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Web of science®
social sciences citation index® 2010
	   	   	      	     	      									WEB	OF	SCIENCE®	-	SOCIAL	SCIENCES	CItAtION	INdEx	SOURCE	PUBLICAtIONS

            TITLE                                                     ISSN
            AbAcus-A JournAl of Accounting finAnce And                  0001-3072
            business studies
            AcAdemiA-revistA lAtinoAmericAnA de                         1012-8255
            AcAdemic PsYcHiAtrY                                         1042-9670
            AcAdemY of mAnAgement JournAl                               0001-4273
            AcAdemY of mAnAgement leArning & educAtion                  1537-260X
            AcAdemY of mAnAgement PersPectives                          1558-9080
            AcAdemY of mAnAgement revieW                                0363-7425
            Accident AnAlYsis And Prevention                            0001-4575
            Accounting And business reseArcH                            0001-4788
            Accounting And finAnce                                      0810-5391
            Accounting Horizons                                         0888-7993
            Accounting orgAnizAtions And societY                        0361-3682
            Accounting revieW                                           0001-4826
            Across lAnguAges And cultures                               1585-1923
            ActA bioetHicA                                              0717-5906
            ActA HistriAe                                               1318-0185
            ActA linguisticA HungAricA                                  1216-8076
            ActA oeconomicA                                             0001-6373
            ActA PAulistA de enfermAgem                                 0103-2100
            ActA PoliticA                                               0001-6810
            ActA PsYcHiAtricA scAndinAvicA                              0001-690X
            ActA PsYcHologicA                                           0001-6918
            ActA sociologicA                                            0001-6993
            Actes de lA recHercHe en sciences sociAles                  0335-5322
            Action reseArcH                                             1476-7503
            ActuAl Problems of economics                                1993-6788
            AdAPtive beHAvior                                           1059-7123
            Addiction                                                   0965-2140
            Addiction reseArcH & tHeorY                                 1606-6359
            Addictive beHAviors                                         0306-4603
            Adicciones                                                  0214-4840
            AdministrAtion & societY                                    0095-3997
            AdministrAtion And PolicY in mentAl HeAltH And              0894-587X
            mentAl HeAltH services reseArcH
            AdministrAtion in sociAl WorK                               0364-3107
            AdministrAtive lAW revieW                                   0001-8368
            AdministrAtive science QuArterlY                            0001-8392
            Adolescence                                                 0001-8449
            Adolescent PsYcHiAtrY                                       0065-2008
            Adult educAtion QuArterlY                                   0741-7136
            AdvAnces in cHild develoPment And beHAvior                  0065-2407
            AdvAnces in eXPerimentAl sociAl PsYcHologY                  0065-2601
            AdvAnces in HeAltH sciences educAtion                       1382-4996
            AdvAnces in nursing science                                 0161-9268

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   AdvAnces in services mArKeting And mAnAgement         1067-5671
                   AdvAnces in strAtegic mAnAgement -A reseArcH          0742-3322
                   AffiliA-JournAl of Women And sociAl WorK              0886-1099
                   AfricA                                                0001-9720
                   AfricAn AffAirs                                       0001-9909
                   AfricAn And AsiAn studies                             1569-2094
                   AfricAn develoPment revieW-revue AfricAine de         1017-6772
                   AfricAn JournAl of business mAnAgement                1993-8233
                   AfricAn JournAl of librArY ArcHives And               0795-4778
                   informAtion science
                   AfricAn JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY                         1994-8220
                   AfricAn studies                                       0002-0184
                   AfricAn studies revieW                                0002-0206
                   AfricAnA linguisticA                                  0065-4124
                   AfriKA sPectrum                                       0002-0397
                   Ageing & societY                                      0144-686X
                   Aggression And violent beHAvior                       1359-1789
                   Aggressive beHAvior                                   0096-140X
                   Aging & mentAl HeAltH                                 1360-7863
                   Aging neuroPsYcHologY And cognition                   1382-5585
                   AgriculturAl economics                                0169-5150
                   AgriculturAl economics-zemedelsKA eKonomiKA           0139-570X
                   AgriculturAl HistorY                                  0002-1482
                   Agriculture And HumAn vAlues                          0889-048X
                   Aibr-revistA de AntroPologiA iberoAmericAnA           1695-9752
                   Aids And beHAvior                                     1090-7165
                   Aids cAre-PsYcHologicAl And socio-medicAl AsPects     0954-0121
                   of Aids/Hiv
                   Aids educAtion And Prevention                         0899-9546
                   Aids PAtient cAre And stds                            1087-2914
                   AJAr-AfricAn JournAl of Aids reseArcH                 1608-5906
                   AJidd-AmericAn JournAl on intellectuAl And            1944-7515
                   develoPmentAl disAbilities
                   AlcoHol reseArcH & HeAltH                             1535-7414
                   AlternAtives                                          0304-3754
                   AmericAn AnnAls of tHe deAf                           0002-726X
                   AmericAn AntHroPologist                               0002-7294
                   AmericAn AntiQuitY                                    0002-7316
                   AmericAn bAnKruPtcY lAW JournAl                       0027-9048
                   AmericAn beHAviorAl scientist                         0002-7642
                   AmericAn business lAW JournAl                         0002-7766
                   AmericAn criminAl lAW revieW                          0164-0364
                   AmericAn economic revieW                              0002-8282
                   AmericAn educAtionAl reseArcH JournAl                 0002-8312
	   	   	      	     	      									WEB	OF	SCIENCE®	-	SOCIAL	SCIENCES	CItAtION	INdEx	SOURCE	PUBLICAtIONS

            TITLE                                                     ISSN
            AmericAn etHnologist                                        0094-0496
            AmericAn HistoricAl revieW                                  0002-8762
            AmericAn indiAn And AlAsKA nAtive mentAl HeAltH             0893-5394
            AmericAn JournAl of AgriculturAl economics                  0002-9092
            AmericAn JournAl of bioetHics                               1526-5161
            AmericAn JournAl of clinicAl HYPnosis                       0002-9157
            AmericAn JournAl of communitY PsYcHologY                    0091-0562
            AmericAn JournAl of comPArAtive lAW                         0002-919X
            AmericAn JournAl of drug And AlcoHol Abuse                  0095-2990
            AmericAn JournAl of economics And sociologY                 0002-9246
            AmericAn JournAl of educAtion                               0195-6744
            AmericAn JournAl of evAluAtion                              1098-2140
            AmericAn JournAl of fAmilY tHerAPY                          0192-6187
            AmericAn JournAl of geriAtric PsYcHiAtrY                    1064-7481
            AmericAn JournAl of HeAltH beHAvior                         1087-3244
            AmericAn JournAl of HeAltH Promotion                        0890-1171
            AmericAn JournAl of HumAn biologY                           1042-0533
            AmericAn JournAl of internAtionAl lAW                       0002-9300
            AmericAn JournAl of lAW & medicine                          0098-8588
            AmericAn JournAl of mAnAged cAre                            1088-0224
            AmericAn JournAl of mens HeAltH                             1557-9883
            AmericAn JournAl of nursing                                 0002-936X
            AmericAn JournAl of occuPAtionAl tHerAPY                    0272-9490
            AmericAn JournAl of ortHoPsYcHiAtrY                         0002-9432
            AmericAn JournAl of PHYsicAl AntHroPologY                   0002-9483
            AmericAn JournAl of PoliticAl science                       0092-5853
            AmericAn JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY                              0002-953X
            AmericAn JournAl of PsYcHologY                              0002-9556
            AmericAn JournAl of Public HeAltH                           0090-0036
            AmericAn JournAl of sociologY                               0002-9602
            AmericAn JournAl of sPeecH-lAnguAge PAtHologY               1058-0360
            AmericAn JournAl on Addictions                              1055-0496
            AmericAn lAW And economics revieW                           1465-7252
            AmericAn PoliticAl science revieW                           0003-0554
            AmericAn Politics reseArcH                                  1532-673X
            AmericAn PsYcHologist                                       0003-066X
            AmericAn revieW of Public AdministrAtion                    0275-0740
            AmericAn sociologicAl revieW                                0003-1224
            AmericAn sPeecH                                             0003-1283
            AmfiteAtru economic                                         1582-9146
            Amme idAresi dergisi                                        1300-1795
            AnAles de PsicologiA                                        0212-9728
            AnAles del sistemA sAnitArio de nAvArrA                     1137-6627
            AndAmios                                                    1870-0063

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   AnnAls of beHAviorAl medicine                         0883-6612
                   AnnAls of clinicAl PsYcHiAtrY                         1040-1237
                   AnnAls of dYsleXiA                                    0736-9387
                   AnnAls of economics And finAnce                       1529-7373
                   AnnAls of regionAl science                            0570-1864
                   AnnAls of science                                     0003-3790
                   AnnAls of tHe AmericAn AcAdemY of PoliticAl And       0002-7162
                   sociAl science
                   AnnAls of tHe AssociAtion of AmericAn geogrAPHers     0004-5608
                   AnnAls of tourism reseArcH                            0160-7383
                   Annee PsYcHologiQue                                   0003-5033
                   AnnuAl revieW of AntHroPologY                         0084-6570
                   AnnuAl revieW of APPlied linguistics                  0267-1905
                   AnnuAl revieW of clinicAl PsYcHologY                  1548-5943
                   AnnuAl revieW of economics                            1941-1383
                   AnnuAl revieW of environment And resources            1543-5938
                   AnnuAl revieW of finAnciAl economics                  1941-1367
                   AnnuAl revieW of informAtion science And              0066-4200
                   AnnuAl revieW of lAW And sociAl science               1550-3585
                   AnnuAl revieW of PoliticAl science                    1094-2939
                   AnnuAl revieW of PsYcHologY                           0066-4308
                   AnnuAl revieW of Public HeAltH                        0163-7525
                   AnnuAl revieW of resource economics                   1941-1340
                   AnnuAl revieW of sociologY                            0360-0572
                   AntHroPologicAl forum                                 0066-4677
                   AntHroPologicAl notebooKs                             1408-032X
                   AntHroPologicAl QuArterlY                             0003-5491
                   AntHroPologicAl tHeorY                                1463-4996
                   AntHroPologie                                         0003-5521
                   AntHroPologiscHer Anzeiger                            0003-5548
                   AntHroPologist                                        0972-0073
                   AntHroPologY & educAtion QuArterlY                    0161-7761
                   AntHroPologY And ArcHeologY of eurAsiA                1061-1959
                   AntHroPologY soutHern AfricA                          0258-0144
                   AntHroPos                                             0257-9774
                   AntiPode                                              0066-4812
                   AntiQuitY                                             0003-598X
                   Antitrust lAW JournAl                                 0003-6056
                   AnuArio de estudios medievAles                        0066-5061
                   AnXietY stress And coPing                             1061-5806
                   APPlied & Preventive PsYcHologY                       0962-1849
                   APPlied cognitive PsYcHologY                          0888-4080
                   APPlied develoPmentAl science                         1088-8691
                   APPlied economics                                     0003-6846
                   APPlied economics letters                             1350-4851
	   	   	      	     	      									WEB	OF	SCIENCE®	-	SOCIAL	SCIENCES	CItAtION	INdEx	SOURCE	PUBLICAtIONS

            TITLE                                                     ISSN
            APPlied ergonomics                                          0003-6870
            APPlied geogrAPHY                                           0143-6228
            APPlied linguistics                                         0142-6001
            APPlied meAsurement in educAtion                            0895-7347
            APPlied nursing reseArcH                                    0897-1897
            APPlied PsYcHolinguistics                                   0142-7164
            APPlied PsYcHologicAl meAsurement                           0146-6216
            APPlied PsYcHologY-An internAtionAl revieW-                 0269-994X
            PsYcHologie APPliQuee-revue internAtionAle
            APPlied PsYcHoPHYsiologY And biofeedbAcK                    1090-0586
            AQuicHAn                                                    1657-5997
            ArcHAeologY in oceAniA                                      0003-8121
            ArcHives euroPeennes de sociologie                          0003-9756
            ArcHives of clinicAl neuroPsYcHologY                        0887-6177
            ArcHives of generAl PsYcHiAtrY                              0003-990X
            ArcHives of PsYcHiAtric nursing                             0883-9417
            ArcHives of seXuAl beHAvior                                 0004-0002
            Arctic AntHroPologY                                         0066-6939
            AreA                                                        0004-0894
            Argos                                                       0254-1637
            ArgumentA oeconomicA                                        1233-5835
            Armed forces & societY                                      0095-327X
            Arts in PsYcHotHerAPY                                       0197-4556
            AsiA euroPe JournAl                                         1610-2932
            AsiA PAcific educAtion revieW                               1598-1037
            AsiA PAcific JournAl of AntHroPologY                        1444-2213
            AsiA PAcific JournAl of educAtion                           0218-8791
            AsiA PAcific JournAl of HumAn resources                     1038-4111
            AsiA PAcific JournAl of mAnAgement                          0217-4561
            AsiA PAcific JournAl of sociAl WorK And                     0218-5385
            AsiA PAcific lAW revieW                                     1019-2557
            AsiA PAcific vieWPoint                                      1360-7456
            AsiAn And PAcific migrAtion JournAl                         0117-1968
            AsiAn business & mAnAgement                                 1472-4782
            AsiAn cAse reseArcH JournAl                                 0218-9275
            AsiAn economic JournAl                                      1351-3958
            AsiAn economic PAPers                                       1535-3516
            AsiAn economic PolicY revieW                                1832-8105
            AsiAn JournAl of communicAtion                              0129-2986
            AsiAn JournAl of sociAl PsYcHologY                          1367-2223
            AsiAn JournAl of sociAl science                             1568-4849
            AsiAn JournAl of tecHnologY innovAtion                      1976-1597
            AsiAn JournAl of Womens studies                             1225-9276
            AsiAn JournAl of Wto & internAtionAl HeAltH lAW             1819-5164
            And PolicY

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   AsiAn PersPective                                     0258-9184
                   AsiAn surveY                                          0004-4687
                   AsiAn Women                                           1225-925X
                   AsiAn-PAcific economic literAture                     0818-9935
                   AsiA-PAcific educAtion reseArcHer                     0119-5646
                   AsiA-PAcific JournAl of Accounting & economics        1608-1625
                   AsiA-PAcific JournAl of finAnciAl studies             2041-9945
                   AsiA-PAcific JournAl of Public HeAltH                 1010-5395
                   AsiA-PAcific JournAl of teAcHer educAtion             1359-866X
                   Asist monogrAPH series                                ****-****
                   Aslib Proceedings                                     0001-253X
                   Assessment                                            1073-1911
                   Assessment & evAluAtion in HigHer educAtion           0260-2938
                   AssistenzA infermieristicA e ricercA                  1592-5986
                   Assistive tecHnologY                                  1040-0435
                   Astin bulletin                                        0515-0361
                   AttAcHment & HumAn develoPment                        1461-6734
                   Attention PercePtion & PsYcHoPHYsics                  1943-3921
                   Auditing-A JournAl of PrActice & tHeorY               0278-0380
                   AugmentAtive And AlternAtive communicAtion            0743-4618
                   AustrAlAsiAn JournAl of educAtionAl tecHnologY        1449-3098
                   AustrAlAsiAn JournAl of environmentAl                 1448-6563
                   AustrAlAsiAn JournAl on Ageing                        1440-6381
                   AustrAlAsiAn PsYcHiAtrY                               1039-8562
                   AustrAliAn AboriginAl studies                         0729-4352
                   AustrAliAn AcAdemic & reseArcH librAries              0004-8623
                   AustrAliAn Accounting revieW                          1035-6908
                   AustrAliAn And neW zeAlAnd JournAl of                 0004-8658
                   AustrAliAn And neW zeAlAnd JournAl of fAmilY          0814-723X
                   AustrAliAn And neW zeAlAnd JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY      0004-8674
                   AustrAliAn And neW zeAlAnd JournAl of Public          1326-0200
                   AustrAliAn economic HistorY revieW                    0004-8992
                   AustrAliAn economic PAPers                            0004-900X
                   AustrAliAn economic revieW                            0004-9018
                   AustrAliAn educAtionAl reseArcHer                     0311-6999
                   AustrAliAn feminist studies                           0816-4649
                   AustrAliAn geogrAPHer                                 0004-9182
                   AustrAliAn JournAl of Adult leArning                  1443-1394
                   AustrAliAn JournAl of AdvAnced nursing                0813-0531
                   AustrAliAn JournAl of AgriculturAl And resource       1364-985X
                   AustrAliAn JournAl of AntHroPologY                    1035-8811
	   	   	      	     	     									WEB	OF	SCIENCE®	-	SOCIAL	SCIENCES	CItAtION	INdEx	SOURCE	PUBLICAtIONS

            TITLE                                                    ISSN
            AustrAliAn JournAl of eArlY cHildHood                      0312-5033
            AustrAliAn JournAl of educAtion                            0004-9441
            AustrAliAn JournAl of guidAnce And counselling             1037-2911
            AustrAliAn JournAl of internAtionAl AffAirs                1035-7718
            AustrAliAn JournAl of linguistics                          0726-8602
            AustrAliAn JournAl of mAnAgement                           0312-8962
            AustrAliAn JournAl of PoliticAl science                    1036-1146
            AustrAliAn JournAl of PrimArY HeAltH                       1448-7527
            AustrAliAn JournAl of PsYcHologY                           0004-9530
            AustrAliAn JournAl of Public AdministrAtion                0313-6647
            AustrAliAn JournAl of rurAl HeAltH                         1038-5282
            AustrAliAn JournAl of sociAl issues                        0157-6321
            AustrAliAn librArY JournAl                                 0004-9670
            AustrAliAn PsYcHologist                                    0005-0067
            AustrAliAn sociAl WorK                                     1447-0748
            Autism                                                     1362-3613
            Autism reseArcH                                            1939-3792
            b e JournAl of economic AnAlYsis & PolicY                  1935-1682
            b e JournAl of mAcroeconomics                              1935-1690
            b e JournAl of tHeoreticAl economics                       1935-1704
            bAltic JournAl of economics                                ****-****
            bAltic JournAl of mAnAgement                               1746-5265
            bAriAtric nursing And surgicAl PAtient cAre                1557-1459
            bAsic And APPlied sociAl PsYcHologY                        0197-3533
            beHAvior AnAlYst                                           0738-6729
            beHAvior genetics                                          0001-8244
            beHAvior modificAtion                                      0145-4455
            beHAvior reseArcH metHods                                  1554-351X
            beHAvior tHerAPY                                           0005-7894
            beHAviorAl And brAin sciences                              0140-525X
            beHAviorAl disorders                                       0198-7429
            beHAviorAl interventions                                   1072-0847
            beHAviorAl medicine                                        0896-4289
            beHAviorAl PsYcHologY-PsicologiA conductuAl                1132-9483
            beHAviorAl sciences & tHe lAW                              0735-3936
            beHAviour & informAtion tecHnologY                         0144-929X
            beHAviour cHAnge                                           0813-4839
            beHAviour reseArcH And tHerAPY                             0005-7967
            beHAviourAl And cognitive PsYcHotHerAPY                    1352-4658
            beHAviourAl Processes                                      0376-6357
            bericHte zur WissenscHAftsgescHicHte                       0170-6233
            berliner JournAl fur soziologie                            0863-1808
            betriebsWirtscHAftlicHe forscHung und PrAXis               0340-5370
            biJdrAgen tot de tAAl- lAnd- en volKenKunde                0006-2294
            bilig                                                      1301-0549

