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									        Credit Saison Co., Ltd. (8253) - Financial and Strategic Analysis Review

       Reference Code: GDFS28611FSA                                                                                   Publication Date: JUL 2010

       Sunshine 60 Bldg. 52nd Fl., 3-1- Phone                                                         Revenue
                                                               +81 3 39882112                                            422,840 (million JPY)
       1 Higashi-Ikebukuro
       Toshima-ku, TKY                  Fax                                                           Net Profit         -55,513 (million JPY)
       170-6073                               Website                   Employees          3,765
       Japan                                  Exchange         8253 [Tokyo Stock Exchange]            Industry           Financial Services

      Company Overview
       Credit Saison Co., Ltd. (Credit Saison) is one the largest credit card companies in Japan. The company offers two major card
       products: SAISON Card and UC Card. It provides comprehensive range of financial products and services that include credit
       cards, loans, guarantees, leasing, asset management, life and non-life insurance, gaming and amusement and information
       processing services. It operates through 11 consolidated subsidiaries and eight affiliated companies. The company's range of
       products and services are marketed to its customers through an extensive network of 11 branches, 137 service counters, and a
       credit guarantee department. Credit Saison is headquartered at Toshima-ku, Japan.

      Key Executives                                                              SWOT Analysis
                     Name                                   Title                 Credit Saison Co., Ltd., SWOT Analysis
       Hiroshi Rinno                        Chief Executive Officer               Strengths                   Weaknesses

       Teruyuki Maekawa                     Director
                                                                                                                     Limited Operating Margin
       Toshiharu Yamamoto                   Director                              Efficient Use of Resources
       Takayoshi Yamaji                     Director                                                                 Declining Market Share in
                                                                                  Diversified Product Portfolio      Sector
       Hiroshi Yamamoto                     Director
       Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research
                                                                                  Opportunities                      Threats
      Share Data
       Credit Saison Co., Ltd.                                                    Business Expansion                 Fluctuations in Interest Rates
       Share Price (JPY) as on 21-Jul-2010                              1,045.0
                                                                         102.31   Strategic Alliances                Exposure to Toxic Assets
       EPS (JPY)
       Market Cap (million JPY)                                        191,907

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