; License plate number of the recognition of China was very informative_
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License plate number of the recognition of China was very informative_


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									License plate number of the recognition of China was very informative!
Beijing V: Central Military Commission

Beijing V · 0 ****-- the Central Military Commission General Staff organ
Beijing V · 1 ****-- Central Military Commission General Political Department
Beijing V · 2 ****-- the Central Military Commission General Logistics Department
Beijing V · 3 ****-- CMC assembly
Beijing V026 - CMC members
Beijing V 02 *** the Central Guard Bureau, the Central Executive home number
Beijing V 01 *** Central Guard Bureau, Security Bureau office car

Beijing V license the right to use the total 部直属机关 four hands, the military
referred to A, B, C, D respectively as the reference, government, installed after the
secondary department, a department are also used in Beijing V license.
Imported models can be linked to run in Beijing, Beijing, Beijing V card is essential
to Beijing V028 V019 within the paragraph number, a large head of the car. Why are
said to run in Beijing? Linked to the field because most of the military plates are
license plates of cars.
The other is linked to the military T's, three cars are also some imported
models, a small part in Beijing Beijing V 028 V 019 to paragraph numbers. When you
know the three are doing, to know why the car and are concentrated here.
A Beijing-V02 is the former A02, 02 brands are not enough, 018,019 cars were
accompanied by the central leadership
Family car is basically a 06 or 05, and 06 starts with the multi-

Army: Headquarters (Part II, with, a department arranged according to the top of the
Beijing V)

Military A - General Staff
Military B - General Political Department
Military C - the General Logistics Department
Army D - General Armament Department
Army E - Military Academy
Military F - National Defense University
Army G - National Defense University
Military R - Army military academies
Army T - General Staff 3 (similar to the Central Intelligence Agency)
Army V - The Second Artillery Command
Military K - the units directly under the General Logistics Department
Army M - belong to the joint logistics department headquarters
Army O - the headquarters of military vehicles Supervision

Beijing Military Region
North A - of the Beijing Military Command
North B - Political Department of Beijing Military Region
North C - Joint Logistics Department of Beijing Military Region
North D - Armament Department of the Beijing Military Region
North K - Beijing Military Region, affiliated garrison commands, provincial military
North K1, 2,3 ****-- Beijing Garrison
North K4 ****-- of the Tianjin Garrison
Inner Mongolia North K5 ****-- Military
North K6 ****-- of Hebei Military Region
Shanxi Military District North K7 ****--
North M - joint logistics division of the Beijing Military Region (warehouse, retired
cadres, etc.)
North N - General Armament Department of the Beijing Military Unit (military on
behalf of the Board, etc.)
North O - Beijing Military Region, a military vehicle supervision
North R - Beijing Military Region Military academies
North V - Second Artillery units stationed in the Beijing Military Region
North Y - Beijing Military Region of group armies (27 troops, 38 military, 65 Jun)
Nanjing Military Region
South A - Nanjing Military Command
South B - Political Department of the Nanjing Military Region
South C - Joint Logistics Department of the Nanjing Military Region
South D - Armament Department of the Nanjing Military Region
South K1 ****-- Shanghai Garrison Command
South K2 ****-- Jiangsu Provincial Military
South K3 ****-- Zhejiang Military District
Anhui Provincial Military Region South K4 ****--
Military Region of Fujian Province in Southern K5 ****--
Jiangxi Province, South K6 ****-- Military
South M - joint logistics division of the Nanjing Military Region
South N - General Armament Department of the Nanjing Military Region Units
South O - Supervision of military vehicles in Nanjing Military Region
South R - military academies the Nanjing Military Region
Such as: South R10 ***-- Nanjing Army Command College
Second Military Medical University of South R30 ***--
South V - Second Artillery units stationed in the Nanjing Military Region
South Y - Nanjing Military Region Army (1 Jun, 12 Jun, 31 Jun)
Such as: South Y7 ****-- 31 Jun