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   bilinguAlism-lAnguAge And cognition                   1366-7289
                   biodemogrAPHY And sociAl biologY                      1948-5565
                   bioetHics                                             0269-9702
                   biologicAl PsYcHologY                                 0301-0511
                   biologY & PHilosoPHY                                  0169-3867
                   biosecuritY And bioterrorism-biodefense strAtegY      1538-7135
                   PrActice And science
                   birtH-issues in PerinAtAl cAre                        0730-7659
                   blAcK scHolAr                                         0006-4246
                   bmc medicAl etHics                                    1472-6939
                   bodY & societY                                        1357-034X
                   bodY imAge                                            1740-1445
                   bolemA-mAtHemAtics educAtion bulletin-boletim de      0103-636X
                   educAcAo mAtemAticA
                   boletin de lA AsociAcion de geogrAfos esPAnoles       0212-9426
                   boston universitY lAW revieW                          0006-8047
                   brAin And cognition                                   0278-2626
                   brAin And lAnguAge                                    0093-934X
                   britisH educAtionAl reseArcH JournAl                  0141-1926
                   britisH JournAl for tHe HistorY of science            0007-0874
                   britisH JournAl for tHe PHilosoPHY of science         0007-0882
                   britisH JournAl of clinicAl PsYcHologY                0144-6657
                   britisH JournAl of criminologY                        0007-0955
                   britisH JournAl of develoPmentAl disAbilities         0969-7950
                   britisH JournAl of develoPmentAl PsYcHologY           0261-510X
                   britisH JournAl of educAtionAl PsYcHologY             0007-0998
                   britisH JournAl of educAtionAl studies                0007-1005
                   britisH JournAl of educAtionAl tecHnologY             0007-1013
                   britisH JournAl of guidAnce & counselling             0306-9885
                   britisH JournAl of HeAltH PsYcHologY                  1359-107X
                   britisH JournAl of industriAl relAtions               0007-1080
                   britisH JournAl of mAnAgement                         1045-3172
                   britisH JournAl of mAtHemAticAl & stAtisticAl         0007-1102
                   britisH JournAl of middle eAstern studies             1353-0194
                   britisH JournAl of music educAtion                    0265-0517
                   britisH JournAl of PoliticAl science                  0007-1234
                   britisH JournAl of Politics & internAtionAl           1369-1481
                   britisH JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY                         0007-1250
                   britisH JournAl of PsYcHologY                         0007-1269
                   britisH JournAl of religious educAtion                0141-6200
                   britisH JournAl of sociAl PsYcHologY                  0144-6665
                   britisH JournAl of sociAl WorK                        0045-3102
                   britisH JournAl of sociologY                          0007-1315
                   britisH JournAl of sociologY of educAtion             0142-5692
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            TITLE                                                    ISSN
            brooKings PAPers on economic ActivitY                      0007-2303
            buffAlo lAW revieW                                         0023-9356
            bulletin of economic reseArcH                              0307-3378
            bulletin of indonesiAn economic studies                    0007-4918
            bulletin of lAtin AmericAn reseArcH                        0261-3050
            bulletin of tHe Atomic scientists                          0096-3402
            bulletin of tHe HistorY of medicine                        0007-5140
            bulletin of tHe menninger clinic                           0025-9284
            business & societY                                         0007-6503
            business etHics QuArterlY                                  1052-150X
            business HistorY                                           0007-6791
            business HistorY revieW                                    0007-6805
            business lAWYer                                            0007-6899
            cAdernos de sAude PublicA                                  0102-311X
            cAdmo                                                      1122-5165
            cAlidoscoPio                                               1679-8740
            cAliforniA lAW revieW                                      0008-1221
            cAliforniA mAnAgement revieW                               0008-1256
            cAmbridge JournAl of economics                             0309-166X
            cAmbridge QuArterlY of HeAltHcAre etHics                   0963-1801
            cAmbridge revieW of internAtionAl AffAirs                  0955-7571
            cAnAdiAn geogrAPHer-geogrAPHe cAnAdien                     0008-3658
            cAnAdiAn JournAl of AdministrAtive sciences-revue          0825-0383
            cAnAdienne des sciences de l AdministrAtion
            cAnAdiAn JournAl of AgriculturAl economics-revue           0008-3976
            cAnAdienne d Agroeconomie
            cAnAdiAn JournAl of beHAviourAl science-revue              0008-400X
            cAnAdienne des sciences du comPortement
            cAnAdiAn JournAl of criminologY And criminAl               1707-7753
            cAnAdiAn JournAl of develoPment studies-revue              0225-5189
            cAnAdienne d etudes du develoPPement
            cAnAdiAn JournAl of economics-revue cAnAdienne d           0008-4085
            cAnAdiAn JournAl of eXPerimentAl PsYcHologY-               1196-1961
            revue cAnAdienne de PsYcHologie eXPerimentAle
            cAnAdiAn JournAl of informAtion And librArY                1195-096X
            science-revue cAnAdienne des sciences de l
            informAtion et de bibliotHeconomie
            cAnAdiAn JournAl of PoliticAl science-revue                0008-4239
            cAnAdienne de science PolitiQue
            cAnAdiAn JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY-revue cAnAdienne            0706-7437
            de PsYcHiAtrie
            cAnAdiAn JournAl of Public HeAltH-revue                    0008-4263
            cAnAdienne de sAnte PubliQue
            cAnAdiAn JournAl of sociologY-cAHiers cAnAdiens            0318-6431
            de sociologie

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   cAnAdiAn JournAl on Aging-revue cAnAdienne du         0714-9808
                   cAnAdiAn modern lAnguAge revieW-revue                 0008-4506
                   cAnAdienne des lAngues vivAntes
                   cAnAdiAn PsYcHologY-PsYcHologie cAnAdienne            0708-5591
                   cAnAdiAn Public AdministrAtion-AdministrAtion         0008-4840
                   PubliQue du cAnAdA
                   cAnAdiAn Public PolicY-AnAlYse de PolitiQues          0317-0861
                   cAnAdiAn revieW of sociologY-revue cAnAdienne de      1755-6171
                   cAncer nursing                                        0162-220X
                   cAreer develoPment QuArterlY                          0889-4019
                   cArtogrAPHic JournAl                                  0008-7041
                   cArtogrAPHY And geogrAPHic informAtion science        1523-0406
                   cAtHolic universitY lAW revieW                        1530-6119
                   centro JournAl                                        1538-6279
                   cePAl revieW                                          0251-2920
                   cesifo economic studies                               1610-241X
                   cesKoslovensKA PsYcHologie                            0009-062X
                   cesKY lid-etHnologicKY cAsoPis                        0009-0794
                   cHemistrY educAtion reseArcH And PrActice             1109-4028
                   cHild & fAmilY beHAvior tHerAPY                       0731-7107
                   cHild & fAmilY sociAl WorK                            1356-7500
                   cHild Abuse & neglect                                 0145-2134
                   cHild And Adolescent PsYcHiAtric clinics of nortH     1056-4993
                   cHild cAre HeAltH And develoPment                     0305-1862
                   cHild develoPment                                     0009-3920
                   cHild develoPment PersPectives                        1750-8592
                   cHild indicAtors reseArcH                             1874-897X
                   cHild lAnguAge teAcHing & tHerAPY                     0265-6590
                   cHild mAltreAtment                                    1077-5595
                   cHild PsYcHiAtrY & HumAn develoPment                  0009-398X
                   cHild WelfAre                                         0009-4021
                   cHildHood-A globAl JournAl of cHild reseArcH          0907-5682
                   cHildren & societY                                    0951-0605
                   cHildren And YoutH services revieW                    0190-7409
                   cHildrens HeAltH cAre                                 0273-9615
                   cHinA & World economY                                 1671-2234
                   cHinA economic revieW                                 1043-951X
                   cHinA JournAl                                         1324-9347
                   cHinA QuArterlY                                       0305-7410
                   cHinA revieW-An interdisciPlinArY JournAl on          1680-2012
                   greAter cHinA
                   cHinese educAtion And societY                         1061-1932
                   cHinese JournAl of internAtionAl lAW                  1540-1650
                   cHinese lAW And government                            0009-4609
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            TITLE                                                     ISSN
            cHinese sociologY And AntHroPologY                          0009-4625
            cHungArA-revistA de AntroPologiA cHilenA                    0716-1182
            cienciA & sAude coletivA                                    1413-8123
            cin-comPuters informAtics nursing                           1538-2931
            circulo de linguisticA APlicAdA A lA comunicAcion           1576-4737
            cities                                                      0264-2751
            citizensHiP studies                                         1362-1025
            citY & communitY                                            1535-6841
            civil szemle                                                1786-3341
            climAte PolicY                                              1469-3062
            clinicAl cHild And fAmilY PsYcHologY revieW                 1096-4037
            clinicAl JournAl of oncologY nursing                        1092-1095
            clinicAl linguistics & PHonetics                            0269-9206
            clinicAl neuroPsYcHologist                                  1385-4046
            clinicAl nurse sPeciAlist                                   0887-6274
            clinicAl nursing reseArcH                                   1054-7738
            clinicAl PsYcHologY & PsYcHotHerAPY                         1063-3995
            clinicAl PsYcHologY revieW                                  0272-7358
            clinicAl PsYcHologY-science And PrActice                    0969-5893
            clinicAl sociAl WorK JournAl                                0091-1674
            cognition                                                   0010-0277
            cognition & emotion                                         0269-9931
            cognition And instruction                                   0737-0008
            cognitive And beHAviorAl PrActice                           1077-7229
            cognitive develoPment                                       0885-2014
            cognitive linguistics                                       0936-5907
            cognitive neuroPsYcHologY                                   0264-3294
            cognitive Processing                                        1612-4782
            cognitive PsYcHologY                                        0010-0285
            cognitive science                                           0364-0213
            cognitive sYstems reseArcH                                  1389-0417
            cognitive tHerAPY And reseArcH                              0147-5916
            college & reseArcH librAries                                0010-0870
            collegiAn                                                   1322-7696
            collegium AntroPologicum                                    0350-6134
            columbiA JournAl of lAW And sociAl Problems                 0010-1923
            columbiA JournAl of trAnsnAtionAl lAW                       0010-1931
            columbiA lAW revieW                                         0010-1958
            commentArY                                                  0010-2601
            common mArKet lAW revieW                                    0165-0750
            communicAtion monogrAPHs                                    0363-7751
            communicAtion reseArcH                                      0093-6502
            communicAtion tHeorY                                        1050-3293
            communist And Post-communist studies                        0967-067X
            communitY mentAl HeAltH JournAl                             0010-3853

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   comPArAtive educAtion                                 0305-0068
                   comPArAtive educAtion revieW                          0010-4086
                   comPArAtive PoliticAl studies                         0010-4140
                   comPArAtive Politics                                  0010-4159
                   comPArAtive studies in societY And HistorY            0010-4175
                   comPetition PolicY internAtionAl                      1554-0189
                   comPreHensive PsYcHiAtrY                              0010-440X
                   comPutAtionAl And mAtHemAticAl orgAnizAtion           1381-298X
                   comPutAtionAl economics                               0927-7099
                   comPutAtionAl linguistics                             0891-2017
                   comPuter Assisted lAnguAge leArning                   0958-8221
                   comPuters & educAtion                                 0360-1315
                   comPuters environment And urbAn sYstems               0198-9715
                   comPuters in HumAn beHAvior                           0747-5632
                   comunicAcion Y sociedAd                               0214-0039
                   comunicAr                                             1134-3478
                   configurAtions                                        1063-1801
                   conflict mAnAgement And PeAce science                 0738-8942
                   consciousness And cognition                           1053-8100
                   contemPorArY Accounting reseArcH                      0823-9150
                   contemPorArY economic PolicY                          1074-3529
                   contemPorArY educAtionAl PsYcHologY                   0361-476X
                   contemPorArY nurse                                    1037-6178
                   contemPorArY PAcific                                  1043-898X
                   contemPorArY PoliticAl tHeorY                         1470-8914
                   contemPorArY PsYcHoAnAlYsis                           0010-7530
                   contemPorArY sociologY-A JournAl of revieWs           0094-3061
                   continuitY And cHAnge                                 0268-4160
                   continuum-JournAl of mediA & culturAl studies         1030-4312
                   contributions to indiAn sociologY                     0069-9667
                   convergenciA-revistA de cienciAs sociAles             1405-1435
                   cooPerAtion And conflict                              0010-8367
                   cornell HosPitAlitY QuArterlY                         1938-9655
                   cornell internAtionAl lAW JournAl                     0010-8812
                   cornell lAW revieW                                    0010-8847
                   corPorAte governAnce-An internAtionAl revieW          0964-8410
                   corPus linguistics And linguistic tHeorY              1613-7027
                   counseling PsYcHologist                               0011-0000
                   creAtivitY reseArcH JournAl                           1040-0419
                   crime & delinQuencY                                   0011-1287
                   crime And Justice-A revieW of reseArcH                0192-3234
                   crime lAW And sociAl cHAnge                           0925-4994
                   crime mediA culture                                   1741-6590
                   criminAl beHAviour And mentAl HeAltH                  0957-9664
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            TITLE                                                      ISSN
            criminAl Justice And beHAvior                                0093-8548
            criminAl lAW revieW                                          0011-135X
            criminologY                                                  0011-1384
            criminologY & criminAl Justice                               1748-8958
            crisis-tHe JournAl of crisis intervention And suicide        0227-5910
            criticAl AsiAn studies                                       1467-2715
            criticAl cAre nurse                                          0279-5442
            criticAl revieW                                              0891-3811
            criticAl sociAl PolicY                                       0261-0183
            criticAl studies in mediA communicAtion                      1529-5036
            critiQue of AntHroPologY                                     0308-275X
            cross-culturAl reseArcH                                      1069-3971
            cuAdernos de economiA Y direccion de lA emPresA              1138-5758
            culturA Y educAcion                                          1135-6405
            culturAl AntHroPologY                                        0886-7356
            culturAl diversitY & etHnic minoritY PsYcHologY              1099-9809
            culturAl geogrAPHies                                         1474-4740
            culturAl sociologY                                           1749-9755
            culturAl studies                                             0950-2386
            culture & PsYcHologY                                         1354-067X
            culture HeAltH & seXuAlitY                                   1369-1058
            culture medicine And PsYcHiAtrY                              0165-005X
            current AntHroPologY                                         0011-3204
            current directions in PsYcHologicAl science                  0963-7214
            current HistorY                                              0011-3530
            current oPinion in PsYcHiAtrY                                0951-7367
            current PsYcHologY                                           1046-1310
            current sociologY                                            0011-3921
            curriculum inQuirY                                           0362-6784
            curriculum mAtters                                           1177-1828
            custos e Agronegocio                                         ****-****
            cYberPsYcHologY & beHAvior                                   1094-9313
            dAdos-revistA de cienciAs sociAis                            0011-5258
            dAedAlus                                                     0011-5266
            deAtH studies                                                0748-1187
            decision AnAlYsis                                            1545-8490
            decision sciences                                            0011-7315
            defence And PeAce economics                                  1024-2694
            demogrAPHic reseArcH                                         1435-9871
            demogrAPHY                                                   0070-3370
            denver universitY lAW revieW                                 0883-9409
            dePression And AnXietY                                       1091-4269
            develoPing economies                                         0012-1533
            develoPing World bioetHics                                   1471-8731

                   TITLE                                                ISSN
                   develoPment And cHAnge                                 0012-155X
                   develoPment And PsYcHoPAtHologY                        0954-5794
                   develoPment PolicY revieW                              0950-6764
                   develoPment soutHern AfricA                            0376-835X
                   develoPmentAl neuroPsYcHologY                          8756-5641
                   develoPmentAl PsYcHologY                               0012-1649
                   develoPmentAl revieW                                   0273-2297
                   develoPmentAl science                                  1363-755X
                   deviAnce et societe                                    0378-7931
                   deviAnt beHAvior                                       0163-9625
                   diAcHronicA                                            0176-4225
                   diAgnosticA                                            0012-1924
                   diAlectologiA et geolinguisticA                        0942-4040
                   didActicA slovenicA-PedAgosKA obzorJA                  0353-1392
                   differences-A JournAl of feminist culturAl studies     1040-7391
                   disAbilitY & societY                                   0968-7599
                   disAbilitY And reHAbilitAtion                          0963-8288
                   disAster medicine And Public HeAltH PrePAredness       1935-7893
                   disAster Prevention And mAnAgement                     0965-3562
                   disAsters                                              0361-3666
                   discourse & communicAtion                              1750-4813
                   discourse & societY                                    0957-9265
                   discourse Processes                                    0163-853X
                   discourse studies                                      1461-4456
                   disP                                                   0251-3625
                   dissent                                                0012-3846
                   distAnce educAtion                                     0158-7919
                   drug And AlcoHol revieW                                0959-5236
                   drugs-educAtion Prevention And PolicY                  0968-7637
                   drustvenA istrAzivAnJA                                 1330-0288
                   duKe lAW JournAl                                       0012-7086
                   dve domovini-tWo HomelAnds                             0353-6777
                   dYnAmis                                                0211-9536
                   dYsleXiA                                               1076-9242
                   e & m eKonomie A mAnAgement                            1212-3609
                   eArlY cHildHood reseArcH QuArterlY                     0885-2006
                   eArlY educAtion And develoPment                        1040-9289
                   eArlY intervention in PsYcHiAtrY                       1751-7885
                   eArtH sciences HistorY                                 0736-623X
                   eAst euroPeAn Politics And societies                   0888-3254
                   eAst euroPeAn QuArterlY                                0012-8449
                   eAstern euroPeAn countrYside                           1232-8855
                   eAstern euroPeAn economics                             0012-8775
                   eAting beHAviors                                       1471-0153
                   ecologicAl economics                                   0921-8009
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            TITLE                                                     ISSN
            ecologicAl PsYcHologY                                       1040-7413
            ecologY lAW QuArterlY                                       0046-1121
            econ JournAl WAtcH                                          1933-527X
            econometric revieWs                                         0747-4938
            econometric tHeorY                                          0266-4666
            econometricA                                                0012-9682
            econometrics JournAl                                        1368-4221
            economiA cHilenA                                            0717-3830
            economiA meXicAnA-nuevA ePocA                               1665-2045
            economiA PoliticA                                           1120-2890
            economic And industriAl democrAcY                           0143-831X
            economic comPutAtion And economic cYbernetics               0424-267X
            studies And reseArcH
            economic develoPment And culturAl cHAnge                    0013-0079
            economic develoPment QuArterlY                              0891-2424
            economic geogrAPHY                                          0013-0095
            economic HistorY revieW                                     0013-0117
            economic inQuirY                                            0095-2583
            economic JournAl                                            0013-0133
            economic modelling                                          0264-9993
            economic PolicY                                             0266-4658
            economic record                                             0013-0249
            economic sYstems reseArcH                                   0953-5314
            economic tHeorY                                             0938-2259
            economicA                                                   0013-0427
            economics & HumAn biologY                                   1570-677X
            economics And PHilosoPHY                                    0266-2671
            economics letters                                           0165-1765
            economics of educAtion revieW                               0272-7757
            economics of trAnsition                                     0967-0750
            economist-netHerlAnds                                       0013-063X
            economY And societY                                         0308-5147
            econtent                                                    1525-2531
            ecQuid novi-AfricAn JournAlism studies                      0256-0054
            educAcion XX1                                               1139-613X
            educAtion And trAining in develoPmentAl disAbilities        1547-0350
            educAtion And urbAn societY                                 0013-1245
            educAtion As cHAnge                                         1682-3206
            educAtionAl AdministrAtion QuArterlY                        0013-161X
            educAtionAl And PsYcHologicAl meAsurement                   0013-1644
            educAtionAl evAluAtion And PolicY AnAlYsis                  0162-3737
            educAtionAl gerontologY                                     0360-1277
            educAtionAl leAdersHiP                                      0013-1784
            educAtionAl PolicY                                          0895-9048
            educAtionAl PsYcHologist                                    0046-1520

