Microsoft China broke Win7 anti-piracy war

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					Microsoft China broke Win7 anti-piracy war
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October 1, 2009, Windows 7 official version has been officially on sale in the Chinese
market, the date of official time to market earlier than 22 days. According to
Microsoft, excellent Amazon, New Egg Network and the 8848 web site also launched
the Windows 7 retail full packaged product online pre-sale activities. The move let the
pirates and hackers have become very active, a piracy and anti-piracy contest entered
its peak phase.
The so-called know ourselves, know yourself. Recently, Microsoft has recently
appeared on the market of pirated Windows 7 were investigated. The results showed
that pirated operating system, Windows 7, the percentage has more than 1 / 3, such as
e-commerce site Taobao pirated Windows 7 is more than half.
Microsoft and the game has been pirated for 10 years, Windows 7 Who will win the
battle against piracy, from Microsoft's various performance, this time they
are full of confidence.
Story: Windows 7 is not hard to crack
It is 13 o'clock, in Hillsborough's biological clock in the
beginning of the day. The "house man" and who he is a
freelance programmer, usually will take some unrelated earn pocket money list, but
his real interest is the system break. "A sense of accomplishment, but also
rising." Hillsborough reason is simple.
Microsoft's forthcoming Windows 7, Hillsborough is also busy with crack
Windows 7. Not long ago, Microsoft announced that users of pirated Windows 7 will
be prompted with a black screen, which makes Hillsborough and the
"system break invasion group" of the group Catholics boiling,
and some people worry that the crack will affect the progress of the Friends group and
the division was activated in order to circumvent Microsoft technology offer advice
and suggestions, it was not paid no attention, saying "black" is
just a piece of cake.
Hillsborough think has ignited a year ago, the XP "black" event.
Also in this hacker group, there was a day to break the WGA, OGA, and posted on the
forum, crack method, this group of Shicaiaowu hackers, who have been part of the
Internet users as a hero. This is a "black" reproduction, group
there called 24 hours to crack, and finally took up the family on active Hillsborough.
For Windows 7 that claims to yield the most secure system is not empty talk. Two
weeks ago, Hillsborough found in the RC version of a fatal injury - the same with
Vista, Windows 7 OEM version activation still use the SLIC table, "but the
SLIC2.0 (full name of the Software Licensing Internal Code, the internal software
license code) to upgrade to the SLIC2.1, the kernel has not changed, the typical new
wine in old bottles, you can use the OEM method. " From the XP era,
OEM system to break laws will become a shortcut. The principle is very simple,
through the device driver ROYAL.SYS, simulation OEM manufacturers BIOS,
through the ACPI-SLIC information, the system pre-installed on machines that are
OEM to gain genuine license, the core part is the SLIC information. Windows 7
follows Vista, SLIC table, for those who break it, is tantamount to opening the door,
the technical challenges have been greatly reduced.
Zhongguancun's time to find old Yang, who is a commercial replenishment.
"Black on black bar, what with me?" Lao Yang side of the hand
counting of pirated packaged Windows 7 Ultimate, side to meet with reporters,
"Technical problems are not under our control, we simply sell out the latest
version anyway, we can First time to sell, go for the old version. "
That seems to last time XP black screen of "catastrophe" does
not allow the park's business experience to what is wrong, although there
are many old Yang hands were "black" in XP, but at least, not
yet listed at the beginning of Windows 7 , Lao Yang RC version of one month to hand
out thousands of sheets, "as long as the official version came out, three
days can supply!" Lao Yang promised patting shoulders, a posture of
honest businessmen.
In fact, piracy is not only so simple. Zhongguancun in true or otherwise set aside and
the Windows 7 installation CD, on the largest Taobao C2C trading platform, the sale
can not buy the official version of Windows 7 serial number, and can activate the
program through online genuine.
Microsoft anti-piracy new tactics: built-in activation mechanism
Piracy around the corner, Microsoft certainly will not sit idly by, especially with the
October 22 official version of Windows 7 release date draws near, Microsoft is no
longer willing to wait longer silent.