Guangzhou Military Region
Canton A - Guangzhou Military Command
Canton B - Department of Guangzhou Military Region
Canton C - Joint Logistics Department of the Guangzhou Military Region
Kwong D - Armament Department of the Guangzhou Military Region
Canton K1 ****-- Hubei Military
Canton K2 ****-- Hunan Military
Military Region, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou K3 ****--
Canton K4 ****-- Hainan Military District (G5 at the beginning of the original
garrison, and Guangxi swap)
Canton K5 ****-- Guangxi provincial military commands (garrison G4 at the
beginning of the original, and Hainan swap)
Kwong J - General Staff Liaison Bureau
Canton M - Guangzhou Military Region, the joint logistics division (21 Division)
Canton N - GAD units in Guangzhou Military Region
Canton O - Supervision of military vehicles in Guangzhou Military Region
Canton R - Guangzhou Military Region Military academies
Canton S - 1 ****-- technical, the other is the communications, transport
Canton V - Second Artillery units stationed in the Guangzhou Military Region
Wide U - in Hong Kong and Macao Force (Shenzhen, Zhuhai base)
Canton Y - Guangzhou Military Region army (41 Jun 42 Jun)
Such as: wide Y1-5 ****-- 41 Jun
Canton Y6-8 ****-- 42 Jun Shenyang Military Region
Shen A - Shenyang Military Command
Shen B - Political Department of the Shenyang Military Region
Shen C - Joint Logistics Department of the Shenyang Military Region
Shen D - Armament Department of the Shenyang Military Region
K1 ****-- Liaoning Province, Shenyang Military Region
Shen K2 ****-- of the Jilin Military
Shenyang Military Region, Heilongjiang Province K3 ****--
Shen M - joint logistics division of the Shenyang Military Region
Shen N - General Armament Department of the Shenyang Military units stationed in
Shen O - Supervision of military vehicles in Shenyang Military Region
Shen R - Shenyang Military Region of military academies
Shen V - Second Artillery units stationed in Shenyang Military Region
Shen Y - Shenyang Military Region army (16 Army, 39 Army, 40 Jun)
Chengdu Military Region
As A - Chengdu Military Region Command
Into B - Department of Chengdu Military Region
Into the C - Joint Logistics Department of the Chengdu Military Region
Cheng D - Equipment Department of Chengdu Military Region
Sichuan Provincial Military Region into K1 ****--
Yunnan Military District into K2 ****--
Military Region, Guizhou Province into K3 ****--
Into K4 ****-- of the Tibet Military
Chongqing garrison into K5 ****--
Into M - Joint Logistics Division
Into N - General Armament Department of the garrison area unit
Into O - the Chengdu Military Region, a military vehicle supervision
Into R - Military-owned military academies
Such as: Cheng R1 ****-- Kunming Military Academy
Into V - Second Artillery units garrison area
Cheng Y - Military Region army (13 Jun 14 Jun)
Such as: Cheng Y1 ****-- 13 Jun
Into Y2 ****-- 14 Jun
Such as K is the military districts, as L is nine homes. Lanzhou Military Region
Lan A - Lanzhou Military Command
Blue B - Department of Lanzhou Military Region
Blue C - Joint Logistics Department of the Lanzhou Military Region
Blue D - Department of Lanzhou Military Equipment
Military Region, Gansu Province, Lan K1 ****--
Blue K2 ****-- Shaanxi Military
Lan K3 ****-- Ningxia Provincial Military
Lan K4 ****-- Qinghai Military
Lan K5 ****-- Xinjiang Military Region
Lan K6 ,7,8,9 - Southern Military Region, Ali subdistricts, etc.
Blue M - joint logistics division of the Lanzhou Military Region
Lan N - General Armament Department of the Lanzhou Military Region in unit
Lan O - Lanzhou military vehicle supervision
Lan R - Lanzhou Military Region Military academies
Lan V - Second Artillery units stationed in Lanzhou Military Region
Lan Y - Lanzhou Military Region army (21 Army, 47 Army, the Xinjiang Military
District field armies)

Jinan Military Region
Economy A - Jinan Military Region Command
Economy B - Department of Jinan Military Region
Economy C - Joint Logistics Department of the Jinan Military Region
Economy D - Equipment Department of the Jinan Military Region
Military District of Shandong Province Economic K1 ****--
Henan Military Region Economic K2 ****--
Economic M - joint logistics division of the Jinan Military Region
Economic N - General Armament Department of the Jinan Military Region in unit
Economy O - Jinan military vehicle supervision
Economy R - Jinan Military Region Military academies
Economic V - Second Artillery units stationed in Jinan Military Region
Economy Y - Jinan Military Region army (20 Army, 26 Army, 54 Jun)

