C.A. La Electricidad de Caracas (EDC) - Financial and Strategic Analysis Review by GlobalData

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									       C.A. La Electricidad de Caracas (EDC) - Financial and Strategic Analysis

       Reference Code: GDPE27997FSA                                                                                      Publication Date: AUG 2010

       Avenida Vollmer San Bernardino,
       Edf La Electricidad de Caracas           Phone               +58 212 5021635                        Revenue            1,831 (million VEF)
       Piso 16
       Caracas                                  Fax                 +58 212 5023456                        Net Profit         NA
                                                Website             www.laedc.com.ve                       Employees          2,623
       Venezuela                                Exchange            EDC [Caracas Stock Exchange]           Industry           Power Energy

      Company Overview
       C.A. La Electricidad de Caracas (EDC) is an integrated energy company. The company is engaged in generation, transmission,
       distribution and commercialization of power in Venezuela, particularly in the city. It operates and maintains five thermal power
       generating facilities with an installed capacity of 2,316MW, located across the city of Caracas. The company renders its
       distribution service to an area covering 5,200 Square Kilometers. Besides Caracas, the company also supplies electricity to near
       by areas such as Vargas, Guatire, Guarenas and Los Teques as well as in the San Felipe, Yaracuy province.

      Key Executives                                                                  SWOT Analysis
                     Name                                   Title                     C.A. La Electricidad de Caracas, SWOT Analysis
       Javier Alvarado Ochoa                 Chairman                                 Strengths                    Weaknesses

       Genel Severeyn                        Managing Director, Operations
                                                                                                                         State Owned Company
                                                                                      Integrated Business Model
       Alberto Urdaneta                      Managing Director, Integration
                                             Process                                                                     Declined Financial
                                                                                      Operational Efficiency
       Nicholas Veracierta                   Managing Director, Finance                                                  Performance
       Jesus Rangel                          Managing Director, External
       Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research         Opportunities                      Threats

      Share Data                                                                      Government Initiatives             Fluctuations in Electricity
       C.A. La Electricidad de Caracas
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