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									Farm life in Norway

        Technology and Society
Technology and Society
 The settlement of unaccompanied minors
     in Norway: a collective challenge
 In 2004, Norway received           The city of Trondheim, in
  424 unaccompanied                  Mid-Norway, receives
  minors from 43 different           between 10-15 youths a
  countries.                         year and has responsibility
 Norwegian authorities are          for:
  bound to find settlement                        •Finding a house
  solutions within 3 months                       •Finding a school and
  of their arrival and                            supporting school
  approval.                                       progress
                                                  •Helping build a network
                                                  •Insuring a health and
                                                  social follow-up

                         Technology and Society
     Need for housing in
   Trondheim municipality
• Study 2002: need for housing with supervision and
with employees of divers backgrounds
• Youths’ needs : a roof, security and food, learning
possibilities and context, people who care for them and
show it (culture, language, personality)
• Difference in needs according to age: younger children
need more stability, a family-like setting, as for older
they might need to be closer to city life offering more
• Effort is being made to accommodate family members
together (ex: young brothers)
                        Technology and Society
          Green Care at
         Gjertru’s Cottage
 Gjertru’s cottage is located on the territory of Melhus
  municipality: 14 000 inhabitants on 700 km_
 Green Care: the original idea and objectives, in 2001,
  were to offer a farm experience with animals and nature to
  youth in need of relief weekends or to young people in need
  of a temporary roof.
 The owners live on, and off the farm, with their 2
  children and foster child and work as leaders for their
  Green Care program. They have a warm team of
  employees of different backgrounds who work on

                           Technology and Society
Technology and Society
        Daily life with
   unaccompanied refugees
 Gjertru has place for 5 youths living there on a regular
    The service is not limited to unaccompanied minors but has so far
     been used by young refugees.
    3 unaccompanied brothers (11, 13, 16) were settled at Gjertru 3
     years ago and still live there and go to school (elementary school
     45 children).
    Objective is to offer them an everyday life that resembles that of a
     family and “a normal home” with warmth
 New experience on a farm; responsibilities such as
  feeding and taking care of animals; multitude of sport
  activities on the farm (soccer, hockey, sliding and skiing,
  skidoo and hiking).

                               Technology and Society
Positive effects and challenges faced
 In the last years Gjertru has had a positive effect for
  the 3 brothers: good adaptation in their Norwegian life,
  in the small community and in their school.
 In the last months, Gjertru:
    has now become an “Institution”
    has received two new children of 11 and 9 years old
 The arrival of 2 newcomers in summer 2005 has
  brought difficult challenges
    Lack of knowledge of owners and employees with refugees and
     multicultural context, language
    Where do we live? Lack of understanding of the brothers who is
     Gjertru for if not only for us?
    Building attachment to the place: newcomers and older children,
     cultural respect, new activities
    Adjustment of long time residents with newcomers (jealousy)
                              Technology and Society
 The settlement of unaccompanied children in rural area is
  following municipality needs: can lead to fast moves that don’t
  always coincide with institution’s or local capacity
 Taking charge of unaccompanied minors means
  responsibilities at various levels.
    3 boys is fine. Can we take more refugees and still be a welcoming
    New needs in local services (cultural understanding, languages,
     psychological support, teachers training)
 New qualification has to be developed or brought in the
 Gjertru’s strengths: owners are well established and
  respected people in the community. They have a warm
  approach with youths and they create work locally.

                                Technology and Society

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