"If you want pirated Windows 7 is not so easy." August 27 in
Beijing Wangjing Street, Lei Shing Hong Plaza, No. 8, Block C of the Microsoft
conference room, Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd general manager of consumer and online
marketing Wei Green confident, and calmly explain to the media, with Microsoft on
Windows 7 anti-piracy technologies and strategies. Microsoft said its upcoming new
operating system, Windows 7 will be added to activate the anti-piracy mechanism for
consumers insist on using pirated will be repeatedly "reminded",
until the desktop background to black, unless they are installed and activated as soon
as possible genuine software.
"Although Windows 7 activation technology in XP and Vista had been
used over time, Microsoft primarily to identify the final consumer through its installed
operating system is genuine or pirated, but technically, with the previous approach is
slightly different. "According to Wei Qing introduced,"
Windows activation technology for the retail boxed product and volume licensing
product, obtained by way of OEM pre-installed Windows 7, it has been is active,
users do not need to activate the operation. "
Microsoft is actually a way to do technically to ensure office users buy from the OEM
hard to be pirated computer operating system, but also against the
"illegal" channels, software providers and distributors, to avoid
a serial number in the XP era use of multi-machine problems.
In fact, the statements in addition to being overwhelmed by Microsoft as an initiative
to communicate to consumers outside the deeper is a warning against illegal channels.
"Windows 7 activation technology is to be built in the operating system
can be continually updated as the antivirus software like, so can the emerging market,
piracy measures and random change." According to Wei Qing's
introduction, Windows 7 XP activation technology Yu Patch added time through the
activation of different, Windows 7 activation technology like a cell, will always exist
in Windows 7. This also means that when a model becomes widespread piracy cheat
when this technology can identify them, so piracy more difficult.
If you are pirated users:
Windows 7 installed the first three days, there is no reminder;
In the first 4 days to 26 days once daily reminder;
In the first 27 days to 29 days once every 4 hours to remind;
In the first 30 days, to remind one hour;
After 30 days, did not activate the user's desktop background will become
pure black, the user changes the desktop background every 60 minutes and then
switch back to pure black, while the lower right corner appears a permanent reminder
Piracy Industry Chain: Who can turn a blind eye on the interest?
In fact, Hong Lei tomato garden so soon after the trial and issued a short period of
time, communicate with the outside world on Microsoft anti-piracy Jishu, pirated
industry chain break for the team, or You Yi Ding deterrent Li's.
"Industrial chain link small insignificant everywhere, could bring millions
of dollars or even 10 million yuan level of profits" rain forest wind studio
founders Chol (a pseudonym) has more than half the industry break out of the system,
now in retrospect, still filled with emotion.
According to Chol introduced in XP, system piracy industry was tomato garden, rain
forest wind, the depth of the three pillars of the situation, the three divided up the
country billions of levels of piracy system disk market.
However, this situation is to break with the Hong Lei was arrested moments, the rain
forest the wind, the depth of the two studios have announced its withdrawal from the
market in favor of the development of other software. However, after that, another
vision to keep up, become the main Windows 7 related to the exchange camp.
"Some people out, someone will come in, before interest, who can turn a
blind eye?"
Through interviews, the reporter also learned to do profitability of the system there
are two main ways to break.
The first is with a number of vendors in the system integration of software,
"including anti-virus software, audio, video player, download software, in
addition to Microsoft Office, others are basically spent the money for."
According to Chol introduction, he before the charge of foreign business co-operation
of the system to break profit flow is very familiar, "and even see some
users simply can not see the plug-in, has become an important component of
revenue." However, Chol said, this part of the fee and there is no fixed
amount, "the general to download the activation fee charge, charge Zhuyao
yes Genjudaoban usage with Jueding, to Google Toolbar Wei Li, at the beginning
talking about is a 1 dollar, but a small amount, a month also two or three thousand
dollars of income. "
Is this kind of magnitude? According to Chol introduction, the rain forest the wind
from 2006 to 2007 heyday, reached one million on activation level, although each
time the price was down to 7 to 8 cents, but only that a Google toolbar, rain forest
wind break on the monthly income of 10 million, not to mention a similar storm video
and cool dog music box and so on.
