; Jatropha The Future Indian Biodiesel Feedstock Jatropha The Future Indian Biodiesel Feedstock Reference
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Jatropha The Future Indian Biodiesel Feedstock Jatropha The Future Indian Biodiesel Feedstock Reference


Jatropha: The Future Indian Biodiesel Feedstock Summary India is highly dependent on outside sources to satisfy its energy needs. In this scenario, Jatropha has emerged as a possible solution for India’s biodiesel demands of the future. Jatropha is considered to be an ideal feedstock for biodiesel production in India as it has multiple advantages including high yield on wasteland, low cost of production and high potential for employment generation. The Government of India has supported Jatropha cultivation for biodiesel production through a variety of ways like National Biofuels policy 2008, setting of minimum support price as well as various other measures from the state governments. Support from the government for Jatropha cultivation, coupled with its suitability for Indian climatic conditions is expected to make Jatropha highly important for the Indian biodiesel market in the coming decade. Scope - Key coverage of the biodiesel market in India - Coverage of existing and upcoming technologies - Benefits and trends of Jatropha as a biodiesel feedstock Reasons to buy - Develop business strategies with the help of specific insights from GlobalData on the key events happening in the alternative energy industry. - Gain a strong understanding of the energy market and analyze the major trends in the global alternative energy industry today - Identify opportunities and challenges with the help of our analysis of the latest news and deals in the alternative energy industry - Increase future revenue and profitability with the help of information on latest operational, financial, and regulatory events Keywords News, Analysis, Opinion, Viewpoint, Alternate Energy, Alternative Energy, Renewable Energy, Clean Energy, Clean Tech

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									Jatropha: The Future Indian
Biodiesel Feedstock
                                                                                    Reference Code: GDAE0062VPT
                                                                                    Publication Date: AUG 2009

Alternative Energy Viewpoint                                                   GDAE0062VPT/Published AUG 2009

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Table of Contents

1           Table of Contents

1     Table of Contents                                                                                      2

1.1      List of Tables                                                                                          3

2     GlobalData Viewpoint                                                                                   4

2.1      Summary                                                                                                 4

3     Jatropha: The Future Indian Biodiesel Feedstock                                                        5

3.1      Introduction                                                                                            5

3.2    Government support for Jatropha to ensure massive uptake                                                  5
  3.2.1   National Biofuels Policy                                                                               5
  3.2.2   State Governments’ Policy Initiatives for Jatropha Promotion and Development                           5
    3.2.3       The Indian National Mission on Jatropha Biodiesel                                                6

3.3    Jatropha’s Suitability for Indian Market                                                                  6
  3.3.1    Suitability of Jatropha for Indian Climate                                                            6
  3.3.2    Availability of Ample Wasteland for Jatropha Cultivation                                              6
    3.3.3       High Yield of Jatropha Over Other Feedstock in Indian Soil                                       6
    3.3.4       Low Cost of Jatropha Compared to Other Feedstock in India                                        7
    3.3.5       High level of potential employment generation        
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