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Indian Solar Sector: Dawn of a New Era


Indian Solar Sector: Dawn of a New Era Summary The future of solar PV development in India looks encouraging and is expected to be driven by the government incentives and PV support programs. India is mainly an off-grid solar PV market with only 2.12 MW of PV power being grid connected. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has launched various financial support programs like the generation based incentives (feed-in tariff) of Rs 15/KWh ($0.30 / KWh) to encourage grid connectivity in India. Semiconductor policy in India is providing capital subsidy for PV manufacturers. This initiative has attracted investments worth Rs 796.46 billion ($18 billion) from manufacturers of PV equipment. Financial incentives along with other PV support programs like the Solar Cities program is aimed at promoting solar PV installations in the country. Scope - Key coverage of the solar photo voltaic market in India - Off grid and on grid market segmentation - Coverage of key manufacturers within the photovoltaic market in India Reasons to buy - Develop business strategies with the help of specific insights from GlobalData on the key events happening in the alternative energy industry. - Gain a strong understanding of the energy market and analyze the major trends in the global alternative energy industry today - Identify opportunities and challenges with the help of our analysis of the latest news and deals in the alternative energy industry - Increase future revenue and profitability with the help of information on latest operational, financial, and regulatory events Keywords News, Analysis, Opinion, Viewpoint, Alternate Energy, Alternative Energy, Renewable Energy, Clean Energy, Clean Tech

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									Indian Solar Sector: Dawn of a New
                                                                                    Reference Code: GDAE0061VPT
                                                                                    Publication Date: JUL 2009

Alternative Energy Viewpoint                                                   GDAE0061VPT / Published JUL 2009
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1          Table of Contents

1     Table of Contents                                                                                       2

1.1      List of Tables                                                                                       3

1.2      List of Figures                                                                                      4

2     GlobalData Viewpoint                                                                                    5

2.1      Summary                                                                                              5

3     Indian Solar Sector: Dawn of a New Era                                                                  6

3.1      India Solar PV Power Market, Historical and Forecast Installed Capacity, 2001-13                     7

3.2      India Solar PV Power Market, Cumulative Installed Capacity by Grid Connectivity, 2008-13             9

3.3      India Solar PV Market, PV Cell and Module Production, 2001-08                                       10

3.4    Key Regulatory Drivers                                                                                11
  3.4.1    Generation Based Incentives (GBI)                                                                 11
  3.4.2    India Semiconductor Policy                                                                        12

4     Appendix                                                                                               13

4.1      Methodology                                                                                         13

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