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   educAtionAl PsYcHologY                                0144-3410
                   educAtionAl PsYcHologY revieW                         1040-726X
                   educAtionAl reseArcH                                  0013-1881
                   educAtionAl revieW                                    0013-1911
                   educAtionAl studies                                   0305-5698
                   educAtionAl tecHnologY & societY                      1436-4522
                   eesti rAKenduslingvistiKA uHingu AAstArAAmAt          1736-2563
                   egitim ArAstirmAlAri-eurAsiAn JournAl of              1302-597X
                   educAtionAl reseArcH
                   egitim ve bilim-educAtion And science                 1300-1337
                   eKonomicKY cAsoPis                                    0013-3035
                   eKonomistA                                            0013-3205
                   eKonomsKA istrAzivAnJA-economic reseArcH              1331-677X
                   electorAl studies                                     0261-3794
                   electronic commerce reseArcH And APPlicAtions         1567-4223
                   electronic librArY                                    0264-0473
                   elementArY scHool JournAl                             0013-5984
                   emerging mArKets finAnce And trAde                    1540-496X
                   emJ-engineering mAnAgement JournAl                    1042-9247
                   emotion                                               1528-3542
                   emPiricAl economics                                   0377-7332
                   energY economics                                      0140-9883
                   energY JournAl                                        0195-6574
                   energY PolicY                                         0301-4215
                   englisH for sPecific PurPoses                         0889-4906
                   englisH HistoricAl revieW                             0013-8266
                   englisH in AustrAliA                                  0046-208X
                   englisH teAcHing-PrActice And critiQue                1175-8708
                   ensenAnzA de lAs cienciAs                             0212-4521
                   enterPrise & societY                                  1467-2227
                   entrePreneursHiP And regionAl develoPment             0898-5626
                   entrePreneursHiP tHeorY And PrActice                  1042-2587
                   environment                                           0013-9157
                   environment And beHAvior                              0013-9165
                   environment And develoPment economics                 1355-770X
                   environment And PlAnning A                            0308-518X
                   environment And PlAnning b-PlAnning & design          0265-8135
                   environment And PlAnning c-government And PolicY      0263-774X
                   environment And PlAnning d-societY & sPAce            0263-7758
                   environment And urbAnizAtion                          0956-2478
                   environmentAl & resource economics                    0924-6460
                   environmentAl communicAtion-A JournAl of nAture       1752-4032
                   And culture
                   environmentAl educAtion reseArcH                      1350-4622
                   environmentAl etHics                                  0163-4275
                   environmentAl HistorY                                 1084-5453
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            TITLE                                                     ISSN
            environmentAl imPAct Assessment revieW                      0195-9255
            environmentAl Politics                                      0964-4016
            environmentAl vAlues                                        0963-2719
            environnement risQues & sAnte                               1635-0421
            ePidemiologiA & Prevenzione                                 1120-9763
            ePidemiologiA e PsicHiAtriA sociAle-An internAtionAl        1121-189X
            JournAl for ePidemiologY And PsYcHiAtric sciences
            erde                                                        0013-9998
            erdKunde                                                    0014-0015
            ergonomics                                                  0014-0139
            ese-estudios sobre educAcion                                1578-7001
            estudios constitucionAles                                   0718-0195
            estudios de economiA                                        0304-2758
            estudios de PsicologiA                                      0210-9395
            estudios sobre el mensAJe Periodistico                      1134-1629
            etHics                                                      0014-1704
            etHics & beHAvior                                           1050-8422
            etHics And informAtion tecHnologY                           1388-1957
            etHioPiAn JournAl of HeAltH develoPment                     1021-6790
            etHnic And rAciAl studies                                   0141-9870
            etHnicities                                                 1468-7968
            etHnicitY & HeAltH                                          1355-7858
            etHnogrAPHY                                                 1466-1381
            etHnoHistorY                                                0014-1801
            etHnologY                                                   0014-1828
            etHnos                                                      0014-1844
            etHos                                                       0091-2131
            etr&d-educAtionAl tecHnologY reseArcH And                   1042-1629
            eurAsiAn geogrAPHY And economics                            1538-7216
            eure-revistA lAtinoAmericAnA de estudios urbAno             0250-7161
            euroPeAn Accounting revieW                                  0963-8180
            euroPeAn Addiction reseArcH                                 1022-6877
            euroPeAn business orgAnizAtion lAW revieW                   1566-7529
            euroPeAn cHild & Adolescent PsYcHiAtrY                      1018-8827
            euroPeAn constitutionAl lAW revieW                          1574-0196
            euroPeAn eArlY cHildHood educAtion reseArcH                 1350-293X
            euroPeAn eAting disorders revieW                            1072-4133
            euroPeAn economic revieW                                    0014-2921
            euroPeAn finAnciAl mAnAgement                               1354-7798
            euroPeAn HistorY QuArterlY                                  0265-6914
            euroPeAn integrAtion online PAPers-eioP                     1027-5193
            euroPeAn JournAl of Ageing                                  1613-9372
            euroPeAn JournAl of cArdiovAsculAr nursing                  1474-5151

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   euroPeAn JournAl of cognitive PsYcHologY              0954-1446
                   euroPeAn JournAl of communicAtion                     0267-3231
                   euroPeAn JournAl of criminologY                       1477-3708
                   euroPeAn JournAl of culturAl studies                  1367-5494
                   euroPeAn JournAl of develoPmentAl PsYcHologY          1740-5629
                   euroPeAn JournAl of educAtion                         0141-8211
                   euroPeAn JournAl of finAnce                           1351-847X
                   euroPeAn JournAl of HeAltH economics                  1618-7598
                   euroPeAn JournAl of industriAl relAtions              0959-6801
                   euroPeAn JournAl of internAtionAl lAW                 0938-5428
                   euroPeAn JournAl of internAtionAl mAnAgement          1751-6757
                   euroPeAn JournAl of internAtionAl relAtions           1354-0661
                   euroPeAn JournAl of lAW And economics                 0929-1261
                   euroPeAn JournAl of mArKeting                         0309-0566
                   euroPeAn JournAl of migrAtion And lAW                 1388-364X
                   euroPeAn JournAl of oncologY nursing                  1462-3889
                   euroPeAn JournAl of PersonAlitY                       0890-2070
                   euroPeAn JournAl of PoliticAl economY                 0176-2680
                   euroPeAn JournAl of PoliticAl reseArcH                0304-4130
                   euroPeAn JournAl of PoPulAtion-revue euroPeenne       0168-6577
                   de demogrAPHie
                   euroPeAn JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY                        0213-6163
                   euroPeAn JournAl of PsYcHologicAl Assessment          1015-5759
                   euroPeAn JournAl of PsYcHologY of educAtion           0256-2928
                   euroPeAn JournAl of Public HeAltH                     1101-1262
                   euroPeAn JournAl of sociAl PsYcHologY                 0046-2772
                   euroPeAn JournAl of sociAl tHeorY                     1368-4310
                   euroPeAn JournAl of teAcHer educAtion                 0261-9768
                   euroPeAn JournAl of tHe HistorY of economic           0967-2567
                   euroPeAn JournAl of trAnsPort And                     1567-7133
                   infrAstructure reseArcH
                   euroPeAn JournAl of Womens studies                    1350-5068
                   euroPeAn JournAl of WorK And orgAnizAtionAl           1359-432X
                   euroPeAn lAW JournAl                                  1351-5993
                   euroPeAn lAW revieW                                   0307-5400
                   euroPeAn mAnAgement JournAl                           0263-2373
                   euroPeAn PHYsicAl educAtion revieW                    1356-336X
                   euroPeAn PlAnning studies                             0965-4313
                   euroPeAn PoliticAl science                            1680-4333
                   euroPeAn PsYcHiAtrY                                   0924-9338
                   euroPeAn PsYcHologist                                 1016-9040
                   euroPeAn revieW of AgriculturAl economics             0165-1587
                   euroPeAn revieW of APPlied PsYcHologY-revue           1162-9088
                   euroPeenne de PsYcHologie APPliQuee
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            TITLE                                                     ISSN
            euroPeAn revieW of economic HistorY                         1361-4916
            euroPeAn revieW of sociAl PsYcHologY                        1046-3283
            euroPeAn societies                                          1461-6696
            euroPeAn sociologicAl revieW                                0266-7215
            euroPeAn sPort mAnAgement QuArterlY                         1618-4742
            euroPeAn union Politics                                     1465-1165
            euroPeAn urbAn And regionAl studies                         0969-7764
            euroPe-AsiA studies                                         0966-8136
            evAluAtion & tHe HeAltH Professions                         0163-2787
            evAluAtion And ProgrAm PlAnning                             0149-7189
            evAluAtion revieW                                           0193-841X
            evolution And HumAn beHAvior                                1090-5138
            evolution PsYcHiAtriQue                                     0014-3855
            evolutionArY AntHroPologY                                   1060-1538
            evolutionArY PsYcHologY                                     1474-7049
            eXcePtionAl cHildren                                        0014-4029
            eXcePtionAlitY                                              0936-2835
            eXPerimentAl And clinicAl PsYcHoPHArmAcologY                1064-1297
            eXPerimentAl economics                                      1386-4157
            eXPerimentAl PsYcHologY                                     1618-3169
            eXPlorAtions in economic HistorY                            0014-4983
            fAmilies in societY-tHe JournAl of contemPorArY             1044-3894
            sociAl services
            fAmilY & communitY HeAltH                                   0160-6379
            fAmilY business revieW                                      0894-4865
            fAmilY lAW QuArterlY                                        0014-729X
            fAmilY Process                                              0014-7370
            fAmilY relAtions                                            0197-6664
            federAl reserve bAnK of st louis revieW                     0014-9187
            feminism & PsYcHologY                                       0959-3535
            feminist economics                                          1354-5701
            feminist revieW                                             0141-7789
            feminist studies                                            0046-3663
            feministiscHe studien                                       0723-5186
            field metHods                                               1525-822X
            filosofiJA-sociologiJA                                      0235-7186
            finAnce A uver-czecH JournAl of economics And               0015-1920
            finAnce And stocHAstics                                     0949-2984
            finAnce reseArcH letters                                    1544-6123
            finAnciAl AnAlYsts JournAl                                  0015-198X
            finAnciAl mAnAgement                                        0046-3892
            finAnzArcHiv                                                0015-2218
            fiscAl studies                                              0143-5671
            focus on Autism And otHer develoPmentAl                     1088-3576

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   focus on eXcePtionAl cHildren                         0015-511X
                   foliA linguisticA                                     0165-4004
                   foliA linguisticA HistoricA                           0168-647X
                   foliA PHoniAtricA et logoPAedicA                      1021-7762
                   food And drug lAW JournAl                             1064-590X
                   food PolicY                                           0306-9192
                   forbes                                                0015-6914
                   fordHAm lAW revieW                                    0015-704X
                   foreign AffAirs                                       0015-7120
                   foreign lAnguAge AnnAls                               0015-718X
                   fortune                                               0015-8259
                   forum der PsYcHoAnAlYse                               0178-7667
                   forum-A JournAl of APPlied reseArcH in                1540-8884
                   contemPorArY Politics
                   frontiers-A JournAl of Women studies                  0160-9009
                   functions of lAnguAge                                 0929-998X
                   future of cHildren                                    1054-8289
                   futures                                               0016-3287
                   futurist                                              0016-3317
                   gAcetA sAnitAriA                                      0213-9111
                   gAiA-ecologicAl PersPectives for science And          0940-5550
                   gAmes And economic beHAvior                           0899-8256
                   gAstroenterologY nursing                              1042-895X
                   gedrAg & orgAnisAtie                                  0921-5077
                   gender & societY                                      0891-2432
                   gender And educAtion                                  0954-0253
                   gender PlAce And culture                              0966-369X
                   gender WorK And orgAnizAtion                          0968-6673
                   generAl HosPitAl PsYcHiAtrY                           0163-8343
                   generAtions-JournAl of tHe AmericAn societY on        0738-7806
                   genevA PAPers on risK And insurAnce-issues And        1018-5895
                   genevA risK And insurAnce revieW                      1554-964X
                   geodetsKi vestniK                                     0351-0271
                   geoforum                                              0016-7185
                   geogrAfie                                             1212-0014
                   geogrAfisK tidssKrift-dAnisH JournAl of geogrAPHY     0016-7223
                   geogrAfisKA AnnAler series b-HumAn geogrAPHY          0435-3684
                   geogrAPHicAl AnAlYsis                                 0016-7363
                   geogrAPHicAl JournAl                                  0016-7398
                   geogrAPHicAl reseArcH                                 1745-5863
                   geogrAPHicAl revieW                                   0016-7428
                   geogrAPHiscHe zeitscHrift                             0016-7479
                   geogrAPHY                                             0016-7487
	   	   	      	     	      									WEB	OF	SCIENCE®	-	SOCIAL	SCIENCES	CItAtION	INdEx	SOURCE	PUBLICAtIONS

            TITLE                                                     ISSN
            geoPolitics                                                 1465-0045
            george WAsHington lAW revieW                                0016-8076
            georgetoWn lAW JournAl                                      0016-8092
            geriAtric nursing                                           0197-4572
            geriAtrics & gerontologY internAtionAl                      1444-1586
            germAn economic revieW                                      1465-6485
            germAn studies revieW                                       0149-7952
            gerontologist                                               0016-9013
            gestion Y PoliticA PublicA                                  1405-1079
            gesture                                                     1568-1475
            gesundHeitsWesen                                            0941-3790
            gifted cHild QuArterlY                                      0016-9862
            globAl economic revieW                                      1226-508X
            globAl environmentAl cHAnge-HumAn And PolicY                0959-3780
            globAl environmentAl Politics                               1526-3800
            globAl governAnce                                           1075-2846
            globAl netWorKs-A JournAl of trAnsnAtionAl                  1470-2266
            glQ-A JournAl of lesbiAn And gAY studies                    1064-2684
            governAnce-An internAtionAl JournAl of PolicY               0952-1895
            AdministrAtion And institutions
            government And oPPosition                                   0017-257X
            government informAtion QuArterlY                            0740-624X
            govor                                                       0352-7565
            grouP & orgAnizAtion mAnAgement                             1059-6011
            grouP decision And negotiAtion                              0926-2644
            grouP dYnAmics-tHeorY reseArcH And PrActice                 1089-2699
            grouP Processes & intergrouP relAtions                      1368-4302
            groWtH And cHAnge                                           0017-4815
            gruPPendYnAmiK und orgAnisAtionsberAtung                    1618-7849
            gruPPenPsYcHotHerAPie und gruPPendYnAmiK                    0017-4947
            HAbitAt internAtionAl                                       0197-3975
            HAcettePe universitesi egitim fAKultesi dergisi-            1300-5340
            HAcettePe universitY JournAl of educAtion
            HAciendA PublicA esPAnolA                                   0210-1173
            HArm reduction JournAl                                      1477-7517
            HArvArd business revieW                                     0017-8012
            HArvArd civil rigHts-civil liberties lAW revieW             0017-8039
            HArvArd educAtionAl revieW                                  0017-8055
            HArvArd environmentAl lAW revieW                            0147-8257
            HArvArd internAtionAl lAW JournAl                           0017-8063
            HArvArd JournAl of lAW And Public PolicY                    0193-4872
            HArvArd JournAl on legislAtion                              0017-808X
            HArvArd lAW revieW                                          0017-811X
            HArvArd revieW of PsYcHiAtrY                                1067-3229

                   TITLE                                                 ISSN
                   HAstings center rePort                                  0093-0334
                   HAstings lAW JournAl                                    0017-8322
                   HeAltH                                                  1363-4593
                   HeAltH & PlAce                                          1353-8292
                   HeAltH & sociAl cAre in tHe communitY                   0966-0410
                   HeAltH & sociAl WorK                                    0360-7283
                   HeAltH AffAirs                                          0278-2715
                   HeAltH And QuAlitY of life outcomes                     1477-7525
                   HeAltH cAre AnAlYsis                                    1065-3058
                   HeAltH cAre finAncing revieW                            0195-8631
                   HeAltH cAre for Women internAtionAl                     0739-9332
                   HeAltH cAre mAnAgement revieW                           0361-6274
                   HeAltH communicAtion                                    1041-0236
                   HeAltH economics                                        1057-9230
                   HeAltH educAtion & beHAvior                             1090-1981
                   HeAltH educAtion JournAl                                0017-8969
                   HeAltH educAtion reseArcH                               0268-1153
                   HeAltH eXPectAtions                                     1369-6513
                   HeAltH informAtion And librAries JournAl                1471-1834
                   HeAltH informAtion mAnAgement JournAl                   1833-3583
                   HeAltH PolicY                                           0168-8510
                   HeAltH PolicY And PlAnning                              0268-1080
                   HeAltH Promotion internAtionAl                          0957-4824
                   HeAltH Promotion JournAl of AustrAliA                   1036-1073
                   HeAltH PsYcHologY                                       0278-6133
                   HeAltH risK & societY                                   1369-8575
                   HeAltH services reseArcH                                0017-9124
                   HeAltH sociologY revieW                                 1446-1242
                   Herd-HeAltH environments reseArcH & design              1937-5867
                   Hermes                                                  0767-9513
                   Heroin Addiction And relAted clinicAl Problems          1592-1638
                   HigH AbilitY studies                                    1359-8139
                   HigHer educAtion                                        0018-1560
                   HigHer educAtion reseArcH & develoPment                 0729-4360
                   HisPAniA-A JournAl devoted to tHe teAcHing of           0018-2133
                   sPAnisH And Portuguese
                   HisPAnic JournAl of beHAviorAl sciences                 0739-9863
                   HistoriA criticA                                        0121-1617
                   HistoriA mAtHemAticA                                    0315-0860
                   HistoriA Y PoliticA                                     1575-0361
                   HistoricAl mAteriAlism-reseArcH in criticAl mArXist     1465-4466
                   HistoricAl sociAl reseArcH-HistoriscHe                  0172-6404
                   HistoricAl studies in tHe nAturAl sciences              1939-1811
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            TITLE                                                    ISSN
            HistorY And PHilosoPHY of tHe life sciences                0391-9714
            HistorY of educAtion                                       0046-760X
            HistorY of PoliticAl economY                               0018-2702
            HistorY of PsYcHiAtrY                                      0957-154X
            HistorY of PsYcHologY                                      1093-4510
            HistorY of science                                         0073-2753
            HistorY of tHe HumAn sciences                              0952-6951
            HistorY WorKsHoP JournAl                                   1363-3554
            HitotsubAsHi JournAl of economics                          0018-280X
            Homicide studies                                           1088-7679
            Homme                                                      0439-4216
            Homo-JournAl of comPArAtive HumAn biologY                  0018-442X
            Housing PolicY debAte                                      1051-1482
            Housing studies                                            0267-3037
            HumAn communicAtion reseArcH                               0360-3989
            HumAn develoPment                                          0018-716X
            HumAn ecologY                                              0300-7839
            HumAn ecologY revieW                                       1074-4827
            HumAn fActors                                              0018-7208
            HumAn fActors And ergonomics in mAnufActuring &            1090-8471
            service industries
            HumAn movement science                                     0167-9457
            HumAn nAture-An interdisciPlinArY biosociAl                1045-6767
            HumAn orgAnizAtion                                         0018-7259
            HumAn PerformAnce                                          0895-9285
            HumAn relAtions                                            0018-7267
            HumAn resource mAnAgement                                  0090-4848
            HumAn resources for HeAltH                                 1478-4491
            HumAn rigHts QuArterlY                                     0275-0392
            HumAn studies                                              0163-8548
            Humor-internAtionAl JournAl of Humor reseArcH              0933-1719
            HYle                                                       1433-5158
            ibericA                                                    1139-7241
            icon-internAtionAl JournAl of constitutionAl lAW           1474-2640
            identities-globAl studies in culture And PoWer             1070-289X
            ids bulletin-institute of develoPment studies              0265-5012
            ieee trAnsActions on engineering mAnAgement                0018-9391
            ieee trAnsActions on ProfessionAl communicAtion            0361-1434
            iic-internAtionAl revieW of intellectuAl ProPertY          0018-9855
            And comPetition lAW
            iKtisAt isletme ve finAns                                  1300-610X
            imA JournAl of mAnAgement mAtHemAtics                      1471-678X
            imf stAff PAPers                                           1020-7635
            imPlementAtion science                                     1748-5908
            indePendent revieW                                         1086-1653

