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									                                                                                         609 Lincolnshire Lane
                                                                                            Findlay, OH 45840
                                                                                          Phone: 419.422.0228
                                                                                Email: Sharon@JobRockit.com
                                                                                     URL: www.JobRockit.com

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PROFILE            Ten–time National Winner of * Best Résumé / Cover Letter Honors * at national
                                                                                                         love, and
                   conferences. Nominated as one of five résumé writers worldwide for the TORI           you will
                   (Toast of the Resume Industry) Award with a total of 18 nominations in two never have
                                                                 Northwest Ohio for the
                   associations. Served as college instructor inwork another day in your life." last 14 years.

WORK CHRONOLOGY    JOBROCKIT (formerly The Résumé.Doc), Findlay, OH                     1997 – PRESENT o
                      Owner / Guru. Prepare job–search documentation and consult with clients ona job
                      behavioral–based interviewing, personal branding, and networking strategies. love,
                                                                                                        and you
                   OWENS COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Findlay, OH                             1993 – PRESENT
                   BOWLING GREEN STATE UNIVERSITY, Bowling Green, OH
                   OHIO NORTHERN UNIVERSITY, Ada, OH                                         never
                      Instructor for Microcomputer Concepts and Business Communication       have
                      classes on main campuses and the OCC Center for Development & Training.                            w
PROFESSIONAL       CAREER MASTERS INSTITUTE (CMI)                                                      r
AFFILIATIONS,         CMI Advisory Board Member – College Graduates                                    k
DEVELOPMENT &         National     Louisville, KY – 2007; San Francisco, CA – 2006; Denver, CO – 2005;
CERTIFICATIONS        Conventions Kansas City, MO – 2003; San Diego, CA – 2002
                   PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION of RÉSUMÉ W RITERS & CAREER COACHES (PARW/CC)                            o
                      Certified Professional Résumé Writer (CPRW), 2001                                              t
                      National Conventions Las Vegas, NV – 2003; Dallas, TX – 2002;                                  h
                                             St. Pete, FL – 2001                                                     e
                      Five–time Winner of “Best Résumé / Cover Letter” Honors at conventions                         r
                   CAREER DIRECTORS INTERNATIONAL (CDI)                                                              d
                      Three–time Nominee for TORI (Toast of the Résumé Industry) awards,                             a
                                 San Antonio, TX – 2007                                                              y
                          Winner – *Best New Graduate Résumé* and *Best Cover Letter*                                i
                      Five–time Nominee for TORI awards, Orlando, FL – 2006                                          n
                          Winner – *Best Executive* & *Most Creative* Résumés
                      Three–time Nominee for TORI awards, Indianapolis, IN – 2004                                    y
                          Winner – *Most Creative Résumé*                                                            o
                   NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF RÉSUMÉ W RITERS (NARW)                                                    u
                   GREATER FINDLAY, INC. – Hancock County Chamber of Commerce, Findlay, OH                           r
                   Pi Sigma Epsilon, Professional Member of Eta Omega Chapter                                        l
                         Workshop Presenter, National Sales & Marketing Conventions,                                 i
                              Minneapolis, MN – 2006; Reno, NV – 2004; Cincinnati, OH – 2003                         f
                   HONORABLE ORDER OF KENTUCKY COLONELS, Louisville, KY                                              e
                   BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL W OMEN (BPW) of Findlay & Hancock County (1 year)                       .
                        Master of Education in Postsecondary Business Education
                        Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

AWARDS / HONORS     Mortar Board – Fayetta M. Paulsen Cap & Gown Chapter
                    Delta Pi Epsilon and Pi Omega Pi (Honorary Business Education Fraternities)

OTHER ACTIVITIES   Children‟s Mentoring Connection (Big Brother / Big Sister), 2002 – PRESENT
                   In–house Corporate Business Writing Instructor
                   Columnist for Résumé Writers‟ University, Résumé Writers’ Digest, 2002 – 2005
                                                                                        609 Lincolnshire Lane
                                                                                           Findlay, OH 45840
                                                                                         Phone: 419.422.0228
                                                                               Email: Sharon@JobRockit.com
                                                                                    URL: www.JobRockit.com

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Pi Sigma Epsilon            “Strategies to Maximize Career Fair Experiences,” February 2003
Dotted Lines                “How to Create a Résumé with an Edge,” November 2002                                    d
                            Online Published Articles                                                               y
Pi Sigma Epsilon            “Business Etiquette for the Boardroom of the Future,” February 2004
Dotted Onlines              “Cover Letters: Say It and Sell It From the Heart,” November 2003                       i
                            “The Quantifiable Value of „Page 2‟”                                                    n

www.Bio.com                 “Are You a Good Netizen?: Email Strategies for the Job Seeker”                          y
Career Masters Institute    “How to Create a Résumé with an Edge: Five Key Strategies for College                   o
Articles at Your Service         Students”                                                                          u
E–Bridge Newsletter         “Cover Letters: Say It and Sell It From the Heart,” January 2004                        r


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