Surging Corn Prices Hit Ethanol Profits in the US by GlobalData


Surging Corn Prices Hit Ethanol Profits in the US


Global ethanol production has grown steadily over the last decade. Since the first commercial use of ethanol for transport purposes, its growth has been driven by concerns regarding global climate changes, energy supply security and the development of rural areas. Worldwide ethanol production totals around 59.5 billion liters as of 2007. The major countries involved in ethanol production worldwide include the US, Brazil and China, all of which put together account for about 78% of the world’s total ethanol production.


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									Surging Corn Prices Hit Ethanol
Profits in the US

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Table of Contents

1           Table of Contents

1      Table of Contents                                                                                   2

1.1       List of Figures                                                                                   4

2      GlobalData Viewpoint                                                                                5

2.1       Summary                                                                                           5

3      Surging Corn Prices Hit Ethanol Profits in the US                                                   6

3.1       Introduction                                                                                      6

3.2       Ethanol Industry in the US                                                                        7

3.3       Implications of the Surging Corn Prices on Ethanol Producers                                      7

3.4       Conclusion                                                                                        9

4      Recent Developments                                                                                10

4.1       Aug 05, 2008: AE Biofuels To Open Cellulosic Ethanol Demonstration Plant In US                   10

4.2  Jul 24, 2008: BlueFire Receives CUP From Department Of Regional Planning To Construct
Ethanol Facility                                                                                           10

4.3       Jul 15, 2008: Patriot Plans To Start New Ethanol Plant In Annawan                                11

4.4       Mar 29, 2008: Ethanex Files For Bankruptcy                                                       11

4.5       Feb 12, 2008: Colusa Biomass Focuses To Complete Its Cellulosic Ethanol Technology               11

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