                   TITLE                                                ISSN
                   indiAn JournAl of gender studies                       0971-5215
                   indiAn JournAl of sociAl WorK                          0019-5634
                   indiAnA lAW JournAl                                    0019-6665
                   indogermAniscHe forscHungen                            0019-7262
                   industriAl & lAbor relAtions revieW                    0019-7939
                   industriAl And corPorAte cHAnge                        0960-6491
                   industriAl mArKeting mAnAgement                        0019-8501
                   industriAl relAtions                                   0019-8676
                   industrY And innovAtion                                1366-2716
                   infAnciA Y APrendizAJe                                 0210-3702
                   infAncY                                                1525-0008
                   infAnt And cHild develoPment                           1522-7227
                   infAnt beHAvior & develoPment                          0163-6383
                   infAnt mentAl HeAltH JournAl                           0163-9641
                   infAnts And Young cHildren                             0896-3746
                   informAcAo & sociedAde-estudos                         0104-0146
                   informAcios tArsAdAlom                                 1587-8694
                   informAtion & mAnAgement                               0378-7206
                   informAtion develoPment                                1741-6469
                   informAtion economics And PolicY                       0167-6245
                   informAtion Processing & mAnAgement                    0306-4573
                   informAtion reseArcH-An internAtionAl electronic       1368-1613
                   informAtion societY                                    0197-2243
                   informAtion sYstems JournAl                            1350-1917
                   informAtion sYstems reseArcH                           1047-7047
                   informAtion tecHnologY & mAnAgement                    1385-951X
                   informAtion tecHnologY And librAries                   0730-9295
                   inJurY Prevention                                      1353-8047
                   innovAr-revistA de cienciAs AdministrAtivAs Y          0121-5051
                   innovAtion-mAnAgement PolicY & PrActice                1447-9338
                   innovAtions in educAtion And teAcHing                  1470-3297
                   innovAtion-tHe euroPeAn JournAl of sociAl science      1351-1610
                   inQuirY-An interdisciPlinArY JournAl of PHilosoPHY     0020-174X
                   inQuirY-tHe JournAl of HeAltH cAre orgAnizAtion        0046-9580
                   Provision And finAncing
                   instructionAl science                                  0020-4277
                   insurAnce mAtHemAtics & economics                      0167-6687
                   integrAtive PsYcHologicAl And beHAviorAl science       1932-4502
                   intellectuAl And develoPmentAl disAbilities            1934-9491
                   intelligence                                           0160-2896
                   interActing WitH comPuters                             0953-5438
                   interAction studies                                    1572-0373
	   	   	      	     	      									WEB	OF	SCIENCE®	-	SOCIAL	SCIENCES	CItAtION	INdEx	SOURCE	PUBLICAtIONS

            TITLE                                                     ISSN
            interActive leArning environments                           1049-4820
            inter-AsiA culturAl studies                                 1464-9373
            interculturAl PrAgmAtics                                    1612-295X
            interdisciPlinArY science revieWs                           0308-0188
            interfAces                                                  0092-2102
            interlending & document suPPlY                              0264-1615
            internAsJonAl PolitiKK                                      0020-577X
            internAtionAl AffAirs                                       0020-5850
            internAtionAl business revieW                               0969-5931
            internAtionAl develoPment PlAnning revieW                   1474-6743
            internAtionAl economic revieW                               0020-6598
            internAtionAl environmentAl Agreements-Politics             1567-9764
            lAW And economics
            internAtionAl finAnce                                       1367-0271
            internAtionAl interActions                                  0305-0629
            internAtionAl JournAl                                       0020-7020
            internAtionAl JournAl for eQuitY in HeAltH                  1475-9276
            internAtionAl JournAl for QuAlitY in HeAltH cAre            1353-4505
            internAtionAl JournAl for tHe PsYcHologY of                 1050-8619
            internAtionAl JournAl of Advertising                        0265-0487
            internAtionAl JournAl of Aging & HumAn                      0091-4150
            internAtionAl JournAl of Art & design educAtion             1476-8062
            internAtionAl JournAl of AviAtion PsYcHologY                1050-8414
            internAtionAl JournAl of beHAviorAl develoPment             0165-0254
            internAtionAl JournAl of beHAviorAl medicine                1070-5503
            internAtionAl JournAl of bilinguAlism                       1367-0069
            internAtionAl JournAl of centrAl bAnKing                    1815-4654
            internAtionAl JournAl of circumPolAr HeAltH                 1239-9736
            internAtionAl JournAl of clinicAl And eXPerimentAl          0020-7144
            internAtionAl JournAl of clinicAl And HeAltH                1697-2600
            internAtionAl JournAl of cognitive tHerAPY                  1937-1209
            internAtionAl JournAl of comPArAtive sociologY              0020-7152
            internAtionAl JournAl of comPuter-suPPorted                 1556-1607
            collAborAtive leArning
            internAtionAl JournAl of conflict mAnAgement                1044-4068
            internAtionAl JournAl of corPus linguistics                 1384-6655
            internAtionAl JournAl of disAbilitY develoPment             1034-912X
            And educAtion
            internAtionAl JournAl of drug PolicY                        0955-3959
            internAtionAl JournAl of eAting disorders                   0276-3478
            internAtionAl JournAl of economic tHeorY                    1742-7355
            internAtionAl JournAl of educAtionAl develoPment            0738-0593
            internAtionAl JournAl of electronic commerce                1086-4415

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   internAtionAl JournAl of finAnce & economics          1076-9307
                   internAtionAl JournAl of forecAsting                  0169-2070
                   internAtionAl JournAl of gAme tHeorY                  0020-7276
                   internAtionAl JournAl of geogrAPHicAl informAtion     1365-8816
                   internAtionAl JournAl of geriAtric PsYcHiAtrY         0885-6230
                   internAtionAl JournAl of grouP PsYcHotHerAPY          0020-7284
                   internAtionAl JournAl of HeAltH cAre finAnce &        1389-6563
                   internAtionAl JournAl of HeAltH geogrAPHics           1476-072X
                   internAtionAl JournAl of HeAltH PlAnning And          0749-6753
                   internAtionAl JournAl of HeAltH services              0020-7314
                   internAtionAl JournAl of HosPitAlitY mAnAgement       0278-4319
                   internAtionAl JournAl of HumAn resource               0958-5192
                   internAtionAl JournAl of HumAn-comPuter               1044-7318
                   internAtionAl JournAl of HumAn-comPuter studies       1071-5819
                   internAtionAl JournAl of industriAl ergonomics        0169-8141
                   internAtionAl JournAl of industriAl orgAnizAtion      0167-7187
                   internAtionAl JournAl of informAtion mAnAgement       0268-4012
                   internAtionAl JournAl of interculturAl relAtions      0147-1767
                   internAtionAl JournAl of lAnguAge &                   1368-2822
                   communicAtion disorders
                   internAtionAl JournAl of lAW And PsYcHiAtrY           0160-2527
                   internAtionAl JournAl of lAW crime And Justice        1756-0616
                   internAtionAl JournAl of leXicogrAPHY                 0950-3846
                   internAtionAl JournAl of logistics-reseArcH And       1367-5567
                   internAtionAl JournAl of mAnAgement revieWs           1460-8545
                   internAtionAl JournAl of mAnPoWer                     0143-7720
                   internAtionAl JournAl of mArKet reseArcH              1470-7853
                   internAtionAl JournAl of mentAl HeAltH nursing        1445-8330
                   internAtionAl JournAl of metHods in PsYcHiAtric       1049-8931
                   internAtionAl JournAl of middle eAst studies          0020-7438
                   internAtionAl JournAl of mobile communicAtions        1470-949X
                   internAtionAl JournAl of nursing PrActice             1322-7114
                   internAtionAl JournAl of nursing studies              0020-7489
                   internAtionAl JournAl of occuPAtionAl And             1077-3525
                   environmentAl HeAltH
                   internAtionAl JournAl of occuPAtionAl sAfetY And      1080-3548
                   internAtionAl JournAl of offender tHerAPY And         0306-624X
                   comPArAtive criminologY
                   internAtionAl JournAl of oPerAtions & Production      0144-3577
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            TITLE                                                     ISSN
            internAtionAl JournAl of osteoArcHAeologY                   1047-482X
            internAtionAl JournAl of Press-Politics                     1940-1612
            internAtionAl JournAl of ProJect mAnAgement                 0263-7863
            internAtionAl JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY in medicine             0091-2174
            internAtionAl JournAl of PsYcHoAnAlYsis                     0020-7578
            internAtionAl JournAl of PsYcHologY                         0020-7594
            internAtionAl JournAl of PsYcHoPHYsiologY                   0167-8760
            internAtionAl JournAl of Public HeAltH                      1661-8556
            internAtionAl JournAl of Public oPinion reseArcH            0954-2892
            internAtionAl JournAl of QuAlitAtive studies on             1748-2623
            HeAltH And Well-being
            internAtionAl JournAl of reHAbilitAtion reseArcH            0342-5282
            internAtionAl JournAl of reseArcH in mArKeting              0167-8116
            internAtionAl JournAl of science educAtion                  0950-0693
            internAtionAl JournAl of selection And Assessment           0965-075X
            internAtionAl JournAl of sociAl PsYcHiAtrY                  0020-7640
            internAtionAl JournAl of sociAl reseArcH                    1364-5579
            internAtionAl JournAl of sociAl WelfAre                     1369-6866
            internAtionAl JournAl of sPeecH lAnguAge And tHe            1748-8885
            internAtionAl JournAl of sPeecH-lAnguAge                    1754-9507
            internAtionAl JournAl of sPort finAnce                      1558-6235
            internAtionAl JournAl of sPort PsYcHologY                   0047-0767
            internAtionAl JournAl of sPorts mArKeting &                 1464-6668
            internAtionAl JournAl of sPorts science & coAcHing          1747-9541
            internAtionAl JournAl of sustAinAble                        1556-8318
            internAtionAl JournAl of tecHnologY mAnAgement              0267-5730
            internAtionAl JournAl of tourism reseArcH                   1099-2340
            internAtionAl JournAl of trAnsPort economics                0391-8440
            internAtionAl JournAl of urbAn And regionAl                 0309-1317
            internAtionAl JournAl of urologicAl nursing                 1749-7701
            internAtionAl lAbour revieW                                 0020-7780
            internAtionAl mArKeting revieW                              0265-1335
            internAtionAl migrAtion                                     0020-7985
            internAtionAl migrAtion revieW                              0197-9183
            internAtionAl nursing revieW                                0020-8132
            internAtionAl orgAnizAtion                                  0020-8183
            internAtionAl PersPectives on seXuAl And                    1944-0391
            reProductive HeAltH
            internAtionAl PoliticAl science revieW                      0192-5121
            internAtionAl PsYcHogeriAtrics                              1041-6102
            internAtionAl Public mAnAgement JournAl                     1096-7494

                   TITLE                                                ISSN
                   internAtionAl regionAl science revieW                  0160-0176
                   internAtionAl relAtions                                0047-1178
                   internAtionAl relAtions of tHe AsiA-PAcific            1470-482X
                   internAtionAl revieW for tHe sociologY of sPort        1012-6902
                   internAtionAl revieW of AdministrAtive sciences        0020-8523
                   internAtionAl revieW of economics & finAnce            1059-0560
                   internAtionAl revieW of lAW And economics              0144-8188
                   internAtionAl revieW of PsYcHiAtrY                     0954-0261
                   internAtionAl revieW of reseArcH in mentAl             0074-7750
                   internAtionAl revieW of sociAl HistorY                 0020-8590
                   internAtionAl revieW of tHe red cross                  1816-3831
                   internAtionAl securitY                                 0162-2889
                   internAtionAl smAll business JournAl                   0266-2426
                   internAtionAl sociAl WorK                              0020-8728
                   internAtionAl sociologY                                0268-5809
                   internAtionAl studies QuArterlY                        0020-8833
                   internAtionAl tAX And Public finAnce                   0927-5940
                   internAtionAle PolitiK                                 1430-175X
                   internet And HigHer educAtion                          1096-7516
                   interPreter And trAnslAtor trAiner                     1750-399X
                   intersecciones en AntroPologiA                         1666-2105
                   intervention in scHool And clinic                      1053-4512
                   investigAcion bibliotecologicA                         0187-358X
                   investigAcion economicA                                0185-1667
                   investigAciones economicAs                             0210-1521
                   investment AnAlYsts JournAl                            1029-3523
                   inzinerine eKonomiKA-engineering economics             1392-2785
                   ioWA lAW revieW                                        0021-0552
                   irAniAn JournAl of Public HeAltH                       0304-4556
                   irisH educAtionAl studies                              0332-3315
                   isis                                                   0021-1753
                   isrAel AffAirs                                         1353-7121
                   isrAel JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY And relAted sciences      0333-7308
                   issues & studies                                       1013-2511
                   issues in lAW & medicine                               8756-8160
                   issues in science And tecHnologY                       0748-5492
                   JAHrbucHer fur nAtionAloKonomie und stAtistiK          0021-4027
                   JAnAc-JournAl of tHe AssociAtion of nurses in Aids     1055-3290
                   JAPAn And tHe World economY                            0922-1425
                   JAPAn JournAl of nursing science                       1742-7932
                   JAPAnese economic revieW                               1352-4739
                   JAPAnese JournAl of educAtionAl PsYcHologY             0021-5015
                   JAPAnese JournAl of PoliticAl science                  1468-1099
                   JAPAnese PsYcHologicAl reseArcH                        0021-5368
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            TITLE                                                      ISSN
            JAssA-tHe finsiA JournAl of APPlied finAnce                  0313-5934
            JAsss-tHe JournAl of ArtificiAl societies And sociAl         1460-7425
            JAvnost-tHe Public                                           1318-3222
            Jcms-JournAl of common mArKet studies                        0021-9886
            JeziKoslovlJe                                                1331-7202
            Jognn-JournAl of obstetric gYnecologic And                   0884-2175
            neonAtAl nursing
            JournAl for eAst euroPeAn mAnAgement studies                 0949-6181
            JournAl for reseArcH in mAtHemAtics educAtion                0021-8251
            JournAl for sPeciAlists in PediAtric nursing                 1539-0136
            JournAl for tHe scientific studY of religion                 0021-8294
            JournAl for tHe tHeorY of sociAl beHAviour                   0021-8308
            JournAl of AbnormAl cHild PsYcHologY                         0091-0627
            JournAl of AbnormAl PsYcHologY                               0021-843X
            JournAl of AcAdemic librAriAnsHiP                            0099-1333
            JournAl of Accounting & economics                            0165-4101
            JournAl of Accounting And Public PolicY                      0278-4254
            JournAl of Accounting reseArcH                               0021-8456
            JournAl of Addictions nursing                                1088-4602
            JournAl of Addictive diseAses                                1055-0887
            JournAl of Adolescence                                       0140-1971
            JournAl of Adolescent & Adult literAcY                       1081-3004
            JournAl of Adolescent HeAltH                                 1054-139X
            JournAl of Adolescent reseArcH                               0743-5584
            JournAl of Adult develoPment                                 1068-0667
            JournAl of AdvAnced nursing                                  0309-2402
            JournAl of Advertising                                       0091-3367
            JournAl of Advertising reseArcH                              0021-8499
            JournAl of Affective disorders                               0165-0327
            JournAl of AfricAn economies                                 0963-8024
            JournAl of AfricAn HistorY                                   0021-8537
            JournAl of AfricAn lAnguAges And linguistics                 0167-6164
            JournAl of AfricAn lAW                                       0021-8553
            JournAl of Aging And HeAltH                                  0898-2643
            JournAl of Aging And PHYsicAl ActivitY                       1063-8652
            JournAl of Aging studies                                     0890-4065
            JournAl of AgrAriAn cHAnge                                   1471-0358
            JournAl of AgriculturAl & environmentAl etHics               1187-7863
            JournAl of AgriculturAl And resource economics               1068-5502
            JournAl of AgriculturAl economics                            0021-857X
            JournAl of Air trAnsPort mAnAgement                          0969-6997
            JournAl of AmericAn college HeAltH                           0744-8481
            JournAl of AmericAn HistorY                                  0021-8723
            JournAl of AnAlYticAl PsYcHologY                             0021-8774
            JournAl of AntHroPologicAl ArcHAeologY                       0278-4165

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   JournAl of AntHroPologicAl reseArcH                   0091-7710
                   JournAl of AntHroPologicAl sciences                   1827-4765
                   JournAl of AnXietY disorders                          0887-6185
                   JournAl of APPlied beHAvior AnAlYsis                  0021-8855
                   JournAl of APPlied communicAtion reseArcH             0090-9882
                   JournAl of APPlied develoPmentAl PsYcHologY           0193-3973
                   JournAl of APPlied econometrics                       0883-7252
                   JournAl of APPlied economics                          1514-0326
                   JournAl of APPlied gerontologY                        0733-4648
                   JournAl of APPlied PsYcHologY                         0021-9010
                   JournAl of APPlied reseArcH in intellectuAl           1360-2322
                   JournAl of APPlied sociAl PsYcHologY                  0021-9029
                   JournAl of APPlied sPort PsYcHologY                   1041-3200
                   JournAl of ArcHAeologicAl metHod And tHeorY           1072-5369
                   JournAl of ArcHAeologicAl science                     0305-4403
                   JournAl of ArcHitecturAl And PlAnning reseArcH        0738-0895
                   JournAl of AsiAn studies                              0021-9118
                   JournAl of AustrAliAn PoliticAl economY               0156-5826
                   JournAl of Autism And develoPmentAl disorders         0162-3257
                   JournAl of bAlKAn And neAr eAstern studies            1944-8953
                   JournAl of bAltic science educAtion                   1648-3898
                   JournAl of bAltic studies                             0162-9778
                   JournAl of bAnKing & finAnce                          0378-4266
                   JournAl of beHAvior tHerAPY And eXPerimentAl          0005-7916
                   JournAl of beHAviorAl decision mAKing                 0894-3257
                   JournAl of beHAviorAl HeAltH services & reseArcH      1094-3412
                   JournAl of beHAviorAl medicine                        0160-7715
                   JournAl of beliefs & vAlues-studies in religion &     1361-7672
                   JournAl of bioetHicAl inQuirY                         1176-7529
                   JournAl of biosociAl science                          0021-9320
                   JournAl of blAcK PsYcHologY                           0095-7984
                   JournAl of blAcK studies                              0021-9347
                   JournAl of britisH studies                            0021-9371
                   JournAl of broAdcAsting & electronic mediA            0883-8151
                   JournAl of business & economic stAtistics             0735-0015
                   JournAl of business & industriAl mArKeting            0885-8624
                   JournAl of business And PsYcHologY                    0889-3268
                   JournAl of business And tecHnicAl communicAtion       1050-6519
                   JournAl of business economics And mAnAgement          1611-1699
                   JournAl of business etHics                            0167-4544
                   JournAl of business finAnce & Accounting              0306-686X
                   JournAl of business logistics                         0735-3766
                   JournAl of business reseArcH                          0148-2963
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            TITLE                                                     ISSN
            JournAl of business venturing                               0883-9026
            JournAl of business-to-business mArKeting                   1051-712X
            JournAl of cArdiovAsculAr nursing                           0889-4655
            JournAl of cAreer Assessment                                1069-0727
            JournAl of cAreer develoPment                               0894-8453
            JournAl of cHild & Adolescent substAnce Abuse               1067-828X
            JournAl of cHild And fAmilY studies                         1062-1024
            JournAl of cHild lAnguAge                                   0305-0009
            JournAl of cHild PsYcHologY And PsYcHiAtrY                  0021-9630
            JournAl of cHinese linguistics                              0091-3723
            JournAl of clAssificAtion                                   0176-4268
            JournAl of clinicAl And eXPerimentAl                        1380-3395
            JournAl of clinicAl cHild And Adolescent                    1537-4416
            JournAl of clinicAl etHics                                  1046-7890
            JournAl of clinicAl nursing                                 0962-1067
            JournAl of clinicAl PsYcHiAtrY                              0160-6689
            JournAl of clinicAl PsYcHologY                              0021-9762
            JournAl of clinicAl PsYcHologY in medicAl settings          1068-9583
            JournAl of cognition And develoPment                        1524-8372
            JournAl of cognitive And beHAviorAl                         1584-7101
            JournAl of cognitive neuroscience                           0898-929X
            JournAl of college student develoPment                      0897-5264
            JournAl of communicAtion                                    0021-9916
            JournAl of communicAtion disorders                          0021-9924
            JournAl of communitY & APPlied sociAl PsYcHologY            1052-9284
            JournAl of communitY HeAltH                                 0094-5145
            JournAl of communitY HeAltH nursing                         0737-0016
            JournAl of communitY PsYcHologY                             0090-4392
            JournAl of comPArAtive economics                            0147-5967
            JournAl of comPArAtive fAmilY studies                       0047-2328
            JournAl of comPArAtive germAnic linguistics                 1383-4924
            JournAl of comPArAtive PsYcHologY                           0735-7036
            JournAl of comPutAtionAl finAnce                            1460-1559
            JournAl of comPuter Assisted leArning                       0266-4909
            JournAl of comPuter-mediAted communicAtion                  1083-6101
            JournAl of conflict resolution                              0022-0027
            JournAl of consciousness studies                            1355-8250
            JournAl of constructivist PsYcHologY                        1072-0537
            JournAl of consulting And clinicAl PsYcHologY               0022-006X
            JournAl of consumer AffAirs                                 0022-0078
            JournAl of consumer PsYcHologY                              1057-7408
            JournAl of consumer reseArcH                                0093-5301
            JournAl of contemPorArY AsiA                                0047-2336

