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									                          Edegel S.A. (EDEGELC1) - Strategic Analysis Review

      Reference Code: GDPE93985SA                                                                               Publication Date: AUG 2010

      Av.Victor Andres Belaundes No.           Phone                                              Revenue
                                                          +51 1 2156300                                              1,059 (million PEN)
      147, Torre Real 4
       Lima                                    Fax        +51 1 2156370                           Net Profit         NA
                                               Website    www.edegel.com                          Employees          NA
                                               Exchange   EDEGELC1 [Lima Stock                    Industry
       Peru                                                                                                          Power Energy

      Company Overview
       Edegel S.A. (Edegel) is a power generation company. The company generates power through its hydroelectric and thermal
       power plants, holding a total generating capacity of 1,283.8 MW. Of the total generation, 739.4 MW is from hydroelectric power
       and 544.4 MW from thermoelectric power. It operates as a part of the National Interconnected System. Edegel maintains seven
       hydroelectric stations are located in the basins of the Santa Eulalia and Rimac rivers and another two hydroelectric plants are
       located in the basins of the Tarma and Tulumayo rivers. Additionally, the company also has two thermal plants operating in the
       areas of Cercado de Lima and Ventanilla.

      Key Executives                                      SWOT Analysis
               Name                          Title        Edegel S.A., SWOT Analysis
      Ignacio            Blanco Chairman                  Strengths                                  Weaknesses
                                                                                                     Declined Financial Performance
      Joaquin Galindo Velez Director                      Integrated Business Model
      John          Benabarre Director                                                               Dependence on Thermal Fuel
      Benaiges                                            Average Growth Prospects
      Reynaldo Llosa Barber Director
      Alberto Mora Triulzi        Director
      Source: Company Website, Primary and Secondary      Opportunities                              Threats
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