A - Command
B - Department
C - logistics, joint logistics department
D - Equipment Division
J - Army on behalf of the organization
K - Provincial military garrison
L - mobile license
M - Joint Logistics Division
N - assembly body
O - military vehicle supervision
P - armored units
R - Colleges
S - communications, transport
T - intelligence agencies
V - strategic missile forces
Y - Air Force field units:
Air A - Air Force Command
Space B - Air Force Department
Space C - Air Force Logistics
Air D - Air Force Armament Department
Air O - Air Force military vehicle supervision
Air R - Air Force military academies
Air E - Air Force Shenyang Military Region
Air F - Beijing Military Region
Air K - Chengdu Military Region
Air U - Nanjing Military Region
Air H - Jinan Military Region
Air G - Lanzhou Military Region
Air J - Guangzhou Military Region Air Force
Space M - the 15th Airborne Army
The units directly under Air Force Space NLZ
Such as: air R10XXX - Air Force Command College
Such as air U13XXX - Air 28 divisions (Nanjing Military Region)
Such as air J12XXX - empty 9 divisions (Guangzhou Military Region)

Sea A - Naval Command
Shanghai B - Navy Department
Sea C - Navy Logistics
Sea D - Department of Navy equipment
Sea E - North Sea Fleet
Sea F - East China Sea Fleet
Sea G - South China Sea Fleet
Sea L - Fleet Aviation Department
Sea L-0: North Sea Fleet Air Force
Sea L-1: East China Sea Fleet Air Force
Sea L-2: South China Sea Fleet Air Force
Sea O - Navy military vehicle supervision
Sea R - Navy military academies
Such as: sea R20XXX - Naval Command College
Sea R21XXX - Naval University of Engineering
Sea R-25 ***: Navy Naval Academy, Guangzhou
Beijing (Peking)
Beijing-A, Jing C, Jing E, Jing F, in Beijing (City), G Beijing, Beijing (outer suburbs),
Jing B Taxi, Beijing Opol.ice

Tianjin (Tianjin)
Jin A, Jin B, Jin C, Tianjin, Tianjin E Taxis

Shanghai (Shanghai)
Hu A, Hu B, Hu D, Shanghai area, Shanghai C outer suburbs

Chongqing (Chongqing)
A city of Chongqing, Chongqing (South), Yu B Chongqing Urban (Jiangbei), Yu C
Yongchuan, Yu F Wanzhou District, Chongqing and Fuling District G, Yu H Qianjiang

Hebei Province (Hebei)
A Hebei Shijiazhuang, Tangshan, Hebei B, Ji C Qinhuangdao, Hebei Handan, D, E
Hebei Xingtai, Baoding, Hebei F, G Hebei Zhangjiakou, Chengde, Hebei H, J Hebei
Cangzhou, Hebei R Langfang, Hebei Hengshui T

Henan Province (Henan)
A Henan Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Henan B, Yu C Luoyang, Henan Pingdingshan D, Yu E
Anyang, Henan Hebi F, G Henan Xinxiang, Jiaozuo, Henan H, Yu J Puyang, Henan K
Xuchang, Henan Luohe L, Yu M Sanmenxia, Henan N Shangqiu, Zhoukou Yu P, Yu Q
Zhumadian, Henan Nanyang R, S Yu Xinyang, Henan Jiyuan U
A cloud of Kunming, Yunnan B Dongchuan, Zhaotong cloud C, D Qujing cloud,
cloud E Chuxiong Yi, Yun F Yuxi, Yunnan Hani G, H Wenshan Zhuang and Miao
cloud, cloud J Simao, Yunnan Dali Bai L, Yun K Xishuangbanna , Yun M Baoshan,
Dehong Dai N cloud, cloud P Lijiang, Yunnan Lisu ethnic Nu Q, R Diqing Tibetan
cloud, cloud S Lincang

