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					Li Yining family riches Insider
Li Yining, the NPC Standing Committee, Finance Committee and deputy director,
dean of Peking University Guanghua School of Management, noted economist and
Communist Party members and NLD vice-chairman.
He Yuchun, Mrs. Li Yining, Peking University, senior engineer, Communist Party
members. March 1997 concurrently Development Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Yan Ning
supervisors, in January 1999 after the change is no longer any.

Li Wei, Li Yining's son, Master of Economics of Peking University,
Chinese Communist Party. Shenzhen Baoan Group in 1992 transferred to the work of
a former security Shenzhen Investment and Development Corporation and the
Shenzhen Shun legal representative, general manager of Financial Consultants
Limited, Baoan Group assistant general manager, left in 1997 Baoan Group. In the
same year in March, he was appointed Development Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, Yan Ning,
Chairman and Managing Director.

Cuijing Tao, Liwei Fu people. Graduated from college. The original in the Industrial
and Commercial Bank of China Shenzhen Branch of trust and investment company,
he served as chairman of Shenhua Futures Brokerage Co..

The focus of one of the units: Shenzhen Yan Ning Development Company Limited
(Registration No. 4403012014894, license number Shinji words s1203), Address:
Zhenxing Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China Four Block Uniform Building b 2g
room. Registered capital of 68 million yuan.

Focus unit 2: Shenhua Futures Brokerage Co., registered in the SAIC the above
Specific information of unknown origin.

Second, the incredible riches family

According to the current situation has been exposed, Li Wei, from the work
transferred to Shenzhen, in few years time, through various means to achieve personal
wealth Convergence Set incredible level. Main features:

⑴, 1996 in the second half of Honggang Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen, Silver
Dragon Garden 7 purchase 501,701 sets of duplex structure of housing, coupled with
renovation costs, totaling about 200 million. ⑵, 1996 imports purchased in a jeep.
⑶, 1997 年 3 months, Li Wei Yan Ning in Shenzhen Development Co., Ltd.
invested 23.8 million yuan. Cui Jingtao invested 20.4 million yuan to the name,
adding up to 44.2 million yuan, has 65% of the shares. ⑷, 1998 in Shenzhen in early
acquisition of a high-level villa, with renovation costs, about 400 million. ⑸, 1998
Then at the beginning of imports purchased a Lexus sedan, valued at more than 80
million. ⑹, by Li Wei in the name of God, Shenzhen, China Investment Co., Ltd.
invested 1.5 million yuan, accounting for 15% of the shares. ⑺, Li Wei and others
Shenhua Futures Brokerage Co. has been holding.
Specific investment situation of unknown origin. ⑻, Li Wei and others under various
names in other companies in the field of investment and purchase of real estate, cars,
and the number of deposits abroad. It is estimated that the total assets of the riches
family has more than 100 million yuan.

Third, it is interesting schedule

Li Wei, from July 1992 after redeployment of Shenzhen Baoan Group, the main
experience is quite interesting:
September 1993, Li Wei, from the start as the Group invested 10 million yuan, Baoan,
Shenzhen, established security Investment and Development Co. legal representative
and general manager. March 1994, Shenzhen Yan Ning Industrial Co., Ltd., with
registered capital of 3 million yuan. September 1994 also served as financial advisor
to Shenzhen Co., Ltd. Shun legal representative and general manager. By the five
million yuan registered capital increased to 20 million yuan, and clearly there is scope
of business "enterprise market planning, consultation, referral services
listed: Investment in industrial projects." Begun * to Xiamen Dragon
Industrial Co., Ltd. to market activities.

In 1995, Li Wei Bao Group Co., Ltd. began he was appointed Assistant General
Manager. In 1994 -1996, by Shenzhen Security Investment and Development Co.
contracting Asia Investment Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Lu (Xiamen Dragon stock company
invested 30 million yuan to establish a wholly owned subsidiary), the establishment of
two million yuan investment in rural car washing is limited Xi'an An
Huadong companies, and advance 4,692,400 (?).