                   TITLE                                                ISSN
                   JournAl of contemPorArY cHinA                          1067-0564
                   JournAl of contemPorArY etHnogrAPHY                    0891-2416
                   JournAl of contemPorArY HistorY                        0022-0094
                   JournAl of corPorAte finAnce                           0929-1199
                   JournAl of counseling And develoPment                  0748-9633
                   JournAl of counseling PsYcHologY                       0022-0167
                   JournAl of creAtive beHAvior                           0022-0175
                   JournAl of credit risK                                 1744-6619
                   JournAl of criminAl Justice                            0047-2352
                   JournAl of criminAl lAW & criminologY                  0091-4169
                   JournAl of cross-culturAl PsYcHologY                   0022-0221
                   JournAl of culturAl economics                          0885-2545
                   JournAl of curriculum studies                          0022-0272
                   JournAl of deAf studies And deAf educAtion             1081-4159
                   JournAl of democrAcY                                   1045-5736
                   JournAl of derivAtives                                 1074-1240
                   JournAl of develoPment economics                       0304-3878
                   JournAl of develoPment studies                         0022-0388
                   JournAl of develoPmentAl And beHAviorAl                0196-206X
                   JournAl of develoPmentAl And PHYsicAl disAbilities     1056-263X
                   JournAl of documentAtion                               0022-0418
                   JournAl of drug educAtion                              0047-2379
                   JournAl of drug issues                                 0022-0426
                   JournAl of eArlY Adolescence                           0272-4316
                   JournAl of eArlY intervention                          1053-8151
                   JournAl of eAst AsiAn linguistics                      0925-8558
                   JournAl of eAst AsiAn studies                          1598-2408
                   JournAl of eAstern AfricAn studies                     1753-1055
                   JournAl of econometrics                                0304-4076
                   JournAl of economic beHAvior & orgAnizAtion            0167-2681
                   JournAl of economic dYnAmics & control                 0165-1889
                   JournAl of economic educAtion                          0022-0485
                   JournAl of economic geogrAPHY                          1468-2702
                   JournAl of economic groWtH                             1381-4338
                   JournAl of economic HistorY                            0022-0507
                   JournAl of economic ineQuAlitY                         1569-1721
                   JournAl of economic issues                             0021-3624
                   JournAl of economic literAture                         0022-0515
                   JournAl of economic PersPectives                       0895-3309
                   JournAl of economic PolicY reform                      1748-7870
                   JournAl of economic PsYcHologY                         0167-4870
                   JournAl of economic surveYs                            0950-0804
                   JournAl of economic tHeorY                             0022-0531
                   JournAl of economics                                   0931-8658
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            TITLE                                                    ISSN
            JournAl of economics & mAnAgement strAtegY                 1058-6407
            JournAl of ect                                             1095-0680
            JournAl of educAtion PolicY                                0268-0939
            JournAl of educAtionAl And beHAviorAl stAtistics           1076-9986
            JournAl of educAtionAl And PsYcHologicAl                   1047-4412
            JournAl of educAtionAl meAsurement                         0022-0655
            JournAl of educAtionAl PsYcHologY                          0022-0663
            JournAl of educAtionAl reseArcH                            0022-0671
            JournAl of emergencY nursing                               0099-1767
            JournAl of emotionAl And beHAviorAl disorders              1063-4266
            JournAl of emPiricAl finAnce                               0927-5398
            JournAl of emPiricAl reseArcH on HumAn reseArcH            1556-2646
            JournAl of emPloYment counseling                           0022-0787
            JournAl of engineering And tecHnologY                      0923-4748
            JournAl of engineering educAtion                           1069-4730
            JournAl of environmentAl economics And                     0095-0696
            JournAl of environmentAl PlAnning And                      0964-0568
            JournAl of environmentAl PolicY & PlAnning                 1523-908X
            JournAl of environmentAl PsYcHologY                        0272-4944
            JournAl of ePidemiologY And communitY HeAltH               0143-005X
            JournAl of etHnic And migrAtion studies                    1369-183X
            JournAl of euroPeAn Public PolicY                          1350-1763
            JournAl of euroPeAn sociAl PolicY                          0958-9287
            JournAl of evolutionArY economics                          0936-9937
            JournAl of eXPerimentAl cHild PsYcHologY                   0022-0965
            JournAl of eXPerimentAl educAtion                          0022-0973
            JournAl of eXPerimentAl PsYcHologY-AnimAl                  0097-7403
            beHAvior Processes
            JournAl of eXPerimentAl PsYcHologY-APPlied                 1076-898X
            JournAl of eXPerimentAl PsYcHologY-generAl                 0096-3445
            JournAl of eXPerimentAl PsYcHologY-HumAn                   0096-1523
            PercePtion And PerformAnce
            JournAl of eXPerimentAl PsYcHologY-leArning                0278-7393
            memorY And cognition
            JournAl of eXPerimentAl sociAl PsYcHologY                  0022-1031
            JournAl of fAmilY HistorY                                  0363-1990
            JournAl of fAmilY issues                                   0192-513X
            JournAl of fAmilY nursing                                  1074-8407
            JournAl of fAmilY PlAnning And reProductive                1471-1893
            HeAltH cAre
            JournAl of fAmilY PsYcHologY                               0893-3200
            JournAl of fAmilY studies                                  1322-9400

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   JournAl of fAmilY tHerAPY                             0163-4445
                   JournAl of fAmilY violence                            0885-7482
                   JournAl of finAnce                                    0022-1082
                   JournAl of finAnciAl And QuAntitAtive AnAlYsis        0022-1090
                   JournAl of finAnciAl econometrics                     1479-8409
                   JournAl of finAnciAl economics                        0304-405X
                   JournAl of finAnciAl intermediAtion                   1042-9573
                   JournAl of finAnciAl mArKets                          1386-4181
                   JournAl of finAnciAl services reseArcH                0920-8550
                   JournAl of fluencY disorders                          0094-730X
                   JournAl of forecAsting                                0277-6693
                   JournAl of forensic PsYcHiAtrY & PsYcHologY           1478-9949
                   JournAl of forensic PsYcHologY PrActice               1522-8932
                   JournAl of forest economics                           1104-6899
                   JournAl of frencH lAnguAge studies                    0959-2695
                   JournAl of futures mArKets                            0270-7314
                   JournAl of gAmbling studies                           1050-5350
                   JournAl of gender studies                             0958-9236
                   JournAl of generAl PsYcHologY                         0022-1309
                   JournAl of genetic PsYcHologY                         0022-1325
                   JournAl of geogrAPHicAl sYstems                       1435-5930
                   JournAl of geogrAPHY                                  0022-1341
                   JournAl of geogrAPHY in HigHer educAtion              0309-8265
                   JournAl of germAnic linguistics                       1470-5427
                   JournAl of gerontologicAl nursing                     0098-9134
                   JournAl of globAl informAtion mAnAgement              1062-7375
                   JournAl of HAPPiness studies                          1389-4978
                   JournAl of HeAd trAumA reHAbilitAtion                 0885-9701
                   JournAl of HeAltH And sociAl beHAvior                 0022-1465
                   JournAl of HeAltH cAre for tHe Poor And               1049-2089
                   JournAl of HeAltH communicAtion                       1081-0730
                   JournAl of HeAltH economics                           0167-6296
                   JournAl of HeAltH Politics PolicY And lAW             0361-6878
                   JournAl of HeAltH PsYcHologY                          1359-1053
                   JournAl of HeAltH services reseArcH & PolicY          1355-8196
                   JournAl of HeAltHcAre mAnAgement                      1096-9012
                   JournAl of HigHer educAtion                           0022-1546
                   JournAl of HistoricAl geogrAPHY                       0305-7488
                   JournAl of HistoricAl PrAgmAtics                      1566-5852
                   JournAl of HistoricAl sociologY                       0952-1909
                   JournAl of Home economics reseArcH                    1118-0021
                   JournAl of HomelAnd securitY And emergencY            1547-7355
                   JournAl of HomoseXuAlitY                              0091-8369
                   JournAl of HosPice & PAlliAtive nursing               1522-2179
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            TITLE                                                     ISSN
            JournAl of HosPitAlitY leisure sPort & tourism              1473-8376
            JournAl of Housing economics                                1051-1377
            JournAl of HumAn evolution                                  0047-2484
            JournAl of HumAn resources                                  0022-166X
            JournAl of HumAnistic PsYcHologY                            0022-1678
            JournAl of individuAl differences                           1614-0001
            JournAl of industriAl economics                             0022-1821
            JournAl of industriAl relAtions                             0022-1856
            JournAl of informAtion science                              0165-5515
            JournAl of informAtion tecHnologY                           0268-3962
            JournAl of informetrics                                     1751-1577
            JournAl of institutionAl And tHeoreticAl                    0932-4569
            economics-zeitscHrift fur die gesAmte
            JournAl of intellectuAl & develoPmentAl disAbilitY          1366-8250
            JournAl of intellectuAl disAbilitY reseArcH                 0964-2633
            JournAl of intellectuAl ProPertY rigHts                     0971-7544
            JournAl of interActive mArKeting                            1094-9968
            JournAl of interdisciPlinArY HistorY                        0022-1953
            JournAl of internAtionAl business studies                   0047-2506
            JournAl of internAtionAl develoPment                        0954-1748
            JournAl of internAtionAl economic lAW                       1369-3034
            JournAl of internAtionAl economics                          0022-1996
            JournAl of internAtionAl mAnAgement                         1075-4253
            JournAl of internAtionAl mArKeting                          1069-031X
            JournAl of internAtionAl moneY And finAnce                  0261-5606
            JournAl of internAtionAl relAtions And                      1408-6980
            JournAl of internAtionAl trAde & economic                   0963-8199
            JournAl of interPersonAl violence                           0886-2605
            JournAl of interProfessionAl cAre                           1356-1820
            JournAl of isrAeli HistorY                                  1353-1042
            JournAl of JAPAnese studies                                 0095-6848
            JournAl of KnoWledge mAnAgement                             1367-3270
            JournAl of KoreA trAde                                      1229-828X
            JournAl of KoreAn AcAdemY of nursing                        2005-3673
            JournAl of lAbor economics                                  0734-306X
            JournAl of lAbor reseArcH                                   0195-3613
            JournAl of lAnguAge And Politics                            1569-2159
            JournAl of lAnguAge And sociAl PsYcHologY                   0261-927X
            JournAl of lAnguAge identitY And educAtion                  1534-8458
            JournAl of lAtin AmericAn studies                           0022-216X
            JournAl of lAW & economics                                  0022-2186
            JournAl of lAW And societY                                  0263-323X

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   JournAl of lAW economics & orgAnizAtion               8756-6222
                   JournAl of lAW medicine & etHics                      1073-1105
                   JournAl of leArning disAbilities                      0022-2194
                   JournAl of legAl educAtion                            0022-2208
                   JournAl of legAl medicine                             0194-7648
                   JournAl of legAl studies                              0047-2530
                   JournAl of leisure reseArcH                           0022-2216
                   JournAl of librAriAnsHiP And informAtion science      0961-0006
                   JournAl of linguistic AntHroPologY                    1055-1360
                   JournAl of linguistics                                0022-2267
                   JournAl of literAcY reseArcH                          1086-296X
                   JournAl of loss & trAumA                              1532-5024
                   JournAl of mAcroeconomics                             0164-0704
                   JournAl of mAnAgement                                 0149-2063
                   JournAl of mAnAgement & orgAnizAtion                  1833-3672
                   JournAl of mAnAgement informAtion sYstems             0742-1222
                   JournAl of mAnAgement inQuirY                         1056-4926
                   JournAl of mAnAgement studies                         0022-2380
                   JournAl of mAnAgeriAl PsYcHologY                      0268-3946
                   JournAl of mAPs                                       1744-5647
                   JournAl of mAritAl And fAmilY tHerAPY                 0194-472X
                   JournAl of mAritime lAW And commerce                  0022-2410
                   JournAl of mArKeting                                  0022-2429
                   JournAl of mArKeting reseArcH                         0022-2437
                   JournAl of mArriAge And tHe fAmilY                    0022-2445
                   JournAl of mAteriAl culture                           1359-1835
                   JournAl of mAtHemAticAl economics                     0304-4068
                   JournAl of mAtHemAticAl PsYcHologY                    0022-2496
                   JournAl of mAtHemAticAl sociologY                     0022-250X
                   JournAl of mediA economics                            0899-7764
                   JournAl of medicAl etHics                             0306-6800
                   JournAl of medicine And PHilosoPHY                    0360-5310
                   JournAl of memorY And lAnguAge                        0749-596X
                   JournAl of mentAl HeAltH                              0963-8237
                   JournAl of mentAl HeAltH PolicY And economics         1091-4358
                   JournAl of midWiferY & Womens HeAltH                  1526-9523
                   JournAl of mind And beHAvior                          0271-0137
                   JournAl of miXed metHods reseArcH                     1558-6898
                   JournAl of modern AfricAn studies                     0022-278X
                   JournAl of modern HistorY                             0022-2801
                   JournAl of monetArY economics                         0304-3932
                   JournAl of moneY credit And bAnKing                   0022-2879
                   JournAl of morAl educAtion                            0305-7240
                   JournAl of motor beHAvior                             0022-2895
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            TITLE                                                    ISSN
            JournAl of multiculturAl counseling And                    0883-8534
            JournAl of multilinguAl And multiculturAl                  0143-4632
            JournAl of music tHerAPY                                   0022-2917
            JournAl of nervous And mentAl diseAse                      0022-3018
            JournAl of neurolinguistics                                0911-6044
            JournAl of neuroPsYcHologY                                 1748-6645
            JournAl of neuroscience nursing                            0888-0395
            JournAl of nonverbAl beHAvior                              0191-5886
            JournAl of nursing AdministrAtion                          0002-0443
            JournAl of nursing cAre QuAlitY                            1057-3631
            JournAl of nursing educAtion                               0148-4834
            JournAl of nursing scHolArsHiP                             1527-6546
            JournAl of occuPAtionAl And orgAnizAtionAl                 0963-1798
            JournAl of occuPAtionAl HeAltH PsYcHologY                  1076-8998
            JournAl of occuPAtionAl reHAbilitAtion                     1053-0487
            JournAl of officiAl stAtistics                             0282-423X
            JournAl of oPerAtionAl risK                                1744-6740
            JournAl of oPerAtions mAnAgement                           0272-6963
            JournAl of orgAnizAtionAl beHAvior                         0894-3796
            JournAl of orgAnizAtionAl beHAvior mAnAgement              0160-8061
            JournAl of orgAnizAtionAl cHAnge mAnAgement                0953-4814
            JournAl of PAcific rim PsYcHologY                          1834-4909
            JournAl of PAlestine studies                               0377-919X
            JournAl of PAlliAtive cAre                                 0825-8597
            JournAl of PeAce reseArcH                                  0022-3433
            JournAl of PeAsAnt studies                                 0306-6150
            JournAl of PediAtric HeAltH cAre                           0891-5245
            JournAl of PediAtric oncologY nursing                      1043-4542
            JournAl of PediAtric PsYcHologY                            0146-8693
            JournAl of Pension economics & finAnce                     1474-7472
            JournAl of PerinAtAl & neonAtAl nursing                    0893-2190
            JournAl of PersonAlitY                                     0022-3506
            JournAl of PersonAlitY And sociAl PsYcHologY               0022-3514
            JournAl of PersonAlitY Assessment                          0022-3891
            JournAl of PersonAlitY disorders                           0885-579X
            JournAl of PHilosoPHY of educAtion                         0309-8249
            JournAl of PHonetics                                       0095-4470
            JournAl of Pidgin And creole lAnguAges                     0920-9034
            JournAl of PlAnning educAtion And reseArcH                 0739-456X
            JournAl of PlAnning literAture                             0885-4122
            JournAl of PolicY AnAlYsis And mAnAgement                  0276-8739
            JournAl of PolicY modeling                                 0161-8938

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   JournAl of Politeness reseArcH-lAnguAge               1612-5681
                   beHAviour culture
                   JournAl of PoliticAl economY                          0022-3808
                   JournAl of PoliticAl PHilosoPHY                       0963-8016
                   JournAl of Politics                                   0022-3816
                   JournAl of PoPulAtion economics                       0933-1433
                   JournAl of Portfolio mAnAgement                       0095-4918
                   JournAl of Positive beHAvior interventions            1098-3007
                   JournAl of Post KeYnesiAn economics                   0160-3477
                   JournAl of PrAgmAtics                                 0378-2166
                   JournAl of Product innovAtion mAnAgement              0737-6782
                   JournAl of ProductivitY AnAlYsis                      0895-562X
                   JournAl of ProfessionAl nursing                       8755-7223
                   JournAl of PsYcHiAtric And mentAl HeAltH nursing      1351-0126
                   JournAl of PsYcHiAtric reseArcH                       0022-3956
                   JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY & neuroscience                  1180-4882
                   JournAl of PsYcHoActive drugs                         0279-1072
                   JournAl of PsYcHoeducAtionAl Assessment               0734-2829
                   JournAl of PsYcHoHistorY                              0145-3378
                   JournAl of PsYcHolinguistic reseArcH                  0090-6905
                   JournAl of PsYcHologY                                 0022-3980
                   JournAl of PsYcHologY And tHeologY                    0091-6471
                   JournAl of PsYcHologY in AfricA                       1433-0237
                   JournAl of PsYcHoPAtHologY And beHAviorAl             0882-2689
                   JournAl of PsYcHoPHYsiologY                           0269-8803
                   JournAl of PsYcHosociAl nursing And mentAl HeAltH     0279-3695
                   JournAl of PsYcHosociAl oncologY                      0734-7332
                   JournAl of PsYcHosomAtic obstetrics And               0167-482X
                   JournAl of PsYcHosomAtic reseArcH                     0022-3999
                   JournAl of Public AdministrAtion reseArcH And         1053-1858
                   JournAl of Public economic tHeorY                     1097-3923
                   JournAl of Public economics                           0047-2727
                   JournAl of Public HeAltH                              1741-3842
                   JournAl of Public HeAltH mAnAgement And PrActice      1078-4659
                   JournAl of Public HeAltH PolicY                       0197-5897
                   JournAl of Public PolicY & mArKeting                  0743-9156
                   JournAl of Public relAtions reseArcH                  1062-726X
                   JournAl of QuAntitAtive criminologY                   0748-4518
                   JournAl of QuAntitAtive linguistics                   0929-6174
                   JournAl of reAl estAte finAnce And economics          0895-5638
                   JournAl of reAl estAte reseArcH                       0896-5803
                   JournAl of refugee studies                            0951-6328
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            TITLE                                                    ISSN
            JournAl of regionAl science                                0022-4146
            JournAl of regulAtorY economics                            0922-680X
            JournAl of reHAbilitAtion                                  0022-4154
            JournAl of reHAbilitAtion reseArcH And                     0748-7711
            JournAl of religion & HeAltH                               0022-4197
            JournAl of reProductive And infAnt PsYcHologY              0264-6838
            JournAl of reseArcH in crime And delinQuencY               0022-4278
            JournAl of reseArcH in PersonAlitY                         0092-6566
            JournAl of reseArcH in reAding                             0141-0423
            JournAl of reseArcH in science teAcHing                    0022-4308
            JournAl of reseArcH on Adolescence                         1050-8392
            JournAl of retAiling                                       0022-4359
            JournAl of risK                                            1465-1211
            JournAl of risK And insurAnce                              0022-4367
            JournAl of risK And uncertAintY                            0895-5646
            JournAl of risK reseArcH                                   1366-9877
            JournAl of rurAl HeAltH                                    0890-765X
            JournAl of rurAl studies                                   0743-0167
            JournAl of sAfetY reseArcH                                 0022-4375
            JournAl of scHolArlY PublisHing                            1198-9742
            JournAl of scHool HeAltH                                   0022-4391
            JournAl of scHool nursing                                  1059-8405
            JournAl of scHool PsYcHologY                               0022-4405
            JournAl of science educAtion And tecHnologY                1059-0145
            JournAl of second lAnguAge Writing                         1060-3743
            JournAl of semAntics                                       0167-5133
            JournAl of service mAnAgement                              1757-5818
            JournAl of service reseArcH                                1094-6705
            JournAl of services mArKeting                              0887-6045
            JournAl of seX & mAritAl tHerAPY                           0092-623X
            JournAl of seX reseArcH                                    0022-4499
            JournAl of smAll business mAnAgement                       0047-2778
            JournAl of sociAl And clinicAl PsYcHologY                  0736-7236
            JournAl of sociAl And PersonAl relAtionsHiPs               0265-4075
            JournAl of sociAl HistorY                                  0022-4529
            JournAl of sociAl issues                                   0022-4537
            JournAl of sociAl PolicY                                   0047-2794
            JournAl of sociAl PsYcHologY                               0022-4545
            JournAl of sociAl service reseArcH                         0148-8376
            JournAl of sociAl WorK educAtion                           1043-7797
            JournAl of sociAl WorK PrActice                            0265-0533
            JournAl of sociolinguistics                                1360-6441
            JournAl of sociologY                                       1440-7833
            JournAl of soutHeAst AsiAn studies                         0022-4634

