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									         Canon Machinery Inc. (6344) - Financial and Strategic Analysis Review

       Reference Code: GDIGM151119FSA                                                                                    Publication Date: JUL 2010

       85 Nawatesaki, Minami-Yamada-            Phone                                                  Revenue
                                                                    +81 77 5638511                                       27,104 (million JPY)
       Kusatsu-shi, SHG                         Fax                 +81 77 5661824                     Net Profit        799 (million JPY)
       525-8511                                 Website             Employees         999
                                                Exchange                                               Industry          Industrial Goods and
       Japan                                                        6344 [Osaka Stock Exchange]

      Company Overview
       Canon Machinery Inc. (Canon Machinery) is one of the leading industrial goods manufacturing company. It is engaged in the
       development, manufacture and sale of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and factory automation (FA) equipment. The
       company operates in two business segments, namely, the Semiconductor System segment and FA System segment. The
       Semiconductor System segment principally offers bonding equipment and semiconductor-related equipment; and the FA System
       segment offers small rechargeable battery manufacturing assembly, office device installation-related assembly, printed circuit
       board (PCB)-related equipment and automotive electrical component-related equipment.

      Key Executives                                                                 SWOT Analysis
                     Name                                   Title                    Canon Machinery Inc., SWOT Analysis
      Kazuo Kageyama                        Managing Director                        Strengths                 Weaknesses

      Masazumi Kikutsugi                    Managing Director
                                                                                                                        Limited Liquidity Position
                                                                                     Strong Brand Image
      Masahide Kageyama                     Director
      Isao Takasaki                         President                                                                   Confined Geographical
                                                                                     Strong Product Portfolio
      Yukihiko Koga                         Chief Director of Material
      Source: Annual Report, Company Website, Primary
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