Liaoning Province (Liaoning)
A Liaoning Shenyang, Dalian, Liaoning B, Liao C Anshan, Fushun, Liaoning D, E
Liaoning Benxi, Dandong, Liaoning F, Liao G Jinzhou, Yingkou, Liaoning H, Liao J
Fuxin, Liaoning K Liaoyang, Liaoning Panjin L, Liao M Tieling, Liaoning N
Chaoyang, Liaoning P Huludao, Liaoning provincial authorities V
Heilongjiang Province (black)
Black A Harbin, Qiqihar black B, black C Mudanjiang, Jiamusi Black D, black E
Daqing, black F Yichun, black G Jixi, black H Gang, Black J Shuangyashan, Black K
Qitaihe, black L Songhua administrative office, Black M Suihua, Black N Heihe,
Black P Daxinganling

Hunan (Xiang)
A Hunan Changsha, Hunan Zhuzhou B, C Hunan Xiangtan, Hunan D Hengyang,
Hunan E Shaoyang, Hunan Yueyang F, G, Yong Xiang, Xiang H, Yiyang, Changde,
Hunan J, Xiang K Loudi, Xiang L, Chenzhou, Hunan Lingling M, Huaihua Xiang N,
P in Western Hunan

Anhui Province (Anhui)
A Anhui Hefei, Wuhu, Anhui, B, C Anhui Bengbu, Anhui Huainan D, Wan E, Ma On
Shan, Anhui F Huaibei, Anhui Tongling G, H Anhui Anqing, Anhui Huangshan J, K
Anhui Fuyang, Anhui L Suzhou, Anhui M Chuzhou, Anhui N Luan, Anhui P
Xuancheng, Anhui Q Chaohu, Anhui R Chizhou

Shandong Province (Lu)
A local license
Jinan AW; Qingdao BU; Zibo Zaozhuang C D E Dongying, Weifang, Yantai F H GV
Jining Taian Weihai J K L sunshine Binzhou M N Texas Heze, Liaocheng P Q R
Laiwu Linyi S
Second, provincial
Lu 0 0 prefix in the Shandong provincial as well as the special section of the public
security, public security license for the Lu 0 Cardiff City code, plus all the provincial
figures for the license Lu 0. Such as the Jinan Public Anroux 0A0001, provincial Lu
Lu 000 *** unit Public Security Bureau and Ting Zhu
Lu 001 *** Provincial (001 series smooth Buick in Shandong)
Provincial People's Congress Lu 002 ***
Lu 003 *** provincial government
Lu 004 *** Provincial Political Consultative Conference
Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Lu 005 ***
Shandong Provincial Higher People's Court 006 ***
Shandong Provincial People's Procuratorate, 007 ***
Lu 008 *** provincial authorities Authority (part of the National Security Department
for the Province)
Lu 0 11 *** provincial tax system (Ministry of Finance, Government rent, business)
Lu 0 12 *** political and judicial system (National Security Department, Justice
Department, the Home Office)
Lu 0 13 *** Provincial Science and Technology, Science Systems (Provincial Science
Commission, the Social Sciences)
Lu 0 14 *** Provincial Agricultural and Forestry systems (Provincial Department of
Agriculture, Land and Resources Department)
Lu 0 15 *** provincial health system, culture and education (Department of
Education, Sports Authority, Health Department, Department of Culture, Shandong
TV Station)
Lu 0 16 *** Water Resources Electric Power System (Department of Water Resources,
Yellow River Engineering Bureau, electric power, Luneng Group)
Shandong Province's industrial port 017 *** (former industrial port reform
some of the office)
Lu 018 *** Provincial I (Communications and Ting Zhu institutions, Jinan, Shandong
Lu 019 *** Minister for Finance I (Provincial People's Bank, Audit Office,
the commercial banks line in Shandong Province)
Third, the armed police
Shandong Armed with internal security, fire, border, security, gold unit sequence,
transport, water, forest police in Shandong No, Shandong People's Armed
Police Code WJ14.
WJ14 consumption - Fire Force
WJ14 edge - border
WJ14 police - security forces
WJ14 Gold - Gold 10 Detachment
No character is internal security forces, WJ14 *****, which 00-19 armed police and
the immediate team of 20 around the city after the detachment, 93 for the Provincial
Security Department. Cases WJ14 20001 Jinan detachment.
Four police cars
Lu police license rules: Lu * (to city code) * (of the police code )***( number)
If Lu AA001
The first A in Jinan, the second A court, license number 001.
In which provincial and city code 0 the system of police vehicles, police kind of code
numbers for the police, A Court, B's Procuratorate, C National Security, D
Justice. Police in the number 1 for the Railway Police, 2 for civil aviation security, 9
for the traffic police.
If Lu 01001 Police, Jinan Railway Public Security Bureau, Lu A9009 police, traffic
police in Jinan, the provincial traffic police corps of special vehicles have been used
too many 8, such as Lu 08 008 police.

