Evaluasi Kualitas Jasa Pelayanan Hotel by oyc99684


									                     Evaluasi Kualitas Jasa Pelayanan Hotel
 dengan Menggunakan Importance–Performance Analysis Sebagai Alat Strategi Bersaing
                      ( Studi Kasus Pada PB Villa And Spa )

                                      I Made Artha Wibawa


         Tourism is a continuously growing business and has good future in Indonesia. Of course,
it is supported with availability of hotel facility which is a key factor for foreign and local tourist
to visit a tourism resort. The recently sharp decline in tourism sector in Indonesia due to falling
security level and labile internal politic stability affected hotel business. The aim of the research
is to evaluate hotel service quality after Bali Bomb Blast I, so it can identify the right strategy to
win existing competition. Evaluation using Importance–Performance Analysis can provide
understanding on service quality from consumer perspective as service user. Therefore, the
company can identify who are its customers, and service staff can identify what customers want.
Achievement of customer satisfaction can be marked with less complaint from customer that
indicates the increased performance of service unit. Result of analysis using Importance–
Performance Analysis is that implementation of focus strategy having used is appropriated
considering uncertainty of political, security and economic condition due to Bali Bomb Blast I

Keywords : Service Quality Model, Porter’s Five Forces Model, Importance–Performance
           Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Competitive Strategy

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