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					Li Ning: The distortion of the "Changing Faces"
"After 90 Li Ning", "international brand",
when the intention rolled over, the Li Ning brand remodeling will Bijiao puzzled look

Li Ning has never exported to read that sentence - "I became 90, Li

Although Li Ning Company press releases to reporters there to speak on his own
sentence, but Li Ning on June 30 announced the "fade" when Li
Ning, the 47-year-old founder of the scene and did not read the sentence lines - some
awkward, is not it? he has Liangbinbanbai.

But this does not prevent the "Li Ning, after 90" white billboard
prominently Li Li Ning brand in front of remodeling conference. The same day, Li
Ning, the park is located in Tongzhou seem simple and modern, a variety of different
functions including sports venues dotted, reminiscent of Nike in the United States

On this day, Li Ning brand for many years that followed the slogan
"everything is possible" (anything is possible) to
"make change happen" (make the change). Other changes
include: the famous squirrel tail shape of the original brand identity into a more
modern design. Regardless of whether the owners like the new design, but at least it
will not be misread as similar patterns with Nike; it is no longer like the Adidas brand
slogan of "not possible" - when many in China enterprises to
rely on when the cottage of sudden, a little cottage away from the pursuit of the
company should be suspected.

This change in the company Li Ning has attracted many investors, media, sports
personalities concern. When in August 2008 with a soaring appear on the Beijing
Olympic Games opening ceremony on the station to the scene when Li Ning, a warm

Li Ning wore a suit, rather spirit, but his speech was somewhat fluid: The
company's chairman Li Ning who has never been just for show, but the
soul of the enterprise. In fact, since 2004, listed in Hong Kong, he has rarely appeared
in the company. Care in the professional managers, the Li Ning Company maintains
its corporate character: heavy strategy, re-implement, robust, almost conservative -
yes, from this decade has been the first sports to keep local businesses who see less
than a wolf, and can be observed in the style of modern enterprise system.

In the upcoming changes, which this enterprise will change happen?

Curves International
Conference       scene,    he     can    speak      standard     Mandarin       Julian,
"foreigners", presided over the conference, it was speculated
that this seems to imply that Li Ning's internationalization. In the past few
years, Li Ning Shaquille O'Neal and other international players, the Nike
headquarters in Portland, research and development center to open stores, flagship
stores in Singapore and so the measure, are considered the substantive international
action. Before Lenovo is changing its brand identity and slogan, the aim is very clear:

So, whether the Li Ning brand internationalization intent reshape it?

"Everyone will ask this question." Zhang Zhiyong said with a
smile, but he does not agree with the speculation of the outside world, "Li
Ning will not have recent international expansion, including cross-border mergers and
acquisitions." He said, depends on international corporate strategy, in a
region or country after winning, and then lay a region or country, and now the goal is
still the opportunity is still a lot to the Chinese market. "In the Chinese
market, our strategy is to from 2009 to 2013 to maintain market share in the first two,
then four years as the first." Zhang Zhiyong explained that in this scheme,
will not consider a large scale into international market.

However, if the basis that the Li Ning Company to abandon international, is another
big mistake. In fact, the wave of internationalization of Chinese enterprises
background, many Chinese enterprises in various ways during their international
strategy, Li Ning's strategy is: brand internationalization, namely the use of
international R & D, design, advertising team building brand, which is the
consumer goods company wanted to vote in the good way to young customers. Zhang
Zhiyong, said China's consumer brand preference affect the first three
factors, one is the global brand.

Li Ning is not the only, including the ANTA Sports companies in China, including
international players signed to speak for himself, it is hoped that this trend line.

Only one international brand appeal. Despite the one-hour conference, Li Ning, the
company responsible for several other people also did not mention "90, Li
Ning," in the end what it means, but the lines is the sentence reflected the
"Li Ning" want to change the core of the brand: a younger ,
more stylish, more close to the young generation of consumers.