Xinjiang Uygur (new)
Urumqi, the new A and new B Changji Hui, the new C Shihezi, the new D Kuitun, the
new E Bortala, the new F Ili Hasa, the new G Tacheng, the new H Altay, New J
Karamay, new K Turpan, Hami, the new L The new M bayan Guo, new N Aksu, the
new P 克孜勒苏柯, the new Q Kashi, Hotan new R

Jiangsu (Su)
Su A, Nanjing, Wuxi, Su B, Su C, Xuzhou, Changzhou, Su D, Su E, Suzhou, Nantong,
Su F, Su G Lianyungang, Jiangsu Huaiyin H, Su J Yancheng, Yangzhou, Su K, Su L,
Zhenjiang, Taizhou, Su M, Su N Suqian

Zhejiang Province (Zhejiang)
A Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Ningbo, Zhejiang B, C Zhejiang Wenzhou, Zhejiang D
Shaoxing, Huzhou, Zhejiang E, F Zhejiang Jiaxing, Zhejiang G Jinhua, Quzhou,
Zhejiang H, J Zhejiang Taizhou, Zhejiang K Lishui, Zhejiang Zhoushan L

Jiangxi Province (Jiangxi)
A Jiangxi Nanchang, Ganzhou, Jiangxi, B, C Jiangxi Yichun, Jiangxi, D Jian, Gan E
Shangrao, Jiangxi, F Fuzhou, G Jiangxi Jiujiang, Jiangxi Jingdezhen H, J Jiangxi
Pingxiang, Jiangxi, Xinyu K, Gan L Yingtan

Hubei Province (Hubei)
A Hubei Wuhan, Hubei Huangshi B, E C Shiyan, Hubei Shashi D, E Hubei Yichang,
Hubei F Xiangfan, Hubei Ezhou G, E H Jingmen, E J Huang Gang, E K Xiaogan,
Xianning E L, E M Jingzhou, Hubei N Yun Yang, E P Yichang, Hubei Province Hubei
state Q

Guangxi Zhuang (Guangxi)
Gui A Nanning, Liuzhou, Guangxi B, Gui C Guilin, Guangxi Wuzhou D, E Guangxi
Beihai, Guangxi Nanning, F, G Guangxi Liuzhou, Guilin, Guangxi H, Gui J Hezhou
(an Wuzhou), K Guangxi Yulin, Guangxi Hechi M, Gui L Baise, Guangxi N Qinzhou,
Gui P Fangcheng

Gansu (Gan)
Gan A Lanzhou, Gansu Jiayuguan B, Gan Kim Chang C, Gan D silver, Gan E
Tianshui, Gansu F Jiuquan, Gansu Zhangye G, Gan H Wuwei, Gansu J Dingxi,
Longnan Gan K, Gan L Pingliang, Gan M Qingyang, Gansu N Linxia Hui, Gan P
Gannan Tibetan

Shanxi Province (Jin)
A Shanxi Taiyuan, Shanxi Datong B, Jin C Yangquan, Shanxi D Changzhi, Shanxi
Jincheng E, Jin F Shuozhou, Xinzhou Jin H, Lu Liang Jin J, Jin K Jinzhong, Jin L,
Linfen, Shanxi Yuncheng M

Inner Mongolia (Mongolian)
A Mongolia Hohhot, Baotou, Mongolia B, Meng C Wuhai, Mongolia Chifeng D, E
Hulunbeier Mongolia, Mongolian F Hing'an, G Meng Xilin Gol League,
Meng H Ulanqab League, Meng J League, Meng K Bayan nur Union, Mongolia
Alashan L

Shaanxi Province (Shaanxi)
A Shaanxi Xi'an, Shaanxi Tongchuan B, C Baoji in Shaanxi, Shanxi D Wei
Yang, Shaanxi Weinan E, F Shaanxi Hanzhong, Shaanxi G Ankang, Shaanxi H
Shangluo, Shaanxi J Yan'an, Shaanxi K Yulin, Shaanxi provincial authority