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   JournAl of soutHern AfricAn studies                   0305-7070
                   JournAl of sPeciAl educAtion                          0022-4669
                   JournAl of sPeecH lAnguAge And HeAring reseArcH       1092-4388
                   JournAl of sPort & eXercise PsYcHologY                0895-2779
                   JournAl of sPort & sociAl issues                      0193-7235
                   JournAl of sPort mAnAgement                           0888-4773
                   JournAl of sPorts economics                           1527-0025
                   JournAl of strAtegic studies                          0140-2390
                   JournAl of studies in internAtionAl educAtion         1028-3153
                   JournAl of studies on AlcoHol And drugs               1937-1888
                   JournAl of substAnce Abuse treAtment                  0740-5472
                   JournAl of substAnce use                              1465-9891
                   JournAl of sustAinAble tourism                        0966-9582
                   JournAl of teAcHer educAtion                          0022-4871
                   JournAl of teAcHing in PHYsicAl educAtion             0273-5024
                   JournAl of tecHnologY trAnsfer                        0892-9912
                   JournAl of tHe AcAdemY of mArKeting science           0092-0703
                   JournAl of tHe AmericAn AcAdemY of cHild And          0890-8567
                   Adolescent PsYcHiAtrY
                   JournAl of tHe AmericAn AcAdemY of nurse              1041-2972
                   JournAl of tHe AmericAn AcAdemY of PsYcHiAtrY And     1093-6793
                   tHe lAW
                   JournAl of tHe AmericAn geriAtrics societY            0002-8614
                   JournAl of tHe AmericAn medicAl informAtics           1067-5027
                   JournAl of tHe AmericAn PlAnning AssociAtion          0194-4363
                   JournAl of tHe AmericAn PsYcHoAnAlYtic AssociAtion    0003-0651
                   JournAl of tHe AmericAn societY for informAtion       1532-2882
                   science And tecHnologY
                   JournAl of tHe AsiA PAcific economY                   1354-7860
                   JournAl of tHe AssociAtion for informAtion sYstems    1536-9323
                   JournAl of tHe coPYrigHt societY of tHe usA           0886-3520
                   JournAl of tHe economic And sociAl HistorY of tHe     0022-4995
                   JournAl of tHe euroPeAn economic AssociAtion          1542-4766
                   JournAl of tHe eXPerimentAl AnAlYsis of beHAvior      0022-5002
                   JournAl of tHe HistorY of biologY                     0022-5010
                   JournAl of tHe HistorY of medicine And Allied         0022-5045
                   JournAl of tHe HistorY of seXuAlitY                   1043-4070
                   JournAl of tHe HistorY of tHe beHAviorAl sciences     0022-5061
                   JournAl of tHe internAtionAl PHonetic AssociAtion     0025-1003
                   JournAl of tHe JAPAnese And internAtionAl             0889-1583
                   JournAl of tHe leArning sciences                      1050-8406
                   JournAl of tHe medicAl librArY AssociAtion            1536-5050
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            TITLE                                                    ISSN
            JournAl of tHe oPerAtionAl reseArcH societY                0160-5682
            JournAl of tHe PHilosoPHY of sPort                         0094-8705
            JournAl of tHe PolYnesiAn societY                          0032-4000
            JournAl of tHe roYAl AntHroPologicAl institute             1359-0987
            JournAl of tHe roYAl stAtisticAl societY series            0964-1998
            A-stAtistics in societY
            JournAl of tHeoreticAl Politics                            0951-6298
            JournAl of trAnsculturAl nursing                           1043-6596
            JournAl of trAnsPort economics And PolicY                  0022-5258
            JournAl of trAnsPort geogrAPHY                             0966-6923
            JournAl of trAumA & dissociAtion                           1529-9732
            JournAl of trAumAtic stress                                0894-9867
            JournAl of trAvel reseArcH                                 0047-2875
            JournAl of urbAn AffAirs                                   0735-2166
            JournAl of urbAn economics                                 0094-1190
            JournAl of urbAn HistorY                                   0096-1442
            JournAl of urbAn PlAnning And develoPment-Asce             0733-9488
            JournAl of urbAn tecHnologY                                1063-0732
            JournAl of vAlue inQuirY                                   0022-5363
            JournAl of visuAl imPAirment & blindness                   0145-482X
            JournAl of vocAtionAl beHAvior                             0001-8791
            JournAl of Women & Aging                                   0895-2841
            JournAl of Women Politics & PolicY                         1554-477X
            JournAl of Womens HeAltH                                   1540-9996
            JournAl of World business                                  1090-9516
            JournAl of World trAde                                     1011-6702
            JournAl of Wound ostomY And continence nursing             1071-5754
            JournAl of YoutH And Adolescence                           0047-2891
            JournAl of YoutH studies                                   1367-6261
            JournAlism & mAss communicAtion QuArterlY                  1077-6990
            JournAlism studies                                         1461-670X
            JournAls of gerontologY series A-biologicAl                1079-5006
            sciences And medicAl sciences
            JournAls of gerontologY series b-PsYcHologicAl             1079-5014
            sciences And sociAl sciences
            Judgment And decision mAKing                               1930-2975
            JudicAture                                                 0022-5800
            Justice QuArterlY                                          0741-8825
            Justice sYstem JournAl                                     0098-261X
            Juvenile And fAmilY court JournAl                          0161-7109
            Kedi JournAl of educAtionAl PolicY                         1739-4341
            KennedY institute of etHics JournAl                        1054-6863
            KindHeit und entWicKlung                                   0942-5403
            KinesiologY                                                1331-1441
            KnoWledge orgAnizAtion                                     0943-7444

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   Kolner zeitscHrift fur soziologie und                 0023-2653
                   KoreA observer                                        0023-3919
                   KoreAn JournAl of defense AnAlYsis                    1016-3271
                   KriminAlistiK                                         0023-4699
                   KriminologiscHes JournAl                              0341-1966
                   KurAm ve uYgulAmAdA egitim bilimleri                  1303-0485
                   KYKlos                                                0023-5962
                   lAbor HistorY                                         0023-656X
                   lAbour economics                                      0927-5371
                   lAbour HistorY                                        0023-6942
                   lAnd economics                                        0023-7639
                   lAnd use PolicY                                       0264-8377
                   lAndscAPe And urbAn PlAnning                          0169-2046
                   lAndscAPe reseArcH                                    0142-6397
                   lAnguAge                                              0097-8507
                   lAnguAge & communicAtion                              0271-5309
                   lAnguAge AcQuisition                                  1048-9223
                   lAnguAge And cognitive Processes                      0169-0965
                   lAnguAge And interculturAl communicAtion              1470-8477
                   lAnguAge And linguistics                              1606-822X
                   lAnguAge And literAture                               0963-9470
                   lAnguAge And sPeecH                                   0023-8309
                   lAnguAge Assessment QuArterlY                         1543-4303
                   lAnguAge AWAreness                                    0965-8416
                   lAnguAge culture And curriculum                       0790-8318
                   lAnguAge in societY                                   0047-4045
                   lAnguAge leArning                                     0023-8333
                   lAnguAge leArning & tecHnologY                        1094-3501
                   lAnguAge mAtters                                      1022-8195
                   lAnguAge PolicY                                       1568-4555
                   lAnguAge Problems & lAnguAge PlAnning                 0272-2690
                   lAnguAge sciences                                     0388-0001
                   lAnguAge sPeecH And HeAring services in scHools       0161-1461
                   lAnguAge teAcHing                                     0261-4448
                   lAnguAge teAcHing reseArcH                            1362-1688
                   lAnguAge testing                                      0265-5322
                   lAnguAge vAriAtion And cHAnge                         0954-3945
                   lAterAlitY                                            1357-650X
                   lAtin AmericAn PersPectives                           0094-582X
                   lAtin AmericAn Politics And societY                   1531-426X
                   lAtin AmericAn reseArcH revieW                        0023-8791
                   lAW & PolicY                                          0265-8240
                   lAW & societY revieW                                  0023-9216
                   lAW And HumAn beHAvior                                0147-7307
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            TITLE                                                     ISSN
            lAW And PHilosoPHY                                          0167-5249
            lAW And sociAl inQuirY-JournAl of tHe AmericAn bAr          0897-6546
            lAW librArY JournAl                                         0023-9283
            leAdersHiP QuArterlY                                        1048-9843
            leArned PublisHing                                          0953-1513
            leArning & beHAvior                                         1543-4494
            leArning And individuAl differences                         1041-6080
            leArning And instruction                                    0959-4752
            leArning And motivAtion                                     0023-9690
            leArning disAbilitY QuArterlY                               0731-9487
            legAl And criminologicAl PsYcHologY                         1355-3259
            legislAtive studies QuArterlY                               0362-9805
            leisure sciences                                            0149-0400
            leisure studies                                             0261-4367
            leX locAlis-JournAl of locAl self-government                1581-5374
            leXiKos                                                     1684-4904
            librArY & informAtion science reseArcH                      0740-8188
            librArY And informAtion science                             0373-4447
            librArY collections AcQuisitions & tecHnicAl                1464-9055
            librArY Hi tecH                                             0737-8831
            librArY JournAl                                             0363-0277
            librArY QuArterlY                                           0024-2519
            librArY resources & tecHnicAl services                      0024-2527
            librArY trends                                              0024-2594
            libri                                                       0024-2667
            linguA                                                      0024-3841
            linguistic inQuirY                                          0024-3892
            linguistic revieW                                           0167-6318
            linguisticA PrAgensiA                                       0862-8432
            linguisticA urAlicA                                         0868-4731
            linguistics                                                 0024-3949
            linguistics And PHilosoPHY                                  0165-0157
            lJetoPis sociJAlnog rAdA                                    1846-5412
            locAl government studies                                    0300-3930
            long rAnge PlAnning                                         0024-6301
            m&som-mAnufActuring & service oPerAtions                    1523-4614
            mAcroeconomic dYnAmics                                      1365-1005
            mAgAllAniA                                                  0718-0209
            mAgHreb-mAcHreK                                             1762-3162
            mAlAYsiAn JournAl of librArY & informAtion science          1394-6234
            mAn in indiA                                                0025-1569
            mAnA-estudos de AntroPologiA sociAl                         0104-9313
            mAnAgement Accounting reseArcH                              1044-5005

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   mAnAgement And orgAnizAtion revieW                    1740-8776
                   mAnAgement communicAtion QuArterlY                    0893-3189
                   mAnAgement decision                                   0025-1747
                   mAnAgement internAtionAl revieW                       0938-8249
                   mAnAgement leArning                                   1350-5076
                   mAnAgement science                                    0025-1909
                   mAncHester scHool                                     1463-6786
                   mAnKind QuArterlY                                     0025-2344
                   mArine PolicY                                         0308-597X
                   mArine resource economics                             0738-1360
                   mArKeting letters                                     0923-0645
                   mArKeting science                                     0732-2399
                   mAss communicAtion And societY                        1520-5436
                   mAternAl And cHild HeAltH JournAl                     1092-7875
                   mAtHemAticAl finAnce                                  0960-1627
                   mAtHemAticAl PoPulAtion studies                       0889-8480
                   mAtHemAticAl sociAl sciences                          0165-4896
                   mcn-tHe AmericAn JournAl of mAternAl-cHild            0361-929X
                   meAsurement And evAluAtion in counseling And          0748-1756
                   mediA culture & societY                               0163-4437
                   mediA internAtionAl AustrAliA                         1329-878X
                   mediA PsYcHologY                                      1521-3269
                   medicAl AntHroPologY                                  0145-9740
                   medicAl AntHroPologY QuArterlY                        0745-5194
                   medicAl cAre                                          0025-7079
                   medicAl cAre reseArcH And revieW                      1077-5587
                   medicAl HistorY                                       0025-7273
                   medicc revieW                                         1555-7960
                   medicine HeAltH cAre And PHilosoPHY                   1386-7423
                   medicine science And tHe lAW                          0025-8024
                   mediterrAneAn HistoricAl revieW                       0951-8967
                   mediterrAneAn Politics                                1362-9395
                   melbourne universitY lAW revieW                       0025-8938
                   memorY                                                0965-8211
                   memorY & cognition                                    0090-502X
                   men And mAsculinities                                 1097-184X
                   merrill-PAlmer QuArterlY-JournAl of                   0272-930X
                   develoPmentAl PsYcHologY
                   metAPHor And sYmbol                                   1092-6488
                   micHigAn lAW revieW                                   0026-2234
                   middle eAst JournAl                                   0026-3141
                   middle eAst PolicY                                    1061-1924
                   middle eAstern studies                                0026-3206
                   midWiferY                                             0266-6138
	   	   	      	     	     									WEB	OF	SCIENCE®	-	SOCIAL	SCIENCES	CItAtION	INdEx	SOURCE	PUBLICAtIONS

            TITLE                                                    ISSN
            milbAnK QuArterlY                                          0887-378X
            militArY lAW revieW                                        0026-4040
            militArY PsYcHologY                                        0899-5605
            millennium-JournAl of internAtionAl studies                0305-8298
            mind & lAnguAge                                            0268-1064
            minervA                                                    0026-4695
            minnesotA lAW revieW                                       0026-5535
            minnesotA sYmPosiA on cHild PsYcHologY                     0076-9266
            mis QuArterlY                                              0276-7783
            mis QuArterlY eXecutive                                    1540-1960
            mit sloAn mAnAgement revieW                                1532-9194
            mitteilungen der osterreicHiscHen geogrAPHiscHen           0029-9138
            mobilizAtion                                               1086-671X
            modern AsiAn studies                                       0026-749X
            modern cHinA                                               0097-7004
            modern lAnguAge JournAl                                    0026-7902
            monAtsscHrift fur Kriminologie und                         0026-9301
            monogrAPHs of tHe societY for reseArcH in cHild            0037-976X
            montHlY lAbor revieW                                       0098-1818
            montHlY revieW-An indePendent sociAlist mAgAzine           0027-0520
            motivAtion And emotion                                     0146-7239
            mouvement sociAl                                           0027-2671
            movimento                                                  0104-754X
            multilinguA-JournAl of cross-culturAl And                  0167-8507
            interlAnguAge communicAtion
            multivAriAte beHAviorAl reseArcH                           0027-3171
            music educAtion reseArcH                                   1461-3808
            music PercePtion                                           0730-7829
            musicAe scientiAe                                          1029-8649
            nArrAtive inQuirY                                          1387-6740
            nAtion                                                     0027-8378
            nAtionAl tAX JournAl                                       0028-0283
            nAtions And nAtionAlism                                    1354-5078
            nAturAl lAnguAge & linguistic tHeorY                       0167-806X
            nAturAl lAnguAge semAntics                                 0925-854X
            nAturAl resources forum                                    0165-0203
            nAturAl resources JournAl                                  0028-0739
            nebrAsKA sYmPosium on motivAtion                           0146-7875
            negotiAtion JournAl                                        0748-4526
            nePHrologY nursing JournAl                                 1526-744X
            netHerlAnds QuArterlY of HumAn rigHts                      0169-3441
            neurobiologY of leArning And memorY                        1074-7427
            neuroPsYcHologiA                                           0028-3932

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   neuroPsYcHologY                                       0894-4105
                   neuroPsYcHologY revieW                                1040-7308
                   neuroreHAbilitAtion                                   1053-8135
                   neW educAtionAl revieW                                1732-6729
                   neW genetics And societY                              1463-6778
                   neW ideAs in PsYcHologY                               0732-118X
                   neW left revieW                                       0028-6060
                   neW mediA & societY                                   1461-4448
                   neW PersPectives on turKeY                            1305-3299
                   neW PoliticAl economY                                 1356-3467
                   neW rePublic                                          0028-6583
                   neW tecHnologY WorK And emPloYment                    0268-1072
                   neW YorK universitY lAW revieW                        0028-7881
                   neW zeAlAnd geogrAPHer                                0028-8144
                   neW zeAlAnd JournAl of PsYcHologY                     0112-109X
                   nicotine & tobAcco reseArcH                           1462-2203
                   nonProfit And voluntArY sector QuArterlY              0899-7640
                   nordic JournAl of linguistics                         0332-5865
                   nordic JournAl of music tHerAPY                       0803-9828
                   nordic JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY                          0803-9488
                   nordic PsYcHologY                                     1901-2276
                   norsK geogrAfisK tidssKrift-norWegiAn JournAl of      0029-1951
                   nortH KoreAn revieW                                   1551-2789
                   nortHWestern universitY lAW revieW                    0029-3571
                   notre dAme lAW revieW                                 0745-3515
                   nouvelles Questions feministes                        0248-4951
                   nuncius-JournAl of tHe HistorY of science             0394-7394
                   nurse educAtion todAY                                 0260-6917
                   nurse educAtor                                        0363-3624
                   nursing & HeAltH sciences                             1441-0745
                   nursing clinics of nortH AmericA                      0029-6465
                   nursing economics                                     0746-1739
                   nursing etHics                                        0969-7330
                   nursing HistorY revieW                                1062-8061
                   nursing inQuirY                                       1320-7881
                   nursing outlooK                                       0029-6554
                   nursing PHilosoPHY                                    1466-7681
                   nursing reseArcH                                      0029-6562
                   nursing science QuArterlY                             0894-3184
                   oceAn develoPment And internAtionAl lAW               0090-8320
                   oceAniA                                               0029-8077
                   odgoJne znAnosti-educAtionAl sciences                 1846-1204
                   omegA-internAtionAl JournAl of mAnAgement             0305-0483
                   omegA-JournAl of deAtH And dYing                      0030-2228
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            TITLE                                                     ISSN
            oncologY nursing forum                                      0190-535X
            online                                                      0146-5422
            online informAtion revieW                                   1468-4527
            oPen economies revieW                                       0923-7992
            oPen House internAtionAl                                    0168-2601
            oPerAtions reseArcH                                         0030-364X
            orgAnizAtion                                                1350-5084
            orgAnizAtion & environment                                  1086-0266
            orgAnizAtion science                                        1047-7039
            orgAnizAtion studies                                        0170-8406
            orgAnizAtionAl beHAvior And HumAn decision                  0749-5978
            orgAnizAtionAl dYnAmics                                     0090-2616
            orgAnizAtionAl reseArcH metHods                             1094-4281
            ortHoPAedic nursing                                         0744-6020
            osiris                                                      0369-7827
            osterreicHiscHe zeitscHrift fur PolitiKWissenscHAft         1615-5548
            osteuroPA                                                   0030-6428
            otJr-occuPAtion PArticiPAtion And HeAltH                    1539-4492
            oXford bulletin of economics And stAtistics                 0305-9049
            oXford economic PAPers-neW series                           0030-7653
            oXford revieW of economic PolicY                            0266-903X
            oXford revieW of educAtion                                  0305-4985
            PAcific AffAirs                                             0030-851X
            PAcific economic bulletin                                   0817-8038
            PAcific economic revieW                                     1361-374X
            PAcific focus                                               1225-4657
            PAcific revieW                                              0951-2748
            PAcific-bAsin finAnce JournAl                               0927-538X
            PAedAgogicA HistoricA                                       0030-9230
            PAin mAnAgement nursing                                     1524-9042
            PAnoeconomicus                                              1452-595X
            PAPeles de PoblAcion                                        1405-7425
            PAPers in regionAl science                                  1056-8190
            PAPers of tHe regionAl science AssociAtion                  0486-2902
            PArenting-science And PrActice                              1529-5192
            PArliAmentArY AffAirs                                       0031-2290
            PArtY Politics                                              1354-0688
            PAst & Present                                              0031-2746
            PAtient educAtion And counseling                            0738-3991
            PAtterns of PreJudice                                       0031-322X
            PedAgogiscHe studien                                        0165-0645
            Pensee                                                      0031-4773
            PercePtion                                                  0301-0066
            PercePtuAl And motor sKills                                 0031-5125

