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									Management of small business accounting
Abstract strengthen the small business accounting, management and healthy
development of small enterprises is a necessary requirement. This report focus on
small business development is also very backward to angle from many of our small
business accounting management constraints, and proposed some countermeasures
relatively shallow, only for reference.
小 scale enterprises 在 share of the national economy, a growing proportion,
development of market economy has become an important force in, small business
products and services Zuizhong value of gross national product Zongzhi nearly 50%.
However, the small business to really take the road of sustained steady and healthy
development, we must implement the scientific management, in particular, to
strengthen the small business accounting management. This is a small business needs
of internal management, to accounting in the management of small businesses the
necessary maturity; also a small business external stakeholders a comprehensive small
business financial evaluation requirements.

First, the accounting impact of small business management factors

Management of our small business accounting unsatisfactory situation, a considerable
number of small business accounting institutions are not very sound, the management
system is not perfect, the quality of accounting personnel is relatively low quality of
accounting information needs to be improved at the same time, small business finds
itself the external environment is also to some extent restricted the participation of
small business accounting management capabilities and strengthen.

(A) the limited quality management
Many small business managers believe that accounting is the accounting afterwards,
even services for business owners, as long as profits can be calculated to meet the tax
needs to be sufficient. They are not too many expectations of the accounting, not to
mention to participate in the management of accounting, not to think of how to
strengthen the management capacity of accounting. Therefore, most of these small
business accounting only reflected in the performance of the most basic functions. In
many small business owners view, accounting activities and even pure consumption
activities, if
Can no accounting would be best to reduce wage costs.

(B) The management intensity is low
The reason why accounting information of listed companies has been standardized,
the main reason lies in the social nature of accounting information needs. The small
business accounting information to the public generally does not need to, their needs
very little social. Therefore, even if the Government and the relevant administrative
departments, in the small business accounting regulatory efforts are obviously much
smaller, much less Instead of listed companies or state-owned enterprises compared
with supervision of accounting information. Shows that the lack of external pressure
is small business accounting and management activities important reason for

(C) the restrictions bookkeeping
Although the vast majority of small business managers, the subjective will want to set
up a special corporate accounting office. But for the consideration of
cost-effectiveness, many small businesses take to hire accounting services accounting
bookkeeping or hire part-time to complete accounting practices. These accounting
services can not be full or part-time accounting staff to participate and learn more
about the various economic activities, thus it is difficult to build on the accounting
involved in the management decisions of other activities. In addition, the accounting
services to small businesses or part-time accounting staff remuneration is relatively
fixed, the work results of the business performance of small businesses are not linked,
thus affecting the accounting service or part-time accounting staff involved in small
business management initiative.

(D) financing environment constraints
Small-scale enterprises are small-scale capital needs, borrowing costs in the
proportion of fixed costs is relatively high, resulting in a relatively small increase in
corporate borrowing costs. Banks and other financial institutions lending to small
businesses audit requirements are higher, such as the requirement to apply for loans
for small businesses by the accounting firm to provide a comprehensive audit report,
provide collateral, so as to increase small business access to bank loans, and the
absolute cost relative costs, reduced access to bank loans, small business possibilities.
In the economically developed coastal areas, many small businesses prefer private or
underground banks to borrow. In this way, small business financing role of accounting
information can not be reflected, thereby affecting many small businesses to enhance
the enthusiasm of accounting management. Small business accounting management,
weakening its financing between the external environment not only can not promote
each other, but caught in a vicious circle.

(E) "tax package" of
Small enterprises to strengthen management of the external effects of accounting, in
addition to help improve the financing capacity of small enterprises, there is a very
important role in meeting the needs of tax returns, or even the necessary tax planning
to reduce the tax burden on small businesses . However, many tax departments to
streamline tax procedures for various reasons, the taxation of small businesses in
general implementation of the "bag tax" approach. That is, to
small business tax approved by a fixed amount, or even all of the tax package
summary determining how much tax. In this way, the provision of accounting
statements as the basis of tax returns has become unnecessary, even to lose their tax
planning small business space.

(6) professional employees low quality of accounting
In the growth stage of small enterprises, especially private enterprises, their
employment mechanism of "cronyism" elements of a high. The
grip on the "most valuable asset" of the financial staff,
especially. People do not understand accounting accounting, management of people
do not understand the phenomenon of management accounting everywhere. As
graduates of the accounting profession, the traditional concept of employment and
small enterprises "cronyism" and employing traditional, small
businesses often do not choose to employment. Accounting practitioners in the
follow-up education, private enterprise and other small businesses often follow-up
education and management accounting vacuum, nobody cares. If anything, most of
formality. Accounting Professional only affected the low quality of accounting
information quality small business, they weakened the small business accounting
financial management capacity. Multi-Chi Wang Xiao Welcome all over the city,
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Second, to strengthen the management of small business accounting Suggestions

(A) to strengthen the scientific management of small business awareness of
Organization managers of small enterprises to take part in professional training, with
the managers of large enterprises with business management practices to carry out
discussions and exchange so as to cultivate small business managers the concept of
scientific management, interest and expertise.

(B) strengthen the training of employees in small business accounting
Small business accounting practitioners cultural level, professional quality of the poor,
or even difficult to cope with day to day accounting. Therefore, we must strengthen
the small business accounting practitioners in the professional capacity of existing
training, especially small business accounting employees do a good job of follow-up
education. Some arrangements should be targeted on small business accounting small
business management and how to participate in the content of the training to
effectively improve the training effect.

(C) the accounting profession and actively guide students to small business
At present, over-supply of accounting majors, but students can not meet their concept
of employment is the development of the new situation, still holding to the
government, to agencies, to listed companies, large enterprises and enterprise groups
ideas. In fact, small businesses for accounting graduates is more conducive to a
comprehensive grasp of financial accounting and accounting business management
skills, helping to train full of senior accounting managers. Relevant departments and
colleges should increase the employment of university graduates to guide and
encourage graduates from the accounting profession to the development of small
business employment. Meanwhile, managers of small businesses should also adopt
the scientific employment mechanism, the accounting profession to attract college
graduates to small business employment.

(D) intensify the implementation of "small business accounting
system" implementation
Unified accounting system for small businesses, help small business accounting
information, standardization, and enhance the comparability of accounting
information, thereby enhancing the value of small business accounting information.
Although the "small business accounting system" has already
promulgated, but the real implementation of the "small business
accounting system" is not a lot of small businesses, which is not conducive
to improving the quality of small business accounting information. Relevant
departments shall organize efforts to promote the implementation of small enterprises,
"small business accounting system."

(E) establish a set of small enterprises for Enterprise Performance Evaluation System
Small business accounting information for different purposes, for the small business
financial analysis tailored to the appropriate financial analysis and evaluation systems
to better assess the financial position of small business, operating results and cash
flows, thereby enhancing the Small Business Financial Analysis The significance and
role in enhancing the effectiveness of small businesses and improve the internal
management of external financing capacity of small enterprises.

(6) major expansion of social services accounting services sector
To promote social accounting services by the general "account
type"          accounting      services      to       the     multi-purpose
"managed" accounting services transformation, so that the
functions of bookkeeping continually extended, and even participate in the enterprise
operation and management decision-making activities in order to accounting for small
businesses is a real sense, "value-added" activities.

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