Jilin Province (Jilin)
Kat A Changchun, Jilin, Jilin B, C Siping Jilin, Jilin D Liaoyuan, Jilin Tonghua E, Ji F
Hakusan, Kyrgyzstan G White City, Jilin Yanbian Korean H

Fujian Province (Min)
A Fujian Fuzhou, Putian, Fujian and B, Min C Quanzhou, Fujian D Xiamen,
Zhangzhou, Fujian E, F Fujian Longyan, Sanming Fujian G, Min H Nanping, Fujian
Ningde J, Min K provincial authorities

Guizhou Province (expensive)
Guiyang your A, your B Liupanshui, your C Zunyi, your D Tongren, your E
Qianxinan, your F Bijie, your G Anshun, your H Qiandongnan, your J Qiannan

Guangdong Province (Guangdong)
A Guangdong Guangzhou, Guangdong B Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Guangdong, C, D,
Shantou Guangdong, Foshan, Guangdong, E, F Guangdong Shaoguan, Zhanjiang,
Guangdong, G, H and Guangdong Zhaoqing, Jiangmen, Guangdong, J, K Guangdong
Maoming, Guangdong L Huizhou, Guangdong M Meizhou, Guangdong N Shanwei,
Guangdong P Heyuan, Yangjiang, Guangdong, Q, R Guangdong Qingyuan,
Guangdong, S, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Guangdong, T, U Guangdong, Chaozhou,
Jieyang, Guangdong, V, W Guangdong Yunfu, Guangdong X Shunde, Guangdong,
South China Sea, Y, Z Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to the Mainland vehicles
Qinghai Province (Green)
Green A, Xining, Qing Hai Dong B, Green C Haibei, Green D Yellow Southern,
Hainan Green E, Green F Guoluo, Green G Yushu, Thoughts for Green H,

Tibet (Tibetan)
A Tibetan in Lhasa, the Tibetan B Qamdo, Tibet Shannan C, D Shigatse Tibet, Tibetan
Nagqu E, F Ali, Tibet, Tibetan G Nyingchi

Sichuan Province (Sichuan)
River A Chengdu, Sichuan B Mianyang, Sichuan C Zigong, Sichuan D Panzhihua,
Sichuan E Luzhou, Sichuan F Deyang, Sichuan H Guangyuan, Sichuan J Suining,
Sichuan K Neijiang, Sichuan L Leshan, Sichuan Q Yibin, Sichuan R Nanchong,
Sichuan S Daxian, Sichuan T Yaan, Sichuan Aba Tibetan U, V Sichuan Ganzi Tibetan,
Yi Chuan W, Z Sichuan Meishan.

Ningxia Hui (Ning)
Ning A Yinchuan, Ning B Shizuishan, Ning C Bank South, Ning D Guyuan
Hainan Province (Hainan)
Joan A Haikou, Sanya, Hainan B, QB, Joan C

Military license plates:
The existing military license plate called "97-style" format is a
The first part is the Chinese "attribution", the representative
sequence of the PLA military services:
A - People's Liberation Army Headquarters (General Staff Department,
General Logistics Department)
B - Army
C - Communication and Transport
Have - Shenyang Military Region
G - Beijing Military Region
Xin - Lanzhou Military Region
Wang - Jinan Military Region
Yin - Nanjing Military Region
E - Chengdu Military Region
Shu - Guangzhou Military Region
Afternoon - Air Force
Not - Navy
Application - General Armament Department

The second part letter, on behalf of subordinate category (incomplete):
A - Command, Headquarters
B - Department
C - Logistics
D - Equipment Division
G - Provincial Military
H - warehouse, retired cadres
K - in the local railway, aviation, water transport unit army department
P - Hospital and medical and public health institutions
S - Logistics plant

The third part of the five figures is a military secret, but the first is the serial number
of military districts, such as the Guangzhou Military Region under the jurisdiction of
Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan provinces were military,
"shu G" 1,2,3,4 5 prefix.