February 1996, Shenzhen Yan Ning Industrial Co., Ltd. changed to Industrial Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Yan Ning, chairman of the Cuijing Tao, Li-wei, the 3 directors.

March 1996, Shenzhen Shenhua Investment Co., Ltd., with registered capital of 10
million yuan. Shenzhen Yan Wei Li Ning Co., Ltd. and invested 1.5 million yuan each,
Cui Jingtao as a director, Li Wei for the supervisor.

May 31, 1996, Xiamen Dragon Industrial Group Co., Ltd. listed in Shanghai Stock
Exchange, code 600711.

July 2, 1996, Shenzhen Security Co., financial adviser to make changes to the letter,
Li Wei no longer serve as the legal representative, but still a director of Shenzhen
Investment and Development Co., Ltd. On the legal representative, assistant general
manager after the transfer Ren Baoan Group.

July 24, 1996, Shenhua Futures Brokerage Co. in Shenzhen Special Zone Daily log
out advertisements, saying it was "registered by the State Industrial and
Commercial Bureau national large futures brokerage firm, joint venture company set
up by the National subordinates, capital strong, and strength. "

July 30, 1996, Xiamen Dragon Co., Ltd. held its second general meeting of
shareholders, Li Wei, Luo Fei, etc. 7 as the second board of directors.

In September 1996 by Luo Fei Yu Chin co-founded with his wife, Shenzhen,
Guardian Industries Co., Ltd., registered capital of 3 million yuan.

December 1996, Li Wei Bao leaving group, into the work of Shenzhen City Industrial
Co., Ltd., in order to avoid its original status with the national staff.

January 1997, Shenzhen Security Investment and Development Co. of Shenzhen
Security Change Investment and Development Co., Ltd., the original company 10
million yuan registered capital of the only remaining 1.5 million yuan, while the
Shenzhen Shun Finance Limited re-invested 10 million yuan, registered capital into a
11.5 million yuan. Business Type from "AG investment" to
"non-state-owned limited liability company," Li Wei no longer a
legal representative.

March 1997, Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd. changed Jenning Jenning
Development Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, registered capital surged by the 3 million yuan to
68 million yuan, business type changed to "non-state-owned limited
liability company (private)" , legal representative of the change by the
Cuijing Tao Li Wei, mother He Yuchun attend the board of supervisors. The company
controlled by the Li's family, the huge capital of unknown origin.

May 28, 1997, Xiamen Dragon AG Annual General Meeting will be held in 1996,
replacing Li Wei, director and the others (and be removed from the two for the Luo
Fei, Zhuang Yiming, now have been arrested). Since then, Li Wei and the original
work unit completely off hook.

1997, Li Wei, Yan-Ning company began openly to the name of various investment
activities and business activities, and held a number of directors or supervisors, some
take the name of a director or supervisor Cui Jingtao.

August 1997, Yan Ning Company and Guardian Corporation, together with Chile
Enterprises Limited Holdings invested 1.7 million U.S. dollars acquisition of Optical
Co., Ltd. Shenzhen red Aokang (now renamed as Shenzhen Zhi Technology Co., Ltd.
with fingerprints), Yan Ning Inc. holds 55% stake.

February    1998,   Li   Yining    in   Shenzhen,     the   red   Aokang     Company
In late April 1998, extended the company director and vice president Luo Ning flies
come in Shenzhen, Xiamen's Procuratorate arrested, Li Wei, sent to rescue
the next day.

April 29, 1998, Xiamen Dragon AG Annual Report 1997 published the second year of
listing on the loss of 39.04 million yuan, with an average loss of 0.647 yuan per share.

May 13, 1998, the Securities Journal published Xiamen Dragon AG vice chairman
Wu Shoujie, vice president Zhuang Yiming suspicion of bribery and commercial
bribery were arrested. Luo Fei transfer due to have left the work in the extension were
not disclosed by the company Ning.

