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									                              UNION FENOSA, S.A. - Strategic Analysis Review

      Reference Code: GDGE6438SA                                                                                          Publication Date: JUL 2010

      Avda. de San Luis no 77                       Phone          +34 900 121900                    Revenue              7,189 (million EUR)
      Madrid, MAD                                   Fax                                              Net Profit           NA
      28033                                         Website        NA                                Employees            13,053
      Spain                                         Exchange                                         Industry             Energy and Utilities

      Company Overview
      UNION FENOSA S.A. (UNION FENOSA) is an integrated energy company. The company along with its subsidiaries is involved
      in generation, distribution and supply of electricity. It is also engaged in natural gas exploration, production, liquefaction,
      regasification and marketing; and coal mining. Further, it is engaged in telecom business in South America and data technology
      business in Spain. The company's activities are grouped into four main geographic areas: Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Central
      America and Other. In late 2009, the company merged with Gas Natural Group. UNION FENOSA is headquartered at Madrid,

     Key Executives                                            SWOT Analysis
               Name                         Title               UNION FENOSA, S.A., SWOT Analysis
      Salvador Gabarro           Chairman                       Strengths                     Weaknesses

      Honorato Lopez Isla        Vice Chairman
                                                                Integrated Power Operations               High Debt-Equity Ratio
      Jose  Maria         Arias Vice Chairman
      Mosquera                                                  Diversified Power Generation              Limited Liquidity Position
      Jose Luis         Mendez Vice Chairman                    Portfolio
      Elias Velasco Garcia       Director
      Source: Company Website, Primary and Secondary            Opportunities                             Threats
                                                                Rising Demand for Energy from             Intense Competition
                                                                Renewable Sources
     Key Competitors                                                                                      Legal and Political Framework
                                                                Exploration Projects
      Centrica plc
      Gas Natural SDG, S.A.
      Iberdrola, S.A.                                           Source: Company Website, Primary and Secondary Research
      Endesa, S.A.                                              GlobalData

     EDP Energias de Portugal SA
      Source: Company Website, Primary and Secondary

     Recent Developments
      Apr 07, 2010:                          Almaraz II Nuclear Power Plant’s Operations Halted
      Nov 25, 2009:                          CSN Reports To Increase Power By 8% On Unit I At Almaraz Nuclear Plant
      Nov 16, 2009:                          Iberdrola, Endesa And Union Fenosa's 1000 MW Almaraz II Nuclear Plant Operates At Full
      Aug 05, 2009:                 
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