Lost in that summer typhoon _Memoirs of a series of love stories_

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					Lost in that summer typhoon (Memoirs of a series of love stories)
 ?Our lives, vegetation a fall, maybe life is so short and fragile.

  Early morning sun lit window as usual, not strong sunlight pierce the Tao, as usual,
the eyes, he opened his eyes, as usual, approached the window, pull down the curtains,
and then curl up into a corner and let the sun like As always light up half of his face.
This habit he insisted for four years, because Wood had told him that she likes the
morning sun, though he does not like the sun.

   (2002 Summer, H Tai QQ chat room)
   "Hello everybody, my name is Tao, just into the group, do not know
what the rules are, I hope Members can take care of."
   "Well, newborn yeah, well, we welcome the new students."
Should be called the Son to the meter.
   "Welcome to the new students," "Welcome to the
new students," played a big banner out.
   "Thank you, thank you, you are all former bar, I was a freshman, to the
school after you have mixed up along with."
   "Well? Mentor, yes, we are all seniors, Oh, we have added a new
   "Well, Well, I engage in special."
   "Is very simple, that is a most happy or the most depressing
   "Then I said, the most depressing thing I have it."
   "The most depressing thing I have to test into the H large."
   "Hey, depressed, 642, the hateful figure. If we add is, I went to Fudan
University, Jiaotong University, or the USTC to. If more 2 am, I went to Peking
University's Guanghua School of Management. Even as low as 4 am, I
went to the University of Reading's foreign trade or international economic
and trade that business and management. chosen to test a depressed figure, hey, want
to go can not go, can, but do not want, the depressed. "
   "That big bad H What?"
   "H large? Her bad economics, while those boring without interesting
engineering was so strong, really boring, boring."
   "That's a big read other disciplines ah H?"
   "Other subjects can not be said to be bad home, but at least her
reputation is extremely inconsistent. The point that there are eight clinical gold
content can be as bad a few minutes I was kicked out, really depressed."
   "You boy, to enter a large H already pretty good, but where so many
   "Yes ah, yes ah, we really can not see passed, and you said a little
boy's so unbearable H is really hateful." Called the girls replied
   "Boy, you're gone, just come to arouse public indignation to
see how you will later be mixed." Yonago naughty said.
   "Hey, depressed, is your non-so I said, they would have to say
I'm already very depressed, and you do not understand me. Hey, what on
earth other than to meet the requirements it has to be blamed, abuse, and even laid
siege to even more depressed. "
   "... ... ... ..." "... ... ... ..."
   "Oh, I see, Hao Xiaozi, I dare to cover the door, Oh, boy, you powerful,
you are the friend, I pay set up."
   "Do not Kid, Boy barking, do you think I do not know the
   " "" "
   "Also posing as Mentor, do not think I do not know you make a
freshman, also, has cheated me."
   "Oh, strong, and so easy to guess."
   "That, of course pull, do not know yet how this mix? Ha ha."
   "Kazakh, Kazakh ... ...."
   This summer, Yang Tao, Yonago, Wood, Gou Zi, and ice in a group of best friends.

   (2002, H campus)
   "I am Serbian, Yonago, you so handsome ah, no wonder so popular,
promising, promising."
   "What ah, you do the old boy hurt me, you do not bad ah. Oh, later
called H Gouzi We Three Handsome trio it."
   "Ha ha, ha ha, do comedy, and also handsome trio, smug it you two,
should be called a handsome, two ugly man strong 'strong' joint.
Haha, of course, I am a handsome, ugly man is, the two of you a. "
   "Gou Zi, are not prepared right? Think I and Tao child together against
   "Cut, more afraid, ha, I have Dragon in hand, who shall stir me, huh,
   "Well, Gou Zi, is are not prepared, not to mention my son Tao bully
   "Ah? Really want to joint. I, I untouchables, I can not afford to flash,
flash me, I flash, I, flash flash."
   "This kid's pretty fast slide."
   "Haha, is Kazakhstan."
   "Yonago, to shout out the people in the group, we get together and
   "Who cried Ha, who you want to see."
   "When will it wordy, let you cry called, Tony, and asked so many
   "Oh, tension Gesha, do not think I do not know, you just want to see
Wood, then you do not own call it?"
   "Nonsense, call early to call, and also with you?"
   "Well, you boy, hey, I'll call it."
   "By the way more and more call, I do not think embarrassed
   "Well, when the time is the main character on the Gouzai Three of Us,
and then pull out a dozen to play with."
   "Tao child, I cried so many people, but to take care of you Come and
help me."
   "You kid, so do not behave. Is not a call for a large group of girls, get it
working, and to pull on me and Gouzi Kazakhstan."
   "Was quick, the phone that do not know, you and Gouzai come quickly,
or, or tomorrow, help me 'corpses' it."
   "Ah, so serious, well, I'll be right, but be careful ah I added
insult to injury."
   "Shashi Hou, and also joked, quickly over, we skybar."

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