In fact, having a brand established by the founder of the movement given to the deep
sediment characteristics, whilst maintaining a young and cool personality, it seems
contradictory things. Reconstruction of the Li Ning brand is shown that it is
approaching its goal.
Li Ning brand in the Remodeling in addition to brand positioning, content and other
changes, there is a prominent change: "Li Ning" product will be
price increases, and in the Chinese market in direct competition with Nike - in one
year ago, Li Ning has also been speculation that the company suffered a
"growth ceiling": There are Adidas, Nike and other high-end
brands repression, under the ANTA and other domestic brands compete for market.
Now the situation is different, in 2009, Li Ning, China's market share in the
company's second seat from the hands of the Beijing Olympics sponsor
Adidas won over. Can be seen, Li Ning Company no longer willing to continue in the
middle, and hope "frontal assault." Of course, requires first of
Li Ning Company discard suspected cottage will have its own unique brand
personality into the product.

China Europe International Business School Professor Wang Gao Li Ning is one of
the earliest research scholars, who will be the introduction of Li Ning Company
Harvard Business School case class. He recalled that when the Li Ning brand identity
and brand slogan into the Harvard class, many students think it is like Adidas or Nike.
Are therefore high that the king, "the Li Ning demonstrated that it has the
courage and vision to change the initiative, is critical for the future of

Drive change

"We used to rely on industry growth, distribution drive, sporting goods
industry, the growth rate by 2008 almost 30%." Zhang Zhiyong said in a
rapidly growing industry, with good performance, this is Li Ning Company and many
domestic enterprises The lucky moment, "but towards the end of the
high-growth, and to 2009, you can see a serious market decline, only 11%, while 15%
of this year."

Driving force changes, the company should do? "We think that to rely on
brand-driven." Zhang Zhiyong said.

But the problem is, brand-building is clearly not achieved overnight. Li
Ning's brand attributes are "sensitive, balance, endurance,
precision," "These are no one can take away something from
our hands, but also enables other international brand Li Ning brand in sharp
distinction," Zhang Zhiyong introduced.

However, if you want to figure out the meaning of Li Ning brand's more,
they have to make some work on that. , Said Zhang Zhiyong, Li Ning's
brand meaning is "smart humor, straightforward and not
pretentious," and brand positioning is "Let the real people who
truly love the sport experience of the real movement"; Li Ning, the
company also announced its own brand Declaration actually up to 200 words - it is a
rare brand lengthy declaration.

Perhaps because of these characteristics can not adequately show the details of the
brand, so that changes in the outside world is not enough understanding of the
company Li Ning. Response from the market is not all positive news, "Li
Ning brand revitalization outstanding management objectives, through in-depth
communication with the young consumers, strengthening brand loyalty."
UBS brand identity brand revitalization is to prevent aging key; but also pointed out
that the "Li Ning, the logo change is not a safe and exciting
way."      UBS     will     be     Li    Ning's       rating   from
"buy" from "neutral," target price from
33.3 yuan down to the 29.

"I've fallen by the Olympic Games in Seoul, and then stand up,
this is the spirit of sportsmanship" in the conference, said Li Ning, which
means that, regardless of the change in what it means for the Li Ning, the winner will
be afraid of failure and continuing to advance.

In fact, the brand Li Ning, changed before and after Li Ning, I began to more
commercial attempts. April 12, Hong Kong-listed energy company announced on Fiat,
Chairman of Li Ning Li Ning and his brother, Li Jin, to be funded 700 million dollar
acquisition of Fiat energy - which is a distributor in western and green energy

June 23, and brother Lee Jin Li Ning Energy Preferred Stock held by Fiat have all
been converted to 6.491 billion shares of common stock, which also marks the
completion of the acquisition Delightful two about energy conservation. 0.52 Hong
Kong dollars in accordance with the day of Fiat closing price of energy, both the
current book has reached 2.97 billion dollar profit

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