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   Perfiles lAtinoAmericAnos                             0188-7653
                   PersonAl relAtionsHiPs                                1350-4126
                   PersonAlitY And individuAl differences                0191-8869
                   PersonAlitY And sociAl PsYcHologY bulletin            0862-8408
                   PersonAlitY And sociAl PsYcHologY revieW              1088-8683
                   Personnel PsYcHologY                                  0031-5826
                   Personnel revieW                                      0048-3486
                   PersPectivAs em cienciA dA informAcAo                 1981-5344
                   PersPectives in educAtion                             0258-2236
                   PersPectives in PsYcHiAtric cAre                      0031-5990
                   PersPectives in Public HeAltH                         1757-9139
                   PersPectives on PsYcHologicAl science                 1745-6916
                   PersPectives on seXuAl And reProductive HeAltH        1538-6341
                   Pflege                                                1012-5302
                   PHArmAcoeconomics                                     1170-7690
                   PHi deltA KAPPAn                                      0031-7217
                   PHiliPPine PoliticAl science JournAl                  0115-4451
                   PHilosoPHicAl PsYcHologY                              0951-5089
                   PHilosoPHY & Public AffAirs                           0048-3915
                   PHilosoPHY of science                                 0031-8248
                   PHilosoPHY of tHe sociAl sciences                     0048-3931
                   PHoneticA                                             0031-8388
                   PHonologY                                             0952-6757
                   PHYsicAl revieW sPeciAl toPics-PHYsics educAtion      1554-9178
                   PHYsics in PersPective                                1422-6944
                   PHYsiologY & beHAvior                                 0031-9384
                   PlAins AntHroPologist                                 0032-0447
                   Poetics                                               0304-422X
                   Policing & societY                                    1043-9463
                   Policing-An internAtionAl JournAl of Police           1363-951X
                   strAtegies & mAnAgement
                   PolicY And Politics                                   0305-5736
                   PolicY revieW                                         0146-5945
                   PolicY sciences                                       0032-2687
                   PolicY studies JournAl                                0190-292X
                   PolisH sociologicAl revieW                            1231-1413
                   PoliticA Y gobierno                                   1665-2037
                   PoliticAl AnAlYsis                                    1047-1987
                   PoliticAl beHAvior                                    0190-9320
                   PoliticAl communicAtion                               1058-4609
                   PoliticAl geogrAPHY                                   0962-6298
                   PoliticAl PsYcHologY                                  0162-895X
                   PoliticAl QuArterlY                                   0032-3179
                   PoliticAl reseArcH QuArterlY                          1065-9129
                   PoliticAl science                                     0032-3187
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            TITLE                                                     ISSN
            PoliticAl science QuArterlY                                 0032-3195
            PoliticAl studies                                           0032-3217
            PoliticAl tHeorY                                            0090-5917
            PoliticKA eKonomie                                          0032-3233
            Politics & societY                                          0032-3292
            PolitiKon                                                   0258-9346
            PolitiscHe viertelJAHresscHrift                             0032-3470
            PolitiX                                                     0295-2319
            PolitY                                                      0032-3497
            PoPulAtion                                                  0032-4663
            PoPulAtion And develoPment revieW                           0098-7921
            PoPulAtion And environment                                  0199-0039
            PoPulAtion bulletin                                         0032-468X
            PoPulAtion reseArcH And PolicY revieW                       0167-5923
            PoPulAtion sPAce And PlAce                                  1544-8444
            PoPulAtion studies-A JournAl of demogrAPHY                  0032-4728
            PortA linguArum                                             1697-7467
            PortAl-librAries And tHe AcAdemY                            1531-2542
            Portuguese economic JournAl                                 1617-982X
            Post-communist economies                                    1463-1377
            Post-soviet AffAirs                                         1060-586X
            PoznAn studies in contemPorArY linguistics                  1897-7499
            PrAeHistoriscHe zeitscHrift                                 0079-4848
            PrAgmAtics                                                  1018-2101
            PrAgue economic PAPers                                      1210-0455
            PrAtiQues PsYcHologiQues                                    1269-1763
            PrAXis der KinderPsYcHologie und KinderPsYcHiAtrie          0032-7034
            Prevention science                                          1389-4986
            Prison JournAl                                              0032-8855
            Problems of Post-communism                                  1075-8216
            ProblemY eKorozWoJu                                         1895-6912
            Probus                                                      0921-4771
            ProfesionAl de lA informAcion                               1386-6710
            ProfessionAl geogrAPHer                                     0033-0124
            ProfessionAl PsYcHologY-reseArcH And PrActice               0735-7028
            ProgrAm-electronic librArY And informAtion                  0033-0337
            Progress in HumAn geogrAPHY                                 0309-1325
            Progress in PlAnning                                        0305-9006
            PsicologiA-refleXAo e criticA                               0102-7972
            PsicologicA                                                 0211-2159
            PsicotHemA                                                  0214-9915
            PsiHologiJA                                                 0048-5705
            PsiKHologicHesKii zHurnAl                                   0205-9592
            Ps-PoliticAl science & Politics                             1049-0965

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   PsYcHe-zeitscHrift fur PsYcHoAnAlYse und iHre         0033-2623
                   PsYcHiAtriA dAnubinA                                  0353-5053
                   PsYcHiAtric AnnAls                                    0048-5713
                   PsYcHiAtric clinics of nortH AmericA                  0193-953X
                   PsYcHiAtric QuArterlY                                 0033-2720
                   PsYcHiAtric reHAbilitAtion JournAl                    1095-158X
                   PsYcHiAtric services                                  1075-2730
                   PsYcHiAtrie de l enfAnt                               0079-726X
                   PsYcHiAtriscHe PrAXis                                 0303-4259
                   PsYcHiAtrY PsYcHologY And lAW                         1321-8719
                   PsYcHiAtrY reseArcH                                   0165-1781
                   PsYcHiAtrY-interPersonAl And biologicAl Processes     0033-2747
                   PsYcHoAnAlYtic diAlogues                              1048-1885
                   PsYcHoAnAlYtic inQuirY                                0735-1690
                   PsYcHoAnAlYtic PsYcHologY                             0736-9735
                   PsYcHoAnAlYtic QuArterlY                              0033-2828
                   PsYcHoAnAlYtic studY of tHe cHild                     0079-7308
                   PsYcHologiA                                           0033-2852
                   PsYcHologicA belgicA                                  0033-2879
                   PsYcHologicAl Assessment                              1040-3590
                   PsYcHologicAl bulletin                                0033-2909
                   PsYcHologicAl inQuirY                                 1047-840X
                   PsYcHologicAl medicine                                0033-2917
                   PsYcHologicAl metHods                                 1082-989X
                   PsYcHologicAl record                                  0033-2933
                   PsYcHologicAl rePorts                                 0033-2941
                   PsYcHologicAl reseArcH-PsYcHologiscHe forscHung       0340-0727
                   PsYcHologicAl revieW                                  0033-295X
                   PsYcHologicAl science                                 0956-7976
                   PsYcHologie du trAvAil et des orgAnisAtions           1420-2530
                   PsYcHologie frAncAise                                 0033-2984
                   PsYcHologie in erzieHung und unterricHt               0342-183X
                   PsYcHologiscHe rundscHAu                              0033-3042
                   PsYcHologist                                          0952-8229
                   PsYcHologY & HeAltH                                   0887-0446
                   PsYcHologY & mArKeting                                0742-6046
                   PsYcHologY And Aging                                  0882-7974
                   PsYcHologY And PsYcHotHerAPY-tHeorY reseArcH          1476-0835
                   And PrActice
                   PsYcHologY crime & lAW                                1068-316X
                   PsYcHologY HeAltH & medicine                          1354-8506
                   PsYcHologY in tHe scHools                             0033-3085
                   PsYcHologY of Addictive beHAviors                     0893-164X
                   PsYcHologY of leArning And motivAtion                 0079-7421
                   PsYcHologY of music                                   0305-7356
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            TITLE                                                    ISSN
            PsYcHologY of sPort And eXercise                           1469-0292
            PsYcHologY of Women QuArterlY                              0361-6843
            PsYcHologY Public PolicY And lAW                           1076-8971
            PsYcHometriKA                                              0033-3123
            PsYcHonomic bulletin & revieW                              1069-9384
            PsYcHo-oncologY                                            1057-9249
            PsYcHoPAtHologY                                            0254-4962
            PsYcHoPHYsiologY                                           0048-5772
            PsYcHosomAtic medicine                                     0033-3174
            PsYcHosomAtics                                             0033-3182
            PsYcHotHerAPeut                                            0935-6185
            PsYcHotHerAPie PsYcHosomAtiK mediziniscHe                  0937-2032
            PsYcHotHerAPY                                              0033-3204
            PsYcHotHerAPY And PsYcHosomAtics                           0033-3190
            PsYcHotHerAPY reseArcH                                     1050-3307
            Public AdministrAtion                                      0033-3298
            Public AdministrAtion And develoPment                      0271-2075
            Public AdministrAtion revieW                               0033-3352
            Public cHoice                                              0048-5829
            Public culture                                             0899-2363
            Public HeAltH                                              0033-3506
            Public HeAltH genomics                                     1662-4246
            Public HeAltH nursing                                      0737-1209
            Public HeAltH rePorts                                      0033-3549
            Public mAnAgement revieW                                   1471-9037
            Public moneY & mAnAgement                                  0954-0962
            Public oPinion QuArterlY                                   0033-362X
            Public Personnel mAnAgement                                0091-0260
            Public relAtions revieW                                    0363-8111
            Public understAnding of science                            0963-6625
            Publius-tHe JournAl of federAlism                          0048-5950
            PunisHment & societY-internAtionAl JournAl of              1462-4745
            Qme-QuAntitAtive mArKeting And economics                   1570-7156
            QuAlitAtive HeAltH reseArcH                                1049-7323
            QuAlitAtive inQuirY                                        1077-8004
            QuAlitAtive reseArcH                                       1468-7941
            QuAlitAtive sociologY                                      0162-0436
            QuAlitY & QuAntitY                                         0033-5177
            QuAntitAtive finAnce                                       1469-7688
            QuArterlY JournAl of economics                             0033-5533
            QuArterlY JournAl of eXPerimentAl PsYcHologY               1747-0218
            QuArterlY JournAl of PoliticAl science                     1554-0626
            QuArterlY JournAl of sPeecH                                0033-5630
            Quest                                                      0033-6297

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   r & d mAnAgement                                      0033-6807
                   rAce & clAss                                          0306-3968
                   rAce etHnicitY And educAtion                          1361-3324
                   rAdicAl PHilosoPHY                                    0300-211X
                   rAe-revistA de AdministrAcAo de emPresAs              0034-7590
                   rAnd JournAl of economics                             0741-6261
                   rAtionAlitY And societY                               1043-4631
                   rbgn-revistA brAsileirA de gestAo de negocios         1806-4892
                   reAding And Writing                                   0922-4777
                   reAding reseArcH QuArterlY                            0034-0553
                   reAding teAcHer                                       0034-0561
                   reAl estAte economics                                 1080-8620
                   recAll                                                0958-3440
                   recHercHes economiQues de louvAin-louvAin             0770-4518
                   economic revieW
                   recHt & PsYcHiAtrie                                   0724-2247
                   reference & user services QuArterlY                   1094-9054
                   regionAl environmentAl cHAnge                         1436-3798
                   regionAl science And urbAn economics                  0166-0462
                   regionAl studies                                      0034-3404
                   regulAtion & governAnce                               1748-5983
                   reHAbilitAtion counseling bulletin                    0034-3552
                   reHAbilitAtion nursing                                0278-4807
                   reHAbilitAtion PsYcHologY                             0090-5550
                   relAtions industrielles-industriAl relAtions          0034-379X
                   remediAl And sPeciAl educAtion                        0741-9325
                   reProductive HeAltH mAtters                           0968-8080
                   reseArcH And PrActice for Persons WitH severe         0274-9483
                   reseArcH evAluAtion                                   0958-2029
                   reseArcH in Autism sPectrum disorders                 1750-9467
                   reseArcH in develoPmentAl disAbilities                0891-4222
                   reseArcH in HigHer educAtion                          0361-0365
                   reseArcH in nursing & HeAltH                          0160-6891
                   reseArcH in orgAnizAtionAl beHAvior                   0191-3085
                   reseArcH in science educAtion                         0157-244X
                   reseArcH in sociAl & AdministrAtive PHArmAcY          1551-7411
                   reseArcH in tHe teAcHing of englisH                   0034-527X
                   reseArcH on Aging                                     0164-0275
                   reseArcH on lAnguAge And sociAl interAction           0835-1813
                   reseArcH on sociAl WorK PrActice                      1049-7315
                   reseArcH PolicY                                       0048-7333
                   reseArcH QuArterlY for eXercise And sPort             0270-1367
                   reseArcH-tecHnologY mAnAgement                        0895-6308
                   resource And energY economics                         0928-7655
                   resources PolicY                                      0301-4207
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            TITLE                                                     ISSN
            restAurAtor-internAtionAl JournAl for tHe                   0034-5806
            PreservAtion of librArY And ArcHivAl mAteriAl
            revieW of Accounting studies                                1380-6653
            revieW of AgriculturAl economics                            1058-7195
            revieW of centrAl And eAst euroPeAn lAW                     0925-9880
            revieW of develoPment economics                             1363-6669
            revieW of economic dYnAmics                                 1094-2025
            revieW of economic studies                                  0034-6527
            revieW of economics And stAtistics                          0034-6535
            revieW of educAtionAl reseArcH                              0034-6543
            revieW of environmentAl economics And PolicY                1750-6816
            revieW of finAnce                                           1572-3097
            revieW of finAnciAl studies                                 0893-9454
            revieW of generAl PsYcHologY                                1089-2680
            revieW of HigHer educAtion                                  0162-5748
            revieW of income And WeAltH                                 0034-6586
            revieW of industriAl orgAnizAtion                           0889-938X
            revieW of internAtionAl PoliticAl economY                   0969-2290
            revieW of internAtionAl studies                             0260-2105
            revieW of netWorK economics                                 1446-9022
            revieW of Public Personnel AdministrAtion                   0734-371X
            revieW of religious reseArcH                                0034-673X
            revieW of reseArcH in educAtion                             0091-732X
            revieW of World economics                                   1610-2878
            reviJA zA KriminAlistiKo in KriminologiJo                   0034-690X
            reviJA zA sociJAlnu PolitiKu                                1330-2965
            revistA ArgentinA de clinicA PsicologicA                    0327-6716
            revistA brAsileirA de PoliticA internAcionAl                0034-7329
            revistA brAsileirA de PsiQuiAtriA                           1516-4446
            revistA dA escolA de enfermAgem dA usP                      0080-6234
            revistA de cercetAre si interventie sociAlA                 1583-3410
            revistA de cienciA PoliticA                                 0716-1417
            revistA de cienciAs sociAles                                1315-9518
            revistA de derecHo comunitArio euroPeo                      1138-4026
            revistA de economiA APlicAdA                                1133-455X
            revistA de economiA mundiAl                                 1576-0162
            revistA de educAcion                                        0034-8082
            revistA de estudios Politicos                               0048-7694
            revistA de estudios sociAles                                0123-885X
            revistA de geogrAfiA norte grAnde                           0379-8682
            revistA de HistoriA economicA                               0212-6109
            revistA de PsicodidActicA                                   1136-1034
            revistA de PsicologiA del dePorte                           1132-239X
            revistA de PsicologiA sociAl                                0213-4748
            revistA de sAude PublicA                                    0034-8910

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   revistA del clAd reformA Y democrAciA                 1315-2378
                   revistA esPAnolA de derecHo constitucionAl            0211-5743
                   revistA esPAnolA de documentAcion cientificA          0210-0614
                   revistA esPAnolA de finAnciAcion Y contAbilidAd-      0210-2412
                   sPAnisH JournAl of finAnce And Accounting
                   revistA esPAnolA de investigAciones sociologicAs      0210-5233
                   revistA esPAnolA de linguisticA APlicAdA              0213-2028
                   revistA esPAnolA de PedAgogiA                         0034-9461
                   revistA esPAnolA de sAlud PublicA                     1135-5727
                   revistA iberoAmericAnA de diAgnostico Y               1135-3848
                   evAluAcion-e AvAliAcAo PsicologicA
                   revistA internAcionAl de sociologiA                   0034-9712
                   revistA lAtino-AmericAnA de enfermAgem                0104-1169
                   revistA lAtinoAmericAnA de investigAcion en           1665-2436
                   mAtemAticA educAtivA-relime
                   revistA lAtinoAmericAnA de PsicologiA                 0120-0534
                   revistA lAtinoAmericAnA de PsicoPAtologiA             1415-4714
                   revistA lusofonA de educAcAo                          1645-7250
                   revistA meXicAnA de PsicologiA                        0185-6073
                   revistA PAnAmericAnA de sAlud PublicA-PAn             1020-4989
                   AmericAn JournAl of Public HeAltH
                   revistA romAnA de bioeticA                            1583-5170
                   revistA signos                                        0035-0451
                   revistA venezolAnA de gerenciA                        1315-9984
                   revue d economie PolitiQue                            0373-2630
                   revue d etudes comPArAtives est-ouest                 0338-0599
                   revue de geogrAPHie AlPine-JournAl of AlPine          0035-1121
                   revue frAncAise de linguistiQue APPliQuee             1386-1204
                   revue frAncAise de sociologie                         0035-2969
                   revue internAtionAle de PsYcHologie sociAle-          0992-986X
                   internAtionAl revieW of sociAl PsYcHologY
                   revue roumAine de linguistiQue-romAniAn revieW of     0035-3957
                   rHetoric societY QuArterlY                            0277-3945
                   rilce-revistA de filologiA HisPAnicA                  0213-2370
                   risK AnAlYsis                                         0272-4332
                   rivistA di PsicHiAtriA                                0035-6484
                   rivistA di PsicoAnAlisi                               0035-6492
                   rlA-revistA de linguisticA teoricA Y APlicAdA         0033-698X
                   roAd & trAnsPort reseArcH                             1037-5783
                   romAniAn JournAl of economic forecAsting              1582-6163
                   romAniAn JournAl of PoliticAl science                 1582-456X
                   rurAl sociologY                                       0036-0112
                   russiAn educAtion And societY                         1060-9393
                   russiAn Politics And lAW                              1061-1940
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            TITLE                                                     ISSN
            rutgers lAW revieW                                          0036-0465
            sAHArA J-JournAl of sociAl AsPects of Hiv-Aids              1729-0376
            sAlud colectivA                                             1669-2381
            sAlud mentAl                                                0185-3325
            sAlud PublicA de meXico                                     0036-3634
            sAude e sociedAde                                           0104-1290
            scAndiA                                                     0036-5483
            scAndinAviAn ActuAriAl JournAl                              0346-1238
            scAndinAviAn JournAl of cAring sciences                     0283-9318
            scAndinAviAn JournAl of economics                           0347-0520
            scAndinAviAn JournAl of educAtionAl reseArcH                0031-3831
            scAndinAviAn JournAl of HosPitAlitY And tourism             1502-2250
            scAndinAviAn JournAl of mAnAgement                          0956-5221
            scAndinAviAn JournAl of occuPAtionAl tHerAPY                1103-8128
            scAndinAviAn JournAl of PsYcHologY                          0036-5564
            scAndinAviAn JournAl of Public HeAltH                       1403-4948
            scAndinAviAn JournAl of WorK environment &                  0355-3140
            scAndinAviAn PoliticAl studies                              0080-6757
            scHizoPHreniA bulletin                                      0586-7614
            scHizoPHreniA reseArcH                                      0920-9964
            scHool effectiveness And scHool imProvement                 0924-3453
            scHool PsYcHologY internAtionAl                             0143-0343
            scHool PsYcHologY QuArterlY                                 1045-3830
            scHool PsYcHologY revieW                                    0279-6015
            science & educAtion                                         0926-7220
            science & societY                                           0036-8237
            science And engineering etHics                              1353-3452
            science communicAtion                                       1075-5470
            science educAtion                                           0036-8326
            science in conteXt                                          0269-8897
            science tecHnologY & HumAn vAlues                           0162-2439
            sciences sociAles et sAnte                                  0294-0337
            scientific studies of reAding                               1088-8438
            scientist                                                   0890-3670
            scientometrics                                              0138-9130
            scottisH geogrAPHicAl JournAl                               1470-2541
            scottisH JournAl of PoliticAl economY                       0036-9292
            scriPtA novA-revistA electronicA de geogrAfiA Y             1138-9788
            cienciAs sociAles
            second lAnguAge reseArcH                                    0267-6583
            securities regulAtion lAW JournAl                           0097-9554
            securitY diAlogue                                           0967-0106
            securitY studies                                            0963-6412
            self And identitY                                           1529-8868
            seoul JournAl of KoreAn studies                             1225-0201

