old trouble will come back!
?Can you drink milk in the end? After seven days you tell me!
                     Reconstruction of a correct understanding of the milk intake
         ?Analysis of Digestive Physiology - reconstruction of the milk intake of the
correct understanding of
                       ?Point of Chiang, MD
This article and the concept of the traditional milk vary greatly, as main point of
Chiang, MD, said in the postscript, "although I will carry millions of
people! Knew it was offensive to many dairy industry, milk powder traffickers still
insist that he has always ...." the idea of "milk is the cow to eat,
not eating.", "To stay away from chronic diseases, please
weaning as soon as possible." text a bit long-Oh! Please have time to
properly read it!
Career in clinical practice, because of what they have learned it is often easier to meet
early childhood allergy, asthma, allergic rhinitis, enlarged tonsils, skin rash, adult
arthritis, back pain, immune system disorders such cases, whenever When patients
themselves or their parents relatives, asked the cause of the detailed search, or would
like to improve the daily diet, I usually suggest that they - the "temporary
cessation of intake of milk or dairy products", most people are initially cast
doubt look to surprise , or refute: "The milk is extremely full of food,
Europe and the United States who was tall and sturdy, is the small intake of milk
instead of tea drinking. you, the physician in the end there is no mistake?"
or also some patients, no harm to believe and put into practice, the results achieved
excellent children or their own chronic illness can be cured, and then realized that
"knowing is more difficult," the truth. In fact, quite full of milk
nutrients in itself, can provide the Mavericks in the infancy of the use; like human
breast milk, providing nutrients are also certain period of time, more than the
appropriate intake of infants again. Which contains far-reaching reason, milk and even
dairy products in the end is not suitable for children, adolescents, adults and the
elderly? The following will explain step by step analysis. Do not ignore the general
rule on the digestive physiology; no sound and complete digestion, naturally unable to
obtain complete nutrition.
Some people may ask: how some babies that do not milk it still starve to death not a?
Of course not, live is better than starving to eat milk, the more stronger. From milk
and human milk composition analysis shows that newborn to six months, the best
human breast milk, so in brain development and to improve nutritional status. You Chi
grown to more than six months period, you can substitute milk. More than three years
old, or Youchi long to give up milk intake should be homogeneous, but with natural
grains and legumes, fruits and replaced.
Milk and dairy products, containing at least 25 kinds of different components of the
above types of protein (heterogeneous protein), which are the major reasons causing
human allergic reactions, and even autoimmune diseases, have relevance.
Milk-related illnesses:
(A) milk and dairy products for the food allergy culprits.
(B) with peptic ulcer, if intake of dairy products, often worsen ulcers.
(C) erosive ulcerative colitis adults, children often attacks of acute tonsillitis, chronic
sinusitis, inflammation of swollen lymph glands, chronic otitis media ‥ ‥ these
stubborn and annoying recurrent disease, irrespective of age, as long as simply
removed from the diet of milk and related dairy products, a short while, or one month
or three months is long, it can be improved and the effect is magical. For example,
enlargement of the tonsils of children, without using tonsil removal surgery, or
long-term antibiotic treatment, in time will be significantly reduced and returned to
normal size, never never again suffer.
(D) in the medical and public health scientists, after extensive research done
throughout the world, shows the most common osteoporosis countries to the United
States, Britain, Sweden, Finland, who is also the largest amount of dairy products
consumption countries. In contrast, osteoporosis rarely seen in countries with the
lowest consumption of dairy products, such as Asia and Africa.
   ?Finally, to remind you that not too much. Say you see a tiger in the tiger drinking
milk, milk Lion Lion drinking, drinking as little as milk, but drink milk, eat the same
as cattle, causing you a pair of corbels. But today, if you are the workers, then living
in the mountains, or live on the Tibetan plateau, it must eat milk, goat milk, because
the environment is very bad cold, in such circumstances, you rely on this non- to
survive, it must be because when the local conditions and not to collect drinking.


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