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									                           Interventional Spine, Inc. - Strategic Analysis Review

       Reference Code: GDME5880SA                                                                                           Publication Date: AUG 2010

       13700 Alton Parkway, Suite 160           Phone            +1 949 4720006                       Revenue               NA
       Irvine, CA                               Fax              +1 949 4720016                       Net Profit            NA
       92618                                    Website                   Employees             NA
       United States                            Exchange                                              Industry              Medical Equipment

      Company Overview
       Interventional Spine, Inc. (Interventional Spine) is a medical device company, which is principally engaged in the design,
       development and marketing of patented systems to lower back pain. Its products are designed to bridge the therapeutic
       continuum of former treatment for chronic pain with the complex open surgery for deliberating pain. The company focuses on
       lessening the procedure time, lowering complication rate and minimizing trauma compared to open surgery. Its products cater to
       the Podiatric and Orthopedic Trauma markets. Interventional Spine products are marketed to patients, surgeons, hospitals and
       payors. The company’s product sold in the US under the name PERPOS PLS System.

      Key Executives                                             SWOT Analysis
                Name                         Title               Interventional Spine, Inc., SWOT Analysis
       Walter A. Cuevas           Chief Executive Officer        Strengths                         Weaknesses

       Michael Henson             Director
                                                                  Broad Product Portfolio                   Single Manufacturing Facility
       Franklin Brown             Director
       Ashton Hudson              Director                        CLASP Technology                          Lack of Sufficient Funds
       Paul A. Mieyal, Ph.D. Director
       Source: Company Website, Primary and Secondary
                                                                 Opportunities                              Threats

                                                                  Market Potential                          Industry Consolidation Challenges
      Key Competitors
                                                                  Aging Spinal Market                       Cost Containment Pressures
       Stryker Corporation
       Facet Solutions, Inc.
       US Spine, Inc.                                             Source: Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research
       TranS1 Inc.                                                GlobalData

      Alphatec Holdings, Inc.
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