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House training, public lecturer recommended
Cooperation Advisory: Huang Wubing (Assistant) 13926513531 QQ: 1321730858

  Zhong Haitao Lecturer
Times vice president of Guanghua Education Group, Guangdong Branch
Shenzhen excellence enterprises Management Consultants Ltd., a senior lecturer
Shanghai Education and Training Group signed influential lecturer
Excellent example of Taiwan's senior lecturer in business management
China Life's chief instructor of instructors
Visiting Professor of Chinese Business Planning Institute
CEO Business School - President Training Network Gold lecturer
Shenzhen Institute of Business Administration Visiting Professor
Xiamen University, Zhongshan University, Visiting Professor, EMBA class
"TOP-ONE's top sales expert," the only authorized
teacher of Chinese
I. Background
Zhong Haitao teachers for nearly 20 years of practical experience in marketing, one
could go on the narrator, a trenchant critics, a Yujingsizuo the actual home, a leading
edge thought mentor to him a few years, the cumulative first-line workplace practices
and marketing senior management experience and expertise, through a lively, easy,
everyday language, targeted content, a large number of actual cases, stimulating
interaction and sets professional, emotional, encouraging, funny, practical teaching
situations as one way to make your thoughts and behavior are deeply inspired by the
work received significant benefits.
Second, the training features:
1. To learn: the use of simple language and examples can be seen everywhere around
us, so that students quickly understand the essence behind the term, not the term itself.
Interactive and focus on training, difficulties and use of various categories of ideas
can thorough analysis of the case, clear, full reasoning, logic and strong, can cause
students resonance
2. Easy to use: focus on the close integration of philosophy and practice, enabling
students to easily manage the acquired knowledge and skills to be in their
management work.
3. Capacity: tough living environment in the enterprise today, for business to address
the financial tsunami, turning crises into opportunities will bring substantial help.
Morale can be output, output performance, output teamwork, speed of your
investment returns!
Third, specialization courses in the field
"How to become a good dealer"
"Great customer sales professional"
"Performance Team"
"Win-win-type business negotiations"
"How effective inter-departmental communication"
"Management          communication      and    interpersonal    business
"Effective time management"
"CRM (customer relationship management)"
"MTP corporate mid-level management to develop training"
"Sales team building and management"
"TTT Technology (instructor) training"
Fourth, service enterprises
China Mobile, the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operation Co., Ltd., Taiwan Shun Fat
Footwear Group, Zhuhai Gree air-conditioning, Jia Wang Group, Friends and
medicine, COSCO Logistics, China Everbright Group, United World Chinese
Commercial real estate, the source of Guangdong Enterprises Group (the
world's largest pottery manufacturing enterprises), Shing Road,
communications, public safety and sports equipment Taiwanese (Humen) Co., Ltd.,
Taiwan-funded U.S. law Electronics (Shenzhen) Company, China Oil, Guangzhou
Seagull bathroom, natural flooring Foshan, Shenzhen Kingway Brewery Holdings, the
Winter Group, Samsung - Kejian, 39 Group, Overseas Chinese Town Group,
Dielianhua Genetic Engineering Co., Ltd., Lite-On Group is committed to the
computer, the Taiwan Light Group and other group companies and nearly 500 teams.
5, classroom style

China Mobile - "Customer Service and Management"

Kono DVD-"dealer training"

China Everbright Group - "Efficient Time Management"

Kingway Brewery - "Sales Manager Training"

Guizhou Tobacco - "superior leadership"

Gree Air Conditioning - "Business Negotiation Skills"

Wang sent electric vehicle - "Dealer Training"

China Unicom - "Execution of inspiration and training"

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Engineering Group - "Customer

Mayon educational institutions - "PMA superior mentality"

?Electra cool air-conditioned buildings - "Great customer sales"

Shenzhen IRS - "management cadre training"

Ka Wang fast food - "TTT training"

Kindt materials shares - "Great customer sales"

King Hing Lee apparel - "management promotion"

United World Chinese       Commercial    real   estate   -   "management

Long Teng Technology Group - "Team Building"

Hubei Schroder - The "team communication skills"

Enterprise culture in open class - "Sales Master"

Gree Air Conditioning - "team building and management"

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