June 1998 -7 months, Li Yining during lectures to Xiamen, Xiamen, Li
Wei's Procuratorate to the hearing, after flying around claiming things
unrelated Law.

September 1998, Guardian Industries, Ltd., Shenzhen, will increase the registered
capital from 3 million yuan to 700 yuan, Luo Fei funding from 1.2 million yuan to 2.8
million yuan, his wife, Qin Yu from 1.8 million yuan to 420 investors million, Cui
Jingtao remain in office supervisor.

By the end of October 1998, Luo Fei was released on bail to return in Shenzhen, and
public appearances.

November 5, 1998, the Securities Journal published notice Baoan Group, says it its
associated security company in Shenzhen City Investment and Development Co., Ltd.,
5 the company held 39.76% stake in Xiamen Dragon Co., Ltd. (total 2400 million)
transfer Xiong Zhen, Shenzhen City, to the Investment Limited (private sector), is no
longer the controlling position.

November 24, 1998, Xiamen International Trade (stock code 600755) announcement
that the development of Shenzhen Yan Ning Company Limited, Beijing University
Weiming Biotech Group joint venture North of the road, Xiamen Biological
Engineering Co., Ltd., Yan Ning Company invested 807.5 million, holds 16.15% of
the shares.

January 1999, Yan Ning in the annual inspection will He Yuchun, Shum Chi Ming
supervisors and directors from the list were removed.

April 1999, the Baoan Group (stock code 0009) announcement that, due to a loss for
three consecutive years, starting from April 30 to implement special handling of its
May 1999, Li Wei has been personally linked to poor management of intelligence
with the Fingerprint unsustainable transferred to Peking University Founder Group
Corporation, especially as the Shenzhen-Hong Kong research base into high-tech
project. At the same time, Beijing University Guanghua School of Management
studying for an MBA class service is also included in the base project.

June 1999, Li Yining held in the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily management advanced
training class to talk about "moral force of the role in the

August 1999, Li Wei, Beijing University Party Committee even sent to other
people's complaint letters to show the public who accuse someone dared to
report aggressive Li Yining.

September 1999, Li Wei once again to send lawyers arrived in Xiamen.

Fourth, the relationship between the network of thought-provoking

Analysis is with respect to the successive changes of various affiliated companies
registered in the material, one can clearly find that, where there is a Yi Li's
family as the core, Yuan Baoan Group and Financial Securities Bumen personnel as
the backbone in Shenzhen, Shi Yan Ning Development Co. Ltd. God Chinese Futures
Brokerage Co., Ltd. as a stronghold of sudden wealth group. These people, as a
national staff of just a few years in the convergence set of assets far beyond its normal
income, the general already have millions of dollars to tens of millions in assets. They
left soon after the completion of capital accumulation has long been registered into a
good private sector, use of these assets from unknown sources of capital for new
While these assets through a variety of ways to "cleanse" or
transfer, on the other hand continue to use its Convergence Set more assets.

According to the preliminary investigation, and the focus of enterprises associated
companies: Guardian Industrial Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, registration number:
4403012007432, registered capital of 7,000,000 yuan, Cui Jingtao director; Shenhua
Shenzhen Investment Limited, registered number: 19242080 - x, the registered capital
of 10 million yuan, Cui Jingtao director, Li Wei Ren supervisors; Shenzhen Zhi
Technology Co., Ltd. with the fingerprint, registration number: Guangdong Shenzhen
enterprise cooperation No. 102 613 No. of total registered capital of 2 million U.S.
dollars, Li Wei, director; Shenzhen City Zelda Trading Co., Ltd., Registration
No. :19243532-3, registered capital of 600,000 yuan, Cui Jingtao office supervisors;
Hong Kong KLC Enterprises Limited.
Another boat with Li Wei and Xiamen stock company (now renamed
"Xiong Zhen Group") associated companies:
Shenzhen Security Investment and Development Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Shun Financial
Consultants Ltd., Shenzhen Lu Asia Investment Co., Ltd., Xi'an An
Huadong rural washing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Fangyuan Co., Ltd., Kyushu.