Armed Police license plate:
"97-style" armed police license plate format is:
The first part of the WJ on behalf of "armed police"
The second part of the two-digit code for the provinces:
01 - Armed Police Headquarters
02 - Hebei Province
03 - Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
04 - Shanxi
05 - Liaoning Province
06 - Jilin
07 - Heilongjiang Province
08 - Shanghai
09 - Jiangsu Province
10 - Zhejiang
11 - Anhui Province
12 - Jiangxi Province
13 - Fujian Province
14 - Shandong Province
15 - Guangdong Province
16 - Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
17 - Hubei Province
18 - Hunan
19 - Henan
20 - Sichuan
21 - Yunnan Province
22 - Guizhou Province
23 - Shaanxi Province
24 - Gansu Province
25 - Qinghai Province
26 - Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
27 - Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
28 - Tianjin
29 - Tibet Autonomous Region
30 - Hainan Province
31 - Beijing
32 - Chongqing

The third part of the five numbers, the first representative of the Armed Police, the
first team for the figures for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to
"eliminate" the fire brigade, "edge" as the
border,     "pass"          as     the      traffic   unit,     the
"forest" as the forest unit, the "Golden
"gold forces," the police "as the security
forces," electricity "for the hydropower units

1, A A026/027/028 is the most cattle, the road must stay away, Airbus A-class
people ... ... if a A026/7/8 then hang a guard, On a lights (car, in the control stage side),
then this piece of land in China, no car can exceed their cattle than they had ... ...
Beijing ET also cattle, are detached and the State Department veteran of the ... ...
Beijing AG6 not say, but also cattle B,

Linked to another security guard and do not mess with lights of (nonsense) ... ...
Guard not only hanging lights, that is false, of course, does not rule out the brand by
engaging in relationships, but certainly there is water.

"023", "323", placed in plastic in the
bottom left corner before the wind, the Beijing Municipal Committee of the car, not
very cow, pol.ice general matter, but his temper will not ring true, they would pipe
the ... ...

"Safe" place the lower left corner before the wind, Beijing
go-vern-ment at the highest level vehicle, nobody, more cow ... ...

"Country A", place the bottom before the wind, the State
Council, needless to say, and also cattle ... ...

"901" Financial pass, formerly known as "permit
exempt" are also OK ... ...

"Beijing     Security"    is   used     in   place   of    the
"garrison", and with the original guard who does not withdraw,
Mei Zhe, had spent together ... ...

There is the beginning of Beijing A80, the State and other cars, but also cattle ... ...

"Shi" brand before 5, and has diplomatic immunity ... ...

2, Beijing, A81, 82,83 is also the beginning of cattle, Beijing A88: Diaoyutai.

G A, Military Command, G G, Beijing garrison. A A: Staff, a B: General Political
Department, a C: General Logistics Department, A D: assembly, not A: Naval
Command, the afternoon A: Air Force Command, a F: military academies, a N:
Second Artillery Command , WJ01:

Armed Police Headquarters, WJ31: Beijing Armed Police Corps.
Beijing OB, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau and the subordinate
branches of experts.
Beijing OD, public safety experts in Beijing Traffic Management Bureau and the
subordinate detachment.
Beijing OE, public safety experts in Beijing Railway Bureau.
Beijing-A-**** the police, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau and the
subordinate branches of experts of various corps, such as law and order in riot police
vehicles and other inspections. Beijing-A-A *** the police, court police car.
Beijing-A-B *** Police, the Procuratorate of police cars.

3,025,026,027,028,029 is the leadership of the Central Military Commission and
General Staff car, more cattle are 020,021,022,023,024, all of the Central Political
Bureau, led car. *** Font "Guard" brand is a guard, small
circulation, mostly for the State, the Central Political Bureau, Central Military
Commission, dedicated to clear the way vehicles are common white guard card,
number more.

4, Beijing, A81 is the direct State Authority, Beijing, Beijing, A83 is the go-vern-ment.
Beijing AG6XXX is vice chairman of the NPC, the CPPCC National Committee vice
chairman of car. There BUICK, A6, S320

5, the car is the most NB: A A02156, a black tailor-made Audi A8 4.2 Germany

6, added: white "alert," like public safety experts in Ministry,
"the alert," plus "Beijing Security" car
card combination can be considered
A vehicle passes the. There are "special access",
"drug" also more cattle, iron, red and ICP.

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