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									        Hedberg Landscape and Masonry Supplies - Strategic Analysis Review

      Reference Code: GDCON148634SA                                                                                    Publication Date: JUL 2010

      1205 Nathan Lane N                 Phone          +1 763 5454400                               Revenue            NA
      Plymouth, MN                       Fax            +1 763 5457121                               Net Profit         NA
      55441                              Website        www.hedberglandscape.com                     Employees          NA
      United States                      Exchange                                                    Industry           Construction

      Company Overview
      Hedberg Landscape & Masonry Supplies (Hedberg), formerly known as Hedberg Aggregates, Inc., is one of the largest
      wholesale and retail suppliers of landscape and masonry products in Minnesota. The company's product portfolio is categorized
      into five segments including: landscape supplies, masonry supplies, stone fabrication and engraving, nursery plants and supplies,
      and water garden supplies. It supplies natural stone, manufactured stone, stucco, stone etching and fabricating, brick, water
      garden supplies and landscape supplies as well as exterior design services by appointment.

     Key Executives                                          SWOT Analysis
               Name                        Title             Hedberg Landscape and Masonry Supplies, SWOT Analysis
      Steve Hedberg             Founder                      Strengths                      Weaknesses

      Tina Plant                Chief Marketing
                                                             Market Leading Position                   Business Concentration: the US
      Source: Company Website, Primary and Secondary
      Research                                               Diversified Business Operations

                                                             Opportunities                             Threats
     Key Competitors
                                                             Stimulus Packages                         Uncertain Macroeconomic Factors
      ACC Landscape Services
      Carolina Ceramics Brick Company                        Business Expansion: Hedberg               Impact of Materials Prices on
                                                             Nursery                                   Project Costs
      W.S. Montgomery          Chimney      &      Masonry
      Nitterhouse Masonry Products, LLC
                                                             Source: Company Website, Primary and Secondary
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