Another ecological circles piracy a profitable way to navigate site. Baidu money in
2004, acquired navigation site boss hao123, as is hao123 huge traffic. The world of
these flows, a large number are from the site, but hao123's fortune and the
rise of tomato line piracy groups are inseparable, it is in the tomato garden system
with integrated hao123 the IE home page, to create such a low threshold, large flow
navigation site. A similar scene, the other cracked version of the system long-standing,
Chol rain forest where the wind loads 114la, through the rain forest wind system of
viral expansion has become par hao123 navigation site, the transformed wind rain
forest alone 114la, the overflow has been so profitable.
After these two steps, the next part is much simpler, which is part of the production of
pirated optical discs. They tomato, and depth of the site for free download mirror,
recording, packaging, sales into the channel. XP era of multi-purpose VCD disc, the
wholesale price of 1 yuan, recording, packaging, cost less than 1 yuan, the logistics
cost of less than 0.5 yuan, the total cost of less than 3 yuan, according to the retail
Zhongguancun 15 yuan from 10 yuan to the price of view, but also easy to see why
the old Yang had chosen to favor selling pirated.
"Crack are not the thing once and for all, this game You Dewan
had." Hillsborough seems once again to the authority to challenge
Microsoft, "Microsoft has a black screen then Who?"
"Black" too rough or too soft?
Is "black."
Indeed, Microsoft's move is reminiscent of the end users of pirated
Microsoft XP implementation of the "black" measures, causing
users and the industry was widespread concern and question, and even lead to a large
number of users panic.
"At that time we did not expect the reaction would be so much in fact,
'black' just outside the genuine validation program for our
misunderstanding, 'black' is the user's computer
desktop wallpaper piracy into a black, will not have the user the use of computers
caused by other effects. "Microsoft said a related person helpless. For this
reason, the resumption of "black", Microsoft's
statements and attitude are very cautious and have a lot of technical user experience
compared to previous improvements.
According to Wei Qing's description, in fact, a lot of black become tender.
"For instance, Windows 7 will be prompted to the user, if you do not
activate after 30 days you can not continue to use the computer, the whole process
was very human, and prompt process, the system will tell the user if it is genuine, then
you can activate."
"Piracy of computer users have some sort of loophole, consumers do not
know very likely the case in a 'chicken'." This is why
Microsoft is to "repeatedly" in the system to remind consumers
of the reason for piracy.
Wei Ching said, many people think that there is no difference between pirated and
genuine, or actually a large extent, they do not know, only with piracy, do not think
there relationship. But more alarming is the damage caused by this, there are reports
showing that piracy industry chain is 238 million yuan annual output value, and the
resulting losses of up to 76 billion, is piracy so-called "annual output value
of" 30 times This includes the user's account losses, loss of
privacy, computer damage, the company's business can not be carried out
so. Many people unknowingly become victims of piracy. Analysys report, 20.1% of
users thought they were buying pirated computer is legitimate software pre-installed.
For Microsoft, piracy has always been a very difficult thing. Despite the large users of
pirated Microsoft has done a user has accumulated, the formation of its dominance
with the role can not be ignored. However, action to combat piracy in recent years,
Microsoft's net is tightening.
From the depth of cooperation with domestic PC giants in notebook computers
pre-installed genuine operating systems market in 2006 after the price-cutting strategy
of Vista, to use legal means against the tomato garden, XP, black screen warning, until
now Windows 7 activation of the anti-piracy technology Microsoft's
anti-piracy tactic more and more organization of writing.
To enable more users to lower the price of genuine operating systems listed in
Windows 7 after the price of 399 yuan Home Basic, Premium Edition 699 yuan. Than
Vista's drop by 20%, is by far the world's lowest.