In the company's money-making activities on Li Wei a better
understanding of even the people directly involved in the association are: Luo Fei,
Xiao Zhaojun, Liu Hui, Li Li, Sun Jingming, Cen Chi Ming, Zhang Xinhua, Zhang
Hongjian, De-Hua, etc..

5, it is difficult to judge choice questions

On March 1,1997, Li Wei and his family in Jenning's huge investment and
has huge assets from legitimate income? Self-financing? Funding or relatives? Or the
illegal gains?

2, since 1997, Yan Ning assets of the company's rapid appreciation is due
to Li Wei, and others well-run? There receive adequate guidance? Or rent-seeking of
the "fruits"?

3, Yan Ning Company and Shenhua futures company, Guardian companies, what is
the relationship between related companies? Only a normal business relationship? A
control relationship? Or there were unusual relationship?

4, Li Wei, working in Baoan Group made a significant contribution to the company?
Near by a number of negative effects? Or cause a loss?

5, according to Li Wei, the company listed in the recommended course of Xiamen
Dragon role, he and the company's senior management are not linked to
economic crimes? A general question? Or have a serious problem?

6, Li Yining and his wife, their son has huge assets are ignorant? Or heard about? Or
failure to report? Contact the recent years, some of the absurd arguments, it can mean
another round of product out?

7, as the Chinese Communist Party and the NPC Standing Committee Li Yining, and
his wife, the situation in the declaration of property and children issues such as
whether to implement the relevant provisions of the Central? Is a sham or knowingly?

8, a letter sent to Beijing party committee's report will actually fall into the
hands of Li Wei, Li Yining is irrelevant? Li Wei, so nothing to fear, because of its
magical wand, different? Or because of the umbrella?
9, the above situation analysis, the gang suddenly rich family is fighting each other in
the process of accumulating wealth? Each other or use? Or in coordination?

10, control the CPC party, China's laws and regulations, if the above is true,
we will find the business news? Money-making secret? Or irregularities in the

6, not the end of the concluding remarks

Faced with such daring sudden wealth owners, people dumbfounded.
Ring around the law-abiding ordinary people to see, people can only sigh. The
government and economists in the end we should sum up to promote the
group's "rich experience" of their "success
secrets" or irregularities should be investigated for their responsibilities?
Too many questions people have every reason to doubt again and again, but the reality
has not borne too many people time and time again disappointed.
It calls for the rule of law, people look forward to democracy, people want to really
see that everyone is equal before the law, people hope that the people of the country
can really must follow the law, prosecuting violations of law is strictly enforced. To
this day, people have been waiting for a long, long time ... ...
Dean of Guanghua School of Economics and Management renowned economist Li
Yining said recently.
Not afraid of economic overheating in China, for fear economic cold if the countries
have taken his advice that people can have a better life, the state will increase with
lower interest rates and the necessities of life means to force people to put in the
bank's life insurance out . Of course, few who are rich are not worried that
the heart they have a very safe investment channel.
In fact, high tension from this year's energy supply and food prices of
necessities such as water, coal can see that point signs. Xinchang county in 2003
growth in bank deposits amounted to 1.1 billion yuan significantly lower than the
previous year's 1.9 billion yuan. Have a lot of money went to foreign real
estate speculation. Xinchang, which house prices in six months rose 2,000 yuan a
square, what a beautiful bubble.
If you really like the calendar as we regard the shares of that money to carry out his
investment to price Scoop out tens of thousands of Ping-ping. Mean that a house can
advance into communism, it does not house people? Into the primitive society? Li
Ning to add to the family's assets have reached hundreds of millions of
yuan. He is presumably speaking on behalf of all who know as much.
He is an active advocate of joint-stock reform of China, many companies laid off
employees because of corporate restructuring and become the urban poor, it is
definitely not a victim and need social reform can mask

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