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   seriAls revieW                                         0098-7913
                   service industries JournAl                             0264-2069
                   seX roles                                              0360-0025
                   seXuAl Abuse-A JournAl of reseArcH And treAtment       1079-0632
                   seXuAl HeAltH                                          1448-5028
                   seXuAlities                                            1363-4607
                   seXuAlitY And disAbilitY                               0146-1044
                   signs                                                  0097-9740
                   singAPore economic revieW                              0217-5908
                   singAPore JournAl of troPicAl geogrAPHY                0129-7619
                   slAvic revieW                                          0037-6779
                   slAvisticnA reviJA                                     0350-6894
                   slovo A slovesnost                                     0037-7031
                   smAll business economics                               0921-898X
                   smAll grouP reseArcH                                   1046-4964
                   smitH college studies in sociAl WorK                   0037-7317
                   sociAl & culturAl geogrAPHY                            1464-9365
                   sociAl & legAl studies                                 0964-6639
                   sociAl beHAvior And PersonAlitY                        0301-2212
                   sociAl biologY                                         0037-766X
                   sociAl cHoice And WelfAre                              0176-1714
                   sociAl cognition                                       0278-016X
                   sociAl comPAss                                         0037-7686
                   sociAl develoPment                                     0961-205X
                   sociAl dYnAmics-A JournAl of tHe centre for AfricAn    0253-3952
                   studies universitY of cAPe toWn
                   sociAl forces                                          0037-7732
                   sociAl HistorY of medicine                             0951-631X
                   sociAl indicAtors reseArcH                             0303-8300
                   sociAl Justice reseArcH                                0885-7466
                   sociAl netWorKs                                        0378-8733
                   sociAl PHilosoPHY & PolicY                             0265-0525
                   sociAl PolicY & AdministrAtion                         0144-5596
                   sociAl PolicY JournAl of neW zeAlAnd                   1172-4382
                   sociAl Politics                                        1072-4745
                   sociAl Problems                                        0037-7791
                   sociAl PsYcHiAtrY And PsYcHiAtric ePidemiologY         0933-7954
                   sociAl PsYcHologY                                      1864-9335
                   sociAl PsYcHologY QuArterlY                            0190-2725
                   sociAl reseArcH                                        0037-783X
                   sociAl science & medicine                              0277-9536
                   sociAl science comPuter revieW                         0894-4393
                   sociAl science HistorY                                 0145-5532
                   sociAl science informAtion sur les sciences sociAles   0539-0184
                   sociAl science JAPAn JournAl                           1369-1465
	   	   	      	     	      									WEB	OF	SCIENCE®	-	SOCIAL	SCIENCES	CItAtION	INdEx	SOURCE	PUBLICAtIONS

            TITLE                                                     ISSN
            sociAl science JournAl                                      0362-3319
            sociAl science QuArterlY                                    0038-4941
            sociAl science reseArcH                                     0049-089X
            sociAl service revieW                                       0037-7961
            sociAl studies of science                                   0306-3127
            sociAl WorK                                                 0037-8046
            sociAl WorK in HeAltH cAre                                  0098-1389
            sociAl WorK reseArcH                                        1070-5309
            sociedAde e culturA                                         1980-8194
            societY                                                     0147-2011
            societY & AnimAls                                           1063-1119
            societY & nAturAl resources                                 0894-1920
            socio-economic revieW                                       1475-1461
            sociologiA                                                  0049-1225
            sociologiA rurAlis                                          0038-0199
            sociologicAl forum                                          0884-8971
            sociologicAl inQuirY                                        0038-0245
            sociologicAl metHodologY                                    0081-1750
            sociologicAl metHods & reseArcH                             0049-1241
            sociologicAl PersPectives                                   0731-1214
            sociologicAl QuArterlY                                      0038-0253
            sociologicAl reseArcH online                                1360-7804
            sociologicAl revieW                                         0038-0261
            sociologicAl sPectrum                                       0273-2173
            sociologicAl tHeorY                                         0735-2751
            sociologicAl tHeorY And metHods                             0913-1442
            sociologicKY cAsoPis-czecH sociologicAl revieW              0038-0288
            sociologie du trAvAil                                       0038-0296
            sociologiJA i Prostor                                       1846-5226
            sociologisK forsKning                                       0038-0342
            sociologus                                                  0038-0377
            sociologY of educAtion                                      0038-0407
            sociologY of HeAltH & illness                               0141-9889
            sociologY of religion                                       1069-4404
            sociologY of sPort JournAl                                  0741-1235
            sociologY-tHe JournAl of tHe britisH sociologicAl           0038-0385
            sotsiologicHesKie issledovAniYA                             0132-1625
            soutH AfricAn geogrAPHicAl JournAl                          0373-6245
            soutH AfricAn JournAl for reseArcH in sPort                 0379-9069
            PHYsicAl educAtion And recreAtion
            soutH AfricAn JournAl of business mAnAgement                0378-9098
            soutH AfricAn JournAl of economic And                       1015-8812
            mAnAgement sciences
            soutH AfricAn JournAl of economics                          0038-2280
            soutH AfricAn JournAl of educAtion                          0256-0100

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   soutH AfricAn JournAl of PsYcHiAtrY                   1608-9685
                   soutH AfricAn JournAl of PsYcHologY                   0081-2463
                   soutH AfricAn JournAl on HumAn rigHts                 0258-7203
                   soutH euroPeAn societY And Politics                   1360-8746
                   soutHeAst euroPeAn And blAcK seA studies              1468-3857
                   soutHern AfricAn linguistics And APPlied lAnguAge     1607-3614
                   soutHern cAliforniA lAW revieW                        0038-3910
                   soutHern economic JournAl                             0038-4038
                   soziAle Welt-zeitscHrift fur                          0038-6073
                   soziAlWissenscHAftlicHe forscHung und PrAXis
                   sPAce PolicY                                          0265-9646
                   sPAnisH economic revieW                               1435-5469
                   sPAnisH JournAl of PsYcHologY                         1138-7416
                   sPAtiAl cognition And comPutAtion                     1387-5868
                   sPAtiAl vision                                        0169-1015
                   sPort educAtion And societY                           1357-3322
                   sPort PsYcHologist                                    0888-4781
                   stAnford JournAl of internAtionAl lAW                 0731-5082
                   stAnford lAW revieW                                   0038-9765
                   stAte Politics & PolicY QuArterlY                     1532-4400
                   strAtegic mAnAgement JournAl                          0143-2095
                   strAtegic orgAnizAtion                                1476-1270
                   stress And HeAltH                                     1532-3005
                   structurAl eQuAtion modeling-A multidisciPlinArY      1070-5511
                   studiA PsYcHologicA                                   0039-3320
                   studiA socJologiczne                                  0039-3371
                   studies in AmericAn PoliticAl develoPment             0898-588X
                   studies in comPArAtive internAtionAl develoPment      0039-3606
                   studies in conflict & terrorism                       1057-610X
                   studies in eAst euroPeAn tHougHt                      0925-9392
                   studies in fAmilY PlAnning                            0039-3665
                   studies in HigHer educAtion                           0307-5079
                   studies in HistorY And PHilosoPHY of science          0039-3681
                   studies in lAnguAge                                   0378-4177
                   studies in nonlineAr dYnAmics And econometrics        1081-1826
                   studies in PHilosoPHY And educAtion                   0039-3746
                   studies in second lAnguAge AcQuisition                0272-2631
                   studies in sYmbolic interAction                       0163-2396
                   studies on etHno-medicine                             0973-5070
                   substAnce Abuse treAtment Prevention And PolicY       1747-597X
                   substAnce use & misuse                                1082-6084
                   sud-ouest euroPeen                                    1276-4930
                   suicide And life-tHreAtening beHAvior                 0363-0234
                   suPPlY cHAin mAnAgement-An internAtionAl JournAl      1359-8546
	   	   	      	     	     									WEB	OF	SCIENCE®	-	SOCIAL	SCIENCES	CItAtION	INdEx	SOURCE	PUBLICAtIONS

            TITLE                                                    ISSN
            suPreme court revieW                                       0081-9557
            surveY metHodologY                                         0714-0045
            survivAl                                                   0039-6338
            sustAinAble develoPment                                    0968-0802
            suvremenA PsiHologiJA                                      1331-9264
            sWiss JournAl of PsYcHologY                                1421-0185
            sWiss PoliticAl science revieW                             1424-7755
            sWs-rundscHAu                                              1013-1469
            sYmbolic interAction                                       0195-6086
            sYntAX And semAntics                                       0092-4563
            sYntHese                                                   0039-7857
            sYstem dYnAmics revieW                                     0883-7066
            sYstemic PrActice And Action reseArcH                      1094-429X
            sYstems reseArcH And beHAviorAl science                    1092-7026
            szociologiAi szemle                                        1216-2051
            teAcHers college record                                    0161-4681
            teAcHing And teAcHer educAtion                             0742-051X
            teAcHing in HigHer educAtion                               1356-2517
            teAcHing of PsYcHologY                                     0098-6283
            teAcHing sociologY                                         0092-055X
            tecHnicAl communicAtion                                    0049-3155
            tecHnologicAl And economic develoPment of                  1392-8619
            tecHnologicAl forecAsting And sociAl cHAnge                0040-1625
            tecHnologY AnAlYsis & strAtegic mAnAgement                 0953-7325
            tecHnologY And culture                                     0040-165X
            tecHnovAtion                                               0166-4972
            telecommunicAtions PolicY                                  0308-5961
            temPo PsicAnAlitico                                        0101-4838
            temPo sociAl                                               0103-2070
            teoriA de lA educAcion                                     1130-3743
            terminologY                                                0929-9971
            terrorism And PoliticAl violence                           0954-6553
            tesol QuArterlY                                            0039-8322
            teXAs lAW revieW                                           0040-4411
            teXt & tAlK                                                1860-7330
            teXto & conteXto enfermAgem                                0104-0707
            tHeoreticAl criminologY                                    1362-4806
            tHeoreticAl linguistics                                    0301-4428
            tHeoreticAl medicine And bioetHics                         1386-7415
            tHeorY & PsYcHologY                                        0959-3543
            tHeorY And decision                                        0040-5833
            tHeorY And societY                                         0304-2421
            tHeorY culture & societY                                   0263-2764
            tHeorY into PrActice                                       0040-5841

                   TITLE                                               ISSN
                   tHerAPie fAmiliAle                                    0250-4952
                   tHinKing & reAsoning                                  1354-6783
                   tHird World QuArterlY                                 0143-6597
                   tidssKrift for sAmfunnsforsKning                      0040-716X
                   tiJdscHrift voor communicAtieWetenscHAP               1384-6930
                   tiJdscHrift voor economiscHe en sociAle geogrAfie     0040-747X
                   tiJdscHrift voor recHtsgescHiedenis-revue d           0040-7585
                   Histoire du droit-tHe legAl HistorY revieW
                   time & societY                                        0961-463X
                   tobAcco control                                       0964-4563
                   toPics in eArlY cHildHood sPeciAl educAtion           0271-1214
                   toPics in geriAtric reHAbilitAtion                    0882-7524
                   toPics in lAnguAge disorders                          0271-8294
                   totAl QuAlitY mAnAgement & business eXcellence        1478-3363
                   tourism economics                                     1354-8166
                   tourism geogrAPHies                                   1461-6688
                   tourism mAnAgement                                    0261-5177
                   trAbAJos de PreHistoriA                               0082-5638
                   trAffic inJurY Prevention                             1538-9588
                   trAmes-JournAl of tHe HumAnities And sociAl           1406-0922
                   trAnsActions of tHe institute of britisH              0020-2754
                   trAnsculturAl PsYcHiAtrY                              1363-4615
                   trAnsformAtions in business & economics               1648-4460
                   trAnsinformAcAo                                       0103-3786
                   trAnslAtor                                            1355-6509
                   trAnsPort PolicY                                      0967-070X
                   trAnsPort revieWs                                     0144-1647
                   trAnsPortAtion                                        0049-4488
                   trAnsPortAtion JournAl                                0041-1612
                   trAnsPortAtion reseArcH PArt A-PolicY And PrActice    0965-8564
                   trAnsPortAtion reseArcH PArt b-metHodologicAl         0191-2615
                   trAnsPortAtion reseArcH PArt d-trAnsPort And          1361-9209
                   trAnsPortAtion reseArcH PArt e-logistics And          1366-5545
                   trAnsPortAtion revieW
                   trAnsPortAtion reseArcH PArt f-trAffic PsYcHologY     1369-8478
                   And beHAviour
                   trAnsPortAtion science                                0041-1655
                   trAnsPortmetricA                                      1812-8602
                   trAnsYlvAniAn revieW                                  1221-1249
                   trAnsYlvAniAn revieW of AdministrAtive sciences       1842-2845
                   trAumA violence & Abuse                               1524-8380
                   trAvAil genre et societes                             1294-6303
                   trAvAil HumAin                                        0041-1868
                   trends in cognitive sciences                          1364-6613
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            TITLE                                                     ISSN
            trimestre economico                                         0041-3011
            turK geriAtri dergisi-turKisH JournAl of geriAtrics         1304-2947
            turK PsiKiYAtri dergisi                                     1300-2163
            turK PsiKoloJi dergisi                                      1300-4433
            turKisH online JournAl of educAtionAl tecHnologY            1303-6521
            turKisH studies                                             1468-3849
            tYdsKrif vir die suid-AfriKAAnse reg                        0257-7747
            tYdsKrif vir geestesWetensKAPPe                             0041-4751
            uclA lAW revieW                                             0041-5650
            uluslArArAsi ilisKiler-internAtionAl relAtions              1304-7310
            universiA business revieW                                   1698-5117
            universitAs PsYcHologicA                                    1657-9267
            universitY of cHicAgo lAW revieW                            0041-9494
            universitY of cincinnAti lAW revieW                         0009-6881
            universitY of illinois lAW revieW                           0276-9948
            universitY of PennsYlvAniA JournAl of                       1086-7872
            internAtionAl economic lAW
            universitY of PennsYlvAniA JournAl of                       1086-7872
            internAtionAl lAW
            universitY of PennsYlvAniA lAW revieW                       0041-9907
            universitY of PittsburgH lAW revieW                         0041-9915
            urbAn AffAirs revieW                                        1078-0874
            urbAn educAtion                                             0042-0859
            urbAn forestrY & urbAn greening                             1618-8667
            urbAn geogrAPHY                                             0272-3638
            urbAn lAWYer                                                0042-0905
            urbAn studies                                               0042-0980
            vAlue in HeAltH                                             1098-3015
            vAnderbilt lAW revieW                                       0042-2533
            verHAltenstHerAPie                                          1016-6262
            viAl-vigo internAtionAl JournAl of APPlied                  1697-0381
            violence AgAinst Women                                      1077-8012
            virginiA lAW revieW                                         0042-6601
            visuAl cognition                                            1350-6285
            visuAl communicAtion                                        1470-3572
            voltA revieW                                                0042-8639
            voProsY PsiKHologii                                         0042-8841
            WAr in HistorY                                              0968-3445
            WAsHington lAW revieW                                       0043-0617
            WAsHington QuArterlY                                        0163-660X
            West euroPeAn Politics                                      0140-2382
            Western JournAl of nursing reseArcH                         0193-9459
            Wisconsin lAW revieW                                        0043-650X
            Women & HeAltH                                              0363-0242
            Women & tHerAPY                                             0270-3149

                   TITLE                                                ISSN
                   Womens HeAltH issues                                   1049-3867
                   Womens studies internAtionAl forum                     0277-5395
                   WorK And occuPAtions                                   0730-8884
                   WorK And stress                                        0267-8373
                   WorK emPloYment And societY                            0950-0170
                   WorK-A JournAl of Prevention Assessment &              1051-9815
                   World bAnK economic revieW                             0258-6770
                   World bAnK reseArcH observer                           0257-3032
                   World develoPment                                      0305-750X
                   World economY                                          0378-5920
                   World englisHes                                        0883-2919
                   World PolicY JournAl                                   0740-2775
                   World Politics                                         0043-8871
                   World PsYcHiAtrY                                       1723-8617
                   World trAde revieW                                     1474-7456
                   WorldvieWs on evidence-bAsed nursing                   1545-102X
                   Written communicAtion                                  0741-0883
                   YAle lAW JournAl                                       0044-0094
                   YeArbooK of PHYsicAl AntHroPologY                      0096-848X
                   Young                                                  1103-3088
                   YoutH & societY                                        0044-118X
                   YoutH violence And Juvenile Justice                    1541-2040
                   zborniK rAdovA eKonomsKog fAKultetA u riJeci-          1331-8004
                   Proceedings of riJeKA fAcultY of economics
                   zdrAvstveno vArstvo                                    0351-0026
                   zeitgescHicHte                                         0256-5250
                   zeitscHrift fur Arbeits-und                            0932-4089
                   zeitscHrift fur bibliotHeKsWesen und bibliogrAPHie     0044-2380
                   zeitscHrift fur diAleKtologie und linguistiK           0044-1449
                   zeitscHrift fur entWicKlungsPsYcHologie und            0049-8637
                   PAdAgogiscHe PsYcHologie
                   zeitscHrift fur erzieHungsWissenscHAft                 1434-663X
                   zeitscHrift fur etHnologie                             0044-2666
                   zeitscHrift fur evAluAtion                             1619-5515
                   zeitscHrift fur fAmilienforscHung                      1437-2940
                   zeitscHrift fur gerontologie und geriAtrie             0948-6704
                   zeitscHrift fur gesundHeitsPsYcHologie                 0943-8149
                   zeitscHrift fur Kinder-und JugendPsYcHiAtrie und       1422-4917
                   zeitscHrift fur KliniscHe PsYcHologie und              1616-3443
                   zeitscHrift fur PAdAgogiK                              0044-3247
                   zeitscHrift fur PAdAgogiscHe PsYcHologie               1010-0652
                   zeitscHrift fur PersonAlforscHung                      0179-6437
                   zeitscHrift fur PersonAlPsYcHologie                    1617-6391
	   	   	      	     	     									WEB	OF	SCIENCE®	-	SOCIAL	SCIENCES	CItAtION	INdEx	SOURCE	PUBLICAtIONS

            TITLE                                                    ISSN
            zeitscHrift fur PsYcHiAtrie PsYcHologie und                1661-4747
            zeitscHrift fur PsYcHologie-JournAl of PsYcHologY          0044-3409
            zeitscHrift fur PsYcHosomAtiscHe medizin und               1438-3608
            zeitscHrift fur seXuAlforscHung                            0932-8114
            zeitscHrift fur soziologie                                 0340-1804
            zeitscHrift fur soziologie der erzieHung und               1436-1957
            zeitscHrift fur sPortPsYcHologie                           1612-5010
            zeitscHrift fur sPrAcHWissenscHAft                         0721-9067
            zeitscHrift fur WirtscHAftsgeogrAPHie                      0044-3751
            zYgon                                                      0591-2385

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