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Electric Boilers


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									Save Money with Electric Boilers

Written for E-ComfortUSA – http://www.e-comfortusa.com

And electric boiler is a covered container where water is heated using
electricity and pressure. The resulting hot water or steam is then
disseminated throughout the home for central heating and/or hot
water needs.

As late as the 1990’s, homes that were installed with boilers would
often aim to overshoot their needs, installing boilers that were too big
for the home rather than too small. Only recently have boilers reached
the technology where they can deliver a perfect temperature balance,
all the while maintaining energy consumption at the optimum level so
that no energy is wasted. Needless to say this saves owners money over
the long run, and is far better for the environment as well.

Advances in thermostat technology allow users to set the time they
want their boilers to shut off, and they can even choose the exact
degree they want their home to maintain. This may seem like a minor
claim for homeowners who are used to standard heaters, but for the
boiler, this technology is leaps and bounds ahead of where it started;
especially when considering the mechanics of a boiler system.

With all the advancements in boiler technology one of the most
popular boilers on the market is the electric boiler. These units have
several advantages when compared to other types of boilers. They
contain fewer serviceable parts and they require less maintenance than
their counterparts. The safety and efficiency services that other units
need annually are not required for electric boilers, and they are
typically easier to maintain resulting in lower servicing costs. They are
virtually 100 percent energy efficient and they run silently.

Save Money With Electric Boilers                                   ©2010
What’s more, off peak utility tariffs and special tariffs for the elderly
make electric boilers and increasingly attractive alternative to standard
forms of heating. The recent demand for direct acting boiler units
which are user friendly and easy to operate is also helping to establish
their rising popularity.

Adding to the many advantages offered by electric boilers, they do not
emit any toxic fumes while in use. With the recent interest in green
energy, this has increased their popularity on an exponential basis. It
has also motivated companies to find better ways to make
environmentally friendly boilers that are at the same time extremely

Not long ago electric boilers weren’t considered a cost effective item
because they used electricity when it wasn’t necessary. But with the
advancements in modern technology electric heaters are leaps and
bounds further than they used to be, making them a convenient and
economical investment. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that
electric boilers have revolutionized central heating, especially in an
environment of depleting fuel sources and increased demand for

For those who are in the market for an electric boiler, there is certainly
no shortage of options. Manufacturers have answered the recent
demand for efficient boiler systems by pushing to improve on their
designs and usability. Today, the technology and innovations of electric
boilers makes them an increasingly attractive prospect for home

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